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Tannehill playing Wednesday ... but should he?

Joe Philbin and his staff usually sit together two days before a preseason game and map out the playing time for every player in the coming game.

When he spoke to the media Monday evening, Philbin had not yet conducted that meeting so he wasn't aware how much his quarterbacks would play. But he did know this much about starter Ryan Tannehill:

"He’s going to play a little bit,” Philbin said.

That's fine but the question needs to be asked:

How much is to be gained by playing Tannehill a little bit when the rookie will not have the benefit of having his blind side protected by left tackle Jake Long.

Long, you see, will miss the Dallas game after suffering a knee injury in practice Monday. He could miss between 1-3 weeks. So he could be ready for the regular-season opener but he's not suiting up against the Cowboys.

And that being the case, is risking Tannehill's health worth the handful of downs he's likely to get in a game that doesn't count? Or do the Dolphins believe so strongly that the rookie needs as many snaps as possible as to risk getting him injured (more than usual)?

Regardless of the answer, the hope is the Dolphins consider what is at stake. The hope is they weigh playing Tannehill a few downs to get him experience versus exposing him to injury because he's out there without his best blindside protector.



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Sean Smith doesnt seem to be as nimble footed enough to keep up with most nfl wr's. He's usually in trail position making the tackle after the catch.

What Smith needs to do is become a much smarter pass defender to make up for the lack of nimbleness to blanket recievers. He needs to learn as many wiley old vet tricks of tthe trade as possible.

He also needs to greatly improve his tackling techniques in run support. He's to big to tackle so soft.

the Long news is obviously not great but the reality is that most O lineman play hurt in some way, most of the time.....these guys are rarely 100% once the season starts, one every team.


being the best polished turd in a pile of turds....well that still makes yo a turd.....

i'm so so concerned with wether or not Tanne is the 2nd best QB in our division (as a rookie).....

I am more concerned just to see if he can play....

agree with Kris.....why debate with others whether Tanny is the 2nd best QB in a group of mediocre division QBs......who cares? I care whether he can play, period.

i realize that Fin fans, myself included, dont care much about the status of other teams, but the fact is that many teams are in similar situations as we are, ie. not alot of depth, issues with injuries, holes at key positions.....we obsess about the Fins for obvious reasons, but plenty of other teams are facing similar issues.

this just shows why we shouldnt worry about signing long after season. let him go, guy is beat up and fragile way beyond his years

Since OTA's Began this year Oscar.

Dashi liked him last year, but I didn't want Sporano to touch him.

Devlin came from a WCO in College.

This year I've been saying from the Beginning Garrard and Moore are Expendable. 1 of them should start until week 6, If the Team was under .500 then Start T-Hill but get rid of the Loser of the M&M and DG Qb Competition.

Dashi was wrong in that they didn't sit T-Hill. But I've been 1 of the Few that has been in the Devlin Bandwagon for a While.

its either a 1 or 2 win season. so no biggie on long. next april is where we make or break our future. we will have first pick in draft and a ton of other picks. lets hope ireland is fired after season and our new gm will have a ton to work with

Like Omar pointed out and reasonably so, he believes the reason why some good Players we have had are not cutting it now is the change of O and D systems(zone-blocking, 3-4 to 4-3, etc.) and those Players are not cut out for those Systems. But the reverse of that can also happen, YG, as it could be in Nolan Carroll's case. Besides proven very good 2ndary Coaches. I wouldn't be surprised if our D-backfield turns into one of our strenghts this Year. (Write it down, Paul)

focus on signing any decent receiver cut by a top tier team.....by definition they are more talented and have more depth, so whoever they are cutting is likely as good or better than what we have here......Pittsb, NE, NYG, NO, Ravens, etc--sign 1 or 2 of their castoffs and it will very likely be an upgrade.

