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Tannehill outplays Moore, deserves chance to start

I must admit I didn't think it would be a good idea for the Dolphins to start rookie Ryan Tannehill this year -- at least not early in the season -- because I figured David Garrard would be good enough and Tannehill would be better served learning behind a veteran quarterback.

Well, that's not in the cards now.

Garrard is out of the picture. Although coach Joe Philbin refused to acknowlege Garrard is having knee surgery, likely today, the truth is he's out for at least two weeks and probably twice that long. By then, the Dolphins will have named a starting quarterback.

So the competition for the Dolphins starting job is apparently now a two-man race between Tannehill and Matt Moore.

And if the competition will be decided by whomever is playing better, then that answer right now has to be Tannehill. Obviously, that can change. In fact, it can change on an almost daily basis because as Philbin said, the competition was very close before the game was played.

"I don't think it's huge," Philbin said. "I think it's relatively close, probably."

But the Dolphins have had a scrimmage. And then the first preseason game was played ...

And Tannehill played better.

Moore completed 7 of 12 passes for 79 yards with an interception. His rating was 43.4. He didn't get the team in the end zone, which is my ultimate measure of quarterback success. I grant you, Moore faced Tampa Bay's starters in the first quarter. But he also faced the second-team defense and still didn't score.

Tannehill got the Dolphins in the end zone once and obviously that does not count the TD pass that Roberto Wallace dropped. The pace of the game seemed to pick up when Tannehill was in. He didn't throw an interception. He completed 14 of 21 passes for 167 yards. And he seemed to have control of the game, changing the play two or three times to get to better plays.

"We had a fast-tempo run play designed into our boundry and they had blitz called and if had he handed the ball off it would have been a minus play -- minus 3, minus 4 yards," Philbin said. "But he made a quick decision, no hesitation, saw it clearly, got the ball out and we got a seven or eight-yard gain. Those are the kind of things we like to see from a rookie quarterback."

Me, too. Those are the kind of things I like from veterans, too.

Moore is capable of making those kind of changes at the line. He is capable of playing well at times. But let's face it, if Tannehill is this close to him now, if he played better than Moore Friday, what is the point of holding Tannehill back?

Play him. Start him!

The Dolphins are clearly not a Super Bowl caliber team. The idea of nursing the psyche of veterans by starting a veteran is not valid as a result. And it really isn't a factor if the rookie is nearly as good now.


Because he's the future. And I'm not talking about the future in a year or two. At this rate, Tannehill might be better than Moore in a couple of months.

Even Moore accepts his competition is supremely talented. "It's evident and very clear he can play .. I know he's good and talented."

So why wait? Play the kid.


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Dolphin fans are so starved for a decent QB they'll grab on to anything!

Vegas Mike.....

can you really blame them/us....

craig, moore was about .500 in carolina too. he has spent his time worrying about getting and holding on to a job. he's not a guy who's going to teach a rookie anything. garrard yes, moore no. i don't think tannehill should be named starter based on last night, BUT i do think he's earned at least 50% of the 1st team snaps in practice and a preseason start next week. also, i'm not just putting him ahead of moore based on the passes he threw last night. it was the calls he made at the line. it was the command he showed in the huddle. it was the way he congratulated his team mate after a good play and talked to them after a bad one. he absolutely looks the part of not just a starting NFL QB but a leader. this, in his very first preseason game. that's why i'd feel completely comfortable if he was named the starter.


I see, well thanks for pointing that out. He seems to overreact on many levels. Now I am aware of it.

For those that did not see the game, I think its fair to say the team looked terrible as a whole. Both lines did not play well. Reggie Bush, Tannehill, Wallace and Clay I'd say were the stand out players.

It was hard to imagine this team being competitive this year. Give Philbin credit for stepping up to the podium with class to congratulate Tampa on the win and say that they simply played a much better game.

I'm just pumped that FINALLY we may have a talented young QB on our roster that fans, the city, and the franchise can all hopefully get behind and bring us back to the glory days.

Posted by: Rob M | August 11, 2012 at 05:42 AM

AMEN! Ryan Tannehill is the REAL DEAL!

