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The difference between Colts, Dolphins

The Dolphins and Colts are similar in many respects in that both are rebuilding this year after a difficult 2011. The Dolphins have a new coach. The Colts have a new coach. The Dolphins are going with a rookie first-round quarterback. The Colts are going with a rookie first-round quarterback.

But the manner in which they are approaching this year is obviously different and that difference showed clearly in the trade that yesterday sent cornerback Vontae Davis from Miami to Indianapolis.

The truth is the Colts until Sunday had a major hole at one of their cornerback spots. It was as big as the hole the Dolphins have at, say, wide receiver.

But unlike the Dolphins who have this offseason addressed the wide receiver need on the cheap with low-round draftees and signing a has-been and troubled veteran in Chad Johnson, the Colts went more aggressive.

The Colts began shopping for ways to address their need. Early last week the team began searching for a way to plug that leaky hole in the defense. And knowing that Vontae Davis had lost his starting job in Miami, the Colts called asking to acquire him.

The Colts' first offer was a sixth-round pick.

Miami general manager Jeff Ireland, who had not been shopping Davis, told the Colts he was not interested.

By Thursday, the offer was improved to a fifth-round pick. Ireland still had no interest in that price for a player he views as troubled but still worthy of keeping  given his age, ability, relatively cheap cost and the first-round investment he had in Davis.

So the Colts let that sit for a while.

And Saturday the Colts came back again -- this time offering a third-round pick for Davis. I have to give Indianapolis GM Ryan Grigson credit for persistence. He latched on to the idea of getting Davis like a pitbull locks down on a steak and didn't let go. And, of course, while he was showing little interest in the offers, Miami GM Jeff Ireland was not saying, "Stop calling me!"

Ireland was open to the idea of trading Davis, but at a price he wanted. That goes back to the Bill Parcells school of thought that "Everybody is on the trade block all the time." (For the right price).

The third-round offer got Ireland's attention in that serious, serious negotiations began to take place between the teams. The Colts were finally in the ballpark but Ireland wanted more. And the fact they were in the ballpark encouraged the Colts they might be able to solve their gaping defensive problem. It also encouraged Ireland that he could get a premium draft pick in this deal.

It was sometime late Saturday or early Sunday when Grigson came back with the second-round offer. The offer put Ireland on the hook but to reel him in, Grigson had to add the conditional sixth-rounder that he ultimately included in the deal.

Although he will never say it, Ireland obviously believes the Colts to be rebuilding and is banking on them having a high pick in next year's draft so, in his mind, he's not just getting a No. 2 but potentially a high No. 2. Grigson, meanwhile, sees that his draft picks will be a lot lower now that he's got a set of corners he's happy about to play games in this pass-happy league. He believes Colts coach Chuck Pagano can get major production out of Davis that obviously Joe Philbin and his staff didn't think they could get. And he believes he can compete and win a lot of games this year, particularly with the Davis addition.

One more thing: It doesn't bother Grigson that Davis has been dogged by "character" issues that include drinking. He believes the 24-year-old can be molded and will mature.

The Dolphins?

Publicly, they're saying all the right things about not giving up and not being diminished by this trade even though it is not arguable that they are not as good right now, today, as they were before they traded Davis on Sunday.

A lockdown cornerback is simply hard to find in today's NFL.

But the Dolphins have added valuable "ammunition," as Ireland called it and that can be used to address other issues in the future. Yes, I said the future. The truth is that while many fans have the expectation that the Dolphins are going to turn around and use their shiny, new second-round pick on a wide receiver (Miami's biggest hole now) in time for this season, I have serious doubts about that.

I think it's more likely the Dolphins have set themselves up for using that pick or packaging that pick in next year's draft to fill whatever needs this season proves the Dolphins have.

If it plays out that way, count that as a significant difference between the Dolphins and Colts. The Colts gambled and tried to get better on the fly by making a trade now -- even if it means chasing down a trade partner and giving up a second-rounder. The Dolphins would be taking a more careful approach, waiting until next April to use the pick they just acquired.


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Posted by: The name's Jim
right on Jim you are one smart guy... they are nothing but FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYER that think they know how to run a NFL franchise.

great trade , just keep building towards the future. with number one pick this year we will be stocked

Master Name Changer - odin
Master troll procrastinator - odin
Master deBater - odin
Master flip flop artist - odin

Odin - master of all general douchebaggery.

Posted by: bill connors
right on Bill .....

Posted by: Cual?
and they had to give Chad Henne a chance and he got hurt that was the only Q/b they had last year...and that was more of SAPRANO'S decision to start Henne. as a GM you stand behind your players and coaches while they are on the team ... you must not know this. does he say Henne is starting material now? NO

Jeff Ireland is watching the waiver wire for receivers.

In 2011, after Jeff Ireland took over for Bill Parcells (who made all the bad picks and none of the good ones when they were working together), why did he make the safest pick possible, the identical twin of a Pro Bowl center, instead of attempting to fix the franchise by drafting one of the six quarterbacks in striking distance in the first two rounds?

Posted by: Cual?
because all the available q/b in that draft were trash... that was a great move taking a future all pro center over a bunch of q/b's that aren't going to be in the NFL in a couple of years.

He said Henne was starting material a full year later than every fan and commentator with a shred of common sense.

And if he honestly and genuinely thought that of those 6 quarterbacks there was not a single one who could be a franchise guy (and Andy Dalton went to the Pro Bowl in his first season) but that Ryan Tannehill, converted wide receiver with potential but only two years starting, was a slam dunk worth a top 10 pick...

then he's every bit the short sighted glorified scout we think he is.

