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The difference between Colts, Dolphins

The Dolphins and Colts are similar in many respects in that both are rebuilding this year after a difficult 2011. The Dolphins have a new coach. The Colts have a new coach. The Dolphins are going with a rookie first-round quarterback. The Colts are going with a rookie first-round quarterback.

But the manner in which they are approaching this year is obviously different and that difference showed clearly in the trade that yesterday sent cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami to Indianapolis.

The truth is the Colts until Sunday had a major hole at one of their cornerback spots. It was as big as the hole the Dolphins have at, say, wide receiver.

But unlike the Dolphins who have this offseason addressed the wide receiver need on the cheap with low-round draftees and signing a has-been and troubled veteran in Chad Johnson, the Colts went more aggressive.

The Colts began shopping for ways to address their need. Early last week the team began searching for a way to plug that leaky hole in the defense. And knowing that Vontae Davis had lost his starting job in Miami, the Colts called asking to acquire him.

The Colts' first offer was a sixth-round pick.

Miami general manager Jeff Ireland, who had not been shopping Davis, told the Colts he was not interested.

By Thursday, the offer was improved to a fifth-round pick. Ireland still had no interest in that price for a player he views as troubled but still worthy of keeping  given his age, ability, relatively cheap cost and the first-round investment he had in Davis.

So the Colts let that sit for a while.

And Saturday the Colts came back again -- this time offering a third-round pick for Davis. I have to give Indianapolis GM Ryan Grigson credit for persistence. He latched on to the idea of getting Davis like a pitbull locks down on a steak and didn't let go. And, of course, while he was showing little interest in the offers, Miami GM Jeff Ireland was not saying, "Stop calling me!"

Ireland was open to the idea of trading Davis, but at a price he wanted. That goes back to the Bill Parcells school of thought that "Everybody is on the trade block all the time." (For the right price).

The third-round offer got Ireland's attention in that serious, serious negotiations began to take place between the teams. The Colts were finally in the ballpark but Ireland wanted more. And the fact they were in the ballpark encouraged the Colts they might be able to solve their gaping defensive problem. It also encouraged Ireland that he could get a premium draft pick in this deal.

It was sometime late Saturday or early Sunday when Grigson came back with the second-round offer. The offer put Ireland on the hook but to reel him in, Grigson had to add the conditional sixth-rounder that he ultimately included in the deal.

Although he will never say it, Ireland obviously believes the Colts to be rebuilding and is banking on them having a high pick in next year's draft so, in his mind, he's not just getting a No. 2 but potentially a high No. 2. Grigson, meanwhile, sees that his draft picks will be a lot lower now that he's got a set of corners he's happy about to play games in this pass-happy league. He believes Colts coach Chuck Pagano can get major production out of Davis that obviously Joe Philbin and his staff didn't think they could get. And he believes he can compete and win a lot of games this year, particularly with the Davis addition.

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues that include drinking. He believes the 24-year-old can be molded and will mature.

The Dolphins?

Publicly, they're saying all the right things about not giving up and not being diminished by this trade even though it is not arguable that they are not as good right now, today, as they were before they traded Davis on Sunday.

A lockdown cornerback is simply hard to find in today's NFL.

But the Dolphins have added valuable "ammunition," as Ireland called it and that can be used to address other issues in the future. Yes, I said the future. The truth is that while many fans have the expectation that the Dolphins are going to turn around and use their shiny, new second-round pick on a wide receiver (Miami's biggest hole now) in time for this season, I have serious doubts about that.

I think it's more likely the Dolphins have set themselves up for using that pick or packaging that pick in next year's draft to fill whatever needs this season proves the Dolphins have.

If it plays out that way, count that as a significant difference between the Dolphins and Colts. The Colts gambled and tried to get better on the fly by making a trade now -- even if it means chasing down a trade partner and giving up a second-rounder. The Dolphins would be taking a more careful approach, waiting until next April to use the pick they just acquired.


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Dashi appears to be mentally challenged.

Craig M, Ireland was part of the first re-building process with his Pappa Parcells, now who want him to have full control of another re-building process, jsut how many more years should the Dolphins be mediocare before you finally say he sucks. Aw maybe 2016 LOL. Cmon man!

In Miami, not only is a 1st yr HC denied a year mulligan, but he doesn't even get the pre-season before he's labeled a bust! Wow!

Not from where I'm standing. To me it is a WEAK coach who can't control ultra talented but difficult players, and that's Philbin.

Posted by: Cual? | August 27, 2012 at 11:43 AM

Yeah, Philbin should just tough it out and learn how to control those "Ultra-Talented Players"..........that have went 7-9. 7-9 and 6-10.

What? With skills like THAT, I think Philbin handled it PERFECTLY.

