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Tannehill doesn't have ticket buyers excited ... yet

The Dolphins announced first-round rookie draft pick Ryan Tannehill had won the starting quarterback job on Monday. And the lines have been out the door and around the block at the Dolphins ticket office ever since.

No. Not really.

I'm told ticket sales have been steady but there has been no appreciable surge of ticket sales since the Dolphins got themselves a new quarterback. Now, folks in the club's business offices are hopeful that Tannehill can eventually show so much promise on the field that fans truly get excited about the team again and indeed do flood the ticket windows.

But Dolphins fans, who have been through 16 other starting quarterbacks since Dan Marino, apparently want to see the product perform before they plunk down money to, well, see the product perform. This is not a faith exercise anymore for them.

And that is the reason tonight's preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons is important to the Dolphins on multiple levels. Yes, from a football standpoint it is a priority for Tannehill to reward his coaches' decision to start him by playing well. It will make the entire football team feel good about its signal-caller.

But as the Dolphins are a for-profit business the club is also hoping Tannehill shows up bigtime so that fans react, so that the excitement that has been lacking returns, so that ticket sales pick up. "A 70-yard bomb on the first series would be nice," is how one club source put it.


Let's face it, football isn't the same when the stadium has wide swaths of empty seats. Fans don't have as good a time and the team doesn't enjoy as strong a home field advantage, which as everyone agrees, is important. In Miami it can be downright depressing when opposing fans arrive in legions and the home fans can't muster the same type of enthusiasm or noise to make life difficult for the opposing offense.

The Dolphins need an injection of good news throughout the organization. They need fans to get excited enough about the team to actually buy tickets and attend games. That will help the team win at home. But it's a Catch-22.

The fans aren't going to come out to help the team win until the team wins.

Maybe if Ryan Tannehill plays exceedingly well tonight, it can be a first step in that cycle. That makes his performance tonight important to the organization on multiple levels.


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Fair enough Mark....I take you @ your word......

I'm going to get a ton of slack for this, but.....in the end I'm glad we don't have Matt Ryan as our QB. He's good, but he falls in with Sam Bradford as "alright" top 3 draft pick QBs. He's taken Atl to the playoffs, sure, but I never see him light it up

I was just stopping by to felicitate odin for not being provoked by these unrasonable People here. Reading the commentaries, I am beginning to believe that you not only hate Ireland for his comment about Dez'z mom but you do believe he's a terrible GM. I agree on the first part and disagree on the second. We'll see soon.

As far as tonight's game goes, we need the DEF to look a lot better more then Tanny looking like Marino.

We also need to see this O-Line run block for these RB's too!!

3 Quarters for starters. If they look bad again, and with the 4th Pre-Season no starters basically plays, we are going to killed by Houston.

Tannehill will draw fans like Henne drew fans lol

Hey Mando , how about this for a trade Jake Long to Indy for a 1 and we trade the 1 to pittsburg for Wallace win win

A lot of us have been begging for a QB to be picked in the first round for years. Now that we have him a lot of us are saying he's a dud....do we say that hoping you aren't disappointed or is that really how you feel?

There exist talented as-holes, you know?

Dink%, what makes you think that.

I think that once the regular season starts, we will see something that we haven't seen yet. I believe that between the no-huddle offense and Tannehill's ability to run, we are going to see some opposing defenses melt in the Miami heat.

I'm hoping to see Tannehill punish defenses for turning their backs on him...should be fun to watch.

Can't we all just get along.

Why fight. Why not drink eat and not fight

The pressure is too much. I think i'll go hide

Pittsburgh has said they won't trade Wallace, period. Besides trading Long may have serious cap issues. It doesn't rid of his salary, it maintains the cap hit plus the money we would have to pay Wallace. We're only about 2 1/2 below the cap, that move would kill us.

Don't trade Long who will protect us

I am so frightened

There exist talented as-holes, you know?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 24, 2012 at 01:28 PM

Your not helping your case any.

