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Rewinding the game: Dolphins versus Tampa Bay

I watched the Dolphins 20-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a second time today. Miami still loses. Imagine that. And while there were some good points the Dolphins will probably emphasize for public consumption, there was also a troubling theme to this game:

Nobody that the Dolphins are counting on this year made a big play.

"Look, we’re looking for guys who can make great plays," coach Joe Philbin said after the game. "Whether it’s impact plays, whether it be third down, whether it be a defensive end beating an offensive tackle, sacking a quarterback, a receiver beating a corner in a one-on-one match up, a running back eluding a tackle and making a play, those types of things.

"I don’t think we had enough of them. Tampa Bay had more of it."

Some proof of that?

The startingdefense gave up a 92-yard drive to Tampa Bay's second-team quarterback Dan Orlovsky. That's a long way to go without a play being made. The starting offense didn't score.

Chad Johnson, who is supposed to deliver big plays this season, dropped the only pass thrown his way and the painful thing is it came on third down.

Even Ryan Tannehill, who was among the best Miami players in the game, had Marlon Moore open in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter and he hurried his pass and skipped it just ahead of Moore instead of delivering on target.

"I had Marlon on a great route, my eyes got big and didn’t set my feet (and) threw the ball into the ground," Tannehill said. "That’s one I’d like to have back. He ran a great route, was wide open. There’s no reason I shouldn’t get him the ball there and score a touchdown. I was really upset with that one there. I just got a little antsy and threw the ball in the dirt. You’ve got to score. To win games, you’ve got to put points on the board. It doesn’t matter how many yards you throw for, what your completion percentage is. You’ve got to score points. (I) definitely want to work on that and finishing drives in the red zone next week.”

Some other notes from the game rewind: 

Rookie RT Jonathan Martin: He played every snap into the third quarter. He didn't give up a sack. But he did pick up two false start penalties. He also yielded a quarterback pressure.

Fourth down inside the 5 yard line: Tampa Bay had it once in that situation and converted. Miami had it once in that situation and a Ryan Tannehill pass to Charles Clay was tipped away incomplete.

Kick return: Marcus Thigpen has to be kicking himself (pardon the pun) because he was supposed to get a lot of work returning kicks. But he was injured and did not play. So Lamar Miller and Rishard Matthews got the work instead. And while Miller didn't impress, Matthews was very good. Matthews had a 45-yard return that opened some eyes. Miller, a source tells me, needs to practice better. He's kind of just going along instead of attacking each practice session. He kind of played that way Friday.

Special teams note 1: Dan Carpenter only missed five field goal attempts last year. He missed two Friday night.

Special teams note 2: Jason Trusnick was Johnny on the spot when he recovered a muffed punt. Good work.

The line of scrimmage battle: it was won by Tampa Bay on both sides of the ball. The Dolphins created zero quarterback pressure. They had no sacks. Tampa Bay only had one sack but there was pressure. That's one reason Maat Moore had a couple of passes deflected at the line of scrimmage. As for run blocking? Pat Devlin was Miami's leading rusher on the night. Enough said. On the other hand, the Miami defense lost contain a couple of times. On one, LaGarrette Blount gained 16 yards on a run wide left when Gary Guyton got blocked downa dn Cameron Wake didn't contain on the edge.

Most impressive WR: That would be Roberto Wallace. He caught passes . He broke a couple of tackles. Yes, he dropped a TD pass. But Wallace feasted on the Tampa Bay backup secondary. Afterward, however, he was thinking of the missed TD and I supose that's what led him to say, "I left a lot of food on the table."

More on wide receivers: The Dolphins want, indeed need, one or two of their younger receivers to step up.Wallace (4 catches, 71 yards) did that. Julius Pruitt (6 catches, 52 yards) did that some. They seriously helped themselves.

Jimmy Wilson inexperience: He is a converted cornerbck. He still reacts as one at times and that was the case on Tiquan Underwood's 43-yard catch between Wilson and Smith. The ball should have been intercepted by Wilson but as the ball came down he waited to catch it with his body rather than reach for it at his highest point. That gave Underwood the chance to snatch it for the reception.

Missed tackles count: Three. Sean Smith had two, Koa Misi had one. But I must confess, I stopped counting when the starters left the field. Sue me.


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When Thomas gets cut is that 3 busts?

People,,,,,,,,,PEOPLE,,,,,,,,cna't we all just get it on?

I mean, get along?

Hopefully real Fin fans will have just as many good things to talk about next week as we had bad this week. Racists and wannabe Jets fans aka Oscar Canosa need not come.

I knew a woman with 3 busts.

It was wierd. the third one didn't have an aerolia.

After we were married and I figured out that she didn't really have a giant clit, well..........then things got better in a hurry.

Hey - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.