SEE YA!!!!

Craig M is retarded! Cornerback is a premiere position and we have none.
Houston will blow us out with this joke secondary.
Ireland is so dumb, his free agents are better than his draft picks.

When Miami traded draft picks for questionable players everyone cried about trading away our future. The Colts do it and they are considered genius. You people are a bucnh of flaky whiners. We finally are building a team correctly, like the Pats do, and everybody is still crying about it. I'm not ashamed to be a Dolphins fan but I'm ashamed to be associated with most Dolphins fans. Bunch of weak ass punks.

Craig, Dashi agrees with u in that bowe might not fit Philbin style. On the money thing. ALL NFL FRANCHISES NEED TO BE 10% FROM THE CAP. So Dashi doesn't care if Ireland doesn't want to spend the owner's money, he has to spend his money.

The Truth is Dashi is Dashi.

Dashi could care less how u feel about the Almighty.

Stick to football. Oh, wait ur extreme views on the team u have are screwed.

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Speak for yourself, you're sold on him.

Philbin just played game 3 of PRESEASON with a new staff, offensive and defensive schemes and he's already a bust!!!! Gotta love Fin Fans!!

for the forseable future....

Philbin should get ALL the credit and NONE of the blame....

he deserves as much....

My only gripe with him to this point was the quick-cutting of Johnson....but even now...that has bben followed up by the trading of Davis...and when we throw the tradinf of Marshall in to the pattern we get one thing....consistency....and I like it....

scorn..He has ripped out the heart of the Dolphins...

Posted by: jed | August 27, 2012 at 11:45 AM

That heart has been beating along to 6 or 7 wins a year.

Time for a Transplant!


AMEN Sticker!!!!!!

Posted by: Dashi | August 27, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Haha, this guy has some kind of mental retardation going on...

Yes, it's true.

The other first round defensive back that this team drafted, that we were told had all the athletic talent in the world was Jason Allen. 'just give him time, the light will come on'. Yeah OK. How did that work out? Ended up releasing him and getting nothing for him. Also a guy that gave up a lot of big plays. Ireland did well to get a second for a guy who to this point just doesn't get what it means to be a pro.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of the Closet | August 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM

Brandon Marshall put together the best two years of any Dolphins receiver ever.

Vontae Davis had the potential to cover top receivers, the only cornerback on the roster with that ability, even if he didn't always do it.

Chad Johnson was the best receiver on the team.

BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS. A real coach would have made them fall in line, not joke around with them and then drop them.

Also, Long and Smith will be resigned. Stop talking out ur as!

Everyone here knows Dashi has the up most respect for J.Long. aka the wall

Bush is a maybe because we have rb's and bush is going to be 29 next year. U know what happens to rb's when they hit 30. Maybe resign bush for 2 yrs?

C'mon Kris, Johnson is a grown man and he had clearly been warned he had to be on his best behavior! What does he do with his 2nd chance? Beat the crap out of his wife!!

"The team sucks and needs to move to LA."

True Fan: Really? this is the first post I read?
I suppose it's flattering to know that fans of other NFL teams spend .....uh, waste their time blogging On the Fins site. Unreal.....

He calls my views extreme? For speaking & pointing out all the holes on the team? Yet, he can't challenge 1.

He can't argue or dismantle my posiotion so he keeps playing his baby games. Such as:

He calls himself Dashi

He calls himself Almighty

He speaks in 3rd person

You have slowly joined the ranks of the blogs worst. Congrats to you!

looks like the JET'S need W/R's, o-linemen, Q/b, T/e, D/e, R/b's, L/b's ,S/S ... looks like we are better shape than they are.. they can't even get the ball in the endzone .. and we all know why >>Mr. Field goal himself TONY SAPRANO!!!<<< at least we aren't regressing as much as the JETS are


Very good point at 12:05pm. Nothing will earn the players respect more than 'conistency'. To me it's like being a parent. No mixed messages....consistency.

Also, Long and Smith will be resigned. Stop talking out ur as!

Posted by: Dashi | August 27, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Out of my As? LMAO I am coming from a REAL WORLD PERSPECTIVE. You cannot seem to fathom that in order to debunk what I said you have to prove your point. Just stating your opinion without backing it up is as meaningless as your posts.

Tell me, oh mighty one, how does Miami sign Smith & Long while also having to sign about 10 rookie contracts, while also having to sign FA's to fill needs, while potentially having to resign Bush.


Come on, prove to me just how dumb you are.

Interesting story about GMs ways, Armando.

Dashi got on someone's nerve. Ha Ha B!tch

Sad Dashi comes in and ur panties are in a bunch. Why Cause Dashi speaks the truth and has integrity. Something u truly lack.