No one was going to pick andy dalton that early .... you are so delusional! So the Bengals got lucky and drafted a Q/b ... A bunch of other Gm's that needed Q/b's past on him as well ... are they not worthy of being a GM either? you can't hit 100% of the time.

Posted by: Cual?
Will you be happy if Tannehill becomes a franchise Q/b? or will you be mad because Ireland and the fins Coaches got it right?

Mr. Ross perception is reality. Players in tne NFL think Jeff Ireland is a sleazy jerk and they don't want to play in a organization with their career in his hands. Whether or not you think Ireland is a good talent evaluator or not(which I don't) this organization must move on from Ireland. His remaining here is a cancer for this team. And BTW Philbin has already lost this locker room....good job on picking the new coach.

Posted by: finfabulous

you gotta break them down before you lift them up... he hasn't lost the locker room .

and the only player that think he is a sleazy jerk are the ones he has traded or cut.

I trust Ireland. He's done a great job!

- a paying season ticket holder.

well at least Fireland will be able to kill this draft pick too.. with probably more 4,5, 6 round talent. I just wish i was making the $$ this idiot is to screw up. what a moron. i bet he just throws darts at board and makes his decisions that way. probably picked philbin that way too... cue up the 3 blind mice intro for ross, fireland and philbin!!

Ireland has made good moves and bad moves. Many "fans" love pointing out bad ones the Fins have made, but here are some good ones.... signing Wake; not taking Brady Quinn... or Tebow..or paying too much for Flynn; Trading Jason Taylor for a pick, then going 11-5 without him, and getting him back for free the next year.; getting Brandon Marshall in the 1st place (did not work out, but was a good move); signing a ton of players to 1 yr deals so we have ALOT of flexability and cap room next year; getting Long (yes Matt Ryan would have been good, but our o-line was so bad that if w got Ryan he would have been destroyed behind it and would not be the QB he is now. I also HATE how people say (with "busts" or underperforming players) who we could have had with a given pick. EVERY team has situations like that. Think of all the teams that could have had Brady, must have been just a few bad players chosen before he was. Am I happy about many of the moves the Fins make and when they don't do well. BUT I still support them.

wow i have never seen a blog like this regarding the dolphins...it shows that the dolphins haven't done anything in a while...honestly this reminds me of cam cameron again..the draft picks we will see...the product on the field will not be as good the first 8 games...the 2nd half of the season will give us a better outlook on what we will be in store for...philbin said he wants to build a team through the draft which means build the team within..if he can't coach then we are in trouble...The bucs built their team through the draft besides keyshawn when they were having those great years but they had a great coach in dungy who spotted talent and built that talent..he didn't have to the exact same thing in indy but he had a young team..the point i am making is philbin has to put a respectable product on the field...the draft is hit or miss for a lot of organizations ..Its just that the dolphins have been missing for a long time after jimmy johnson...until we get some stability it will be rollercoaster at the circus for a long time ..i am 31 and growing up i never thought it would be like this..another thing also i always believe was that parcells helped sparano his first season game planning...like jay z said a rapper never stops rapping and a coach never stops coaching

Wow, some kind of interchange here! My 2 cents worth. Not Ireland, nor you nor me knows what's going to happen this coming Season, As usual, Time decides these things. We just have to wait. Houston will be a good test to find out who we are.

The Titans (I'm in TN) have 5 starters drafted in the previous 2 years..all of them 3rd round or below.
Tell me Ireland has done anything CLOSE to that?

What's with the insistence of berating Ireland, reverse racism? Again, neither you, nor me nor the others knows at this point whether Ireland will be a success or a failure.

For someone who calls himself "clue," the dude on this board who does so sure doesn't have one...

Colts got a steal by giving up only a 2nd round pick and a conditional 6th for Vontae Davis. This type of CB talent can't find in the 2nd round unless you really get lucky and we haven't been so lucky. Miami is losing it, we keep giving up high draft picks for players and give them away for lower picks. That was a bad move.
Note: If we keep looking to have angles only on this team, you will get angels and a losing record every year. We need talented players with OK character, not necessarily perfect characters, after all this is football.

Steve the Ireland apologist is an idiot who doesn't have his facts straight (passed on Brady Quinn). Quinn was drafted in 2007, when Randy Mueller was here. Brandon Marshall never should have been traded for...period. He's a number two receiver, not a number one. In addition to his poor attitude, he runs poor routes, is afraid to go over the middle and drops passes. He did these things in Denver, Ireland should have known as much...he never should have been a Dolphin. Vontae Davis had a poor work ethic in college. He had a poor work ethic with the Dolphins. Henne was inaccurate in college, he was inaccurate with the Dolphins. Jake Grove and Justin Smiley were injury prone with their previous teams. They were injury prone with the Dolphins. Bobby Carpenter, former Ireland first round bust with the Cowboys, was brought here by Ireland with the hope that he would develop into a starter. He was not suited to play special teams yet that's where Ireland installed him until he could possibly reach his potential. The result, the Dolphins had three kicks blocked, humiliated on Monday Night Football by the Patriots in 2010 because of the GM's incompetence. Only a moron or a person with no education/memory function could apologize for Ireland at this point. Ireland is a p.o.s.

Armando,if things were reversed you would say; "how many times are we going to waste a second round pick". Reading your stuff sometimes is like playing tic-tak-toe (a waste of time).

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