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The difference between Colts, Dolphins

The Dolphins and Colts are similar in many respects in that both are rebuilding this year after a difficult 2011. The Dolphins have a new coach. The Colts have a new coach. The Dolphins are going with a rookie first-round quarterback. The Colts are going with a rookie first-round quarterback.

But the manner in which they are approaching this year is obviously different and that difference showed clearly in the trade that yesterday sent cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami to Indianapolis.

The truth is the Colts until Sunday had a major hole at one of their cornerback spots. It was as big as the hole the Dolphins have at, say, wide receiver.

But unlike the Dolphins who have this offseason addressed the wide receiver need on the cheap with low-round draftees and signing a has-been and troubled veteran in Chad Johnson, the Colts went more aggressive.

The Colts began shopping for ways to address their need. Early last week the team began searching for a way to plug that leaky hole in the defense. And knowing that Vontae Davis had lost his starting job in Miami, the Colts called asking to acquire him.

The Colts' first offer was a sixth-round pick.

Miami general manager Jeff Ireland, who had not been shopping Davis, told the Colts he was not interested.

By Thursday, the offer was improved to a fifth-round pick. Ireland still had no interest in that price for a player he views as troubled but still worthy of keeping  given his age, ability, relatively cheap cost and the first-round investment he had in Davis.

So the Colts let that sit for a while.

And Saturday the Colts came back again -- this time offering a third-round pick for Davis. I have to give Indianapolis GM Ryan Grigson credit for persistence. He latched on to the idea of getting Davis like a pitbull locks down on a steak and didn't let go. And, of course, while he was showing little interest in the offers, Miami GM Jeff Ireland was not saying, "Stop calling me!"

Ireland was open to the idea of trading Davis, but at a price he wanted. That goes back to the Bill Parcells school of thought that "Everybody is on the trade block all the time." (For the right price).

The third-round offer got Ireland's attention in that serious, serious negotiations began to take place between the teams. The Colts were finally in the ballpark but Ireland wanted more. And the fact they were in the ballpark encouraged the Colts they might be able to solve their gaping defensive problem. It also encouraged Ireland that he could get a premium draft pick in this deal.

It was sometime late Saturday or early Sunday when Grigson came back with the second-round offer. The offer put Ireland on the hook but to reel him in, Grigson had to add the conditional sixth-rounder that he ultimately included in the deal.

Although he will never say it, Ireland obviously believes the Colts to be rebuilding and is banking on them having a high pick in next year's draft so, in his mind, he's not just getting a No. 2 but potentially a high No. 2. Grigson, meanwhile, sees that his draft picks will be a lot lower now that he's got a set of corners he's happy about to play games in this pass-happy league. He believes Colts coach Chuck Pagano can get major production out of Davis that obviously Joe Philbin and his staff didn't think they could get. And he believes he can compete and win a lot of games this year, particularly with the Davis addition.

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues that include drinking. He believes the 24-year-old can be molded and will mature.

The Dolphins?

Publicly, they're saying all the right things about not giving up and not being diminished by this trade even though it is not arguable that they are not as good right now, today, as they were before they traded Davis on Sunday.

A lockdown cornerback is simply hard to find in today's NFL.

But the Dolphins have added valuable "ammunition," as Ireland called it and that can be used to address other issues in the future. Yes, I said the future. The truth is that while many fans have the expectation that the Dolphins are going to turn around and use their shiny, new second-round pick on a wide receiver (Miami's biggest hole now) in time for this season, I have serious doubts about that.

I think it's more likely the Dolphins have set themselves up for using that pick or packaging that pick in next year's draft to fill whatever needs this season proves the Dolphins have.

If it plays out that way, count that as a significant difference between the Dolphins and Colts. The Colts gambled and tried to get better on the fly by making a trade now -- even if it means chasing down a trade partner and giving up a second-rounder. The Dolphins would be taking a more careful approach, waiting until next April to use the pick they just acquired.


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IT'S NOT YOUR BLOG (repeat several times to yourself).

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2012 at 02:55 PM

It's your blog. You act like it. You're busy scolding & criticizing everyone every day.

You don't talk to people with a dissenting view point. Actually you do, but when forced to accept their viewpoint or explain yourself, you bail out & you then begin:

You say everyone uses an alias
You say we dont talk about football
You accuse people of being a troll
on & on & on


You ARE a brocken record! We know you're superior to all of us. How can we not know by now? You make it a point to remind us every day.

