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Tannehill outplays Moore, deserves chance to start

I must admit I didn't think it would be a good idea for the Dolphins to start rookie Ryan Tannehill this year -- at least not early in the season -- because I figured David Garrard would be good enough and Tannehill would be better served learning behind a veteran quarterback.

Well, that's not in the cards now.

Garrard is out of the picture. Although coach Joe Philbin refused to acknowlege Garrard is having knee surgery, likely today, the truth is he's out for at least two weeks and probably twice that long. By then, the Dolphins will have named a starting quarterback.

So the competition for the Dolphins starting job is apparently now a two-man race between Tannehill and Matt Moore.

And if the competition will be decided by whomever is playing better, then that answer right now has to be Tannehill. Obviously, that can change. In fact, it can change on an almost daily basis because as Philbin said, the competition was very close before the game was played.

"I don't think it's huge," Philbin said. "I think it's relatively close, probably."

But the Dolphins have had a scrimmage. And then the first preseason game was played ...

And Tannehill played better.

Moore completed 7 of 12 passes for 79 yards with an interception. His rating was 43.4. He didn't get the team in the end zone, which is my ultimate measure of quarterback success. I grant you, Moore faced Tampa Bay's starters in the first quarter. But he also faced the second-team defense and still didn't score.

Tannehill got the Dolphins in the end zone once and obviously that does not count the TD pass that Roberto Wallace dropped. The pace of the game seemed to pick up when Tannehill was in. He didn't throw an interception. He completed 14 of 21 passes for 167 yards. And he seemed to have control of the game, changing the play two or three times to get to better plays.

"We had a fast-tempo run play designed into our boundry and they had blitz called and if had he handed the ball off it would have been a minus play -- minus 3, minus 4 yards," Philbin said. "But he made a quick decision, no hesitation, saw it clearly, got the ball out and we got a seven or eight-yard gain. Those are the kind of things we like to see from a rookie quarterback."

Me, too. Those are the kind of things I like from veterans, too.

Moore is capable of making those kind of changes at the line. He is capable of playing well at times. But let's face it, if Tannehill is this close to him now, if he played better than Moore Friday, what is the point of holding Tannehill back?

Play him. Start him!

The Dolphins are clearly not a Super Bowl caliber team. The idea of nursing the psyche of veterans by starting a veteran is not valid as a result. And it really isn't a factor if the rookie is nearly as good now.


Because he's the future. And I'm not talking about the future in a year or two. At this rate, Tannehill might be better than Moore in a couple of months.

Even Moore accepts his competition is supremely talented. "It's evident and very clear he can play .. I know he's good and talented."

So why wait? Play the kid.


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F-Yea !


Its bad that garrard is hurt. He was clearly playing well above the 2 healthy qb's we now have and tann and moore.

Not good for us. Lets see tannenhill play against starters . Neither has done well against 1st team defense except garrard. Sucks hes hurt


Armando, I agree with your opinion to go with Tannehill as the starter now. Just like the other two QB's that were drafted in the top ten. The Colts and the Redskins are starting their rookie QB's and so should the Dolphins. I was wrong in thinking that the Dolphins should have drafted a WR in place of Tannehill. He is the real deal and has talent you can not teach.

..Armando. I get it. This is going to be a bad team. This has nothing to do with tonights game..That proves nothing. So go ahead and play Tannehill. What is there to lose?

What happens next week if Moore plays better..Say lights out, and Tannehill plays like the first time a boy gets the panties off his prom date? Is it possible that Tannehill could regress next week, or through this process? Is it possible that Matt Moore just had a poor night? I do not understand the rush to crown Tannehill before the whole process has played itself out? If he has earned this by the time the coaches make their decision..By all means let er rip. But is this the same commentary should Tannehill play poorly in the upcoming weeks?

I'd start Devlin.

Garrard is as good as gone and Moore has never been a bad backup + Devlin. A very good situation dictated by Fortune.

The only thing you can expect from Tannehill is improvement.

His location of passes it's outstanding.

Couldn't of said it better myself mando. 1 more game like that and the secret is out.

T-$izzle is the Truth. If he starts 1 preseason game might as well start the rest. I believe Him and Moore should split Series the next game for a Half. Give T-Hill some time against a 1st Team Defense. Specially if Moore keeps going 3 and Out.

Also the Athleticism. Moore has to be the least athletic Qb in the League next to Tom Brady. No Mobility whatsoever.

I'd Start Devlin over Moore.

Nobody answers.


just one thing... Tann played against 2nd. stringers, and Moore played against starters... just a little tiny difference right??... Please be serious, the kid is NOT READY!!... there were at least 2 throws that had to be picked off!!... what a cheap article it is... lets compare the qbs in the same situation... against starters...please...
Besides,whats the hurry???... with this deffense it doesnt matter who will be at qb (Moore, Tann, Garrard or even Marino), they can´t cover anybody

The season doesn't start tomorrow. Let this play out. Moore can clearly play better than he is doing now. He can teach how how to be a veteran. Let's not jump the gun.