Anyone who can't see that is blind. The most glaring problem for this glorious franchise is finally fixed- for the next decade!


I think it's YOU who is havig trouble figuring out who you're deabating with. I concurred with a poster earlier who said it was a knee jerk fanbase and I mentioned all the Moore BS from a couple of weeks ago. YOU my friend were the one who introduced yourself to the conversation and decided to call people 'stupid'. So if you want to become part of the conversation at least understand what it is your talking about. I said it was knee jerk and dumb to trade Moore. No idea where you were going after that but like I said YOU decided you wanted to chime in.


Now it's matter of surrounding Tannehill with great talent on BOTH sides of the ball. That's what Shula failed to do with Marino. No running game and average at best defense.

Marino proved no matter how great the qb, its still a team game, on BOTH sides of the ball. However, its still very difficult for any team to move to the next level of development without securing the "real deal" at qb either.

Tampa basically manhandled us easily. They looked tougher, more ready to play. I hope this is not a repeat of last seasons lethargy. If the starters don't rebound and come out looking a lot tougher next week, I will be concerned.


I agree with most of your last post. We disagree on Moore but that's fine. You're right, he's about a .500 QB. I'd need to see a lot more from Tannehill before I'd want him named starter. SO much more to see from, including how does he recover when he struggles (and he will struggle) and when teams figure out how to defence against him. It was TWO quarters. Difference between the NFL and College is not just the players but the coaches. These guys are very smart and tireless workers. Give them time and they'll throw the kitchen sink at Tannehill. We'll need to see how he and the Dolphins respond to that. I'm not taking anything away from the kid.....it's a good start. But right now it really doesn't mean a lot. Moore has good stretches last year too. It doesn't mean he is AUTOMATICALLY the starter.

OK....have a good one guys. We should be cautiously optimistic today. I'm not going to turn it into a pity party.



People is plural. I only called you stupid.

Also, I am part of the conversation with you or without you so don't act like you are the one that decides that.

Now 4yrs in, Im still not comfortable with the corner play of Smith and Davis. Davis is jeckyll-hyde and comes to camp out of shape. Smith is slightly above average on his very best day.

Yet before season began last year, they boasted of being the best corner tandem in the league. How far from the truth, not with a come to camp out of shape underachiever(Davis) and a guy(Smith) who has to play lights out every snap just be slightly above average.

I'd need to see a lot more from Tannehill before I'd want him named starter.

Posted by: Craig M | August 11, 2012 at 01:04 PM

A lot more? That implies you've seen something, but by your own admission you didn't see the game and therefore haven't seen anything.

kap, none of those qb's would have been good if you sat them on the bend for 4 years either.

to counter your dumb argument, there are PLENTY of great qb's who started in their rookie year and were great. many are playing today,

Ks, I wont rag on you for your spelling. Im assuming you meant bench. Now, go find where i said anything about 4 years please. My argument has been about patience during the preseason.

Now to counter your poorly conceived argument, Give me a list of the great QB's of whom you speak. Your a joke til you do.

Philbin said it best the competition is real close. That means step it up Moore. T-$izzle is coming for the top spot.

I would like to see Marshall and vontae start. Smith doesn't convince me. The safety job is a concern. Misi was exposed a little.

Funny thing is our O looks better than our d

Davis may have been the biggest disappointment yesterday. Not starting, you'd think he'd come out on fire to get his job back. I don't think I ever saw him look so sluggish. Some 3rd stringer torched him. He didn't even look like the same tackler he used to be. Maybe his brother can talk some sense into him.

CB may be our top pick in 2013.

No pass rush is great enough to overcome recievers getting opening in under 2 seconds after the ball is snapped. Thats atrocious corner play.

Bucs 1st and 2nd team qb's completed 12 of 13 passes folks. Enough said.


I'm calling it...its a TKO in the 6th rd.....your wit and writing style were just to much for our "bud" Craig M.....

However...Craig M. did show a lot of heart for hanging in as long as he did....

Insults were @ a minimum....and overall the bout was clean...

Good job guys....

The rest of you potty mouths...take notes...


