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The differences between Chad Johnson and Brandon Marshall

Chad Johnson, who made a big deal about enjoying new freedom with the Dolphins after being muzzled in New England last season, today walked past the media and announced, "I don't do media anymore."

The change is obviously tied to Johnson's issue with coach Joe Philbin this camp in which the coach was displeased with Johnson's language and the way he represented the organization in his one press conference since joining the team.

The displeasure was on full display Tuesday night on Hard Knocks -- with a little career chat from Philbin as well as the advancing of the idea that Johnson will have to tow the line or be in danger of getting cut.

So there's that. Chad Johnson is being his usual enigmatic self and there is backwash from it. And that leads me to this: On more than one occasion since camp started I've had people suggest to me the Dolphins this offseason basically traded one problem child for another when they traded Brandon Marshall and signed Chad Johnson. That idea seems to have gained traction following Johnson's bizarre opening press conference and particularly following the airing of last night's Hard Knocks premier.

But let me share with you what I've been told by people with the team.

They don't see Johnson and Marshall as identical or even remotely similar.

The Dolphins believed, at the end, that Brandon Marshall was trouble to have on the team. They had grown weary of his ways. And the idea that he was a distraction was the least of the many, many concerns they had about Marshall.


He's something of a flake. A clown. A cut-up. He needs to clean up his language because, as coach Joe Philbin says, he's representing the team and this team wants to be represented in a certain fashion. But is Johnson dangerous? Is he going to get into violent disputes, either with people or family?

That's not been his history so far.

The truth about Marshall, whom I liked by the way, is that police were not just called to his house the one time his wife stabbed him. There was a long history of problems at the Marshall house. I'm told cops were called at least half-a-dozen times we didn't know about in addition to the stabbing incident that made headlines.

Marshall was also problematic among teammates. On more than a couple of occasions, I'm told Marshall totally lost it on the sideline and would yell at teammates or coaches or both. It got to the point, I'm told, nobody would go near Marshall. And this is in addition to the torment I'm told he heaped upon his quarterbacks, particularly Chad Henne.

Obviously, this is all second-hand and I'm certain Marshall would have a different version of these stories. So I give him that and so should you. But the things multiple people have told me about him paint a picture of a problem child that didn't seem headed in the right direction.

Combine this with good but not great results on the field -- remember he dropped a handful of TD passes last year -- and you can understand why Miami felt the need to trade Marshall.


If he's true to his history, he won't be getting arrested. Cops won't be showing up at his house responding to violent domestic disputes.

He may, however, wear on some teammates, as he did in Cincinnati. He may be something of a diva, as he was once he started producing. And he may not always be consistent in his performance, as evidence by his last year with the Bengals and last year in New England.

It should be said that Marshall today is probably a better player than Johnson. On the other hand, Johnson may be less of a problem child than Marshall, particularly when it comes to legal matters. The Dolphins will soon find out if Johnson, like Marshall, becomes a distraction or an embarrassment to the organization -- an issue for which Philbin may not have a lot of patience.

"There's a certain way, again, we want everybody to be themselves. I don't want everybody to be Joe Philbin," Philbin said today. "Everybody's different. We want to let guys be themselves. However, we think everybody has an obligation to get on board with the program. I told Mr. Ross we were going to have men that represented themselves in the right way on and off the field. And that's important to me. It's importnat to our staff. I believe it's important to our owner that we do things the right way.

"Again, I'm not going to sit here and say I've never cursed or used an inappropriate comment. I'm sure I have. There might have been some on the show because sometimes on the field I do ... It's important to all of us. I really believe that.

"We're not going to be a great football team if we've got 51 guys doing things a certain way and maybe two guys who are on their own program. It's too hard. It's too tough. We have to have guys that think the same way and whose brains think the same way about football. They can act different and dress differently. But they all kind of have to think the same. They have to buy in. If someone doesn't want to buy into the program, that's a problem." 


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first eh

Oooh, Johnson swore, told bad jokes and painted his finger nails, how terrible.

As the Joker said in the 1st Batman movie, this town
needs a enema.

I think its safe to say Don Shula would NEVER sign Ochocinco.

Brandon Marshall = Great

Ochocinco = Washed up

Have heard anything on any new WR prospects. We sure need some depth.

