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The difference between Colts, Dolphins

The Dolphins and Colts are similar in many respects in that both are rebuilding this year after a difficult 2011. The Dolphins have a new coach. The Colts have a new coach. The Dolphins are going with a rookie first-round quarterback. The Colts are going with a rookie first-round quarterback.

But the manner in which they are approaching this year is obviously different and that difference showed clearly in the trade that yesterday sent cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami to Indianapolis.

The truth is the Colts until Sunday had a major hole at one of their cornerback spots. It was as big as the hole the Dolphins have at, say, wide receiver.

But unlike the Dolphins who have this offseason addressed the wide receiver need on the cheap with low-round draftees and signing a has-been and troubled veteran in Chad Johnson, the Colts went more aggressive.

The Colts began shopping for ways to address their need. Early last week the team began searching for a way to plug that leaky hole in the defense. And knowing that Vontae Davis had lost his starting job in Miami, the Colts called asking to acquire him.

The Colts' first offer was a sixth-round pick.

Miami general manager Jeff Ireland, who had not been shopping Davis, told the Colts he was not interested.

By Thursday, the offer was improved to a fifth-round pick. Ireland still had no interest in that price for a player he views as troubled but still worthy of keeping  given his age, ability, relatively cheap cost and the first-round investment he had in Davis.

So the Colts let that sit for a while.

And Saturday the Colts came back again -- this time offering a third-round pick for Davis. I have to give Indianapolis GM Ryan Grigson credit for persistence. He latched on to the idea of getting Davis like a pitbull locks down on a steak and didn't let go. And, of course, while he was showing little interest in the offers, Miami GM Jeff Ireland was not saying, "Stop calling me!"

Ireland was open to the idea of trading Davis, but at a price he wanted. That goes back to the Bill Parcells school of thought that "Everybody is on the trade block all the time." (For the right price).

The third-round offer got Ireland's attention in that serious, serious negotiations began to take place between the teams. The Colts were finally in the ballpark but Ireland wanted more. And the fact they were in the ballpark encouraged the Colts they might be able to solve their gaping defensive problem. It also encouraged Ireland that he could get a premium draft pick in this deal.

It was sometime late Saturday or early Sunday when Grigson came back with the second-round offer. The offer put Ireland on the hook but to reel him in, Grigson had to add the conditional sixth-rounder that he ultimately included in the deal.

Although he will never say it, Ireland obviously believes the Colts to be rebuilding and is banking on them having a high pick in next year's draft so, in his mind, he's not just getting a No. 2 but potentially a high No. 2. Grigson, meanwhile, sees that his draft picks will be a lot lower now that he's got a set of corners he's happy about to play games in this pass-happy league. He believes Colts coach Chuck Pagano can get major production out of Davis that obviously Joe Philbin and his staff didn't think they could get. And he believes he can compete and win a lot of games this year, particularly with the Davis addition.

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues that include drinking. He believes the 24-year-old can be molded and will mature.

The Dolphins?

Publicly, they're saying all the right things about not giving up and not being diminished by this trade even though it is not arguable that they are not as good right now, today, as they were before they traded Davis on Sunday.

A lockdown cornerback is simply hard to find in today's NFL.

But the Dolphins have added valuable "ammunition," as Ireland called it and that can be used to address other issues in the future. Yes, I said the future. The truth is that while many fans have the expectation that the Dolphins are going to turn around and use their shiny, new second-round pick on a wide receiver (Miami's biggest hole now) in time for this season, I have serious doubts about that.

I think it's more likely the Dolphins have set themselves up for using that pick or packaging that pick in next year's draft to fill whatever needs this season proves the Dolphins have.

If it plays out that way, count that as a significant difference between the Dolphins and Colts. The Colts gambled and tried to get better on the fly by making a trade now -- even if it means chasing down a trade partner and giving up a second-rounder. The Dolphins would be taking a more careful approach, waiting until next April to use the pick they just acquired.


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Marshall was a drive killer with too many drops and is on his 3rd team in 5 years. Davis was more interested in getting drunk, eating and sitting on his ass than FB. Potential don't win games. Everyone and I mean everyone on this team is expendable. This team needs a rebuild and that is what's happening. Name one "game changer" on this team? Wake, Long, Bush, then what?