A man with Integrity doesn't have to change his name 1001 times. Or post in another blog with a different name. That shows ur insecurities

One thing even U can gladly admit is Dashi isn't Insecure of himself as U are of Urself. Mr. 1001 corny jokes

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues that include drinking. He believes the 24-year-old can be molded and will mature.

Mitt Romney was arrested for drinking when he was about Vontae's age. Why is Vontae being held to a higher standard than Mitt Romney.

Dashi, you have nothing to say. Whatever you say you don't back up. You are irrelevant.

A peeon doesn't get under my skin. Do not flatter yourself.

You have rendered yourself a waste of this blogs time & space. Need only read your jibberish for poof of this.

Good bye, idiot.

With over 50 mil in cap space next year genius.

Long will be getting an extension. His contract will be worth almost the same on a year to year basis. Meaning maybe 2-4 mil more a year. Or less

Smith will be resigned at the right price. If he ask for more then yes we will need 2 cb's.

Also, ur coming from Double negative land. Ur not a dolphin fan ur a dolphin hater. Constantly and consistently spewing ur negative criticism.

Reality? Ur far from that my friend.

Dashidouchey, the point of a blog is to debate & discuss. Not just make statements with no backing.

I laid out my post of holes on this team. I explained them. You called me extreme. Well, explain yourself. prove your point.

Should we just take you at your word? The word of some1 who speaks in 3 person? LMAO

You have 0 credibility. And I mean ZERO.

You are a peasant in the blog world. See your posts as proof.

Still doesn't make sense Mando.

We tried all this last draft. Maybe you forgot. Trade Marshall for picks then package them in the draft.

It didn't work, obviously. How do I know it didn't work?

after we traded Marshall,
after the draft,
after all the nonsense of the offseason,
after a horrible 3 preseason games,


Since we're in re-build mode and in salary cap hell..May as well trade Bush too since hell be a free agent next year... He's not gonna want to re-up us anyway.... We drafted his clone in Lamar Miller anyway... Dansby will be next cause he's too outspoken... If u follow the Hard Knox pattern,... Everyone who got cut was being set up for it the week before...

Flynn got injured

Mitt Romney is a scumbag and isn't even worth a 7th round pick so yeah he is held to the same standard

Kris and Craig M need to lock themselves in a room with Joe Philbin and just bang each other for about a week.

The sexual tension here is killing me.

The only team more of a joke then the Dolphins is the Jets talke about colossal failure.

Can either of you explain WHY Philbin should get the benefit of the doubt? What on his resume or of what you've heard him say makes you think he could be a successful NFL head coach? Seriously, he has Tony Sparano's exact career path, offensive line all the way.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a third time in a row and it's time to stick to college football.

That's the point....

This isn't a rebuild. This is Ireland throwing out another net looking for acorns.

The man can't find acorns if they fell on him.

With over 50 mil in cap space next year genius.

Posted by: Dashi | August 27, 2012 at 12:22 PM

LMAO you make my point. Don't make statements you can't back up. PROVE IT!

How is the team going to be $50 mil under the cap?

Smith's contract isn't paying him a whole lot right now. His contract expires & he'll command at least double that next year.

Long will also make more than he makes now.
Dansby's contract spikes next year & if they cut him, will eat up cap space

How will the team be $50 mil under the cap. LMAO

They will be able to afford MAYBE 1 of those 2 guys with almost a CERTAINTY, Bush walks without an offer to stay.

You are absolutely clueless! End of discussion, you are useless & dumb.

Trade dansby, he's not worth the money, he's not going to give 80%,much less 100%. he knows his days are numbered as a dolfan so trade him now and get something for him.

Truth is...Very good points @ 12:14..

Everyone knows next year we will have a ton of expiring contracts..The biggest Jake Long. He will command a good portion of that money..Everyone just assumes we will resign him without thought of going in a different direction? It is assinine to say Jake Long will be in a different uniform net year!!! Is it?

I'm not taking anything away from Jake Long..He is great. Does he do things for this team that I can't see or do not understand? Yes. Is he one of the top 5 LT's in the game? Yup. Is it paramount to have a LT that protects Tannehill? Bingo!!

The thing is, we have gotten worse as a team since drafting Long. The offensive line worse..It is like the jets who have 3 freekin pro bowlers on their line..Still no playmakers..We can keep using high picks on these lineman and ignore the trend of the rrst of the league which is to surround your offense with playmakers. The money saved by letting Long go we could find a replacement who may not be Long..But would be serviceable..We could actually go out and use our picks as an advantage..Not as a bogg your team down saftey net choice(lineman)..