This whole day I've been Impostered on.

Please disregard all comments from Tim Couch and his 1001 Aliases.

U know if a Post is not by Dashi if it's shorter than this one.

Oscar is still mad from the other day.

We don't want to put undue pressure on the Team but tonight is crucial, for Everybody.

"I'm going to get a ton of slack for this, but.....in the end I'm glad we don't have Matt Ryan as our QB. He's good, but he falls in with Sam Bradford as "alright" top 3 draft pick QBs. He's taken Atl to the playoffs, sure, but I never see him light it up"


Actually...I have always thought that Matt Ryan was overrated. The talent he has on offense is as good as any team in the NFL with Michael Turner, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Harry Douglas, & Tony Gonzalez. Plus his O-line is very good. You can't blame the Falcons GM for not surrounding him with everything he needs to win playoff games.

Last year I saw both Matt Stafford & Joe Flacco pass Ryan as an NFL QB. I put Matt Ryan in the Tony Romo category of QB's who have good skills but can't get it done when it matters.

Ho! Well, I told you before, regarding Ireland, you have to make a decision whether to accept a great GM or reject him because he's an as-hole. With me, you have no choice.

I agree no pressure. Crucial or not we fold under pressure.

I don't like this its too confrontational.

I think it crucial we find some place to hide.

You are lucky that the races have been easy to handicap up to now.

Oscar talkin bout talented a holes again.

"We don't want to put undue pressure on the Team but tonight is crucial, for Everybody."

For some individual players it's a big deal & this game is about finding players to move forward with. With that said this a young & flawed football team. We have a new HC, a new offense, a new defense, a rookie QB, etc. I hate to say it but the truth is that this team has no chance of winning the division (unless Brady get hurts) or making the playoffs.

degenerate gamblers hang at the track.

Good place to hide no?


With that being said this article doesn't buy tickets.

T-Hill will be successful. It's just all the fans know this is an 8-8 team at best. PreSeason hasn't won anybody over either.

The Defense is Losing tickets with the way they're playing.

Now on As$Clowns assesment of throwing it down the field?

Stop smoking Rocks Oscar. What is the Most Important part of throwing it downfield? Time in the Pocket.

We don't have a good enough right side of the O-line to throw deep.

Haven't we been talking about the Lack of O-Line? For Some of U clowns wanting to Trade J.Long or to throw Deep Half the Time?


This Offense is predicated off the Short Passing Game.

Wouldn't make sense. A No-Huddle offense that throws 50 yard bombs every other play?

Now U know why Matt Moore is on the Bench.

Almost. Almost had a coherent thought there.

So close.

That's exactly what Joe Philbin said the other day, We have RB's(they are an exciting group).

Drunken degenerate gambler.

Bald fat and stupid is no way to go through life.

LOL @ 1:57

Tim Couch = Homes = blog troll

He give it away talking up T-bow.

RBs, winning the division??? LOL. Playoffs!!?!?? Playoffs???!???? Are you talking about playoffs?!?? Playoffs!!?!!

Nobody is saying anything about playoffs.

The relevant question is whether this team will win more than 2 games.

Tim Couch= omega7= oscar canosa= monkey boy= Mr.1001

Again ur methods are CORNY

Man Up with ur jokes. Ur pathetic

Dashi, I have never impostered you. I find you to be new this year and quickly rising on the list of the more clueless and ignorant here. I believe you are 14 years old or so.

JJ for GM. The guy knows how to draft.




Try Again. WEak

Phins4life, this is not Madden. Injured not getting any younger Long is not worth a 1. He's worth perhaps a 3 or a 4 and a 5.

The other teams want to win too. This is not a tickling competition nor a dictatorship. The other side must AGREE to the trade.

Who the F would give a 1 for Long?????

I know. Let's just tell Green Bay we'll give them Long for Rodgers. They'll surely do that, right?

Bold, yes. Fat, maybe. Stupid, not in your category.

Dashi, you are flat wrong on that. I know I can't prove it, but you are.