Not since Bethard it seems has this team drafted well?

Thats not me @2:19, who is Mean Joe Greene, and Sam Madison retired?

Not for nothing Craig M but if you don't believe that a huge red zone threat who collects 15 touchdowns in his first two seasons, a guy who puts 7 on the board instead of 3, makes a team better then you don't have any business spending so much time talking on a football blog.

Posted by: Cual?

your not getting it Cual!!! Bryant wouldn't have put up 15 TD's with coach saprano and his kick field goal mentality... He would of probably gotten 2 just like hartline and you would be saying the same thing about him , and how much of a 4th team w/r he is .. man you dont get it!

Wow what a shrewd dealer Ireland is, wonder how the negotiations with the Bears went, being that Marshall made that team a Super Bowl Contender, and the Dolphins only got a 3? For the most part, you look at all the great teams in the NFL, they are marked by a great Quarterback, Coach, and Owner. Dolphins: Rookie Quarterback and Coach and the worst Owner in the NFL compounded by the worst GM.


Thanks for your concern about how I spend your time. So by your comparison, James Jones must be an equivalent player to Dez Bryant because James Jones had SEVEN TDs last sure. Is that your logic? Yeah OK, that makes a lot of sense. Couldn't be anything else that went into Jones having seven TDs, like better talent than we have and a QB that can get him the ball, as examples.

Posted by: Cual? | August 27, 2012 at 02:12 PM

I tend to agree with you. I think people would rather have a team of church go'ers than so called character issue guys.

Dez Bryant is hands down better than any WR on this team. PERIOD. 1 player doesn't win games by himself. Who cares how many games the Boys won with him?

THAT IS A LOSERS ARGUMENT TO MAKE. Some people will find any reason to justify their lunacy.

TALENT IS TALENT! He would instantly be our best offensive player next to Jake Long. You don't avoid talent because of potential red flags, you manage them.

It's apparent Philbin's scared. That 1 guy could undermine the whole program that he's going to want to cut anybody that gets in his way. It reeks of insecurity.

Where would the 90's cowboys have been without the aittutdes & trouble makers on the team? Did Jimmy Johnson cut them?

NO, he dealt with them & he's got 2 rings(3 overall) to show for it.

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues.

Add the underachiever label, and none of these things botherd Ireland neither, before drafting Vonte Davis 25th in the 1st rd of the 2009 draft. See how well that worked out right?

Personally, dont think Vonte will ever become a pro bowl calibe corner. He just has to many focus issues both on and off the field. If Davis isnt careful, he maybe out of the league aloether within 2-3yrs. Hedoesnt sem to be willing to pay the rice to become great. You just cant coch nor councel that into a player.

Marshall-Drive Killer...let it go!

Whiner, bitcher and QB bully, took plays off...

Glad to have the pick, now get a GM that can find talent to use that pick.

how is this team gonna win one game? how?


I've heard all this crap over and over again....'Marshall's a playmaker, he's going to be the difference-maker, take us to the playoff'....yeah, yeah, whatever. Record before he came: 7-9

Record in his time with the team: 7-9 and 6-10.

Yeah he made a real big difference. 'Let's go and get Dez Bryant. He'll make all the difference in the world'. It's not fantasy football guys. The Cowbooys aren't win any more games with Bryant than without Bryant. Those are the facts.

Till he has a Pro Bowl Year and brings Chicago to the Super Bowl. Then we look like idiots again.

Vontae Davis, 'How can we trade this guy. He was a first round pick....blah, blah, blah'. Here's how, the team was no f*cking good with him in the lineup, that's how. Wasn't working. Do you think they lost despite him? No. He had a hand in it just like everyone else. Not in shape. Not ready to play. Beaten way to often....see ya later!

Sorry guys,

But Brandon Marshall would have forced the young Tannehill into bad habits. By bad habits I mean, Marshall will demand the ball every pass, and scold Tannehill every time he didnt get it.

Bad part about all of this is Marshall would hve yet another 100 rec 1200yd and "only 3td" season. Youre not winning games when youre not scoring td's.

Well he didn't have a f+cking Pro Bowl year here, did he?

