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Tannehill outplays Moore, deserves chance to start

I must admit I didn't think it would be a good idea for the Dolphins to start rookie Ryan Tannehill this year -- at least not early in the season -- because I figured David Garrard would be good enough and Tannehill would be better served learning behind a veteran quarterback.

Well, that's not in the cards now.

Garrard is out of the picture. Although coach Joe Philbin refused to acknowlege Garrard is having knee surgery, likely today, the truth is he's out for at least two weeks and probably twice that long. By then, the Dolphins will have named a starting quarterback.

So the competition for the Dolphins starting job is apparently now a two-man race between Tannehill and Matt Moore.

And if the competition will be decided by whomever is playing better, then that answer right now has to be Tannehill. Obviously, that can change. In fact, it can change on an almost daily basis because as Philbin said, the competition was very close before the game was played.

"I don't think it's huge," Philbin said. "I think it's relatively close, probably."

But the Dolphins have had a scrimmage. And then the first preseason game was played ...

And Tannehill played better.

Moore completed 7 of 12 passes for 79 yards with an interception. His rating was 43.4. He didn't get the team in the end zone, which is my ultimate measure of quarterback success. I grant you, Moore faced Tampa Bay's starters in the first quarter. But he also faced the second-team defense and still didn't score.

Tannehill got the Dolphins in the end zone once and obviously that does not count the TD pass that Roberto Wallace dropped. The pace of the game seemed to pick up when Tannehill was in. He didn't throw an interception. He completed 14 of 21 passes for 167 yards. And he seemed to have control of the game, changing the play two or three times to get to better plays.

"We had a fast-tempo run play designed into our boundry and they had blitz called and if had he handed the ball off it would have been a minus play -- minus 3, minus 4 yards," Philbin said. "But he made a quick decision, no hesitation, saw it clearly, got the ball out and we got a seven or eight-yard gain. Those are the kind of things we like to see from a rookie quarterback."

Me, too. Those are the kind of things I like from veterans, too.

Moore is capable of making those kind of changes at the line. He is capable of playing well at times. But let's face it, if Tannehill is this close to him now, if he played better than Moore Friday, what is the point of holding Tannehill back?

Play him. Start him!

The Dolphins are clearly not a Super Bowl caliber team. The idea of nursing the psyche of veterans by starting a veteran is not valid as a result. And it really isn't a factor if the rookie is nearly as good now.


Because he's the future. And I'm not talking about the future in a year or two. At this rate, Tannehill might be better than Moore in a couple of months.

Even Moore accepts his competition is supremely talented. "It's evident and very clear he can play .. I know he's good and talented."

So why wait? Play the kid.


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"You need to fix the QB problem", Shula to the Dolphins FO after the end of last Season. Well, there you have it, Coach. They fixed It!

"...the sacrificial lamb"? WTF are you talking about?



Here are many first round "failures" who played quite early in their careers. I'm just asking for a little preseason patience. I would love to see Tanny under center in the regular season if he can handle recognizing defenses, knows his receivers tendencies etc.

Jason Campbell
Matt Leinart
Rex Grossman
Byron Leftwich
Patrick Ramsey
Ken O'Brian
Mark Malone
Kerry Collins
Brady Quinn
Tony Eason
Kyle Boller
Richard Todd
J.P. Losman
Rich Campbell
Tommy Maddox
Vince Young
David Carr
Joey Harrington
Kelly Stouffer
Jim Drunkenmiller
Tom Couch
Cade McNown
Dan McGwire
David Klingler
Todd Blackledge
Akili Smith
Andre Ware
Rick Mirer
Heath Shuler
Todd Marinovich
Art Schlichter
JaMarcus Russell
Ryan Leaf

1st round failures who seemed to have it all.

Before I start into the QB play, I have to say I thought the WR's looked pretty good and felt a little better about them.

I think the DEF didn't play well. Some dropped passes with the first string team. There was a lot of bad plays and a bunch of good plays.