Need I say more?

Good job there Monkey Boy.

Go ahead, put another notch in your lip stick case. I do believe you've single handedly ruined yet ANOTHER blog!


Hey Armando,

I DARE you to show me one team in the afc east this weekend that looked impressive in their preseason debut....Buffalo 7-6 losers, Patsies 7-6 winners, Wets....Nuff said...Relax buddy, its one meaningless week in preseason football action..there was some goods (Mainly wallace and T-hill which i liked and some bads (the starting defensive unit and Ochostinko)

Point is this team didnt look worse off than any team in the east thus we need to chill out a little...This team is rebuilding, stop expecting a full turnaround in just one preseason game!!!

So, who do we lose to next week?

Its a good thing we dont play the Giants, Saints, Ravens, Packers, 49ers, or Steelers LOL

what if we were jerry...who gives a sh#t!!! This team wasnt exactly blown out by a lotta teams last year and they weren't very good either....and for the record we do play San Fran this year....

Fake Ranger

You can celebrate now. You win. Take my name and have as much fun with it as you want for the rest of your life.


The original Ranger signing off for all time now :)

Nice post SuperPHIN!

I don't think Armando is expecting anything though.

I think what you're getting when you read between(Armando's)the lines is his general dislike for all things from South Florida.

He came here YEARS ago looking for that Steppin Stone. He got "STUCK" and it ruined his Five Year Plan.

He hates South Florida Sports Radio, he hates the Miami Herald and he hates ALL things Miami, including the Dolphins.

You're just picking up on the resentful bitterness that slips out during his ritualistic grind. It's nothing personal, he's just getting what professionals call: Burnt Out!

Hope This Helps.

Odin ;)

I'm just sayin those games would be complete mismatches..

Fake Ranger
You can celebrate now. You win. Take my name and have as much fun with it as you want for the rest of your life.
The original Ranger signing off for all time now :)

Posted by: Ranger | August 11, 2012 at 07:59 PM


I will now be Jerry Gold!

No one will **EVER** suspect!

(Who-whoo-hah-ha-Ha-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(Dr. Evil Laugh).

Hey you know I respect your opinions unlike some a s s hole fans on this blog!
But rebuilding Superfin! We are tired of the same thing every 4 years rebuilding rebuilding! We been doing the same thing since Shula left!! It gotten us nowhere!! This is a win now league! Need to draft good and sign top free agents! We suffer enough to go threw a rebuild year!! But with JI at the helm and Ross as the owner we don't have any choice just protest by not buying tickets and hopefully Ross this team to a person that really wants to win!! Sorry dude but I'm frustrated!! I know it's preseason but every year at this time of the year is the same words. It's the preseason!! And than we go 0-7 or end up with 6 wins again!!

Yeah, I know, Ranger, we have pissed him off before.

Can we stop comparing Wilson's miss to baseball. It's an insult to all outfielder. Even Jose canseco

He didn't go up with his hands. Name one outfielder who will jump up and catch it with their stomach. He looked like a 5 year old trying to catch a football.

Also the preseason is important to the teams. The outcome of the game is not.

U play preseason for team execution. For getting the game speed down. For coaches to figure out who ur best 53 are. To see who has been progressing during the offseason.

Pruitt does look like a young David Boston. Do corners try and press him?

The corners need to be more effective.

I'm wondering why no one has said we played bad because we didn't tackle in practice?

Overall tackling was good, defensive execution was bad at the beginning. The whole secondary should play more the next game. They need the playing time.

Yeah, I know, Ranger, we have pissed him off before.
Posted by: oscar canosa | August 11, 2012 at 08:07 PM

Who is this **WE**?

You got a mouse in your pocket(or Rangers hand)?

Just how do you know this Ranger you call **WE**?

Non of us has seen him here before. Do you(you "We's")know something we don't?

So odin (Coalition, VIO, ect) is a troll, name changer and blog polluter. Now at least we have definitive confirmation.

It is amazing that anyone responds to that sludge.

How come I don't get impersonated by this fuc-?

Tackling was good?? What game were you wathing?

It is a fact that Armando is a cheapo and didn'y pay odin well and there was a rift and.....

Good One Busted Again.

I didn't even catch that. I wonder if any explanations will be forthcoming?

He, heh..................

Ross is a cheap SOB. Thats part of the reason the team stinks.

Busted Again is paranoid.

So odin (Coalition, VIO, ect) is a troll, name changer and blog polluter. Now at least we have definitive confirmation.
It is amazing that anyone responds to that sludge.

Posted by: Drill | August 11, 2012 at 08:15 PM

Yeah, uh-huh, SURE!

Or is it you're just mad because I always point you out when you're doing it?

Come on..........Come Clean..........YOU can DO IT!