We had this converation the first week of camp and you said Sean is lucky to be a starter and Vontae was much better but the facts are Sean is better in man coverage and he is our best corner by far. Vontae was locked in the 3rd corner spot behind Marshall but everyone on the team knows Sean is the best. Sean was the 8th rated corner in football 2 years ago and last year in camp he took the no 1 corner spot from Vontae (strong side) and has held it ever since. Vontae is a great athlete who will make a great play but it is no way you can depend on him to lock up a teams best wr everyweek. He takes plays off he's out of shape, he is always injuring something not to mention sleeping in meetings being hungover or suspended.
Sean is the better football player and it's not even close. Vontae is phsically gifted but so was les Brown and so is J Jerry that means nothing if u don't perform

les brown,lol

Oscar.....agree, and thats why its ludicrous to be riding Philbin out of town already, as plenty of fans are doing.....not saying he's gonna be a great HC, who knows at this point, but a new HC will likely mean another new system, a need for new/different players, etc....sets us back another year or two.

Kris/BPA, the reason it's important is because the object of the game is to win your division so you can go to the Playoffs. So, it's not about being able to "play," it's about playing better than the next guy. You're not judged in a vacuum, you're judged against others. If you're the best piece of turd in a bowl, in the NFL, that means you get a Playoff spot, which is the first step to a SB appearance.

Miami doesn't have to be the best team in the league, they just need to be the best team in their division. If you're a rookie and already up to #2, then you can work on getting up to #1. If you're a rookie and #4 of horrible players, then you have problems.

yes DC, i get it, but my point is that worrying about how he stacks up to another couple of mediocre QBs in our division, just so we can have "mediocrity bragging rights over Jets/Bills fans" is not that important--if you have one then you have the other.....ie. if Tannehill can play, he's gonna be better than those others.....I just dont see how keeping tabs on Fitz/Sanchez is that important.....can Tannehill play, or not? Sanchez/Fitz.....who cares?

bill connors, what's more funny, Les Brown, or Ireland touting him as a guy with rare physical gifts for the position? So rare that now he's obselete in the NFL.

Sushi thinks a TE should be able to block.

Les Brown no block.

yeah, what a whiff Brown was, after getting talked up a bit for his athleticism......dude stunk, was clueless.....similar for Messam, who gets cut after a small bit of fanfare when they signed him a few months ago.....a "CFL standout".....geez, the dude cant even make our crappy roster?

Omar also pointed that out BPA, the constant change of Coaches does not lead to any consistency. As was pointed out several times here by somebody who should knows His Football...

I saw Jeff George in Atlanta and he was the most physically gifted qb I ever saw. He has the best arm ever, he was huge, strong, mobile but he never became a great player while Jim Kelly who didn't have a strong arm or wasn't big or strong or fast went to 4 SBs and the HOF. Being the better athlete has nothing to do with being the better player. remember larry Bird

Sean is the better player Vontae is the better athlete

I just heard a Gem from Adam Schefter Today. Here's some Hope

Adam said, More than 700 player's being released this week, out of those 700+, 35-40 are Wr's.

The Question was is TO or Chad going to find a job in the NFL?

No. He says that they are to many Young Talented Wr's that are going to be released this Week.

Hopefully the Fins sign 1. And Maybe a OLB

Or move Trusnik over to OLB. Aren't the LB's in most 4-3 Interchangeable?

Sushi read Will Allen was placed on IR. Sushi think his knee has boo boo.

What else does Sushi says?

Sushi.....hate to disappoint you, and I even like the guy, but Egnew cant block either.....he needs to cut 10 lbs and be moved to WR, to help address our most glaring need--let Fasano, Clay and whoever hold down the TE fort this season....move Egnew wide.

Dallas's front 7 are the strength of that team. The thinking must be that Dallas wont play them this game otherwise its hard to see any benefit of putting Tanny in with a surrounding cast of guys he doesn't rep with and who he likely wont play with behind a patchwork line against D Ware and co. But if Dallas's first unit gets any time lined up across from Hicks and Martin, Sherman damn sure better be calling running plays and short passes otherwise. Oh well the kids gotta learn. Maybe the coaches do too. I'm on the4 fence with this administration. While its nice they are getting rid of jackasses and slackers and walking the walk when it comes to limiting the roster to their kind of guys, I get the distinct impression that this administration and team is one injury (Dansby , Bush, Pouncey or Long) away from being not just last years 0-7 start but a carbon copy of the Cameron year. Same deal - OC with no head coaching exp. who talks about character. Hopefully its different this time.