My God you're a moron! Watching two quarters of Tannehill last night doesn't make you an expert on whether or not he's ready to be a starter in this league. I don't know you don't don't get that. It's irrelevant. If he'd gone out and thrown 3 TDs it wouldn't guarantee anything, just as if he'd struggled it would mean nothing. So stop beating the same not over and over again...it's PRESEASON. Wake the f*ck up! I made the point that Philbin isn't convinced yet and that's all I care about not whether or not you've figured it out.

Lastly (and get someone to read this one for you), when you enter into a conversation/debate with someone at least have some clue what the other person is talking about. I said the fanbase was being knee-jerk (as per usual) with the idea of trading Moore, when it was clear to most of us that it would be a big risk leaving the 34 year old QB coming off back surgery and a rookie to QB. It would have been dumb.

I know you wouldn't understand most of what I just said so get someone to explain it to you. If you're looking for 'stupid' find yourself a mirror.

Have a good day fella...

Kap if you need that list you were either born yesterday or have a very short memory. I won't do your homework for you. A quick glance at the rookie qb's who have started over the last 10 years will give you plenty of names of qb's that didn't need to marinate on the bench before becoming franchise players.

Armando, I tend to agree with you but there is no reason for Philbin to make that decision today. I'd give it one more week, another week of practice and the next exhibition game during which Tanny will get a chance to go up and the 1's.

Let's all just have a little patience here. Like, one week's worth of patience? Is that too hard?

If Tanny outplays Moore in Panthers game he will start the 3rd pre-season game. No doubt about it.


You spoke too soon. Guy took me over the edge. Stupid is as stupid does....or something like that. Have fun with him....he's a waste of time!



The safeties are always vulnerable when the corner play is shotty. Great safeties or not. These wr's are breaking open 1 second after coming off the line of scrimmage. Thats far before the corners can recieve safety help.

Im also sure its now becoming league-wise news to nfl wr's, to beat Sean Smith, all it takes is a "double-move". It isnt really Smith's mechanics and techniques, it just seems Smith isnt nimble footed enough to quickly recover from double-moves. He's a average at best tackler too.

Vonte Davis, on the other hand, seems to be on the road to becoming a huge waste of a huge amount of talent. Seems he's just as lazy as he is "naturally talented". Coming to camp "out of shape" confirms it.

Up til Now I ranked YG in the top 5% of you posters. Now he wants to start Tanny to go 5-11 for draft position next season. Hes ragging on fans who want to use preseason to evaluate players and teach the new system all to name Tanny the starter.
Alls I want is a little patience. Philbin has impressed me quite abit with his open professional approach to the game. How about we let him make the decisions hes paid to make and avoid worthless preseason opinions from Armando and YG?


Some fans may be having a knee-jerk reaction to naming Tannehill starter. Some are actually veing the facts and keeping up.

Those of us who are actually keeping up, know the starter job will not be handed to Tannehill, he'll have to "earn it". Joe Philbin has said as much.

So, if in Philbin's eyes Tannehill "has earned" the starter position, is Tanne supposed to sit anyway because he's a rookie and Matt Moore can lead us to some .500 ball?

Im not for handing Tannehill the starter job. But if he has earned it, Im 100% for putting him in there, rookie or not.


Might I suggest you have only one conversation with one person at a time? Before I think you got confused with who you were talking to, now though, you are just making things up to support your argument. Show me where I said I was an expert...

Final explanation, Sesame Street style:

Last night I saw a football game.
I saw two quarterbacks play.
One qb looked sleepy to my eyes, as did the offense.
The other qb looked alive,to my eyes, as did the offense.
Today I saw the newspaper
The newspaper said that several local critics saw the same game I saw, and had a similar opinion.
Next, I came to the blog to state my opinion.
Blogs are for opinions.
I even stated my opinion was an opinion.
Nowhere did I express an opinion based on something I didn't see.
Nowhere did I proclaim myself an expert.

Show me where I said I was an expert...

kap, read my 1:32 pm post to CraigM, below your 1:30 PM post to me. That's my position on the matter. Dont hold Tannehill back if he's earned the right to be the starter. If he hasnt, dont hand it over to him either.

