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Scrimmage moved up an hour for weather

The Dolphins may have to play in thunderstorms and heat this season.

But scrimmage in it?

They will avoid the storms if they can, which is what is happening today. The team just changed the time of today's scheduled 9:15 scrimmage to 8:15 a.m. in order to avoid a forecast 10 a.m. thunderstorm.

Coach Joe Philbin decided it would be better to go early, and get ahead of the storm, than cancel today's work at Sun Life altogether and work in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) instead. But it also hurts fans that may not be aware of the last minute change which hurts the team on select-a-seat day. Tough deal.

What is important in this scrimamge?

I don't have time to tell you ... gotta get to the scrimmage.

Let Richie Incognito give you a taste.


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You going to be blogging live during the scrimmage?

SHould Curtis Martin be a HOFer????

No IMO.....

definitely not before Bettis....

Trade ole AZZZZZZZ Garrard b4 he breaks down

Matt Moore to start, please!
Go Phins!

Bettis? I'd take Marin over him any day. He was a far more exciting and versatile player.


Ur voice sounds like a 15 yr old reaching puberty


suck on some throat lozenges

and tell Omar to back off on the loaded questions so he gets the answer he was looking for b4 the question is asked

Smart Dolfans
See threw this technique in questioning

Freakin Omar,

C'Mon Man

Rock Star MVP 27 yrs young QB Matt Moore to start

Go Phins!

Went back and looked @ Martin's stats....looks like he belongs there....a good/great back on bad teams.....

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

Garrard's expendable if Tannehill is playing well. I think the idiots in the FO gave him a signing bonus but it wasnt big.

why are there are so many dopey posts about our QBs?.....no, Garrard is not expendable on a team that hasn't had a quality QB in years......keep them all, see how it plays out, pay/eat a little extra in salary or signing bonus if needed, for the most important position on the field--Moore and Garrard only have 1 yr deals at this point so an extra decent veteran QB for the year aint a terrible thing, whichever one it is--Fins are not in a position to be cutting ANY decent QB!

Round 19 of the fins endlessly expecting some other teams cast off qb to instantly become a star just by wearing aqua.

Do people really care if Martin makes the HOF fore Bettis? Get a life already. The idea of cutting Moore over Garzzard is to terrible to comprehend. Not after what Moore accomplished last yr with a terrible OL and not much else.

Check out Bourbons take on why the Phins O-Line may finally be a strength for the team. What does the rest of phins news nation think?

It's a good thing that they moved the practice up an hour and made me an I'm sure many more people miss it cause the weather well it's freaking beautiful outside.. Blue sky's and scattered clouds!!!!

So because Moore did well last year that means we can't replace him with someone better?

Sorry home, if you have been paying attention, garrard is going to be the syarter and is the far better qb for that system and is the only one who is going to give them the chance to win.

Well Mando said that tannehill was the most efficient QB today at the scrimmage! Ok we will see more in preseason, can't wait if Tannehill has the it factor or not!!

Maybe Tannehill will pose for the mens magazines like Sanchez! I can't wait!!

Garrard is WORSE then Henne!!!

i don't understand the cut garrard comments.

but i''ve rarely understood anything HOME has ever said.

garrard is winning the QB competition handily. i've yet to see a single reporter, including ones from national organizations say anything differently. he is well over a year removed from his injury. i don't see that being a problem. why would you want to start the second best? IF he is even the second best. tannehill is right there, is not already ahed of moore. i appreciated what moore did last season but a better QB could have gotten that team into the playoffs. (well maybe not with that coaching staff) based on tannehill so far, and i he continues to shine in camp and preseason, i consider him to start. even if he is a notch below garard. lets get the growing pains with a rookie out now while expectations are so low!! by all "expert" accounts we are slted for 5-6 wins. if T-hill hits 6-7 that would be considered a success. he would also have a year playing instead of watching. but if he doesn't contine to rise, then let garrard start and give T-hill the 2nd sting practice time. either way i don't see moore being more than an insurance policy unless he starts playing a lot better in practice and lights out in preseason.

