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Tannehill doesn't have ticket buyers excited ... yet

The Dolphins announced first-round rookie draft pick Ryan Tannehill had won the starting quarterback job on Monday. And the lines have been out the door and around the block at the Dolphins ticket office ever since.

No. Not really.

I'm told ticket sales have been steady but there has been no appreciable surge of ticket sales since the Dolphins got themselves a new quarterback. Now, folks in the club's business offices are hopeful that Tannehill can eventually show so much promise on the field that fans truly get excited about the team again and indeed do flood the ticket windows.

But Dolphins fans, who have been through 16 other starting quarterbacks since Dan Marino, apparently want to see the product perform before they plunk down money to, well, see the product perform. This is not a faith exercise anymore for them.

And that is the reason tonight's preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons is important to the Dolphins on multiple levels. Yes, from a football standpoint it is a priority for Tannehill to reward his coaches' decision to start him by playing well. It will make the entire football team feel good about its signal-caller.

But as the Dolphins are a for-profit business the club is also hoping Tannehill shows up bigtime so that fans react, so that the excitement that has been lacking returns, so that ticket sales pick up. "A 70-yard bomb on the first series would be nice," is how one club source put it.


Let's face it, football isn't the same when the stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. Fans don't have as good a time and the team doesn't enjoy as strong a home field advantage, which as everyone agrees, is important. In Miami it can be downright depressing when opposing fans arrive in legions and the home fans can't muster the same type of enthusiasm or noise to make life difficult for the opposing offense.

The Dolphins need an injection of good news throughout the organization. They need fans to get excited enough about the team to actually buy tickets and attend games. That will help the team win at home. But it's a Catch-22.

The fans aren't going to come out to help the team win until the team wins.

Maybe if Ryan Tannehill plays exceedingly well tonight, it can be a first step in that cycle. That makes his performance tonight important to the organization on multiple levels.


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Bottom line this is Miami, if the team doesnt produce an exciting or winning product no one paying their hard earn money to watch LOSERS!

..Right Armando. Would you buy season tickets for this product? No thanks. Rather be in the Keys fishing for snook, or bonefish on Sunday.

The team has a lot of work to do to turn its image around before fans line up to pay for this garbage. Tannehill isn't a known commodity(yet)most casual fans couldn't tell you much about him. So like political parties pander to their base.. The die hard fans will show up to see Tannehill. He is about all that is worth paying to see right now.

Should this team win..The seats will fill. But can you blame anyone? Besides. Games at a half filled stadium in games of no consequence suck..I would rather watch the game at home.

Should they score on a bomb early, folks would want to see it carry over to regular season. Hopefully we can see it happen and it will be a regular part of our offense. That'd quiet the secondary blitzes, and open up the middle for the running game and WCO passing scheme. You need the bomb threat for the WCO to work.

Tannehill’s 3 and outs had us down 17-0 before we could blink. I have seen nothing to make me think he’s any better then John Beck or Chad Henne. Heck, both Moore and Tebow won more games last year in the NFL then Tannehill won in college! If thats not a huge red flag I dont know what is.

Alot rides on his shoulder, lets hope he is up to the task. There have been many pretenders in the last 16 other QB's (except Pennington who was just injury prone). As a lifelong Dolphin fan and loyal season ticket holder I totally agree life is better at the stadium when we are winning. The small taste we got when we won the AFC East with Penny was great but hopefully with Tanney we get results every year and can now build this team into a contender every year. That is what a great QB does for a team. if you took Brady off NE, or Brees off NO or when Manning was not there for Indy, those are very average teams. Hopefully Tanney makes us into that contender year in and year out, alot to ask of the kid.

Ticket sales will soar after Ireland is fired.

Home town Dolphins fan base is weak sauce.

The Toronto Mapleleafs haven't won anything since 1967 and good luck trying to get into the building without paying an arm and a leg.

I could get Dolphins season tickets for the price of one leaf game (at cost)- no exageration.

Gregg, right you'd rather have Tebow, my God you really don't know the NFL do you.

I will be planning bowling trips to Joe Robbie Stadium.

Who wants to waste their money watching the Dolphins lose every home game? LOL

We are in the 6th year of the 2nd Great Depression, which began in January 2007. Watching professional football is a "luxury item."

The headline is unfair.

Additionally, "no fault divorce" laws are unfair to working men, who are often paying for 2 rents.

Costs $200 to take a family to a game.

Rent is $2,000 (each). Can't do it.

Dang Mando, anything else you'd like to put on this 24 yr old's plate? How about World Peace and ending starvation?