??? Of the year... How did J. Lane do behind clay.


No really i watched him play years back and im from WV all i got was highlights of ocho's drop. I think he could b ok if he learns to pass block and pick up backside blitz blocks from his games at A&M.

What? MM is not immobile in comparison to all other NFL QBs. Those who conclude that either a. didn't watch his play last season or b. don't understand NFL football. 2011, he made plays by eluding the rush and throwing on the run unlike Henne -- who often took the sack and WAS immobile...robit-like

MM's problem now is adapting to this version of the WC offense. Tannehill has a knowledge-based head start and may never relinquish it, but it isn't because of mobility. It's because of quick decision making, accuracy and (potentially) overall talent.

Renvez, yea your right, plus Tannehill being drafted so high is hurting Matt M. too. I feel for the guy because i think this is a completely different convo if hes a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Surprize read from the live blog..... J. Martin getting worked and not aggressive with his hands! I thought he would b better gettin his hands workin on the inside of defenders... Good its preseason, just another thing to get better on.

Oh yea letssss Go Phinsss!!!!!

I would still stick with Moore. We all ready went down the rush mode with Henne. Give Moore 4 games we will know much more by week five.

Go Dolphins! Really dont understand how you bring in Garrard put him at the top of the depth chart and then send him for Knee surgery?? Our medical staff has to be the worst in the league.

Maybe they think Garrard does not need a training camp and can go after two weeks?? Scary thought if true???

Back to the what the crap plan does this front office have?? Wanted to let that feeling rest for a half a season, but man do they do strange things.

Go Dolphins!!

Sagneul, you have a point but you also have to look at it the other way. Tannehill was playing with a bunch of 3rd stringers as well. So he did not have Jake Long blocking for him or Bess catching the ball with his sure hands. The only way to see where he is at is by throwing him with the starters. The only starter that was out there was Martin. But even with that I will say this, pressure is pressure no matter who is applying it and there were a few times where Tannehill had pass rushers in his face and he handled that like a pro.

If I was Philbin I would start which ever QB does better in practice. I mean isn't that the plan anyways? If a player does well enough then he should be rewarded with starting reps.

My balls itch...

Tanne played against the 2nd team Buc defense? Also did it with our 2nd and 3rd string offensive players. I even saw John Jerry on the field.

Doesnt matter what Buc depth chart he played against. It was command of the offense and his sterlin accuracy and throw which shined thru most. Tanne clearly showed he isnt a backup quality qb. If that's all he is, then there are 32 nfl teams that need a backup quality qb just like him.

With Matt Moore as his primary competition. Common sense states you start vhim now. Only 25 college starts, he needs those reps now. Clearly he's a starting quality nfl qb.

Matt Moore also played against Tampas second string D with most of the Phins first string O and still couldn't get it done. Whereas Tannevwas able to change plays and adjustments Moore had no clue and failed to adjust for clear blitzes from TB which led to negative plays. A shame for Garrard that his knee started to hurt just days before he was due to play for the first time in a year.

Tannehill was by far the most impressive and I am now of the opinion if he earns the starting job, give it to him.

Tannehill has a brighter future. Moore will not progress much more than what he is.
At least there is hope if Tannehill starts,

Moore did a great job completing passes and leading the team.
Johnson dropped one on a big 3rd down that hit him in both hands.
Bess dropped another one from Moore.
The interception was a tipped ball.

Mando is clueless.
Tannehill was good against the 2nd and 3rd string, but not great.
Tannehill threw to low too #14 and #18.
Pruitt made the rookie look good.
Other throws were too high to nobody.

Please let's not forget the near 99 yd interception for a touchdown by Tannehill.
Ball was terribly thrown and should have went all the way for a pick six.

Few nice throws followed by a few ducks.

Watch the game Mando and stop trying to let Tannehill ruin are season, the guy is an inaccurate gunslinger and a liability.

I don't care if Tannehill starts or sits. As Mando said, the Dolphins probably aren't winning the Super Bowl this year...and most likely won't make the playoffs either. But what I DO care about is the fact that Tannehill looked great out there! He looked the part and he played the part and there was a hunger you could see in him. Start or sit doesn't bother me either way. I'm just pumped that FINALLY we may have a talented young QB on our roster that fans, the city, and the franchise can all hopefully get behind and bring us back to the glory days.

I see both sides of the arugement , if tanny is a mentally strong person then start him, if not sit him for the first four games then hand him the ball for the rest of the season no matter what happens unless there is an injury

Tannehill could use the first four games to learn from Moore who does have at least 20starts at this level, this might be best, this year will end much like last few years anyway what's the rush we are building for the future

Outside of Tannehill, a very disappointing beginning for this new Miami Dolphins Team. Team did not look sharp at all, neither on O or D, and TB did.