Chad comes off as not right. I am guessing it is mostly an act and I like to cut up as much as the next guy but when you make that much cash I would hate to get saddled with the "clown" title.

Cant blame Marshall for screaming at RoboHenne. Marshall had better QB's in college then he did on the Dolphins.

I think its safe to say "Fins Stink" is all full of Jet penis.

Philbin - Weak & timid. He may be organised have a plan etc... but, my OVERALL IMPRESSION is that he's weak.

Couldn't look Chad Johnson in the eye during that kind of conversation? COME ON!

Couldn't look the QB's in the eye either during the meeting about the depth chart? Look your men in the eye!

Thank god for Chad Johnson bringing some life to the team. What a bunch of DUDS! From the Coach to the players with Johnson & the oline coach being the exceptions.

Regarding V. Davis. Why is anyone surprised? He's nothing but an average CB with a BAD attitude. He had alot to do with this team having 1 of the worst secondary's in the NFL last year.

When S. Smith, Mr. I won't tackle you, is looking like your #1 option, be VERY afraid!

Can't blame marshall?? really? he was as much to blame for the Dolphins stinking as anyone. He left an easy 48 points on the field last year. Did he do his job???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

he fukkin sucks donkey balls and he can take his tired act to Chicago. never liked that puke. Never had even one great performance in a Dolphins jersey. Even Tedd Ginn had three great performances against the jets and was solely responsible for all the points or majority of in one of them.

marshall and all his apologists can fukk off

What a pathetic group this team is. They get worse every friggin year. Incompetents throughout the ftanchise. It would take a miracle to get the Dolphins out of the cellar. Anything more then 3 wins would be amazing. Just wants to make me puke how Ross and Ireland have buried this once proud franchise. Its no wonder the fans have left in droves. Goimg into every season with no chance is getting old.


Marino used to scream at his teammates also. On the field and on the sideline.....just like Brandon Marshall.

Yeah, after an INT I often saw Marino running downfield, not to TRY and make the tackle, but to yell at his receivers LOL

yes and marino had mad respect, marshall never has or will. comparing the 2 is a joke

and of course armando doesnt have anymore inside info than any of us, hes a sports writer nothing more. come on man

At least Philbin seems more competent then Sparano whos IQ was that of a monkey.

How is marshall great when he dropped more TDs then he caught lol, no one remembers that, duh

Philbin does not have command of the team. Reminds me of Cam Cameron.

armando. how many 15 yd. pnty's will the clown get this season.?

spazano- oline guru.?.lmao.
fatcells. football czar.?.lmao
ire.a punk asst.scout who is now a gm.?.lmao.
ross.blowner.club liv.?.lmao

Say it Aint soooooooo.?

jerry will play 4 the jets. so will vd.

sure hope so

the biggest difference is marshall was getting paid 10 million/year and johnson is only getting paid a 1-2 million and can be cut without any lost draft picks etc...
Marshall was cancer in denver and was cancer in miami and will be cancer in chicago. There is a reason he's never been to the playoffs.

he will be huge in chicago, guy will put up monster numbers but im glad hes gone

is liv closed?

Both Marshall and Marino can be classified as great players. Opposing D's have to specifically game plan for them. And yes, both yelled at teammates because they expected better.

Hey genius, the reason Philbin wasnt looking Chad Johnson is because he was watching practice... that might take priority over telling someone not to cuss during press conferences.

Shula would never sign Johnson? Really?

People forget that Irving Fryar was no saint.

Wow! i have been coming to this site for over a year and never commented just read your comments and most of you guys are all idiots. i have never seen a more negative site. thats why i started going to Omar's site because all everybody does on this one is bash the dolphins. i dont get it is this a miami site or a jets site?

hey mike, go finssssssssssss

Really not much comparison. Chad's a clown, Marshall's borderline psychotic.

I have no problem with Marshall yelling at teamates, Im sure 85% of that is in the passion to win. When I play sports, even today, I'll yell at teamates when losing or feel thier not giving thier best effort. That's just my passion for winning coming out. But I do have great issue with all of Marshall's off the field antics becoming police related.

Chad on the other hand, is a circus clown, his antics never end up being police related. He's never been as close to ever being of endangered to be suspended under any league disciplinary guidelines. By subatance abuse nor behavior. Not that Im currently aware of anyway.

