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Tannehill playing Wednesday ... but should he?

Joe Philbin and his staff usually sit together two days before a preseason game and map out the playing time for every player in the coming game.

When he spoke to the media Monday evening, Philbin had not yet conducted that meeting so he wasn't aware how much his quarterbacks would play. But he did know this much about starter Ryan Tannehill:

"He’s going to play a little bit,” Philbin said.

That's fine but the question needs to be asked:

How much is to be gained by playing Tannehill a little bit when the rookie will not have the benefit of having his blind side protected by left tackle Jake Long.

Long, you see, will miss the Dallas game after suffering a knee injury in practice Monday. He could miss between 1-3 weeks. So he could be ready for the regular-season opener but he's not suiting up against the Cowboys.

And that being the case, is risking Tannehill's health worth the handful of downs he's likely to get in a game that doesn't count? Or do the Dolphins believe so strongly that the rookie needs as many snaps as possible as to risk getting him injured (more than usual)?

Regardless of the answer, the hope is the Dolphins consider what is at stake. The hope is they weigh playing Tannehill a few downs to get him experience versus exposing him to injury because he's out there without his best blindside protector.



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Hopefully the Packers trade J.Jones for a Low Pick 4th-6th or they release him cause for Cap Purposes. Jones almost makes $4mil as a 4th or 5th Wr.

If they don't Release or Trade Jones, Then Pick 1 of the Wr's GB was going to Stash on the Practice Squad. GB is Allegedly Loaded at Wr and Might Release Jones outright.

Sign Jones to a 1 yr deal. He knows he will play right Away.

Release Naanee and Flatline!!

Also KOA MISI!! He's gone the Way of Matt Roth

aaaah. fat bot dansby is next.

clay and fasano are weapons allright...
for the other team...

Kris, I have to say, that was a very good argument you made (about 2nd best QB). Didn't think about it like that. I'll re-think my line of attack. Touche.

On another note, saw a lot of Gaffney in DC. Didn't think they should have gotten rid of him. He's not a superstar, but he's a very reliable producer. He moves the chains. He's like Bess, but bigger. He won't win us any more games, but he'd be a good target for Tannehill.

However, he's getting up in age. I'd probably much rather prefer Ramses Barten (Giants). I was actually talking to my brother-in-law (huge fan, Season tix) and he was real high on Barten. Said the guy has come around and started to shine this Pre-Season. He's younger, hungrier, and doubt he'd cost much (I don't know, just guessing, haven't looked into it).

I never understood some fans dislike for Dave Wannstedt. Sure he made some mistakes but who hasnt? He has multiple SB rings as an assistant, has won 90 NFL games as a HC, a Coach of the Year honor with the Bears, and had a winning record with the Dolphins. The coaches that followed him (Saban, Cameron, and Sparano and probably Philbin) were all far worse.

We're so bad I can't see how playing Tannehill or not playing Tannehill is going to make any possible difference. 4-12? 5-11? Awful but not quite terrible enough to get an elite draft pick. And so it goes...

Ireland should be fired on the spot for signing Naanee who Pro Football Sports ranked the worst starting WR in the NFL in 2011 and what you know Jeffrey Boy decided to sign him. LOL, what a joke

those were all of ditkas players that duh w won the coy.

Honestly - the way Long played last year and so far this preseason, the increase of risk to T-hill isn't nearly as much as Armando makes it out to be.
Don't get me wrong, I believe Long is our best OL, but he simply hasn't been the impervious shield we'd hoped and some make him out to be.

Get Tanny some more reps. It'll help him get that inner 2.7 second clock that he'll need for the season.

Try to trade a 4th to Philly for Jason Avant. Plays in the WCO, has good hands. Would be a good fit but, they'd never take it.

Try to get Jones from GB for a 5-6th.

Throw Hartline & Bess in the mix & suddenly you have a decent WR corp & it didn't cost too much to assemble.

Might not be great but it's 50 times better than the present one & the players are all realtively young & know the system. NO LEARNING CURVE.

OR some of the Giant Wr's?

700+ players will be released next week. 30-40 of them will be Wr's. Pick at least 1. I've been with Ireland all Along and Believe Philbin Might Know what he is Doing. But if Guys like Naanee and Wallace Make the Team? We have Serious Issues. Yeah, those guys might have size but they don't have hands. If Philbin is True to his Word? He did say the Most Important Thing a Wr has to have are Hands.


stupid people make suky players...

we were better than san fran just a few yrs ago. now they are at the top and we have sunk to the very bottom. worst of all, we have no real plan. and we deny we are rebuilding???

