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Tannehill playing Wednesday ... but should he?

Joe Philbin and his staff usually sit together two days before a preseason game and map out the playing time for every player in the coming game.

When he spoke to the media Monday evening, Philbin had not yet conducted that meeting so he wasn't aware how much his quarterbacks would play. But he did know this much about starter Ryan Tannehill:

"He’s going to play a little bit,” Philbin said.

That's fine but the question needs to be asked:

How much is to be gained by playing Tannehill a little bit when the rookie will not have the benefit of having his blind side protected by left tackle Jake Long.

Long, you see, will miss the Dallas game after suffering a knee injury in practice Monday. He could miss between 1-3 weeks. So he could be ready for the regular-season opener but he's not suiting up against the Cowboys.

And that being the case, is risking Tannehill's health worth the handful of downs he's likely to get in a game that doesn't count? Or do the Dolphins believe so strongly that the rookie needs as many snaps as possible as to risk getting him injured (more than usual)?

Regardless of the answer, the hope is the Dolphins consider what is at stake. The hope is they weigh playing Tannehill a few downs to get him experience versus exposing him to injury because he's out there without his best blindside protector.



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They should at least have T.O. in for a tryout. If a team wants T.O. to produce, they cannot overwork him in practice. A one year deal would make a lot of sense.

LOL at Mr Bond, David Bond.

Long, you see, will miss the Dallas game after suffering a knee injury in practice Monday. He could miss between 1-3 weeks. So he could be ready for the regular-season opener but he's not suiting up against the Cowboys.

He'll be out 6 to 8 weeks,we'll see him back in week 5 or 6.

keep and who to let go. You've got Parcells. You're either smart enough to keep him and let him do his job, or you're not.

I'm optimistic. Super Bowl in 2011.

Posted by:Odineye | January 13, 2009 at 12:02 AM

Guy's looking through the "Archives" And I found this Post.
Look at the time 12:02 AM, This is a classic Odinstank post.
LMAOROTF over Odinstank's cluelessness.

A good chance to see how well Martin fills in the left side . I think he'll be acceptable . This is why I thought he was a good pick .

Well, if he suffers some career threatening injury we should have our pick of QB's with the #1 pick in the draft come this April. Although, I'm obviously joking and would hope that pick could go towards WR Robert Woods.

Thru a setback, another good opportunity to see quickly what this Team is all about. First, Philbin, who for some reason is being rained on with difficult situations and now adversity without even having coached his first Game as HC. Just to take some pressure off, I don't think any knowledgeable Fan is expecting Playoffs or even a winning Season this year and would only like to see a solid Foundation established for the Team. Still, Adversity and overcoming it, is the fastest way to establish your identity, be you an Individual or a Team.

(( SOLID FOUNDATION )) MY FOOT............


Second, Jonathan Martin. If he starts at LT, his natural position and replacing Long, it indicates that Jake might be out for a long time and probably will be unable to wrestle his position away from Martin at least this Season, and perhaps ever. And maybe, just maybe, an instance where that Adversity might work for us. Am I being a Homer? Not at all, just making the best of the situation. I saw Shula do it plenty of times.

Last I checked we open against the Texans, one of the best defenses in the nfl. So knowing this, as a hc, I would have my starters play at least 2 possessions as a sort opf tune-up to the opener.

Tannehill will get all the snaps in regular season games this year. He simply doesn´t need the ekstra snaps in games that doesn´t count. Everything now is about next year. If Tannehill goes down he might end up with no experience after the first year and next year will start just as this year.
Play Devlin and see what he can do.

is this article serious?--like Long is the only one that can keep Tannehill from getting killed on Sundays? If thats the case, what happens if Long goes down for awhile, or isnt here in the future.....what, no one else is capable of protecting the kids blind side? Martin was a solid LT at Stanford for 3 years, after all......dont the Fins need to find out what they got if Long is out for awhile? yeah, not ideal obviously but just the reality....its a vicious sport, injuries happen....but the kid still needs some reps, as does the O line.