It was the first game. The second and third preseason


T-hill had one nice series, really? Lets count them:

1. TD series no-brainer

2. TD not counted. Actually a great throw. could have been 3-4 inches higher, but Wallace has gotta make that catch. T-hill put the ball where only the offensive player had a chance to make a play on the ball.

3. Carpenter missed the field goal. But prior top fg attempt, T-hill threw the ball slightly behind the wr, but sometime a reciever has to help his qb out by making those plays. Thier supposed to be professional, the best in the world at thier crafts, the ball hit him in the hands.

The reciever makes that catch, its 1st and ten, with no reason for Carpenter to attempt a 50yd fg.

So there you have it. 3 nice Tanny drives, but, at least 10pts left on the playing field.

IN" NO MATTER WHAT, most intelligent post today. It's exhibition, no game planning, no complex D, 3 series for the starting QB. I will say the 2nd set of receivers looked good. Wallace, Moore, and Puitt, plus Fasano. Where are the Fasano haters today. Granted the 3 Wide outs were playing against 2nd stringers.

How is it possible that we have a lousy team after years of Ireland as GM?

Yesterday you're on the money.

I read your bs jokes and responses all the time Oscar. It is apparent you don't have command of the english language.

I will define sacrificial lamb for your sake. A sacrificial lamb is someone who is set up to fail.

Our 1st team D was completely outclassed last night reminding me of our opener last season and it wasn't NE. It was freaking Tampa Bay and their 2nd string QB.

How much use would a highly paid QB be worth to us after a bad 7 game stretch and replacement by Moore? if you cant figure it out then just look to Henne for your answer. All because of a lack of patience.

kap, none of those qb's would have been good if you sat them on the bend for 4 years either.

to counter your dumb argument, there are PLENTY of great qb's who started in their rookie year and were great. many are playing today,

One game is like a bikini, what it reveals is interesting but what it conceals is vital. Tannehill played well with the players he had, More less so but it will take more data to see how they stack up compared to each other. It is true Tannehill was going against second and third stringers but he was doing so with the second and third stringers around him. The reason we have multiple preseason games is to see the pattern over the games.

Next game Philbin should try starting Tannehill with the first stringers and see how he does. I liked the accuracy and zip on Tannehill's passes and the fact that he was able to pick up on the defenses and turn what would have been a busted run into a touchdown.

Fingers crossed! I think we have a winner in Tannehill.

How about Jason Trusnik! The kid was all over the field. I hope to see this kid progress to be a quality backup. We need it at the LB position.

You can tell a lot about a qb by his ball location. For the most part T-hill showed great ball location. He hit recievers in stride, didnt lead them into vicious hits, overall recievers were able to do a little something after making the catch(YACS).

I dont know where some posters come with the idea of dont "force" T-hill into being the day 1 starter. Are you guys blind? This guy is fastly showing on all levels he isnt being forced into anything, he's earning it. He lookls like a starting nfl qb when he's on the playing field.

Had Wallace made the td grab, and his reciever made the very catchable grab leading to the missed 50yd fg att. T-hill would have had at least 2 td's and a fg on the scoreboard for us. Possibly 3td's. This guy is earning the right to be a day1 nfl starter.

We've spent 15yrs post Marino looking for and b!tching about not having a franchise calibre qb. Now that it looks we may finally have one. Some dolfans are scared to death to see him prove it to them. I guess to some dolfans its so too good to be true, they are afraid as hell he just may be the real deal and they no longer can b!tch about the qb position again.

Most disaapointing thing to me is, we bring in Richard Marshall, from ARZ, and he's expected to be the nickel corner.