Truth, I have seen too many drops from Avant to say he has "good hands." You should ask AndyNJ or some other guys from the Philly area about that. I bet they'd agree.

Agreed Truth.

For the Low

and 1 of our rookies (Hogan or 1 of the 2 picks?)

No need to even consider keeping Gates. Jones and Avant would be worth their weight In Draft Stock. 2 Low rd Picks for 2 productive NFL Wr's? Not even a Question

Might help T-Hill's Learning Curve Speed Up and Take Away the Need to Draft a Wr with the 5 picks in the Top of the 1st 3 rounds?

greg, I don't like that either. Don't try to deny the obvious (it makes everyone feel as if you think we're complete bumbling idiots). Tell your vets, tell your fans, this is a rebuild year. Doesn't mean you're not going to try to win, just means the future is more important than the present. If vets want out, then so be it.

And I agree about San Fran (add to that list Carolina, Atlanta, and maybe now even Seattle).

play martin @left tackle see how things go if it go well let jake walk. too much money spent on long and
dansby build team thru draft a ten million dollar
linebacker should make game changing plays. how many
has dansby made?

Fin 1984... when it comes to Wannstedt let me put it to you this way.

Broadly Speaking the Miami Dolphins have had two eras* in their history.

(*technically it is three eras if you include the George Wilson era growing pains, which everybody seems to do)

Era number one -- Don Shula, Winningest coach of all time, Two Super Bowl wins, five Supoer Bowl appearances, Highest winning percentage in the league, Marino, Griese, Czonka, Morris, Bunicotti, Anderson, Stephenson, Scott, Griese, Kuchenberg...Jimmy Johnson's three playoff seasons in 4 years etc etc etc.

Era number 2 -- Eddie Moore, Jamar Fletcher, Drafting Ted Ginns family, Ricky Williams walking the land barefoot smoking weed, Cam Cameron, 1-15, Joey Porter dividing the locker room, Bill Parcells skipping town, blwon second round picks on AJ Feely, John Beck, Pat White, cancers like Lawrence Phillips and Cecil the Diesel Collins, Tony Sparano Press Conferences, Rick Spielman, Randy Mueller, Nick Saban, Jeff Ireland etc etc etc.

The Dividing line between these two eras -- between almost three decades of uninterrupted success, and the Dolphins becoming a carnival of clowns is the mustachioed menace known as Dave Wannstedt. He started the cycle of degeneration from which Dolphins fans have not yet recovered.

everyone is so concerned about getting rid of ireland
i myself wish we could find a buyer for the team
we ned a new owner.too bad the owner can't be fired.
will some billionare out there please try to buy and
save our dolphins

Gary Stevens, you're right, the demise of the Miami Dolphins lands squarely at Dave Wannstedt's feet. He did the same in Chicago and it took them forever to get out of it too and really aren't all the way back yet either.

His drafting and personnel decision making were beyond abysmal. There was a stat once that on the team there were no draft picks on it from the past 10 years and many of those were Wannstedt years. So while you criticize Ireland's drafts (and they have been poor) Wannstedt was 10 times worse.

Wannstedt had the Winningest Qb in Franchise History!!

Jay Fiedler!!

Therein lie's the Problem. The Guy was a Part of Dan Marino's Last game. Even Fiedler. Fiedler had such a Great Game He Pulled a Matt Flynn. If the Fins would've tanked that Season and had the 1st overall pick next year. The Fins Would've picked Mike Vick. Or if Dave wouldn't have wasted the 1st rd Pick on a 3rd Cb, he could've drafted the 2nd best Qb in that Draft. Drew Brees.

Play the first unit until the win is in hand. RT needs all the reps he can get. Rotate the different receivers in (2 or 3 per quater) to see if any of them can catch. Our starters beating the Cowboys backup might be our only chance for a victory this year. But personally I think we are going to run the table straight through the Super Bowl this year. You can't stop Philbin, Bush and whoever else we have.

Gene Simmons keep intaking the bath salts

We passed on Braylon Edwards to sign Eric Steinbach who retired 2 weeks later. Ireland is so dumb its beyond belief. Even with Edwards being on probabtion he instantley would be the Dolphins best WR.

Mondo, you forget one thing, Moore is on the bench and is a better QB then Tannehill, proven fact.

We are winning what? 1 or 2 games this season...So let the rookie get as much playing time as he can get.