Tanny and these starters need to play period. They need reps and work! Especially the WR's.

To early to state failure for this Team, Aloco. THIS Team.

Besides, I'm not the 49ers Coach.

Nahh, you play your best Players and period


The Dolphins are rebuilding no matter what they say. Unless they pull the string on an NFL receiver for a couple of draft choices this whole year is going to be like a preseason. It means nothing because the Dolphins are not going to make the playoffs. They may not even beat the Jets. No one will say rebuilding due to the dire need for ticket and season holder sales.






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On to some positives:

Tom Devlin has been doing a nice job this camp. Last year he made ps, looks like this year he makes the 53 man roster as 3rd string backup.

I know, 3rd string backup qb isnt news that will blow anyone's socks off. But, right now, John Beck would love to be someone's 3rd string backup qb on a nfl roster. Kudos to Tom Devlin. Nice job young man.


Devon Bess will become a pro bowler this year. He has to, he's the only wr on the team that can consistently catch.

With that in mind, if I were Tannehill, I would make sure he got opportnity to have 85-90 grabs this year. Now, if only Bess could turn into a td machine too, by hauling in at least at least 9-10 7-irons.

Flying almost quietly under the radar, Daniel Thomas really looks great this preseason. No, he hasnt had a whole lot of touches, but, Im loving the way he has seemed to play much faster and with a little more power than he did his rookie season.

Given enough carries, I see no reason why Thomas couldnt run for 1200yds this season. That would be great because it gives Tannehill a running game to rely on(play action would actually be a threat) and it frees Bush up to become more of recieving threat.

We can use as many recievers out in pass patterns that can actually catch the football that we can get.

Incognito should shut his mouth(of course I'm not the one that's going to make him) and actually support Tannehill.

YG on track Today.

Play Tanny the whole game. He needs the reps. And if Martin can fill in for Long well enough, then trade Long for additional picks next year. Then we load up with young talent and surround T-Hill with some future stars.

T.O. Can still run by corners even though he dropped some balls. He is just rusty.

I like to thank TO again when, running by Jason Allen and scoring against us during a Game, he pointed him out and said, That guy is a liability. But really, son, we don't want you here.


See, I am probably the only fuc-er that was high on Devlin since the beginning(besides Ireland). I have earned the right to see him play tomorrow night.

Another positives, Nolan Carroll(yes Carroll), had easily his best game as a Dolphin against Atlanta coming in as 3rd corner.

Not only did he show signs he's finally getting it. His play was also the nail in the coffin on the decision to trade Davis.

Speaking of Davis, is Richard Marshall's upside anywhere within the same hemisphere as Vonte? Hell no! However, wth good is upside when seemingly Vonte's too lazy to reach it.

Being to lazy to reach his projected upside, Vontae, overall is just plain "Richard Marshall" of corners. So why not get at least a 2nd rd pick right now for him?

It also saves the headache of trying to figure out how much to pay this lazy underachiever when his contract was due to be renewed next season.

They hired Philbin knowing we were a rebuilding team. Unless we crash and burn and show no promise he's going to around for next year's draft and the year after. Not sure where all these FIRE PHILBIN posts come from...redirect it at Ireland please. Ross isn't a football mind but he isn't dumb, otherwise he wouldn't be richer than every sports dan put together. As long as Ireland hasn't clogged his mind with some bs plan he should be gone after 2012-2013. Philbin, though, not so much

we should not have to play any of our players that starts, play just the guys on the bubble trying to make the 53 man roster. The dolphins are such a high powered offensive machine with Marino Tannyhill at Qb, why risk getting any of these defensive killer b,s hurt. We are a superbowl contender and Houston texans don't stand a chance against this perennial playoff contender, please don't risk any of our other 9 pro bowl players from being hurt. PRESEASON FOOTBALL, we talking about practice yall, what we talking about prACTICE

tannehill needs playing time. Play him. If he gets injured we have moore then garrard. It's definatley worth the risk to play him. Oh and play martin too

So lets injure T-Hill today?