Killed more drives than our defense

Craig your the biggest flip floppin SOB, a hole donkey konf MOFO on this blog, For cheist sake GTFOH and eat a di *k you di*k in the buttoks c*nt. I'll smack the taste outta ur mouth if a jeanie came and granted me a wish!

It seems most great WR's are divas. So we'll never have a great WR while Ireland's still here. He's obviously in the wrong business. Maybe a church job would suit him better.


Thanks for sharing....it's obvious you never went to school. Instead of attacking why don't you put your dunce cap on and try and think up a rebuttal. I'll sit tight for a week and see if you can come up with something.

It's not about "fantasy football", Dez Bryant is a red zone threat and one of the best in the league in that role already after two years.

Brian Hartline could be a role player on Green Bay and catch a couple touchdowns like James Jones but neither one can bring what Dez Bryant does to the table.

But all you seem to care about is justifying the garbage moves this garbage franchise makes so take your own tired line to heart - how is this helping the team?

6-10 with Marshall and Davis?

Watch what happens without them homer.

Marshall may have made 1 "TOUGH" catch the entire 2 seasons in Miami. Im just giving him the benifit of the doubt on that. Marshall also routinely dropped balls that hit him right in the hands.

For as much as Marshall gets targeted as a wr, he should be able to put up "Mega-Tron like" td numbers. Marshall's seasonal td totals always read like that of a 4th wr.

Craig M the Monday Morning QB sissy mary is always there to say "I told you so"

He's always right, you're always wrong.

If you don't agree with him, you're dumb.

If there is a bigger "d*ck" or ego on this blog, please point him out.

If you got 5 td's(Marshall's 2011 total) out of your 4th wr that would be absolutely fantastic! Problem is, Marshall was our #1 wr.

To all you Marshall/Davis/ whoever haters, why is it all these guys become so good again once they leave the Dolphins?? It's tiresome hearing how bad these guys are till they go somewhere else. Must be some magic pixie dust, huh? It's a bunch of bulls$&t excuses you guys love using to justify your excuses. The talent is there, never left, it's the entire Dolphin coaching, management and attitude that's to blame, nothing else. Joe Philibin is a hack, no better then Sporano, Saban, Cameron and on and on amd on......

Davis, 44 games, 1 SK, 9 INT, 127 tkl. 1 fmb rec. I didn't get the stats on showing up drunk and getting suspended mid season, the dropped int's, missed arm tackles and dehydrated Hamstring pulls?

Yeah, Martin the dunce...

Im putting ALL my faith into Phibin. He is challenging Ireland on most of his draft picks from years past. We are rebuilding, team would be lucky to finish 500. Cut the cancer starts now. Hooray for the new coaching staff!


I'm happy that they are gone becaue 6-10 doesn't do anything for anyone. Let's see them bomb out and get some top tier talent in here. Tired of being 6-10, 7-9 etc....Let's get some top players in here and actually have a 'team', instead of these guys who want to do things THEIR way, like showing up late for meeting and calling players out on the sideline. No room for that here under Philbin's regime.

Trading Marshall looks more moronic every day. LOL

how many poor draft picks,losing seasons will it take to get rid of ireland? the dolphins have been spining there wheels for years. i was willing to give ireland the benefit of the doubt till now. recievers worse than ever and an ol that is still having issues. how many more years will it take to fix this? my patience is wearing thin. ireland just cant seem to get it together. seems ross is afraid to fire ireland because he knows nothing about football and doesnt have a clue who eles to hire. spinning wheels till ireland goes!! i cant put up with too much more of this!

What's Jamar Fletcher doing these days? Let's bring him back as our top CB.


Any time you've got something of value to add rather than attacking someone we're all ears. Other words it's just wasted crap on a page....thanks for trying, though.

Armando, here's the question to ask... did Vontae Davis dog his way out of town/off the roster? We already know he has maturity issues and maybe rather than fight for his starting job back he looked around at the coaching change, the roster changes, the losing every year and decided he wanted out and by dogging it, he got his wish.

..Craig M..I think perhaps my post was misunderstood..I was just saying I do not think it is a slam dunk that Jake Long is a Dolphin next year..