What we end up with, at least to this point, is our 1st RD pick Vontae Davis, and 2nd RD pick Sean Smith, both not showing up so far. It's disgraceful, more so with Vontae than Smith. I think Smith is an OK CB, his tackling will always be subpar, becausetackling is an attitude, and he doesn't have it. Vontae is just a head case, and immature, but this guy could be a top 10 CB. Very sad that he can't step up and be what he can be.

times change. this isn't the 70's. training is better. qb's learn faster. talent trumps experience. unless you already have a pro bowl qb on your team, you start the most talented player. no doubt tannehill has more talent than moore.

I didn't see the game but great start for Tannehill. I agree with DD that we need to take this stuff with a grain of salt. While I'm excited for the kid, it was against a Bucs defence that continually gave up over 30 points last year, so let's not mistake this as a 'do or die' game against a tough playoff defence.

Having said that, I don't want to take anything away from Tannehill. Great start and keep it going. Kris, you and I said it was unlikely that Tannehill would take a snap this year and if he did it would be towards the end of the year. I'm starting to think we'll see him before that and if we do, good for him.

Those who say sit Tannehill to let him stew on the bench and learn for a year don't realize you can learn way more for a year by playing.

I guess many of them were quick to baxh Ireland for the pick and now want to delay eating their words.

In Tannehills very first game he looked better than Moore yet without the benefit of the first string offense that Moore had. Telling. One game yes, but his arm and mobility are far better than Moore's. Tannehill raises the spark level of the offense.

Dolphins still cant win a home game.....Why go watch them lose every week?


You just made the best case for T-Hill to start out your own mouth. The starting defense looks similar to the way they began the season against Brady in 2011. Thats exactly why we cant have a hot/cold qb like Moore starting. Against good teams e'll go ionto halftime already 17-21pts behind.

This defense is already beginning to tell us who our starting qb should be. The defense is screaming it cant be off again, on again Moore.


As long as the kid is prepared to play, and isn't overwhelmed by the speed of the game, and he is playing well, there is no reason whatsoever NOT to start him. You start the QB that gives you the best chance to win, and if it's Tannehill, then you start him.

Tannehill played against the Bucs 3rd stringers. He looked OK but I dont think he's nearly ready to start. There's a reason he lost 6 games as a college senior.

Peter King suggested this week that the Dolphins should call the Cardinals and see what they would give them for Matt Moore. Great call, Peter. Stick to writing.


T-Hill's ball location is the most telling thing that separates good qb's from great qb's. Even this early in his stage of development, T-hill's showing evidence of ball location that only the great nfl qb's have shown. This kid Tannehill looks like he will be special in the nfl.

Right now his ball location is consistently well. That doesnt change whether a qb plays with the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd string offense. Sure every qb misses some throws. But when this kid completes them, most of the time his ball location is astounding.

Fin 77,

Tannehill played against 2nd and 3rd teamers. The point is, he played well. He will play some gainst 1st teamers, so you'll get your chance. No reason to spin this negatively. Kid played well against what was out there. He also had 2nd and 3rd string players on offense, don't forget that.


Tanny had the 1st stringers on his offense for the most part. The kid is not ready IMO. If he shows well in coming games I may change my mind. But right now Moore is my starter.

The guys that are trashing Tannehill for playing against 2nd and 4rd team defences, understand he's rand new to the NFL. He will learn against whatever level of defence he plays against. On top of all that he is still getting used to playing with his teamates. There's a lot on hi plate right now and whether you like the kid or not you have to admit he's responded well to the challenges in front of him I'm not sure why you wouldn't be anything but encouraged at this point.

He's also going to get a lot more work in practice, with Garrard going down. This will be good for him.

Let's talk about the guy no one is talking about. I'd say Devlin had a a decent night. It's be good if the team could continue to keep this guy on the practice squad and continue to develop him. This is what teams like the Packers do a really good job at.

Fin 77,

Julius Pruitt, Michael Egnew, Charles Clay and Roberto Wallace, and Josh Samuda, Nate Garner,Lydon Murtha and John Jerry are all 1st teamers? Watch the game again man.


You're are dead right. What Tannehill accomplished he did playing with NON-1st teamers. No debate about it.