PS: Why do you always accuse me of doing all the aggravating bullshyt things you do?

You KNOW, I don't do that bullshyt and I KNOW you KNOW I don't.

Man, my name is in the phonebook, everybody knows I'm a physician(like Tannehill will be), a Psychiatrist by specialty, I went to La Salle High School, where I knew some of whom write here, etc, etc. I tell the Truth always. So, what's the big mistery that makes you think I'm some body else? There are no Secrets anymore.

For the real stupid.......Busted Again is odin, alias #18

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together..........................

I like to get.........

It is a fact that too much THC, be it grown or synthetic, induces paranoia. Tell me about it, as I have treated many patients for it.

Walrus is godda-ned right.

Why is it, every time somebody busts you, you always try to accuse everyone else of doing what it is YOU DO?


You think I'm the only one that sees right through your shenanegins? Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You get caught-AGAIN, and now EVERYONE else is the Bad Guy? Huh? Is that it? Is that your line of reasoning?

Wouldn't it be alot easier if you just quit while you're ahead?

Leave me OUT of your ridiculousness HamBone!


I've seen you get antagonized here. Half the time its odin and one of his many aliases. It should be obvious, you are a smart guy. But sometimes, it's one of the others here.

Let me turn on a little music on my new Bose speaker system for my laptop.

BTW-Good Catch Busted Again.

Kudos to you my Good Man ;)

Hmm.. let's see , some Jimmy Smith, anyone?

Antagonized? You must mean impersonated. Yes.

Editor is full of........Ranger Rick.

It's too easy to tell Odins writing. You just trying to cover your a ss, truth, gold, ranger, etc, etc.

You are the obvious problem, it's no secret.

Odin, keep fighting the good fight.

Odin is the MAN.

It's hysterical the way he catches you so easy.

Clean up your act troll.

WTH is going on here? Esto no hay quien lo entienda.

odin is pond scum.


why do you respond to mr. bwaaaaahaaaaa blog polluter?
don't you see he is half the trollers here?

Oscar Meth is bad put it down. THC causes paranoia? Real Drugs cause paranoia.Meth, heroin, pills, MD a, bath salt, coke. Also as a doctor of the mind u should know that drugs only magnify problems u already have.

How many old stoners are paranoid?

Now how many dope fiends are?

The Overall tackling was good/solid. What game where u watching.

Ahhh, I love the Evening.

Dashi, son, are you trying to argue with a Professional on this thing? I tell you, THC is the psychotropic substance that most induces paranoia. Believe me.

Odin done caught you fools again.

PS: Good call on Derrick. He looks like a beast.

Besides paranoid you must be severely hallucinating if you think the tackling was any good besides Vontae's.

These speakers have great fidelity but are too loud.

Who is Derrick?

Obviously, People who are still in the closet detest Internet.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Per omnia secula seculorum. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Ummmmm, Ummmmmm, Ummmmmm, Ummmmmm. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Ummmmm, Ummmmmm, Ummmmmmm. This is getting old.

The wide receivers are not going to step up because their is not enough talent at the position from any of them. The 2nd TD would have been intercepted by a high school safety. It was like fielding a fly ball.

Can you jerk off if you have decided to be Celibate? Anybody here knows?


I know you meant well and you were mostly correct.

But there is a good rule of thumb for the Paranoid thing.

Mostly amphetamines(uppers) are the ones that cause the paranoia(speed, Meth Coke, crack).

The Opiates are the opposite(Heroin, Morphine, Oxy's, Vic's). They mellow you out and give you(mostly a false)a sense of confidence and security.

As much fun as I had at the Zoo with Monkey Boy today, it's time for me to get small. I'm going to "Commune With Nature" and breakout the Telecaster.

The "Commune With Nature" amplifies the Spiritual aspects of the Religious Experience(crankin out the music). I'm not worried about any paranoia. I'm worried about anything.

I just channel it all and take it out on my Strings!

ValHalla My Brother!!!!

Odin Rocks!

He's the King!

Like Shula said to Troy Vincent, "Son, I can't hide you forever".

I think he's SOOOOOOOOOOO Hot!

Hell, he's starting to win me over!

Odin! Odin! Odin! Odin!

We love you MAN!

PS: Not like that you queenies. Don't get excited-Sheesh!

Just the first preseason game Armando , not a big deal, i am sure they will play better next time out, this is why they have the practice games in the first place. What i would like to see is the fins to get rid of Chad Johnson and promote Wallace to First string or maybe Pruitt' just give the young guys a chance to play we don't need CJ , this year will be about getting ready for next year because we don't have a realistic shot to win any playoff games this year anyways, so give the the young guys a try , and maybe dump Ireland at the end of the year

Impostor Alert!

Someone is starting their shyt again.

I'm OUT!

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