Sushi says many things. Sushi says in due time, you will see more sushi.

It's sushi time!

Sushi......I pass a restaurant nearby that has a big sign out front that says "sushi 50% off".....which makes me think, do I really want to buy heavily discounted raw fish?

BPA, sushi thinks half price sushi may be no good.

Sushi likens 50% off sushi to les brown no blocking.

Sushi advises stay away from discounted sushi.

I also said before camp that Egnew would be a bust like all other mizzou te's. They never play with a hand in the ground, never block, and are never jammed on the line. Coffman Rucker now Egnew.

Sushi confirm Jay always say Egnew will be doo doo.

Sushi.....actually I liken 50% of sushi to J Jerry puking on the practice field.....sorta think thats a more likely connection, no?.....but geez, your wisdom is.....powerful.

You People still believe those "knowledgeable Football People" like this guy Schefter, and that draft "guru" who are all FOS and crooked besides?

Jay.....hard to consider Egnew a bust at this point.....seriously, the dude is 22 and has been in camp for about a month, played a little in a few preseason games.....struggling some yes, but a bust already?--Kiper just listed him as a fantasy sleeper, for what thats worth.....point is, everybody agrees the kid is talented.....give him some time to adjust.

Oscar, sushi thinks Shefter is no Armando.

Shefter has a smart phone that make him look the busy.

Sushi proclaim Shefter to be the TMZ reporter of NFL.

Yeah, I believe he used to compete against Tannehill in the triple jump.

Sushi? LMAO, ur best work yet. Dashi has another Alias for U. But Ur best work yet Sushi. Even got the 3rd person thing down a little. Good Work

Sean Smith is a Good #2 CB that can be a #1. He has the Size to Cover Prototypical #1's. Just don't Put Smith in the Slot.

Now with that said, the Coaching Staff just Said Nolan Carroll(Rookie) is almost Vontae's(Veterans) =Equal=

Remember Philbin said last week if it's between a Veteran and a Rookie of Equal Value. He will keep the Rookie.

Carroll is not a Rookie but he's young and Cheaper. Does that Mean the Qb's? The Wr's? The Olb's? The RG?

Dang right Tannehill needs to play the last preseason game he's a rookie who needsa all the experience of a real life game he can get. My prediction is were going 4 and 12. Beat the Raiders, Jets Twice, Bills once.

Ireland hasn't hit, I mean really hit on any draft pick he has made. In any round. Parcels made the long pick and it was a safe pick. The choice was either Long or Ryan. An argent could be made that even that pick was questionable. You actually need a QB before you get someone to protect him. The reason this team is soooo bad is because they haven't drafted well at all. I know I was chastised along with others here when we said that Misi, Odrick, Jerry, White, et al were picked. Us stupid lowly know nothing fans could have drafted better. Ireland always does the opposite of what he should do in the draft. Always leaves good players on the board. Come on, Misi? Is Ireland seriously as bad as he has drafted? Wait, sorry, stupid question. Even free agent wise, aside from Wake and Bush (even this was questionable) he has been terrible. He needs to go.

Sushi want to say, this is sushi first day

Miami herald blog is where id likey stay

Sushi say ty for warm welcome

Bush and Thomas must combine for 2500 yards this year (rushing and passing) to give us any prayer of Tanne not getting killed.

Listen, guys, who is anybody here to tell the Coaches, specially this caliber of Coaches, who to play or not tomorrow night? Besides probably not reading your posts here, if they did, they'll probably wipe their as-- with you and your commentaries.

Yes it s to early to call Egnew a bust b4 he plays his first real game but he has to unlearn that mizzou stuff and start over. bust watch, but D Thomas is a player and many poeple gave up on him in yr 1

Oscar wants to say Armando=Schefter, up to now.

Dashi is an idiot. He forgot to mention, he has Davis and Smith, as a top 5 cb group in the nfl. Most nfl teams, that are smart, sit there starters in game 4. Just to try and make his point, Dashi says, most teams play there starters a few series in game 4.

Sushi say engnew needs some time

Sushi also dink tanny be just fine...if he no lose knees from too many sackies.

1-15 if we're lucky

more busts than at hefs mansion.