Your life is worthy of an E-Hollywood type story.

Im not bringing any negativity WTF is that previous poster talking about. Im just expressing my thoughts if you dont like it go F your mom!

Craig, Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was when Ireland cant supply any talent.

Posted by: Cual?
Cual just go find another team.. you obviously dont like anything about the dolphins.

by the time ireland is done we will have the most squeeky clean alter boys in the nfl. but no talent! sorry, i dont mean to be so negative but its hard to find anything positve about this team right now. ross said rome was not built in a day! its been freaking years mr ross not days. wake the hell up and get rid of ireland. can someone eles really do any worse?

Craig and DC--the chronically wrong club


Thanks,man. Always good to hear from you (all of you....wink, wink).

and the word is BROKEN not BROCKEN.....look it up in the dictionary.....under the 'B's'....

Pruitt Acorn Gone!!!

Wouldn't be surprised if WR's wallace and moore are next off the chopping block...honestly, every last one of them is expendable at this point (With exception to bess)...who knows about hogan, my guess is they wont keep him long enough to find out if he is truly open all the time, I guess another team will use his exploits to their advantage...most do at the expense of miami..!!!

Posted by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 03:21 PM

Of course not, I'm a season ticket holder, I have to sit through this mess.

I love the team, love the franchise, but the organization is rotten from the top to the bottom.

And BTW, I'm not the only one sick of the way this team is being run.

Even all you homers show your disgust on game days. You're the ones that look like empty orange seats.

Jung Li,

There's a name we've never seen on here before. Seems to know all about DC and myself but yet seems to have fallen from the sky. Were on the Chinese basketball team or something Jung Li.....welcome.

Just like 1000s of other bloggers, I get to criticize others while hiding behind phony names because I can have a big mouth and act tough. In reality, I was the high school loser who got beat up day after day.

Dolphins placed Pruitt on injured reserve today. That's one WR down....more to come.

blah blah blah Cual .. sounds like you're trying to convince everyone that this is something new and you are shocked that the fins traded davis .. if your a fan like you say you are this wouldn't surprise you and you wouldn't be a season ticket holder .. now go live your life and forget about the fins ... and trying to convince every poster on here that your team sucks OK?

I have a little Chinese noodle

Been here for years. Davis was poised for a breakout 7 INT year. All with a brain can see that .

We tried the Colts approach and failed many, many times with Aj Feely, that useless Rams running back we gave up a 3rd rounder for, and a host of others. A knee jerk reaction to give up a second round pick to get an underperforming CB that is out of shape is not the way to win in the NFL.

Posted by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 03:31 PM

Uh, they do suck. By absolutely any parameter or metric you want to look at.

And they suck because their leadership sucks, owner, GM, and coach.

I and many (MOST) Dolphins fans choose to get pissed about it rather than becoming delusional and justifying away every horrible decision.

Your delusion doesn't make you any more of a fan.

I love the team, love the franchise, but the organization is rotten from the top to the bottom.

Posted by: Cual?

and you dont love the team ... you hate the players , coaching staff, the owner and everyone involved in it .. quit trying to convince yourself that you are a fan .. cause you aren't convincing me!

It's so blatantly obiovus Craig M is impostering Alias & Jung Li.

Both names went after doofus craig M & they auto get impostered.


d.Bess, Huh?

Dashi has said it before Davone Bess will have 80+ Receptions.

Give Hartline his 50+ and another 20+ from 1 or 2 more Wr's.

That's 200 Catches to the Wr's. More than Enough in this Offense. For this Year.

U add in Bush's 60+ and 30+ from the other RB's. Mike Sherman likes to throw Screens. He knows when to throw a Screen. Which is more important. That's 90+ catches to the Rb's.

The Te's? Dashi was expecting them to Account for 80+ Catches this year. But from what I've seen Dashi can only go 60+ and that seems pretty high with their 20+ Drops this year.

Mike Sherman runs a 50/50 Offense. Almost down to the Tee. Last Year at A&M , 537 Passing and 507 running.

It holds true for most of his career. He has Had Top 5 Rush Offenses and Top 5 Pass Attacks in the NFL in his Career at different times.