A lot of people are going to say he is a our best player. What would we do without Jake? Who protects Tanny..on and on..You get the point. I'm suggesting the team may have to weight it's options as far as what they want to do. We will have a ton of money coming off the books next offseason. Is Jake Long worth another big contract for THIS team considering everything he has done..And then the negative his age during the new contract and the likleyhood he stays healthy during that time..Worth the money we will have to pay for a player that COULD be on the other side of his best..

Just somethings the FO will have to weigh in their decision next year, or this year if we extend his contract before free agency..

Again I'm not saying this is what we should do..Just something that has to be thought about before shelling out a huge contract.

Thanks for sharing....it's obvious you never went to school. Instead of attacking why don't you put your dunce cap on and try and think up a rebuttal. I'll sit tight for a week and see if you can come up with something.

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2012 at 02:38 PM

Instead of sitting tight all week, why don't disappear forever? Please? If we are all so inferior intellectually to you, why do you keep coming back here?

OH I KNOW. To lecture us about how much smarter you are. Why don't you do that to your family instead?? They prolly had enough of your routine, that's why you're here.

What would a day on the phins blog be without his royal heigness here to tell you how inferior you all are.

I mean, I'm sure we can find another resident know it all to take your place. So, why don't you do us all a favor and F***OFF already?

You jackoffs are a dime a dozen! You're easily replacable.


You're not wrong in saying it's not a slam dunk he'll be back. But they are going to loko AWFULLY stupid if they let their perennial Pro Bowler walk away for nothing. Like unbeleivably dumb! It's why I believe at the very least he'll be franchised. The idea that they'd have a lot of money available is fine in theory but this franchise has a crdibility issue right now and I highly douby FA's will be falling over themselves to come to Miami.

FAH-Q,(and all your aliases),

Thanks for sharing your warm thoughts. Most of us are here to talk football. If it's not your thing and it's too hard for you maybe you could just sit quietly and read while the big boys play.....thanks.

Dez Byrant a endzone threat?!? BAHAHAHAha 15 td's in 2 years under a allstar q/b named tony romo .. yeah right .. he isn't no better than b. hartline ...LOL

Somethings never change here.

By that I mean, Craig M being the Blog's resident As*hole.

How has someone as smart as you been able to survive in a world filled w/so many dumb people?

We kneel at your awesomeness LOLOLOL

Q. What is the difference between Craig M & a bucket of shyt?

A. The Bucket


Too bad you're not man enough to own up to your actual name. You're not foling anyone....just making yourself look like an ass. I guess you just have a really tough time understanding IT'S NOT YOUR BLOG (repeat several times to yourself).

Relax fans. Manny Wright is coming in for a workout.

The real joke is my small penis and thinking I'm actually relevant.


Why don't you tell us all again what a great QB Vince Young will be for this team. How teams will snap him up as soon as hes available on the market. Soon to be 4 teams in 20 months....pretty impressive!

How Sparano is going to be one of the most sought after head coaching candidates out there. That's all good stuff....speaking of jokes of the day.

..I forgot about the franchise option..That puts a huge smack in he face to my theory we may not sign him because of fear of an extended contract..And I thought I was making a pretty good point..

Why is Hartline still on the team? Because he's white?

I got my stats because I'm a big time GM and have a steelar resume in the NFL. OR, I think I know it all while I supersize fries.
Davis is 24 years old you dunce. Ready to come into his prime, with someone who can actually Coach.

Finally!! Ireland gets the upper hand in a trade. To get a 2nd and a 6th for a inconsistent corner is a steal. Then to think we have a great chance that the 2nd is in the top 40 picks is icing on the cake. As for Wallace( for a 2) it would be nice but the Steelers aren't the Colts plus we have no cap space.
Patience my Dolphin Fans Patience

Hartline actually has produced some very nice catches in the NFL. Is he necessarily an NFL starter...NO. But, unlike most of the Dolphins WRs he's proven he can play in this league.

Race baiting -- of all kinds -- cheapens this blogs. There are good and bad white players just as there are good and bad black players. Anyone who actually believes that Philbin or Ireland will make potentially career-killing decision on the basis of racism are, quite frankly, insane.

Yep Melvin, Hartline is here cause he is white. While you are here because the welfare check doesn't come til the 30th.