He's a rookie QB on a mediocre, flailing franchise, with 1 ProBowler on offense (his LT), no weapons to pass to, 1 legit RB, and half a line. If the organization wants this kid to overcome ALL THAT and put Miami back on the map, then they probably shouldn't have been hemming and hawing at the contract signing.

He's going to be a rookie QB, face it. He's NOT taking this team to the Playoffs, he's NOT going to be Cam Newton, and even if he is, Cam only got his team to 6-10 (by the way, I'm not saying any of this is Tannehill's fault).

The kid will look good at times, and look bad at times. It comes with the job. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE! As others like to say all the time, this is a TEAM GAME. Tannehill can't block for himself, handoff to himself and pass and catch the ball ALL BY HIMSELF. If the seats don't get filled, the Owner needs to stop pressuring Tannehill, and START pressuring the GM, who's responsible for the talent, AND the HC, who's responsible for the product on the field.

Tannehill is NOT Superman (I don't think). Don't put the weight of the World on this kid. Just let him be and let's see what we have.

Tebow is a winner. Tannehill has not shown that. Yes, I take Tebow over Tanny 8 days a week. Plus, he fills the stands.

Gregg it was playcalling. Short horizontal 2 yard passes. The WCO cannot be all short slants.

They had better let Tanne throw it down the field and keep the D honest a little bit. That's WCO too don't forget. Or we will start to see some pick 6s. They were sitting on his short passes last game.

Gotta launch it down the field sometimes.

If the first offensive play of the game is not a bomb to Gates, just to do it, then I declare, again, that Philbin is a loser.

Do it. Have Gates run a flat sprint 50 yards and throw it to him. Announce before the play that you are going to do that and do it anyway.

Gotta keep the D honest by going VERTICAL.

Mark to suggest Dolphins fans are weaksauce is incorrect, when the teams winning the games are sold out,

I don't go to the games anymore because the gameday experience is just awful. The stupid "Fins to the left, Fins to the right" song after they score is vomit inducing, as is all the "Fins Up" crap with the celebrities. The orange carpet is for losers. Doesn't help that the team is boring right now with no playmakers to excite the fans. Combine that with the heat and $12 beers, you have me watching at home or a sports bar.

Gregg, you must not have seen Tannehill pressured and sacked ALL HALF huh? Or heard the Coaches rip Martin for his lack of blocking? Or seen the drops by the WRs/TEs. Or heard ANYONE on radio/tv saying Tannehill's had a better Pre-Season than RG3 (the kid drafted #2 that a franchise bet the house on)?

Beck? You mean the 3rd string nobody who's about to join Pat White out of the NFL? Henne, the guy who can't beat out Blaine Gabbert for the starting position in Jax? This kid came in, after 19 starts in college, and beat out 2 vets for the starting job (albeit one was injured). Give me (and Tannehill) a break!

Gregg, he's not starting in NY, he was the lowest rated passer in the league. Football is the ultimate team game. Denver won with with Tebow despite him, not because of him. If he were that good he would be starting in NY, Sanchez has about the say passer rating Henne did, and Tebow can't beat him out.

Tim Couch, I like the way you think, Throw the gotdam football down the field, I have yet to see where Tanny through a bomb during the preseason games.

Tebow is much more accomplished then Tannehill is. Tebow has won multiple national championships in college and won an NFL playoff game. Tannehill is a long long way from those accomplishments.

If he were THAT good, Tebow would be starting for the Denver Broncos right now. What other Playoff QB have you heard of that got traded the next Season?

DC is correct. Gregg is wrong.

DHeatMan, who is going to catch that bomb? This team has zero playmakers.


Yeah I'm with Dheatmann a lot today. Now folks are going to tell us to get a room.

I'll ramp it up a bit more, for you who don't get it:

The "west coast offense" sucks. It's as outdated or more so than the Parcells running/defense strategy that you guys think is from the 80s.

Daboll's offense last year was very good and exciting.

What you do is you throw the ball VERTICALLY down the field.

Walsh's 80s WCO is also outdated. Faddish. Most losers get to good things 5 years after they are not good anymore.

Was there any WCO in the superbowl last year? Not much in any year.

Steelers, Pats, Giants,...no WCO.

Did the great 15-1 Green Bay with Rodgers get to the SB last year?

Throw the god darned ball down the field!!!!!!

You guys are going to start calling poor Tanne "check down Tanne" and it won't be his fault.

If you want to know why fans don't attend to games like in the past ask Ireland and Ross, as simple like that !

Tebow also had a 46% completion percentage, and threw for 126/game. That doesn't make you a winner in the NFL. The Denver defense won those games, not Tebow. Eric Couch won National Championships as well, and I don't see him on an NLF roster. They play in the NFL, not college, the game is completely different. Tannehill is much more equipped to play in the NFL than Tebow.