For Those Who dare Question Dashi's Integrity

Also Philbin has Led a Top 5 Nfl Offense before. Yes, Philbin was Integral to the Packers Offensive Efficiency. Philbin Directed the Practices, He was in charge of the Practice Schedule in Green Bay. Look it Up, 1 of the Many Reasons Philbin made a good Coach Candidate. Among Other things

I and many (MOST) Dolphins fans choose to get pissed about it rather than becoming delusional and justifying away every horrible decision.

Posted by: Cual?

How do you know it was a bad decision? because your some football guru and know it all ??? It might turn out to be the best decision the dolphins have ever made .. BUT YOU DOn'T wanna believe that becuase it seems like you want the fins to fail ... you're a complete joke ! I'm not delusional!! i'm delusionalbecause i dont agree with you that it was a mistake to trade Davis? you're delusional!

Craig aka Mr. Know-it-all,

Why don't you go to the B's for me. Look up Bullsh*t artist. Tell me if it reminds you of anyone you know.

Look in your mirror for a clue.


We no care about Dashi.

Dashi just go way.

Right. Not delusional.

But there's a chance. Some chance. That trading Vontae Davis for a second round pick might be the best decision the Dolphins have ever made.

Listen, if you still have confidence in Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland, you're delusional. There's no other explanation. This franchise is doomed to wallow in mediocrity until Ireland is gone. His outdated philosophy doesn't work, the team is too solid to get a top pick, not nearly talented enough to ever be contenders.

Don't switch Ur anger to me buddy.

People are talking to U. Get back in Character.

FOCUS. Come up with 1 of ur 1001 Corny Jokes. and Fast

Do it in 30 different Personas. Go on A Rant Like Only U can.

Will be back Later to Check.

** Disregard any Corny Negative One Liner's Under Dashi's name in the Near Future. Always with the Dolphin Hate, Stop it Clown **

Looking forward to week 9 when we visit the Colts.

I'm sitting on my couch, drinking a cold one and the game is tied late in the 4th quarter.

Tannehill drops back, sees Gates streaking down the sideline and beats Davis by 3 steps to grab the winning TD!

Ah, Ireland is not as dumb as we think.

Posted by: Cual?
and you seem to only like the players when they get traded... you aren't fooling anyone .. i bet if B. Hartline didnt get hurt and had a good preseason and then traded him you'd be pissed about that ... but you say he sucks ... bet you wouldn't be saying that if they traded him .. you are delusional

I remember Craig. People used to get on him allot.

He'd always cut & run from a convo when he was wrong or couldn't back up his big mouth. Then blame every1 for being a troll.

Got so bad he was studying log in names & looking for inconsitencies. He begged Armando in a thread to ban someone cause he was rippin him so bad.

He'd use AaAaAa 1 day. Then AAAaaa then aAaAaA LMAO DROVE HIM NUTS!

The guy who wants the place to himself to show off. JUST SAY NAY!

I'm worried about Julius ya'll

Anybody seen Julius?

Anybody wonder about tis cut and it's timing.

We have a bunch of receivers battling it out and only Pruitt gets cuts?

BEFORE Matthews, Cunnigham and no offense, but Hogan?

Wht kind of sense does that make? It wasn't a cap move either, Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......................

And when I look in the mirror I see a big douchebag who uses a million names.

Posted by: Cual?

how is Jeff Ireland's way outdated? the best teams seem to be doing it the same way we are right now. if Jeff Ireland was fired he would be picked up immediately to run another team .. you're outdated Cual you're philosophy wouldn't work in the NFL.. guess thats why you aren't a GM for any team :)


Anybody want to take a guess who this guy is? Give you a clue, he likes to end all his sentences with it and also has many aliases on here. Doubt me? Ask any of the regulars and they'll back me up. Difference between you and me, mental midget, is that I have NEVER posted under a different name and you frequently do it. What does that say about you?

Tell me again about Vince Young and how great a heading coaching candidate Sparano is....how about Ricky Stanzi? Remember that one? Going to be the star of the draft. We could go on all day about these but you'd only deny it. Must have been one of your other personalities, right?


Tell us again how Toronto is a 'hick town'. That was a good one too.

" if Jeff Ireland was fired he would be picked up immediately to run another team"

You're absolutely insane.

He's a Bill Parcells clone, his philosophy is outdated, NO ONE WOULD EVER HIRE HIM AS A GM.