Again, instead of injuring people for extended periods of time. Lets talk about who is starting at Wr mando? Who is starting at OLB?

T-Hill will be OK, The Wall will be Fine

Almost all NFL team play their starters at least 1 or 2 drives the 4th game. The player has to be a old veteran that doesn't need any work in order to not play this week.

Nothing to discuss here. I'm not even going to fathom losing T-Hill for a couple weeks. Even if it means my boy Pat Devlin will start!

Richard Marshall has average about 3 picks and 80 tackles a year. That's pretty much been vintage Vontae thus far in Miami. Minus the ultra headaches.

Indy will soon find out they wasted a 2nd rd pick for a potential great player that will give them "OVERALL" average effort.

Tannehill should play a limited number of snaps (if any). Look, we need to manage expectations as fans (even so, for the new guys, this blog will get very ugly and confrontational during the Season, as some are sick and tired of mediocrity, while others only vocalize the positives so they can laugh to keep from crying).

Here are the Top 3 Things to Root for in 2012:

1) Ryan Tannehill plays ALL SEASON so he can gain experience and be ready to roll next year.

2) We fix our CAP problem. A team with this few quality players needs to be WAY under the CAP so we can (hopefully) compete in the future. So, say goodbye to Dansby (doubt Philbin wants him for the long-term future), maybe Burnett, and yes folks, get prepared, possibly Long after the Season (even a ProBowler is no good to you if he's injury prone).

3) The youngsters and rest of the team learn the new systems (as well as Tannehill knows it) on both sides of the ball.

That's WAY more important than our record will likely be. So, Kris, stop predicting 11 wins, others shouldn't get angry we're bounced from Playoff contention in mid October, be realistic and understand it's a long road between now and where we want to be.

Really, YG(about Carroll)? I never liked the mofo.

Another thing YG (since you're on the sunny side this morning), do we all understand that EVEN if we win 6 or less games, EVEN if we're an awful football team, Ryan Tannehill might STILL be the 2nd best QB in our division (AS A ROOKIE) this year?

That would be incredible. With all the lack of talent surrounding him, with all the glaring holes in our offense, Tannehill has a good chance to prove he's not only sufficient, but excelling in the league his rookie year. This from a guy who many during the Draft said needed a year or two JUST TO HIT THE FIELD. INCLUDING MYSELF (who believed those "experts" and said Tannehill should sit this year). SIMPLY AMAZING!!!


Relax, Tannehill plays 1 offensive series, 2 max tomorrow night. Its not that big of a deal. You can limit his exposure to hits by limiting the number of pass plays called.

Winning isnt the priority, its about getting the #1 offense a limited final dress rehearsal, and weeding out the bubble players for final cuts. I doubt Tannehill throws more than 10 passes max. Cowboys probably play thier 1st teamers no more than 2 series too. Both on offense and defense.

Yeah, right, Dashi. When did you become high on Devlin(noodle arm he was called) after the Carolina Game?

Marshall has something like 24 turnovers in 52 games. Almost 1 t/o every 2 games. Vontae or anyone on our secondary hasn't produce that well in a long time.

Some people are just attracted to the ball. Remember Jason Allen?

The guy couldn't play a lick but he managed to get interceptions at a higher rate than anyone on the team at the time. He was tied for the team lead one year with 4 int's in a backup role.

It is not amazing to see most People flip sides, after the results are in.

I told you Paul to write all those posts down. Now we can't make them eat as much Crow as we would like. I told you!!


Of the 1st 3 qb's drafted, Tannehill has the greatest upside. He only had 25 college starts. Had he had as many college starts as RG3 and Luck, he would have weighed heavily in the conversation as the #1 and #2 overall picks.