Either TB has better Players or better Coaches than us. Or both.

Armando, The quarterback issue with the Dolphins is solved weather the team goes with Tannehill or Moore. The more pressing issue is right tackle where Martin a Stanford graduate can not count and made numerous mistakes getting beat. Moreover at safety the Tampa Bay 2nd TD was a deep ball that could have been handled by a high school safety and was not. The lack of ability for the receivers to hold on to the football when it counts; in the end zone and to keep a drive alive is critical. The Dolphins still look weak at RT, Safety and Receiver, the same issues from last season.

To be fair, there are new Systems installed both on O and D, but by the first Game of the Pre-Season they should be clicking better than they are.

I get insanely angry when I see miscommunication on the sidelines.

Eventually, RT will call his own plays, a la Peyton Manning.

They need more fundamentals teaching.

Shouldn't hand Tannehill the reigns just because mindset says Dolphins are mediocre this year. Let the football guys make the football decisions and play the guy who gives this team the best chance to win.....and who that might be is yet to be determined. It aint rocket science folks!

S Smith is soft, always has been (dude is 6'4".....what gives?), never been a good tackler, and can't cover consistently (gets turned around out there often)--everyone loves the guy because he "looks the part", but the guy aint very good, bottom line--he's serviceable this year but they need to upgrade both CB positions-a little depressing considering we though it was a strength not long ago, but its clearly not--or at least lots of questions.

LV was right, 7-9. How they knew about this, I'll never know.

You were insanely drunk last night, Armando.

EVERYBODY knows, in anticipation, that Ryan Tannehill is the QB that will lead the present Team to more scores and therefore will start the Season. You don't need to be a seance to know that.

My thoughts exactly - Tannehill looked good. Lets get a full season of starts under his belt!!

sean smith got exposed yet again. someone needs to teach him fundamentals such as how to tackle. he reaches and grabs never laying a lick with his shoulder. he got beat deep again also.

Moore can play better, Moore is not a good practice player, Moore is a gamer. Enough of this! The fact is that Moore looked uncomfortable at times last night and at least once, he failed to change a play that resulted in a loss. It's T-time. Make Ryan the starter.

The least of our worries now is RT, but the rest of the Team.

Even with DG out the Fins still are better off then they have been for a long time. Everyone who said let things play out are correct. Sean Smith was bad but Richard Marshall was all over the place making plays. Trusnik was looking good too.

Sean Smith is horrible and is always very quick to celebrate the most mundane of plays. Last night an errant pass hit him in the leg and he celebrated as if he devised the play....can't stand that. Tannehill should start

Well, at least they were hydrated enough.

Vontae, Vontae, why you no wanna play? You the surest tackler on this Team.

I would start either Henne or Fiedler. Haven't seen much of either of them. Let's get them some PT coach! Geeeez

its funny how things change but remain the same. looks like a long year ahead of us. i sure hope philbins staff can teach fundamentals in a hurry! trusnik can tackle unlike many others on this team.

i'll take a "gassed" vontae anyday over sean "cant tackle or cover" smith!!! maybe the coaches wake up soon?

Agreed. If Moore can't separate himself and garrard is down then lets get tannehills bumps in the road over with early. He's clearly showed the stage is not too big for him right now.

We saw RT one game. He looked better to everyeone. The coaches see the QB's every practice. They've seen them all have on and off days. They know far better than us who is doing best, and it is getting harder and harder for the RT critics to whine and bash JI over choosing RT.

No doubbt Sherman and Philbin had a say in choosing RT too so don't flatter yourselves thinking you know better than all three of them. RT proved it fast enough to me.

Our coaches played this game plain vanilla, as I believe they should. No blitzes on defense against the run or pass, no movement from our "mobile" offensive line. One roll-out from our "mobile" quarterbacks.
It appears this game was more important to Tampa Bay's new coach than to our new coach.
Time will tell which one is right.

At the same time, if you no wanna play, I'm certain Ireland will accomodate you, somewhere else.

Even Devlin played better than Moore. Uff...

A lot of you want to start Tanny no matter what. Our D just failed completely allowing 12 of 13 balls to be completed vs 4-12 Tampa, with no sacks or turnovers. Our kicker is having accuracy issues and our whole offense is learning the west coast offense. If Tanny looks the part after the 3rd pre season game and the rest of the team improves significantly then give him the keys. If not, then let Moore be the sacrificial lamb.

Ryan had 1 nice series. You guys were saying he had 2. A failed 51 yard FG isn't a nice series. A lot of you will be calling for my head because we disagree and that's ok. You see, we have professional football people to make these decisions. I can promise you 1 thing, Coach Philbin wont be calling Armando for his opinion.

Lets at least give the team a week of practice and see where we are then.

True Tanny played against the second team, but he also had most of the second team offence with him. Also Devilin played much better than Moore.

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