The only stat that matters is the W's. College and pro, Tebow has played in huge games and won them.

Pro bowl receivers do not make a QB and team successful.
Frozen ropes that hit double covered receivers between the numbers make the QB and team successful.
That is what Tanne brings.

Seth, Gates might catch it. He might not. One thing is certain: he'll never catch it if we don't try it.

Reality Bites, that is tough man, I hear you. I do not refer to people like you who are busy holding down their business and trying to do the right thing. Life is tough.

Local Seth, Gates supposley is blazing fast if he cant just sprint down the field as fast as he can on a go route and catch the ball he needs to be cut on spot.

To be more concise:


There. I said it.

But let me be more precise: most coaches don't know how to properly run the WCO, and that's why it sucks. The way in which they fail is they forget that THE RUNNING GAME is still important.

Does anyone remember Roger Craig on those 80s 49er teams?

The proper Bill Walsh WCO involves lots of VERTICAL DOWN THE FIELD passes to keep the D honest and a lot of running.

Let's hope Philbin's not lying and what we'll see in terms of balance will be much better in real games.

But even if we are going to pass every play--we must throw it down the field. Horizontal sideline 5 yard passing leads to pick 6s.

Monte, don't be an idiot, stats count. Specially the stats I captioned in my post. 126 yards per game throwing, no team wins with that stat. 46% completion percentage, no team can win with that stat unless the defense hold opponents to very few points as the Denver D did. He is a terrible QB, like it or not. He will never start in the NFL again. He'll run the wildcat from time to time and that's it.

DHM, with all due respect, I expect that kind of behavious for Heat and Marlins fans but some franchises whould sell out and havee a loyal following despite performance - the Dolphins are one of them. The Dolphins are the identity of South Florida to those from the outside. They are the flagship and they are what South Florida is about. Not the tacky clubs, so so beach, or awful cuisine. They are the fabric of the area.

The browns are that, even when the Eagles and Bears were down, they were. My earlier reference to the Leafs the same as are the Cubs in baseball. Shame on those who could afford to go to the games and call themselves fans but won't. That is not being a fan. being a fan of a great team means supporting them even when they're down. it means not letting out of towners come in and run your city and team over. It means defending the colours and the logo. The players are not the only ones who should do it - the fans should do it too.

Another often misunderstood thing: throwing down the field very rarely leads to INTs. Most of the time it's either a completion or incomplete, not an INT. And if it's an INT it acts like a 50 yard punt with no return, which would have happened 2 plays later anyway, if not a pick 6, by throwing horizontally, all while adding the benefit of keeping the D honest, opening up the run and short passing game, and tiring out the defensive backs.

Well said Mark

mike, if stats mattered Marino would've won 15 SB's. Its all about W's and L's. Tebow wins games. Often at crunch time in the 4th quarter.

By the way, my favorite offense is "old school" with a FB, HB, and TI, and my favorite formation is the I formation, which is unstoppable. One cannot tell which direction the run will go. 5.5 ypc.

Run the ball with a 230 pounder AND when you throw, throw it down the field. That's how to win in today's NFL.

The sheep have it all wrong when they talk about how you have to have a WCO dink and dunk to win.

And I'm also saying that a real WCO is not dink and dunk like most modern coaches have turned it into.

And another thing Mando is absolutely correct in his opening paragraph when he says, "...Tanne won the starting job...".
Tanne beat out Garrard and Moore with his command of the offense especially converting 3rd downs.
Tanne doesn't need any of you broke retards to make excuses for him because he doesn't need excuses.
when Matty Ice Ryan sees Tanne marching the Phins up and down the field, like Hitler through Poland, he's going to off himself.

Monte, then just tell me 2 things, why did Denver trade him, and why is he not starting in NY. Btw Marino went to the SB twice, and was consistently in the playoffs. Tell me how many times has Tebow been in the SB... Oh yeah none.

Mike that last one was stupid. Tebow's only started for 3/4 of a season, and took the same Denver team, that was 0-6 by the way, to 8-8 and a playoff win over the mighty steelers.

Denver traded him because Elway is a moron who was jealous of Tebow.

One of the fun things about this year will be watching broken down P Manning throwing INTs for a Denver team that will not win a playoff game this year, unlike Tebow did last year, when he threw for 316 yards against the Steelers.

Denver has bad karma for about 20 years, for sure. Watch.

Tebow is a class act and a winner.


Marino went to the SB once. Get your facts straight before you spew tour nonsense.

Good expmanation Mark in Toronto.


Your sports team is like a family member. You can call them out on fukking up all the time and think they aren't doing as well as they should.

But the second a non family member starts saying the same - it's time to defend!!!

