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Tannehill doesn't have ticket buyers excited ... yet

The Dolphins announced first-round rookie draft pick Ryan Tannehill had won the starting quarterback job on Monday. And the lines have been out the door and around the block at the Dolphins ticket office ever since.

No. Not really.

I'm told ticket sales have been steady but there has been no appreciable surge of ticket sales since the Dolphins got themselves a new quarterback. Now, folks in the club's business offices are hopeful that Tannehill can eventually show so much promise on the field that fans truly get excited about the team again and indeed do flood the ticket windows.

But Dolphins fans, who have been through 16 other starting quarterbacks since Dan Marino, apparently want to see the product perform before they plunk down money to, well, see the product perform. This is not a faith exercise anymore for them.

And that is the reason tonight's preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons is important to the Dolphins on multiple levels. Yes, from a football standpoint it is a priority for Tannehill to reward his coaches' decision to start him by playing well. It will make the entire football team feel good about its signal-caller.

But as the Dolphins are a for-profit business the club is also hoping Tannehill shows up bigtime so that fans react, so that the excitement that has been lacking returns, so that ticket sales pick up. "A 70-yard bomb on the first series would be nice," is how one club source put it.


Let's face it, football isn't the same when the stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. Fans don't have as good a time and the team doesn't enjoy as strong a home field advantage, which as everyone agrees, is important. In Miami it can be downright depressing when opposing fans arrive in legions and the home fans can't muster the same type of enthusiasm or noise to make life difficult for the opposing offense.

The Dolphins need an injection of good news throughout the organization. They need fans to get excited enough about the team to actually buy tickets and attend games. That will help the team win at home. But it's a Catch-22.

The fans aren't going to come out to help the team win until the team wins.

Maybe if Ryan Tannehill plays exceedingly well tonight, it can be a first step in that cycle. That makes his performance tonight important to the organization on multiple levels.


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I would take the 1PM starts thats for sure. And mike thanks for that info. I actually didnt even look because the past 2 seasons have been Ross lobbying for road games and late starts to start the season

WHRB'S, I wish Ross would cut Ireland but he's too busy not knowing shitz about Football

DragonFly34, ok I was with you up to the point where you degraded Philbin. You probably never played sports at a high level. You don't need to be a screamer to be a good coach. Ever heard of Tony Dungy, Mike McCarthy, Bill Walsh, Belichick isn't a screamer either. You can win many ways in the NFL.

"Are bottom of the barrel in their own division. Pats, Jets and Bills all have much more of a home field advantage then Miami has. Miami's home field advantage used to be all about the hot, muggy temps and getting off to a fast start. No thanks to an owner who went business first over winning first which then turn into business by selling out home games, Miami now has zero home field advantage."

Plus the stands are too far way from the field. We need a new stadium that fixes that.

BTW--The Bills play some home games in Canada so I'm not so sure how much of a home advantage they have.

Who in their right mind would pay to see the only hope this franchise has(tanny) get pounded into oblivion every week?

When ppl are out of work n scrapping to get by, I would bet they have better things to do than watch these ovverrated & overpaid players embarass themselves every week.

We Have RB's, all home games are at 1:00 in 2012.

Ross has ripped off Dolphin fans for way too long. He's charging NFL prices for an Arena caliber team!

The fans were family oriented and Miami fans were telling each other to "watch the language I have kids". They were telling fans to sit down because they couldn't see even when Miami scored TDs. The fans just don't get it. They want to relax and watch a game. That is what your couch is for.

Posted by: AndyNJ | August 24, 2012 at 12:18 PM

I went to a Ravens practice a few weeks ago...and some douche behind me kept telling me to sit down because he coudn't see.....keep in mind just about everybody was standing up...in front of me...to the side of me....and behind him....but he wanted to sit back and be the douche that tells everyone to sit down....

Long story short...I never sat down....I told him this was a football stadium...not church.....it turned out to be a great experience for me and my family.....he wound up moving somewhere else about 10 mins. later.....

Even after he left he became the butt of many jokes from strangers who witnessed the altercation....and even tho I may have become the aggressor....I sure wasn't the instigator....

Story of my life.....

Forfeit all the games. Give up whats the use.

Just quit now and save yourself further embarassment.

Why even try.


Im with you on Philbin. I like him so far. He is direct and doesn't play games. He's honest in what he says. He does what he says. Cutting Chad wasn't lets make an example out of you. He forewarned him and then cut him and wasted little time in doing so. I like Philbin.

The days of Marty Schottenheimer, Parcells, Jimmy Johnson is a thing of the past. Some guys can pull off the high intensity, screamers appraoch and kudos to them because that's who they are (Rex, Harbaugh, Schwartz)) but that's who they are. Like you said plenty of ways to coach football and get your point across.