What the pin head analysts overlook when they talk about Tanny starting "only" 19 College games at QB is that the guy also stated 2 1/2 years at WR, 28 games or thereabouts at WR - and during that time sat in on all QB meetings. So he's got 4 years of experience with Sherman's WCO, not just 19 games.

And playing WR is not a bad thing for a QB, you know exactly where all the WR's are supposed to be and the routes they are running.

Agreed with YG earlier.

What's with this T-Hill played 1 qtr stuff.

Who has had the better training camp? Better Scrimmage? Better Game?

Moore fans say it's OK he sucks at practice, he's a gamer he's a baller. Sounds like somebody else?

T-$izzle comes in and has a better game than Moore, Sanchez and Tebow combined. Yet, we need to see Moore.

What has Matt proven? That he doesn't run the offense how it's suppose to be ran. A couple times Moore could've audible to another play. Yet, slow minded Moore runs the Rb's into a blitz.

Funny how only the blind (those who didn't see the game) still want Moore as the qb.

Piggy backing on Yesterdays comment...

My opinion is that Tannehill is capable of winning the job over Moore. If he doesn't, never did I say start him anyway. My opinion is that he looks better already to me. I have total confidence that Philbin can accurately evaluate which qb will be the best starter for us, and I will trust his decision.

On that note, it's a nice day, and I am out to make the most of it.

Fin 77 must be Matt Moore's cousin or something. You sound like an idiot. Watch the game. If Matt Moore is so good why did nobody else want him? Why did Henne start over him? Shut up kid.

Geezus YG. 3 great series with a just miss here and a just miss there. Is your point Tanny is the only QB that just misses? Just missing means you just lost the game.
My point is Pre season is supposed to help with the just misses. QB competitions arent over after 1 pre season game barring injury.

FYI, real fans never root for their team to lose. Hasnt this team lost enough since Danny retired?

The Dolphins looked like garbage....AGAIN!

The only people sounding like real idiots here are the ones who actually attach ridiculous amounts of importance to these worthless preseason games.

Then again, apparently that's a LOT of people here. Carry on, headless chickens.

Gerrard will be the starter. He only had his knee cleaned up. He very well could be back in a couple of weeks. That will give T'hill a chance to get some reps with 1s and play some preseason time with the 1s and really see if he is capable of being the best QB to start the season. There are a lot of QBs who look good in the preseason against 2s, 3s and 4s. There was no game planning on either side of the ball. We'll see how he does against a team that has a game plan and against NFL starters.

We all should agree 1 game doesn't make him a starter. This isn't Cleveland.

What I want to see is T-Hill and Moore split series for the 1st half of the next game. If it's 2 each or 1-1. They should split practice reps this week 50-50. T-Hill has earned it and Moore hasn't shown enough.

That way the winner of next weeks game can get the right amount of playing time going into week 3. And we can have a starter going into the last game.

kap, read my 1:32 pm post to CraigM, below your 1:30 PM post to me. That's my position on the matter. Dont hold Tannehill back if he's earned the right to be the starter. If he hasnt, dont hand it over to him either.

Now this is the YG I respected. I agree 100%. Im just saying use preseason for what it is designed for. Naming an (opening day) starter after 1 pre game is a ridiculous reason for fans to argue.

Maybe thats the problem here. Armando wasnt specific in his story when he said starter. Did he mean next weeks starter or opening day? Huge difference.

Japan Joe is right. I really AM "Dog Creature Number Fourteen."

This place is weird.

Unless you people are 9-years-old and are brand new to football, how could anyone with a brain attach ANY true meaning to these stupid games??

Same thing every year. All these supposed 'opinions' you form based on this useless garbage and once the regular season rolls around none of it means a damn thing.

Stop drinking the NFL's Kool-Aid. These games are just glorified practices with a bunch of warm bodies who won't even play a single down of football that counts. If you think it matters you are clinically insane.

Pat White looked good in preseason! IDIOTS!

Please read my 1:51 post in reply to the 1:19 post that was cited in my ensuing 2:32 post. This was in response to my May 19 post that was basically the same as the April, 1987 post. You may answer my post of 2:07 on October 23, 2019.