So Moore was Drafted?

Moore Started his Rookie Season?

Moore is better than any JETS Qb. Yet, Moore is the 3rd best Qb on the Fins.

Dashi bets if the Fins Release Moore the Jets will pick him up and then we will have an ALL-Time Cluster F'ck.

Greatest Qb Controversy Ever. Sanchez?Moore?Tebow?

Who will Mastermind Sporano Pick?

hugo, if history proves correct (we are a mediocre team) we should be able to sneak in 5 wins this year (all home games):

Week 2 - Raiders
Week 3 - Jets
Week 6 - Rams
Week 15 - Jaguars
Week 16 - Bills

We might get lucky and win a few on the road, but this team will have to try MIGHT HARD to lose more than 12 games in 2012. Our schedule is just too cake for that.

Gary Stevens, you're right, the demise of the Miami Dolphins lands squarely at Dave Wannstedt's feet. He did the same in Chicago and it took them forever to get out of it too and really aren't all the way back yet either.

His drafting and personnel decision making were beyond abysmal. There was a stat once that on the team there were no draft picks on it from the past 10 years and many of those were Wannstedt years. So while you criticize Ireland's drafts (and they have been poor) Wannstedt was 10 times worse.


I believe it all goes back to Wayne Huzienga buying the team & hiring Jimmy Johnson. JJ's draft record was not exactly a success story. The guy couldn't find a freaking RB to save his life. Then came that embarrassment in the playoffs against the Jags. The next year things looked okay with Lamar Smith beating the Colts. But then Wannstadt kicked this franchise in the balls by betting the ranch (trading away multiple first round picks) to get Ricky. The combination of Ricky going AWOL along with Wannstadt's misses on almost every draft pick for three years sealed the deal. Saban didn't draft much better & Cameron's draft was a disaster.

hugo, if history proves correct (we are a mediocre team) we should be able to sneak in 5 wins this year (all home games):

Week 2 - Raiders
Week 3 - Jets
Week 6 - Rams
Week 15 - Jaguars
Week 16 - Bills

We might get lucky and win a few on the road, but this team will have to try MIGHT HARD to lose more than 12 games in 2012. Our schedule is just too cake for that.


First off we're a terrible home team. Probably the worst over the last two seasons & secondly we are FAR from being mediocre.

You can sugar coat the truth all you want but this is a very young & inexperienced offense that will not score a whole lot of points with a defense that had MAJOR holes in the secondary well before Vonate was traded. Now combine that nightmare on the back end with a one man pass rush in Wake & it's blowout city this year.

'We Have RBs' JJs crime was not living up to expectations. He was brought in to win Super Bowls and instead only succeeded in taking the Dolphins to the playoffs 3 times in 4 years.

If I offered Dolphins fans 3 playoff trips in 4 years today we would -- who would turn that down?

JJ drafted Zach Thomas. JJ drafted Jason Taylor. He drafted Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. His offensive drafting was less impressive but it is a far cry from Wannstedt drafting Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore.

You're ALL wrong, the demise of the Dolphins was their miscalculation on draft picks, their ability to mess up almost EVERY FA signing known to man (most importantly the mis-signing of Brees and signing Culpepper) and their HORRIBLE, AWFUL, INEXUSABLE philosophy of shoring up the defense and offensive line and paying no (REAL) attention to the skill position players. Not drafting a 1st round QB in decades should have gotten someone within the organization gagged and shot by firing squad. Not drafting quality WRs should have gotten someone within the organization frog-marched out of Davie to a waiting pit of alligators after just inhaling bath salts. Not canning Sparano after the 2010 Season was a stain that I will NEVER forgive.

Chris Cooley just got released but look for Ireland to stick with Fasano, Clay, Egnew, & Mastrud. Here's your Miami Dolphin TE's for the 2012 season....

BTW--There will be offensive players released that can help this team I just think that once again Ireland will only sign inexpensive, fringe players with marginal skills.

You only depend on the Running Game when you are ahead. Do we have to explain why? If so, we will.

Most here are drafting their inferences from stuff that happenned during a completely different regime. That logic is distorted and will lead you nowhere.

In his first media conferance, after he was hired, DW was asked if Dan Marino would start. He started stuttering. He already had his mind made up but did not want anyone to know what he was thinking. Damon Huard would have been the second best choice, but he was in love with Fielder. Jimmy Johnson tore apart our offensive, and offensive game plan in the first year, getting rid of Fryar, Kirby, Sims, Byars. He did not want Shula to have any credit for whatever success he had. If he left the offense and the system alone and worked on the defense we might have gone to the Super Bowl.