Philbin = Cameron 2.0

Mark, as a non South Florida resident, I like your take.

The question is how much is South Florida really football fan country?

It certainly is a hotbed of football TALENT as every NFL draft shows.

But for years and years and years the Dolphins were serving as a top draw they were also consistent winners (Don Shula had only 2 losing seasons as Dolphins coach etc). Back in the 70's, 80s and 90s the Fins (and later the U) were winning so frequently that it was easy to mistake a 'bandwagon' sports culture as being a 'football' sports culture.

The Heat were a Miami afterthought until they signed Shaq, drafted D-Wade and (of course) signed Lebron.

The Marlins were and afterthought until they won the World Series, after which they became and afterthought once again (as this year's overhyped team and rotten attendance numbers prove).

Even the Panthers became a hot ticket when they almost won the Stanley Cup back in 1997 -- who goes to Panther games now?

South Florida is blessed with beautiful beaches, beautiful women & beautiful weather -- let alone a reputaiton for an epic nightlife.

This is not Clevland, or Buffalo were the alternative to football is sitting on the couch drinking by yourself. Miami has never been a football town. It has been a spoiled town and until the Fins start winning again we can expect to see lots of empty orange seats ringing Sun Life Stadium.

Dashi, give me a reason why you say that. Philbin is a straight shooter, very forthright in what he says. Cameron wasn't. Now tell me why.


And you know this because of what qualifications or expertise?

"WHRB'S, I wish Ross would cut Ireland but he's too busy not knowing shitz about Football"

Honestly....I can't think of a worse GM in football. I just pray that Philbin is not another bust @ HC. At least the some of the other teams that sucked last year have moved on to try someone new like the Colts & the Rams. If we were drafting @ 8 this season how does this guy have a job after having three straight losing years???

I just don't get it & it's a big reason why I think Ross will continue to do a terrible job as owner.

Kris, been to Orchard park many times and you're right. Buffalo is a hole. Nothing to do there. However, what about Chicago, Philadelphia?? Those are vibrant cities with plenty to do and they have some of the best fan bases. South Florida just doesn't get it when it comes to being a fan, sorry to say.

I have Panther season tickets, and it's great fun to go to games. You're missing it by not going.

Cant get excited about Cam Phibin when I had high hopes for Cowher or Fisher.

Cam Philbin. Fisher hasn't won a game in over 3 years, and he only had 4 winning season in Tenn. You're excited about that and his boring offenses.

"We Have RB's, all home games are at 1:00 in 2012."


I realize that. I was re-posting another person's comments.

I said that one of the problems is that the stands are too far away from the field which is retarded.

Every rookie HC the Dolphins have had has failed miserably. So what do they do? HIRE ANOTHER ROOKIE HC! LMAO!

mike, Panthers had a nice year. Hockey is actually a fun sport to watch live even though it's probably third in my list of favourite sports behind the two footballs. I know that's sacrilege for a canadian to say but what the heck, I've never done exactly as I've been told to do.

South Florida is blessed with beautiful beaches, beautiful women & beautiful weather -- let alone a reputaiton for an epic nightlife.

Epic night life??? Yeah if you're a cheese ball & a coke head.

Fisher's last 2 years in Tenn 8-8, 6-10. He's also gone 5-11, and 3-13 in consecutive years and kept his job. With consecutive years like that what would you be saying.....right fire fisher.

Every rookie HC the Dolphins have had has failed miserably. So what do they do? HIRE ANOTHER ROOKIE HC! LMAO!


They were lucky to get anyone to take this job. Not sure why Philbin took the job with the roster, GM, & owner we have.

FED UP, Sparano went 11-5 and won the NFC east lol. So not every rookie coach has fallen flat. Of course what came after that isn't very pretty.

Rookie NFL head coaches have been highly successful in recent years. Tomlin, Harbaugh(s), Rex Ryan, Whisenhunt, McCarthy, Sean Peyton etc.

You didn't think out that comment before you made it I see.

Fisher's last 2 years in Tenn 8-8, 6-10. He's also gone 5-11, and 3-13 in consecutive years and kept his job. With consecutive years like that what would you be saying.....right fire fisher.


If you have THREE (not one, not two) straight losing seasons then you have to fire the HC & GM. Period.

I don't think that's unreasonable plus we started last season 0-7. I honestly can't think of another owner who wouldn't have made a change. Look at the holes on this roster!!!!

Oh and Nick Saban went 9-7 his 1st year.

mike, Sparano succeeded?? huh? take your meds kid.

mike, Sparano and Saban both failed. Or they'd still be NFL HC'S. DUUUHH!

Oh I'm not saying we shouldn't have fired Sparano. O'm say Jeff Fisher would have been another recycled coach. I like Philbin's fresh approach.