also there is home's man crush on v.davis and hatred of smith. for the last two seasons smith has graded out better. davis gets more thrown his way because smith is the better CB. if smith can start catching the ball he will be near the top in int's. he is breaking up a lot of passes. looks like davis is sharing his side with marshall, a great FA addition. i do think the secondary will be much better than last season. i love y.bell but he was a deep linebacker an doesn't fit this defense as well. this is more a straight up defense. front 7, back 4. the safeties need to cover not be big hitters. the top 6 back there is very fast, and athletic. smith, davis, marshall, jones, clemmons, and wilson. there area few guys behind them that look good too.

i'm hugely in the minority in thinking ireland is doing a good job since parcells left but i will stand behind that. on these blogs even the great moves he made were derided. signed bush. bush was trashed on this board as too small and injury prone. he was a steal and should shine in this offense. matt moore and kevin burnett were nice grabs too. not the big splash everyone wants but were players and did't break the bank. last years draft netted 3 very solid guys who are already contributing in pouncey, wilson and clay. i absolutely believe d. thomas is going to be big this season. we saw flashes last season. he is in top condition now. gates is a bust! even as a small school prospect he should be showing at least a flash of something!! this years draft will hang on tannehill, no doubt. but you gotta love getting martin, miller and vernon. those 3 already look like future stars who will play a lot this year. if T-hill blossoms then this is the best draft in over a decade, by far. not to mention there are some other picks that could also pan out!! FA we got the right, caretaker QB. flynn and smith?? glad they aren't fins!! manning? too old and too expensive!! garrard? a very solid QB who can usher in the tannehill era. we can dump both vets after the season or keep one signing him for back-up money. great move!! add marshall, c. johnson, naanee, hicks and steinbach. maybe i'm crazy but i like the draft's and FA's ireland have brought in. i'm also glad fisher is in st. louis!! i truly believe this was ross' work. going after big names. i think ireland wanted philbin. i'm lad that's who's coaching!! i like a smart coach over a rah-rah guy. tony s was a rah-rah coach but a dud when it came to actually coaching!!

for this franchise moving forward, the right now thing i'd LOVE to see is for ross to just shut up and enjoy. we don't need another jerry jones!! one is beyond more than enough!!


This just in, Tannehill was the best qb today. 8,500 cheering him on. 10-13,,,114 yds,,,TD.

Absolutely shocked to see Tannehill getting better every day. And not just little increments, he's now leap leapfrogged Moore and is chasing down Garrard. I thought it would take more time than this seeing how he only had 19 college starts. There's still time for him to come back down to earth but who knows, maybe he won't. Maybe we finally have something at our QB position.

jaison not even your grandmother would read more than 3 sentences of that post. very few read when anything more than a short paragraph.

I think Moore did the best considering he had the second offense vs the first defense. T-Hill was good, but was against backups. And I could care less about Garrard

Garrard has 14 4th quarter comebacks, tied a record for fewest ints in nfl history, made the probowl a couple years back, and has thrown for 16,000 yards with 89 tds, and a career 85.8 qb rating. He also beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs,,,,,,in Pittsburgh AND the Steelers were the top ranked defense that year.

Chad Henne couldn't hold Garrard's jock.

So it now looks like

1) Moore



Tannehill is moving up.

I don't think that's accurate Denzel.

You're correct that Tannehill was going against the second team defense (he pretty much dominated that match up, )remember when Henne couldn't even get the ones in the end zone against the twos?). But I read this,

"Another three-and-out for Moore with the second team defense against the first team offense. Two INC on the last series." Izzy Gould

Seems like Moore and Tannehill were in the same situation at least at one point. Moore didn't fair well while Tannehill went 6-6 and threw a td pass.

Phins 78, Garrard has lost a step and is at the bitter end of his career. He's not the QB that he used to be. Those stats were a long time ago. Garrard made a probowl that 7 QB's declined. And Vince Young made 2 pro bowls and can barely find a job. Not even the Jags had any interest in Garrard. His bext stop is a CFL backup.

Look y'all know the Media the coaches the owner wants Tannehill, And Gerrard his the best QB in camp right now!! But the media won't propel him for the starting role!! Man guys I was on u tube and watching old Dan Marino clips especially the 1984 season clips of every TD he threw!! WoW. What a release and a cannon for a arm!! Check it out guys!
Now that's what a real QB looks like! I MISS YOU DAN THE MAN!!

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