Back in 1995 when the Dolphins were something like 7-2 and had a huge half-time lead on the Colts, and Dan threw an interception, Irving Fryar, tried to conslole him and Dan responded by saying "shut the fuxk up". The team went down hill from there. There was anarchy, it was the year when Don and Dan were getting all the records and attention and the year of O.J. and his bloody hand that "did not" slit the throat of his girlfriend.

After that game there was division on the team, black and white, and pro Fryar against pro Marino. Half the team quit on Dan and Don that year, including Bryan Cox whom, apart from that I liked alot.

1995 could have been a very good year for us, and in 1996 could have been better with Shula at the healm.

I agree that Ireland should go.

no way dc this team wins anymore than 3 games. we are by far the worst team in nfl, its really not even close

If we outscore our opponents each and every game we have a chance to go undefeated.

Not justifying any of the x fuc-ups that occurred on everybody's side but IMO after Marino suffered his Achilles tendon injury and him depending so much on his great feet, he was done. So was Shula, for different reasons, the year of the Poll. They just picked a neurotic moder to succeed Shula, and when he failed also, everything crumbled within this Organization. Who would have known? You not only need Brains but some breaks once in a while.

It would have been nice if they drafted a top quarter back between 1990 & 1999 or 2009 or 2011.

Miami is a party town, so even when we have good players they are hung over.

good god, mando... does everything you write have to have a controversy angle to it?

There has been racial tension and dissension within the Team this year. But a word of warning, Philbin is not the declining Don Shula of 1995. I think he stated the other day, that he prefers to go 4-12 this year but with the Players he feels comfortable with. Agreeing with Philbin or not, he's the one calling the shots now. You malcontents must make the choice.

Ireland is my scapegoat.

But who knows, we could be good. Stop laughing!!!

Armando, you know that when Internet is handled by wise hands, everything is known. Who is paying you to thrash Ireland?

Broder, have I done a lot of investigating reporting on cyberspace!

Why people harp on bad drafting is mind boggling....outside of Jimmy Johnsons "defensive" drafts we have NEVER drafted well. We sporadically got lucky selecting Marino, Webb, Sims, OJ McDuffie, during Shula's years....he could not draft a running back, run blocker, or pass defense to save his life. You guys remember all those Jerry Rice highlights, I believe JB Brown was covering him in atleast half those highlights!

JJ's line of,"what can Randy(Moss) do that Larry Shannon cant do?" was an all-timer! That single selection could have changed everything in miami in the late 90's.....he didnt select him because he struck out with Yatil Greene.

Wanny was just terrible and had the track record to prove it yet we stuck with his fail for what 4 or 5 years! we missed on so much talent, so much offensive talent with a great defense already in place. we could have anquan Boldin and Chris Chambers with Drew Brees. but we picked a myriad of talentless clowns. I mean we selected a NFL linebacker who lost a bar fight!!! Are you kidding me? would Urlacher, Ray Ray, Patrick Willis ever lose a bar fight?

Then we gave 1 draft to Randy Mueller who with just a few selections in first 4 rounds gave us a LT in Carey, even though we all felt that we should have drafted the other Tackle from the "U" Vince Wilfork" but we still got 2 starting OL when we desparetely needed offensive lineman.

Saban missed arron Rogers in the 1st rd then Vincent Jackson in 2nd and the Justin Tuck in 3rd....we took Ronnie, Roth and Crowder. that explains why we are terrible, follow that up with missing on brees and trading picks away for Daunte Culpepper. the following draft not selecting Chad greenway or antonio Cromarte and then selecting Derek Hagan and Joe Toledo over the likes of Brandon Marshall or Elvis Dumervil!

Each year is funnier and sadder to look at. we dont know how to draft as an organization. History tells us that. no matter if guys are head cases look at the talent we could have drafted, over the past 30 years I have devoted to this team, they consistently fail in this drafting, yes, they do hit some selections out the park, but for every Jake Long, there is ted Ginn's family and Eddie "Hurricane" Blake and AJ Duhe just staring us in the face of our mediocrity!

I do feel like we have had 2 solid drafts the past 2 years, but stop swinging for first round lineman and acorn playmakers....its time to reverse it for first and 2nd round playmakers and acorns for deep depth.

Oh and long time lurker since about 1994 or so since I was a freshman at beer can college!

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