I think you are one of the "coalition" guys I quickly skip over.

I am none other than the mighty Tim Couch.

I have had other names and educated people can tell, from the writing style.

You are a child or uneducated if you think I'm Oscar.

You are lucky that this was also an easy affair to handicap.

I call it like I see it. Tim Tebow has been a winner.

Manning is washed up. Denver will not make the playoffs this year.

All three are simply facts.

Expensive, scorching hot, boring, too many opposite team fans, but most of all you are paying a lot of money to later go back home in a bad mood, with the bitter taste of "losing" beer on your mouth, just to realize that the teams you are watching later on TV are far superior than yours.
Now, WINNING would make it Affordable, unbearable weather for the other team, exciting, and plenty of Dolfans.

Would somebody please provide me with a last of aliases and AKAs for the bloggers on this site.

I'm not sure how many distinct posters are actually reading this blog.

This blog isn't the same without Odin spewing paragraph after paragraph of nonsense.

Tim Couch= omega7= oscar canosa= monkey boy= Mr.1001

Posted by: Dashi | August 24, 2012 at 02:03 PM

I beg to differ. Unlike oscar I have never thought an A hole talented.

Tim Couch was Home alias at the sentinel. Look how he talk up t-bow toay. Just like home always does.

Not many, Gary. I assure you of that.

Posted by: ALoco | August 24, 2012 at 02:04 PM

Same tink you an oscar do after but sex.

I can remember all the way back to the signing of Jimmy Johnson.... Huizinga and Ross are the same. They get one or 2 dancing chickens and they get the tickets sold. Then they dont care what the finished product is.

This!!! is payday!! after 10+ years of garbage this team is going to have to put a winning team on the field. Thats going to take $$ and "sense" as in someone who knows how to spend the $$ and its NOT NOT Jeff Ireland. Until this happens MR ROSSSS!!!!!!!!! yr gonna see ALOT of orange in your stadium sir!!!

Anyone who wanted Mustache Man Fisher and still mentions it today is THE definition of stupid.


Who cares Tim?

Why didn't u say anything Yesterday?

Or the DAy Before?

I'll be back when something of substance is posted.

Right Now I'll let Mr.1001 Aliases keep posting his dolphin hate. He'll even post under Dashi's name. Just remember if it's under 50 words U know who is doing the Typing.

Also Dashi Doesn't talk bad about the dolphins.

Only 1 person comes on here and Post under a 1001 names and is constantly Insulting the Miami Dolphins.

U Buddy

Not Odin?

Not Dashi?

Not Kris?

Not DC?

Not Mark?

Not everyone but u and ur 100000000000000000001 Aliases.

LOL @ 2;12

It's true. Couch = Home. It is too obvious.

Oscar fat and bald. He think bold just proves he's stupid too.

Handicapped this.

Meant LOL @ 2;10 Gary Stevens.

You need phone book size directory for aka/alias

Again Tim Couch and omega7, if ur not Oscar and his 1001 Aliases please disregard if Dashi has offended U.

So he's judging a player on how many tickets the stadium has sold, BEFORE the player has even played one regular season game in the NFL?

That's dumb. Moving on

No offense Dashi. I'm not fat bald and stupid.

fed up saban went 9-7 his first year using gus frerotte!!!

@ 2;22 and then some.

Scariest thing about the upcoming season for me is our defense not, offense. Reasoning being, without a doubt the offense is a work in progress(rookie qb, 2nd yr center, rookie rt, Jerry forced to start rg, inexperience and lack of proven big time talent on both recieving units).

The defense must step up to have a chance to win games. Because of what Ive written above about the offense, we absolutely can afford to be in too mant "shootout" high scoring games. Its disaster waiting to happen. The defense cant look close to what we've seen so far in preseason games.

omega7 by home on the sentinel u mean Homer?

Or do u mean the troll that F'd it up for everyone overthere, Dashi Incl'd

That guy reminds me alot of Oscar and his 1001 aliases.

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