There's nothing wrong with hiring a rookie HC as long as it's the right rookie like Harbaugh & hopefully Philbin.

Yes I'm still hopeful even though Ross & Ireland are in over their heads.

mike the moron

Dashi, did you read my whole post.

Here I'll put it back up. Read it slowly.

So not every rookie coach has fallen flat. "Of course what came after that isn't very pretty."


Philbin came from GB so I don't believe that this guy is a light-weight. I worry more about the talent he has to work with than I do about his coaching style at this point.


Let me ask you this....IF you lived in Miami....would you pay for this product?

Jay, really Jay, and what have you brought to this conversation except name calling. Not very bright are you.

mike, I guess Saban quit because he was so successful? LOL

Here's to hoping that Tanne plays up to his draft status.....


I'd like to hear some injury updates on Hartline, Hicks, Dansby, & Burnett??? Are these guy going to start the season or what???


A good game tonight should do wonders forEVERYBODY's confidence....after all....most starters won't play much next week....

Though Im rooting for Tannehill's success, as a fan, it's still freshin the back of mind football experts rated him an early 2nd rd qb at best had Barkley and Landry come out this eason. Plus the fact his team lost 6 gms, his offense seemed to struggle in the 2nd half of games, only 25 college starts, and being drafted 8th overall with this kind of evidence weighing against him. Any fan has reason to be anywhere from pessimistic to mildly optimistic abou this pick.

Howeer, Tannehill hast done much to disappoint as of yet, which is a good sign, but far from reason to sell the farm in optimism so soon. For many fans it's still wait and see mode. I know at present its exactly that way for me.

Dashi you don't get it do you. I'm saying not all rookie coaches fell flat on their faces. They may have after their first season, and in these 2 cases they did. But their 1st seasons were pretty good.

At least Tannehill is more exciting than Garrard or Moore would have been...

From the Palm Beach Post

"Noteworthy: In addition to Dansby and McDaniel, who sat out of practice all week, receiver Brian Hartline (calf) and right guard Artis Hicks (undisclosed) are unlikely to play as well. Third-year veteran John Jerry will likely earn the start in Hicks’ spot."


They should let Tannehill play week 4 of the preseason like it's week 3. Granted 1st team players won't play but all of the people in that game will be gunning for a last-ditch roster spot, so I expect the game to be fast (if not faster than this week where starters don't want to risk injury). It'll give him some more experience with his WRs and allow him to feel the game leading into the regular season. Other than avoiding injury we aren't showcasing Devlin for any reason....unless we're trying to hype up Moore for trade bait

Why is Hartline still on this team....

he is always injured....he had the nerve to yell @ Henne (as if he is some kind diva)....and he is always hurt....

If you want to make an example of somebody Philbin...thats your guy....Hartline is the Channing Crowder or WRs....

YG the only thing I can say about Landry Jones and Matt Barkley is that they didn't go through the vetting process of the combine, or pro days. That's where all the worts are discovered. They may have found that Barkley is too short with an average arm, and that Jones has a weak arm, and that may vaulted Tanny above them.


I trust that Philbin & especially Sherman who knows this kid a lot better than we do made the right call.

Same goes for Philbin on Flynn who is in a dogfight with Russell Wilson. Love the people who said Wilson at 5'11" was too small to play in the NFL when Drew Brees is only an inch taller. It's not like Wilson is 5'8" like Flutie.

Kris, I'm a bit more die hard than most I think. I would most definitely be a season ticket holder - no question. I mean, I already was a season ticket holder travelling from Toronto when I had a job with a more loose attendance requirement than I have now. I have family that owns property a couple of hours away so lodging is not an issue, tickets are dirt cheap compared to any major league sporting event we have here in Toronto, and I have a deep love for the team. And flying out of Buffalo is dirt cheap too. So paying $300 bucks 8 times a week is not that big a deal to me. not compared to as much as I love the team. I'm lucky enough where I don't have any kids to support or put through college so my disposable income is more than some.


Plus Sherman knows Tannehill better than anyone. That can't be dismissed.

* sorry, 8 times a year.

Yep I agree.

If Tannehill fails we'll be in position to draft Barkley next year.

The most "IRONIC" thing about tonights game is, we have our qb of the future, going against what could or should have been our qb of the future. They both happen to be named "RYAN". Matt and Tannehill. LOL

for Tanne is good to have the taste of winning before the regular season

I'm hoping its different but I have a feeling tannehill will be the 17 th QB that started for the phins that didn't get it done. We'll be drafting the 18th in april.


All Im saying about Tannehill is, just like being named starter for the team, with the fans its now his job to lose. If he showing great success, ticket sales increase. If not, you know the rest.

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