No other team would think they can win in today's NFL with Chad Henne. Period.

If the Dolphins went through this whole season and Vontae has a Pro Bowl season - how many more wins is this going to get them? One? Maybe. All that one win is going to do is move them down the draft board next year. This team is bound to hit on some picks sooner or later. I like Pouncey, I like Martin, I like Tannehill, I like the two guys from the U. Next April with two 2nds and two 3rds - we could have five picks in the first 90 picks of the draft - even Ireland can't screw that up.

BTW - Vontae sux. He'll screw the pooch with the Colts. We're an 8-8 team with him and we're an 8-8 team without him. Who cares?

You are SO flat out dead wrong, it's hilarious!

You're such a simpleton latching on to the LOL reference from yesterday's gone LMAO



Strike 1 - Care to guess again? Or do you want to just post another 3 paragraphs about how you're right about knowing who I am and about Vince Young??

Too easy, honestly, TOOOOOO EASY!!!!!!!!

I actually visited Toronto once. Had a great time. Hockey Hall of fame n all.

Not a bad thing to say except you are a stain on that great city.

Buuuuuwaaaahahahahahahaha ValHalla!

And when I look in the mirror I see a big douchebag who uses a million names.

Posted by: Alias | August 27, 2012 at 04:03 PM

Craig M, At least my aliases are my own. You're too dumb to even come up with an original alias of your own.

plagiarize much?

I'm out Craig, I've wasted enough of my time on you. Sadly, you'll never admit to wasting all of our time.

If you wanna know who I am, email me:uratool@gmail.com

Vontae was NEVER a lockdown corner. He underachieved his whole career here.

Lol, your real address is Imapussy@yahoo.com

Because LOL, you are in fact the biggest_pussy who has ever blogged on this site. Now go replace your tampon while real men discuss football and don't have to hide behind different names.

He's a Bill Parcells clone, his philosophy is outdated, NO ONE WOULD EVER HIRE HIM AS A GM.

No other team would think they can win in today's NFL with Chad Henne. Period.

Posted by: Cual?

Once again you are wrong almost all the teams around the league say who good Ireland is at his job ... and if no team thinks that Chad Henne is a starter in the NFL you better ask Jacksonville about that LOL .. once again you are the only thats delusional... Thats why no one on here agree's with anthing you talk about...LOL

Jim clueless sees 8 wins. 2-14.

Also INTs win games. Vontae's now missing 7 INTs equals 3 wins. That's the difference between 8-8 and 11-5.

What Vontae Davis is or could be is kind of a secondary point, this is just another in a series of moves that creates the impression that Jeff Ireland has no ability to build a contending football team.

These days with the 24 hour news cycle perception is reality, doesn't much matter that Dolphins fans are split between haters and homers, the rest of the nation understandably thinks the franchise is a circus and a laughing stock.

I'm not a fan of the "Fire X" campaigns, they're pointless. I'm more of a "Hire Y" kind of guy. The problem is that Stephen Ross is out of his element and believes that Jeff Ireland would be difficult to replace.

For this season I'll root for wins during games and be content with losses and the higher draft pick as they come. All I want is for them to see what they have in Tannehill and for Stephen Ross to clean house and bring in a new GM to hire a new coach.

Omar Gaither & Bryant Johnson just became available.

Gaither is probably better than Misi. Johnson is 31, but he was a former 1st rnd pick so someone saw talent in him. He's got to be better than any WR we have on our roster.

Might be worth a look.

these teams have a different approach, at least with this one player.....but outside of that, I really dont see the big issue here......VD was ok but ultimately disappointing to me (should be a lock down corner but dont really think he's earned that label), I liked him but he was unreliable as to work ethic/effort, etc.....not good--maybe he can be molded, who knows......Miami got good value for him, wherever it happens to be in Rd 2 (it will be fairly high, we know that)--neither team is good or going anywhere this year, regardless of this trade.....and the more Philbin (dont hang him yet, please) tosses Irelands players aside, the less likely it would appear that Ireland will be doing the drafting come April anyway. Uh, it would help if VD came to camp in shape, after all, wouldn't it?--asking too much?

I was wondering when the senile, impotent, old fart, would show up! Hi bobbyd12!

How you doin today as*wipe? Get much sun today?

If there was ever anyone you wouldn't mind see getting swept away in a hurricane, it's you!