Many forget, that even though Texas A&M lost far more games than you would like to see, Tannehill still threw for 29tds. That aint too shabby for a qb with only 25 starts. Thats why many experts say Tannehill's upside could be through the roof.

He's also with a coaching staff with experience in providing the neccessary atmosphere for a great qb to thrive(Phil w/ Favre and Rodgers at GB). I like the kid's chances un der these conditions.

Tannehill needs to play tomorrow, he needs all the reps and help he can get. Maybe not an entire half, but playing the first quarter wouldn't be too bad. He'd be able to adjust to the speed and overall defensive adjustments they make; remember, the guys playing in this game are vying for a job and a spot on an NFL roster...they're going to be giving it their all and going very hard. It won't be against a top defense but it'll be against guys that are hungry. Tannehill will be able to take that experience and utilize it.

Check out Jimmy's thoughts on the last Preseason game, and Jake Long's recent injury at

Dashi has been riding for devlin a while.

We are going to go thru this again.

Hasn't Dashi been saying get rid of Moore and stick with Devlin?

Or how about devlin won't make the 53 man roster?

Look it up just like ya look Odin stuff up. Dashi has been beating the pat devlin drum now for a while.

Even last year, yeah Dashi didn't post on this blog last year, but u can tell from last year. Pat devlin has a average arm with good to great accuracy. Devlin reminds Dashi of a young Chad Pennington


Carroll has been garbage since coming to Miami. But he's been solid this camp thus far. Solid meaning, good enough to become a legit 3rd corner.

Still, lets see how the "CONSITENCY" end of his performance plays out this season. Seems there's hope yet for this kid. But I wouldnt go any further than saying that for now.

* Devlin won't make the practice squad?

i think it would be dumb to shift martin to the left side. he needs to get the RT spot down.everything is different. it takes time. shifting him to the left would slow that process. let murtha play the left.

I have said for years Sean is much better than Vontae. Poeple laughed at this for a long time but now they see what I mean. Vontae will make a big play but give up 5 in return while Sean would never get picks but was a solid cover corner who gave effort on every snap. He was targeted less than Vontae because of his size and Sean showed improvement and maturity something Vontae never did. Sean and YB were leaders in the secondary last year while Vontae was a headcase but every week I would here poeple saying Sean is a poser and a cancer while the drunk injured guy was called the heartbeat of the team and the revis clone

Here's how I would play it out tomorrow night:

If Tannehill leads the offense to a td or scoring drive on the first series he's done for the night. If its a 3 and out, he plays 1 more series.

But under no conditions does he play more than 2 offensive series.

Matt Moore comes in and play 1qtr or a qtr and half. Devlin plays the rest of the way.

Oscar u don't even have to ask Paul.

Go back to any post when garrard was healthy. Ota's and training camp

Check if Dashi hasn't been saying T-Hill and his Caddie should stay and the decision is between garrard or moore

How long is a while, Dashi?

you wanna protect danny?.....run the ball more, its our best and deepest unit--and you cant tell me gaffney or stallworth couldnt help this team......vet leadership if nothing else


I wouldnt exactly say Sean Smith is better than Vontae because Davis clearly has the superior tools to work with. Vontae's far superior to Smith in run support too. Sean Smith is far more mayure than Vontae.

If Vontae had even Smith's maturity he would have already become a pro bowler. However, I wouldnt completely rule out Sean Smith making 1 or 2 pro bowls max during his career. I think Smith's ceiling is above average, not great, as an nfl starting corner.

jaison, totally agree man. You've taken a LT, and moved him to the right, and before he even has a chance to play a game, you move him BACK OVER temporarily. That's a Sparano move, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That's why they did defensively with Jason Allen, look how well that worked. There's John Jerry, Murtha and others you can plug in there for a few weeks. Keep Martin where he is, let him learn the position you DRAFTED him for, and stop messing with players because you failed to put a team together that can actually get through the Pre-Season without falling apart.

Just read that Long will be ready for the Opener. Still..HMM...

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