Let the kid play! He's gonna get annhiliated sooner or later anyway. What difference is it gonna make?

I think Tanny, Moore & Devlin / Garrard may start games this year before it's all said n done.

Of course Schefter has inside Info, I Don't know if he Pays for it. Or are Always on the Good side of Teams?

Most those guys have Connects. Mortensen and Parcells are Boys.

But my point was Alot of young Talented Wr's are being released this Week. U don't think they Want to Sign with a Team that might give them a chance to start?

Hopefully Ireland doesn't have to look for them, They will come to him.

But Really the packers have 6 or 7 Wr's. Maybe they cut Jones(Cap) or trade him for a Low Pick. Think 4th or 5th at most.

If not maybe Philbin picks an Acorn from the bottom of the Packers Roster, Who they might want to stash on the practice squad.

If we do get James Jones Get Rid of Naanee and Maybe even Flatline.

Sushi think if tanny play ok, he can sit right away

Sushi think if he plays like doo doo, he may play some with the 2's

I support Philbins decision on whatever it maybe. You never know what anybody can do if you do not try them. Good luck Phins. I am behind you win lose or draw.


Starting to notice a subtle change in your tone about this team. Seems to be a little doubt creeping in about this organization.

The more heat you sports writers bring raining down on Ireland the quicker things might change. Philbin, Sherman and Tanne are who we think they are. I don't fault them for Irelands bad decisions. Something has to change though.

Sushi says leave jeffi ireland in dallas

Sushi think it best if he go back to where he came from

Dashi has never said Davis and Smith were a Top 5 Tandem.

Wrong Person. Dashi always has doubted Smith's Ability. Vontae had potential but he never achieved it.

With that Dashi knows what a Top 5 CB tandem Looks like. Remember Surtain and Madison. Or Revis and Cromartie Now.

Good CB's make Safety's look better.

Also did U read the Whole Post?

Dashi said, "Almost all NFL team play their starters at least 1 or 2 drives the 4th game. The player has to be a old veteran that doesn't need any work in order to not play this week."

Meaning Guys 30 and Over don't play this Week. Most Young Starters Play at least 1 or 2 series.

Weren't U guys complaining about getting Ur Tackling In a Couple Weeks Ago? U have to keep ur body ready to get hit during the Season. Just a Couple Love Taps before Week 1 for the Starters.

dashi sounds like a retarded monk narrating passages from the koran.

what a sh*tstain.

Sushi no like koran, he dinks hijacked by extremists

Sushi memorize kama sutra cause girls dink hes the cutest


Sushi says he had fun today, he want u all to know

Sushi be back tomorrow, the fun is sure to grow

Sushi Out!


Are you even a Dolphin's fan? I say that because you don't seem that passionate about the team....ever. Dave Hyde is a Dolphin fan. I can tell from his writing and disappointment. You, I can't tell.

Closet Patriot fan I bet.

Several posters on here are true Dolphin fans. For better or for worse. We just see things differently.

But you Mando, I truly can't tell.


O got to go with BPA here...

Remember when FITZ was the 2nd best QB in the division....Remember when Sanchize was the 2nd best QB in the division....

They both were...at different times....even tho you...me...and the REST OF THE NFL could see that they coudn't "play".....the were 2nd best QB in the AFC nonetheless....even got HUGE pay days for being the 2nd best QBs in the division....

Now think Cam newton...he can "play"....we don't consider him the 2nd best QB behind Brees....we say DAM...Newton has "it"...he can "play"...

Who is the 2nd best QB in the AFC west....Rivers or Manning....it doesn't matter...cause they BOTH can "play"....

It took a while for the Ravens fans tome to term with this...but FLACCO can "play"....as evidenced by the 3 game sweep of the Steelers last year...

If a guy can "play"....if he has "it".....we will get those playoff births that lead to SB runs.....

However...if Tanne merely rises to the level of a guy who is the 2nd best QB in our division...then 8-8 and 9-7 here we come for the next 10 years....as the guy who can "play" will lead his team to a consistent 11-13 wins a season and win the EAST more often than not...

We need a guy that can "play".....

Sushi = another 3rd person talking idiot

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