Posted by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 04:32 PM

Listen, I don't know if you've ever heard this before but you're kind of a prick.

I don't need people to agree with me on the internet, I have a pretty good grasp on reality. I know that Jeff Ireland isn't a GM who would be in high demand around the league and that Chad Henne is not a franchise quarterback. I know the Dolphins are a laughing stock nationally.

It doesn't make me less of a Dolphins fan, it just makes me a pissed off Dolphins fan. I'm far from the only one.

Once again you are wrong almost all the teams around the league say who good Ireland is at his job Posted

by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 04:32 PM

Please post a link to 1 article or clipping where 1 team had praise for Jeff Ireland.

You guys will say ANYTHING to convince yourselves your right or pretend to know what your talking about!

And I don't mean Jeff Fischer when he spurned the phins & gave a back handed compliment to Ireland so Ross & Jeffy wouldn't feel bad.

I'll wait.

And BTW, Blain Gabbert is starting for the Jaguars. They're another joke of a franchise, and the Dolphins were ready to roll in 2012 with a quarterback the Jags cut in favor of Josh McCown.

And that was before he sat out a year after neck surgery!

I've been an Ireland supporter since the beginning, and a Parcells, well..unsupporter. I like the trade of VD for a 2nd and 6th if.....and only if....we truly get a star player for it. I've been giving JI a pass because Parcells was really making the decisions. Last year's draft was ok, as long as Thomas, Wilson, and Clay wind up being dependable producers, but the jury is definitely out on this year's draft. Tanny looks like he'll be the QB we've wanted since Danny Boy. He won't ever be Danny Boy, but who is? Martin, Egnew, etc haven't looked very good but we have to let them develop a little before passing judgement. Forget the WRs we drafted last two years, except MAYBE Matthews. He's the only one I've seen that has shown any potential thus far. The rest are non factors. If Ireland doesn't slam dunk next year's draft/offseason with 2 WRs, at least 1 LBer, and a CB I'll officially be off the bandwagon! I've been a fan since the 1971 Christmas Day overtime game against KC, and I'm tired of the Dolphins losing!

Listen, I'm sick of this rah rah nonsense - those Lions fans who sat in the stands for 10 years with bags on their heads were GOOD FANS.

Dolphins are at that point with Jeff Ireland, I wish someone would set up one of those "only pay if you reach a certain amount" websites so Dolphins fans could hire the SAVE OUR FRANCHISE plane to fly over the 8 home games.

Although I rarely agree with or value Kipers opinions, he does have Egnew as a fantasy sleeper......that might be a fantasy in general, we'll see, but interesting to note.....dude is talented so hopefully its just a matter of time for his head to catch up.

Posted by: Cuba Gooding
Do your own research! all i can tell you is what i've heard coaches and experts say on espn and nfl network
Andy Reid said it , Jeff fisher said it , Rex ryan ... the list goes on and on ... the only ones that say he sucks are delusional fans like yourself that are few and far between and are not anywhere close to knowing what it takes to be a good GM or evaluating them in the nfl

Miami might not have the absolute worst team in the NFL, but they certainly seem to have the worst fans in the league without a doubt. I don't feel bad at all for Miami fans having to deal with the losing seasons. They deserve them. It's the organization that I feel sorry for. You try and you try and the fans just whine and whine. They persecute you for moves you make based solely on what they project the results to be before even seeing the results. They cite a draft record without comparing it to the averages. They cry for new coaches before a game has been played. They expect immediate results after getting almost all new coaches and completely new schemes and playing styles. Probably the worst thing is they blame everything on the GM like it's madden where you can see stats and every player works in every system. I could go on, but there is so much wrong with the Dolphans that it would take a book to get specific on it all. I guess I could sum it up with; The Dolphins have what is arguably the most ignorant fan base in the entire NFL.


Posted by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 04:54 PM

In 2011, after Jeff Ireland took over for Bill Parcells (who made all the bad picks and none of the good ones when they were working together), why did he make the safest pick possible, the identical twin of a Pro Bowl center, instead of attempting to fix the franchise by drafting one of the six quarterbacks in striking distance in the first two rounds?

If he's not a Bill Parcells clone and is a competent GM, how could he still think Chad Henne could still be a franchise quarterback after four years? How could he still think a team can contend in the NFL today without a star quarterback?

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