I love Jake long as a player..I'm not saying losing him would be the right thing..I'm just saying it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I dont get why trade davis. He was our best corner. The other defensive backs are weak on this team. I been a dolphin fan over 35 years and after we finish 5-11 this season mr ross will cut ties with ireland. The fans will stay away and there will be more blackouts. We dont have a number 1 receiver and now we lost our best corner. I dont like tom brady and the other quarterbacks in our divison but have to respect them. If we dont address these needs, were going to get torch every sunday. dolphin fan for life

its kinda sad we are always talking about draft picks next year. why would we trade for picks with ireland doing the drafting??? he steps over talent to find an acorn? clyde gates,egnew? really?

Philbin didnt even call the plays at GB, yea he came up with the gameplan gave it to Mccarthy then sat on his old granpa a** sipping prune juice. We might as well make him the janitor at the Dolphins complex since he likes to pick up garbage..

Mr. Phony

Dashi has already proved his point. Ur the one with the condescending tone.

Dashi doesn't have to repeat his views on every post. Ur repeating something that was debated here multiple times over the past couple weeks.

Pardon me, if Dashi is tired of explaining of ur nitpicking.

What cause Dashi used reality and exposed ur views that things aren't that bad?

Awwhh Poor child

No one is going to pay Dansby's salary.

Make no mistake, Ireland has been shopping him also.

No takers at that price. Not only picks but salary also.

This has gotten out of hand with the WR's especially with Hartline injured. Don't wait for the roster cuts with an extra 2nd & 3rd for next year Ireland MUST make a trade to get a legitimate WR (w/o major character issues) to help out Tannehill.

Odin...check out 12:24....

I hold you responsible for this....

you don't talk to the HELP...and since it is a well known fact that this Oscar Canosa character and the rest of ho 1001 names WORK FOR THE HERALD....

that makes him the HELP....

Remember...we don't talk to the help....

Truth is...Very good points @ 12:14..

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | August 27, 2012 at 12:28 PM

Thanks! Try explaining that to this Dashi character. He's as dumb as a stump!

Common sense is NOT an extreme view or hard to understand. For Dashi it is.

"No one is going to pay Dansby's salary.

Make no mistake, Ireland has been shopping him also.

No takers at that price. Not only picks but salary also."


I couldn't agree with you more. I keep flip-flopping over whether they will just cut him but at the end of the day the cap hit will still be huge.

Another 3year rebuilding, New Owner, New GM, New Head Coach, mark my words, this franchise IS floudering. Ross will sell the Miami Dolphins, he is losing money Big Time...

Dashi, what you have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt btw, is that you're an intellectual midget who lacks basic common sense.

Buh-Bye, homer.


I agree with you regarding Philbin. But I will take it further, send Philbin to the circus. He looks like a clown and has our team playing like clowns.

His resume is no better than a high school coach with basket weaving skills.

Also, u don't win any discussion just because u call someone a idiot at the end.

OK, U Ignorant Imbecile

Yes, we're going to be horrible this season....but next year? Although things look gloomy now they look very bright at the same time. At the end of the 2012-2013 season we will have:

A ton of cap space
A ton of high draft picks
Players that want to play and aren't in it for themselves

Philbin is building his team, and like I said on a previous blog: if this leads to us becoming the GB Packers of the AFC in 3 years then every fan trying to jump ship will be back and singing Philbin's praises (no, not Ireland's -- though he has set us up for success....albeit, in the future)


I'm with you. I think that it's not necessarily a done deal that we'll re-sign Jake Long. With Philbin implementing a new offense & a new blocking scheme it is yet to be determined if Jake is the right fit. My guess is that Jake will excel once the season starts but then the question becomes--is he body breaking down???

If he stays healthy this year & performs at a high level then yes I think Ross/Ireland will pay him top dollar much like they did for Wake.

I'm not odin or oscar or anyone else, I never post here.

Sorry if that was overly-insulting, I just thought it was funny you two keep going back and forth congratulating each other on agreeing.

But that was a real question, why should Philbin get the benefit of the doubt when his personality and resume are huge red flags indicating he's not going to work out?

The only thing we can prey is grandpa Philbin doesnt have a heart attack on the field watching this product play

Parcells picked Merling, Henne, and White, as well as Sean Smith. So he was the one who has killed the 2nd round. Ireland has done a terrible job with free agent signings. Vontae Davis is imature and needs to grow up how long do you have to wait on a player to figure it out. Davis was a Parcells pick as well.

Mitt Romney was arrested for drinking when he was about Vontae's age. Why is Vontae being held to a higher standard than Mitt Romney.
Posted by: The Tuna | August 27, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Didn't you know? All politicians are saints and are not allowed to get in trouble. If they do get in trouble then they're allowed to use one of their unlimited Get Out of Jail Free cards. Just look at the ex. Mass. Senator Kennedy who killed a girl while intoxicated but got off free. Just one of many examples.

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