Matt Moore is a far better QB then Tannehill right now.


Tannehills experience as a WR is proving to be a rare asset that few QB's have. He understands what the WR is dealing with, hence knows more instinctively where to put the ball.

Henne had a kanck for leading the receiver head on into a locomotive. Tannehill has the 'it' factor at least in ball placement.

Fin 77,

You can't make that statement. What is it your afraid of, man? Let the guys battle it out and let's see what happens. The kid deserves every opportunity to be the starter. I'm one of the few guys on here who likes Matt Moore but if Tannehill can clearly show he's the better QB then he deserves to start. At this point it's too early to say. If the coaches are saying it's too early then there's no way you know.

Both Manning Brothers, Troy Aikman, Bret Favre, & John Elway all struggled in their rookie years...let them learn the speed of the game.

Here are some of the top QB's of all time and how they fared in their rookie year:

Player Comp % Yds/G TD INT Record
Bledsoe 49.9% 191.8 15 15 5-7
Namath 48.2% 170.8 18 15 3-5-1
Aikman 52.9% 159.0 9 18 0-11
Simms 50.6% 145.3 13 14 6-5
Elway 47.5% 151.2 7 14 4-6
Bradshaw38.1% 108.5 6 24 3-5
Fouts 44.8% 112.6 6 13 0-5-1
Manning 48.2% 115.9 6 9 1-6
McNabb 49.1% 79.0 8 7 2-4
Cunningham 42.0% 91.3 18 1-3


You beat me to it. 77 what game were you watching cause I only saw 2 to 3 string players out. The only starter I still saw on the field was rt Martin

I hope they don't put up too long with Chad Mouth. He is a diva so in love with himself he thinks he was brought here for entertainment purposes. Yesterday he failed when called upon. I'll be happy if they just cut his act if he doesn't start looking like a serious weapon real soon.

Fin 77, don't try to make your points with misstatements. First Tannehill played with 2nd and 3rd stringers. The only 1st string Olineman in the was Martin, a rookie. He played with 2nd and 3rd string receivers the whole time he was in there. So please, just the TRUTH. Second A&M lost to Oklahoma St 30-29, lost to Arkansas 43-38, won at Texas Tech 45-40wo at Baylor and RG3 55-29, lost to Mizz 38-31, lost to K State 53-50, lost to Texas 27-25. Doesn't sound like offense was to blame for the losses. Take a look at the defense.

...I was also a person that said that Tannehill shouldn't, or wouldn't see a snap this year.. If you read this blog, or listen to any sports talk...Tannehills performance last night shoves my opinion right back into my face.

It is great he had a good showing. Could you imagine the firestorm here today should his numbers have been poor, and he threw INT's, fumbled the ball? I will proceed with caution. Tannehill may indeed end up winning the starters spot. And being excited about him is great. After reading some stuff from Phin fans(not just this blog, but othe Phin sites too) You would think Tannehill beat Tom Brady last night.

I asked this last night...Are we throwing a Tannehill is the no brainer selection to start suck fest if after the next few games he looks bad? It was 2 quarters in 1 preseason game..A good start for sure. A reason to be excited of course. But there is a long way to go yet before Philbin makes his choice..Let it play out.

Hey, I hope Tanny passes Moore. But right now its not even close IMO.

Before lastnight's game, I thought going into the first couple rds of the 2013 draft, we needed wr's. But, oh boy, we need corners too.

Sean Smith is proving to be no more than a really good backup quality corner at best. He just isnt nimble footed enough to consistently blanket nfl calibre wr's. I just dont see him ever becoming any better than what he has already shown us, and that isnt very much.

Vontae Davis, what a head case, from game to game you never know which Vontae you get. Will it be the beast or will it be the bust? He either plays at a very high level or very low level. The low level Vontae, you always see in chase(#21) after being beaten again by a 2nd or 3rd string calibre nfl wr.