I was strongly against making Tannehill our 8th overall pick. I thought it was a HUGE mistake. However, now the kid's proving me wrong, and that Im glad to see. Prior to the draft, I thought he had potential bust written all over him.

Even if this kid isnt our day 1 starter, he's at least shown me enough so far, that he may be legit enough to be our long awaited future. He certainly looks far better than Chad Henne at similar points in thier rookie careers.

Pat White looked good in preseason! IDIOTS!

Posted by: Voice of Reason | August 11, 2012 at 02:05 PM

No he didn't, IDIOT. Neither did Henne or Beck.

Why aren't more people talking about how bad the TEAM looked? The qb position debate will go on, but this team was not ready to play yesterday and Tampa was. Why? Can we blame it on new systems? New coaches? Or maybe our talent level is not what we would like to believe?

We want no fuc-ing sacrificial lamb around here, cap. Rather, on another Team.heheh

Voice of Reason,

Are you freaking kidding? At this point in his rookie season, he was throwing so many balls into the parking lot at Davie, he was setting car alarms off. He was mising his recievers by a distances of 5yds when they were standing only 1yd in front of him.

Did you just become a dolphin fan? Thats the only way to explain you missing out on the absolutely horrible Pat White.

Idunno, yet.

But 1 thing is crystal clear, you have to own up to your mess. I remember Shula's favorite phrase after a poorly played Game, "We stunk out the Place", then, for some reason, the next week, they played Better.

didnt see the game but something doesnt make sense. Tanny played most of the game, played well, and we still lost 20-7??

You nutjobs would have HATED the way Marv Levy and the Bills used to treat these absolutely meaningless games.

He knew they were total garbage and year after year the Bills would look absolutely HORRIBLE in the preseason, routinely going winless and being completely hosed on the scoreboard.

Of course, he only proved how STUPID so many fans are (people just like many of you) because when the games ACTUALLY COUNTED the Bills were ready, despite not putting an ounce of effort into these moronic practice games.

I get the fact you have nothing else to talk about---are more than a little obsessive---and WANT all this garbage to have more meaning than it really does.

But it doesn't. It really, truly doesn't.

Stop kidding yourselves. Preseason is for suckers.

I must go do my daily battle with LV. Why do I do it? Mainly because it's my Pleasure. Later.

A little semiserious humor that could have possibilities.

What is Matt Moore missing? He has a strong arm and can make all the throws. He has a good mind for the game. His height is decent so what is he missing. He has small hands. I wonder if there is a prosthetics expert out there that can make 1/8" finger extensions? Something like a magicians fake thumb with a solid 1/8" tip fastened with a strong pliable glue. I accually tested this theory using 2 strips of moleskin on my middle and forefinger and threw a baseball. It didnt take me long to get used to the lack of feeling and I seemed to have total velocity.

Before we start praising Tannehill, let's wait and see what he does against starters! He better do well against starters because he is clearly better than Moore and Gerard is out.

straight verdad is right.

Moore doesn't have a strong arm. It is average at best. He is ok, but will never be great.

Let's remember, Moore was undrafted, that is how much other teams thought of him.

D Thomas -2 yds rushing LMAO!

At least D Thomas has a nice bulge to look at.

Moore can't eat a whopper.

Preseason is as important as the other games genius.

The score doesn't matter, but the execution of ur plays does. Matt's problem

3 & out Matty.

We need guys to keep plays alive, keep drives going.

T-$izzle had more plays in 1 drive than Moore had the whole game. We should be having 10-15 play drives.

Remember it's fast paced no huddle O, but it's still a Dink and dunk wco. We can't be taking to many vertical chances like Moore wants. Brings down the completion pct%. Moore mains problem to run a WCO. Moore is accurate he just likes to go for the big play to much. Get the sure 5 yards first. Run around 6-7 plays then take a chance.

The fins had 350+ yds total offense. How many of the plays went for 20+?

Not many, Moore has to understand a hot route is as good or better than a running play or an incomplete pass. Devlin and T-$izzle understand. They also get the point of audibling out of a bad play.

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