Some say having this culture supports perpetual losing. On the other hand, it also projects a strong image for the team which helps in acquiring free agents and makes the team a destination worth playing for. You think many free agents who can write their own ticket want to play here? Not unless we vastly overpay them like we did to marshall and Dansby. heck, we couldn't even get Peyton to come down when he was wh0ring hinself out to anyone that would give him an interview. The team management is to balme for where we are for the most part but so are the local fans. Don't kid yourself.

When Tanne wins the SB this year he will vault over Dan 16 years of jerking off the fans Marino into 2nd place behind Griese as greatest Phins QB ever.

You're right, sorry against San Francisco, that one more than Tebow, NOW ANSWER MY 2 QUESTIONS.

Tanny has all the phsical tools to be a great QB in the NFL no doubt. At this point it's all mental, is he able to make the game slow down like all the great ones do. From what I hear he's a student of the game which is prob the most important asset a great QB can have.

Jafockus Russell or Ryan Queef werent students of the game.

Miami fans,

Are bottom of the barrel in their own division. Pats, Jets and Bills all have much more of a home field advantage then Miami has. Miami's home field advantage used to be all about the hot, muggy temps and getting off to a fast start. No thanks to an owner who went business first over winning first which then turn into business by selling out home games, Miami now has zero home field advantage.

I unfortunately have been to more Eagles games in my lifetime and the old Veterans Stadium was downright intimidating. Forget the booing, batteries being thrown and Santa Claus incidents. The rowdiness of the fans made it uncomfortable for even big hulking athletes on the sidelines. The non-sense and no holds barred insults are something only a Philadelphian is capable of. They are flat out nasty! Fast forward to my Dolphins-Jets home opener in 2010. Sunday night, under the lights and it was a nice atmosphere and pletiful with Dolphins fans but the Jets fans were louder by far. It was sort of embarrassing. I always heard about how bad South Florida fans are but seeing is believing. The fans were family oriented and Miami fans were telling each other to "watch the language I have kids". They were telling fans to sit down because they couldn't see even when Miami scored TDs. The fans just don't get it. They want to relax and watch a game. That is what your couch is for.

The only home-field sdvantage Miami ever had was the weather and now that's gone. So having a full staidum or not doesn't matter in Miami but as far as the ticket sales go the fans may lack passion but they aren't stupid. Tannehill looks very promising yet hasn't played a regular season game not to mention who is making the plays once he throws the ball?

Why would one player make Dolfans put out thousands of dollars for season tickets? Jeffery has captained the Dolphin ship to 2.5 mill under the NFL salary cap, who are ranked 31st out of 32 teams in the power rankings. almost dead last, but not quit. Jeffery is paying millions of dollars for players who are ranked almost last in the NFL. And, not to mention the new skinny, mealy mouthed, head coach who commands all the respect of a wet blanket. So why, indeed, are Dolfans not buying tickets?

Andy, DOlphins fans are a lot more apathetic compared to Eagles, Steelers, Browns, and Jets fan, its always been like that. The only time the stadium was really rocking was in the Orange Bowl when Marino was having shootouts against teams.

AndyNJ, there are no home 4:00 games in 2012, they're all 1:00 games.


for my money...the Bills have the BEST fan base in the world....


I have been to Buffalo, NY...and there ain't SH@T up there.....the appleby's was like the club after 10 p.m.....If you want to have a good time you have to drive ALL THE way to Syracuse.....80 miles...Thats a DUI waiting to happen......

Miami is getting everything they deserve (in terms of fan support)....and when the improve..they will get more....

No ticket sales? Everyone hates a Loser.

Rt will make the pro bowl this year, get us into the playoffs, and be the afc rookie of the year. The patriots hold on the afc east is over.

"Now, folks in the club's business offices are hopeful that Tannehill can eventually show so much promise on the field that fans truly get excited about the team again and indeed do flood the ticket windows."

Ha....Keep dreaming.

I don't care if he's the next great young QB this kid has very limited weapons @ WR & TE which will hurt his development, a rookie RT who has never played RT, a defense missing our two best LB's, & a very questionable secondary.

At best this is a 6 win team. I'd cut Garrard today to start making some room for when the other teams cut their WR's & TE's. I'd cut Hartline b/c he has done nothing all offseason or in training camp. I'd love to see Philbin set a tone that there are no handouts & that each & every player must earn a roster spot. And finally I'd cut Egnew who was just a terrible 3rd round pick.

Seems as if Odin was out in full force last night with his usual diahrea of the keyboard. Trying to rip on his so called 1 imposter. This idiot doesn't want to acceot the dact that he is the joke of the blog.

Maybe 1 day, when his liver fails, hell finally own up to what a schlep he is.`

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