Some would say Ireland got more for Vontae than he did for MArsha?

On the Rookie Salary. Ur right DD, it's pre-Allocated on the cap before FA's next year.

Again, All 32 NFL Teams in the NFL can't spend less than 10% towards the Cap. Alot of the Dolphins Cap is Tied to this year. Dashi Posted a Link Before by a Jet Fan that Explains the Situation.

Here it is again for those who seek the Truth
http://nyjetscap.com/Dolphins/dolphins2013.php -2013 Cap Value $89 Mil

http://nyjetscap.com/Dolphins/dolphins2012.php -2012 Cap Value $122 Mil

That's a $33 Mil Difference. Cap will Look pretty good. Dansby salary goes down, Soliai incl'd.

Look at other Team Cap Situations? NE will still be paying Chad $1Mil Next year and cap will be $100mil+, The Jets will be at $138 Mil, and the Bills will be at $114 Mil.

The $88 Mil the Dolphins will have next year doesn't seem that Bad Now. Add the 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds. Philbin will keep his job if the Fins go 4-12. With that said, Dashi is still hoping for 7-9

If Jake Doesn't Sign He'll get Franchised Which is less than what he Makes. Again, Jake got his Jersey retired the day he got Drafted, He's been working on his HOF speech since about the same time.

The Wall is consistently better than Joe Thomas. More Awards, Higher Pick, More All-Pro's, More Pro Bowls Start. Jake long owns Joe Thomas(JL's Bottom B!tch). There is Jake Long and then Everyone Else, when it comes to LT's.

Those Who want to Sabotage the Dolphins are the 1st to say Get rid of Jake Long!

OK and get Who?

What do all the So Called "Experts" say is the 1st thing U get when U have a Franchise QB?

A LT, and the Fins have the best in the Game.

Also, why Waste a roster Spot on Plaxico or StallWorth? Who won't be on the Team next year!

Instead of letting 1 or 2 of these Young guys Prove themselves? Who Could be Here Next Year and Years to Come!

With that said get rid Of Naanee. They Got rid of Pruitt. Who Dashi had Hope for.

New Revolving Wr Depth Chart


1 of the unproven on the Team. Cunningham, Matthews, Hogan, or Fuller.

and 1 Players from another Teams Cuts. Hopefully Ireland Plucks an Acorn or what ever Nuts fit his fancy. Show that he is doing his job.

Well there goes 7 INTs

When people like Clue and other negative jerks on this blog are so adamant about conjecture, it is a sign of mental disorder. Their blog's verify that.

Dashi, why bring in a Plaxico or Stallworth??? How about so your young QB doesn't become discouraged and loses faith??? How bout that??

When Irescum traded 3 picks fo D Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 27, 2012 at 02:39 PM

Wait, where are the 4th receivers who catch 1,000 yards worth of receptions every season?

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Yea but you still haven't answered my question, why on earth are you calling this "Philbin's regime"? Why do you have any confidence that HE, Joe Philbin, career offensive line coach, mild mannered wimp who can't handle talented players, is going to fix this franchise?

What have you seen of him to inspire any confidence? At least Cam Cameron had the Xs and Os, at least Tony Sparano had the rah rah personality.

I'm guessing you're among the faithful that would call him an "offensive mastermind" or "quarterback guru" because he watched Mike McCarthy coach Aaron Rogers to a bunch of wins.

Why do you think he can copy Mike McCarthy's offense here? Why does he get the benefit of the doubt from you?

Julius Pruitt cut!!!


He gets the benefit of the doubt because he's the head coach. He wasn't my choice as HC, but he gets my full support and should have the full support of the fans and organization until he shows otherwise. I was excited about the Cameron hiring but after a while it became clear that he was the wrong guy. Philbin was the choice so everyone at this stage should be buying in. Can he turn things around? I have no clue.

Tannehill will end up like a David Carr surrounded by scrubs, and losing any confidence he may have had.

Thank god we have bush and Thomas. They will be great.

"This team stinks".....Reggie Bush

Fair enough, too much of a homer mindset for me though, I don't trust this owner or GM so I don't automatically trust the coach they brought in, especially given his background and what we've seen to date.

On the plus side I don't think the owner, GM, or coach matter if they find a quarterback.

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