Guys when a team doesnt have dependable corners, they absolutely work the hell out of your safeties. Presently, our safty positions arent even close to good enough to be under this type of continuous stress.

Gonna be another long up and down year for our defensive backfield. The Bucs 1st and 2nd qb's completed 12 of 13 pass attempts against our 1st string defensive backfield. Thats just plain unacceptable at any level of play.

Fin 77, I was for Tannehill sitting a year, but his performance has vaulted him way past Moore and DG. You're right it's not even close. Thanks for making the point.

Fin 77,

sorry man you're being a moron. Did you even watch the game last night? To say it's not even close isn't accurate. You're the only one who's saying it. Put your bias' aside and let thing play out.

Btw, anyone know what the deal was with Chad Johnson last night? Did he not play much? I see no stats for him last night. Not good. How did Wallace look? This is the guy I'm hoping steps up this year.

Craig it is accurate lol, on TH's side lol.

Comp % Yds/G TD INT Record

38.1% 108.5 6 24 3-5

Guess the rookie QB by the numbers above....

.....keep guessing

>Terry Bradshaw

38% completion rate...are you kidding me!

Craig M

Did you see the game? Tannehill easily looked like the better QB regardless of 2nd stringers or 3rd stringers. What I saw last night was enough to justify picking him at 8 already. Stronger arm, more accurate arm, much better on the run, and he looked more like a 2nd year qb and not a rookie in his first game. Moore is sluggish compared to Tannehill. The offense livens up with Tannehill in there, with Moore it was slow motion.


I was the same on Tannehill before preseason. It's clear now that I was wrong. If the kid continues what he's doing he deserves some playing time. To me this is the best news this morning for the Dolphins....who cares about the score.

The Tannehill era has officially begun!

Garrard's 'knee issue' is a godsend!

Note to Philbin:

Put Tannehill atop the depth chart first thing Monday morning!

..I didn't see the game..But isn't the scheme(defensive) more cover 2 orientated? This wasn't a team that played a whole lot of cover 2 the last 2 years under DC Nolan..Could it be the corners are a bit confused, and one of the reasons Richard Marshall has been a standout(He came from a straight cover 2 team in Minn)..I can't answer this as I haven't seen the game..Any help?

Chad Mouth dropped a pass that hit him in the hands on 3rd down and they never threw to him again. Just as well.


How many of those QB's played for the college Coach that would later be the offensive coordinator of their NFL team in their rookie year, and bring in the entire offensive system intact to their new team?

I don't think any of those QB's had that luxury. I'm not demanding Tanny start, but this is a unique situation we have here. If Tanny is playing best, there is no good reason not to start him. It's as simple as that.


I haven't seen the game yet....only highlights. I'm nowhere close to handing the job to Tannehill but I'm encouraged by what I hear and saw in the highlights. Good for him.

Tannehill was 3rd string this time yesterday. Those willing to vault him up on just one quarter of good play against 3rd stringers, are ridiculous.

I'll throw it out there....is it a GUARANTEE that Chad Johnson makes this team? I'm only asking. Pretty disappointing start by all accounts. He has to show a lot more than this to make the team IMO. After all, what did he have last year?.....15 catches? Does he still have it? I don't know.

incendiary...probably none.

but, anyone with an eye for football could see that the team looked 'better' with T-hill under center compared with Moore.

Moore is a career backup and not the future of the Dolphins.

I am willing to sacrifice this entire season to give Tannehill the experience he needs to make the Dolphins relevant again in the NFL.

I'd lay money that 32 of the 32 NFL coaches would have evaluated Tannehill to be the better QB than Moore last night. More spark, more energy, more talent, more game. Moore is a sleepy player compared to RT.

With the first preseason game in the books, check out Jimmy's early analysis on the game at

With the first preseason game in the books, check out Jimmy's early analysis on the game at

Burger I agree. I need to see a lot more then 1 quarter.

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