Johnson's more of a clown maverick than anything else. He can be far more annoying than troubling. Coming from the projects of Liberty City, Miami. We can pretty be thankful thats the worst we get from Chad.

chuck muncie.coke.
d.marino.pepsi. yeh.lol


So you're saying under Sparano he turned us into the Miami Cowboys. So now that he's in New York he'll turn the Jets into the New York Dolphins?


Seems you're the biggest idiot of all. You're actually paying to read that garbage posters and those garbage writers write. LOL

db, would u take 2 seasons in a row in the afc champ. game.?.lol

jets are a huge mess, that team is complete garbage. sparano and ryan both gone after this year

marino to duper.on the sidelines. hey, why didn't u dive 4 that f'n ball.?.#@%^$*.!
duper. why don't you throw it so i don't have to dive for it. haha. i'm wit u dupe.lol


Whats worse, losing in the afc championship game or sb? I would be pissed with both.

Ochocinco cant hold Da Beast's jock strap. He will never be double teamed like Marshall was on EVERY PLAY!

bill. they hold fatcells balls on the golf course then.lol

db, i tink i was more pixxed in the sf and wash.sb losses than the ne and bills afc champ.losses.
ne got crushed by ditka. and the bills well. they lost 4 in a row. ouch!.lol

I agree with anyone who thought Philbin looked weak. I was sitting next to my husband and could not believe the conversation he had with Chad. First off Chad came across a tool at that press conference. Immediately he should have been brought into the office and told not asked to represent the organization in a more professional manner. And the QB's meeting was a complete joke. I appreciate him telling the guys in person. But he explained himself too much. Gerrard is playing the best right now end of story. I predict he will turn out to be that guy that makes a great assistant but not a very good head coach. But I hope I am wrong.


pretty much everyone hates the lowly fins....in ny and miami lol

New York Dolphins is about it. Sparano is a man without a plan of his own. Wildcat is very easy to stop.

Marshall dropped too many easy passes last year. He was in no position to yell at anyone. At least Chad is funny and will have the team laughing. And at least he can catch a ball.

@yesterdays Gone
its just sometimes i dont think you guys are watching the same team as i am. we are a much better team than we were last year and last year we won 6 games i have been a Dolphins fan my entire life and i know a lot about them and to see some of you guys put "if they win 3 games ill be surprised?" doesn't make sense. they will win at least 9 games more likely 10.


dink. don't u hear the boos during game days.?.lol
lets c how long that will take this season.lol


Win, Loose, or Tie... Dolphins till' I die!!!

Ahhh, so its Tanny-boy now.

i tink cj was bussed over to miami beach sr.high, now that school is a pre clown college.

oh chizz. ross went there too.lol

Miami Dolphins = Worst franchise in sports?

The difference between Johnson and Marshall.....

One is headed to the HOF (Marshall)...and one isn't (Johnson)....

but Jonhnson is still a pretty good reciever....

A few thoughts:

Enjoyed Hard Knocks. It certainly portrayed our team in a better light than what we're used to.

The weak link in the D last year was the secondary. Good to see Philbin & co. trying to fix it. Davis has the talent but seems to play just good enough to start....not enough 'want to'. Came to (again) camp out of shape. Like it's a given he's starting CB and gets special treatment.

I have to admit that Philbin did come off rather mild mannered last night. Doesn't necessarily mean he can't take care of business...guess we'll see.

As far as Marshall vs. Johnson, to me they traded one headache for another.

No world beaters this year but I think we'll surprise a lot of 'experts'. Just my opinion.

does cj block down field like the schizto did.?

Feed him to the D.

What would happen if the Miami Herald applied the same standards as the Miami Dolphins and NFL?

Mando might be released. Plenty of skeletons to go around Mando.

After the premier of Hard Knocks, check out a few positive first impressions about our beloved Miami Dolphins. What were phins fans thoughts on the show and team??

cj does everything. we def need more help at wr though

Hey genius, the reason Philbin wasnt looking Chad Johnson is because he was watching practice... that might take priority over telling someone not to cuss during press conferences.

Posted by: F the haters... | August 08, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Hey oblivious, when you have a guy acting like that & he represents your team, that's a big deal. It's an important convo to have with that player. Should be done behind closed doors if necessary.

Philbin came off as week, timid & scared to confront him.

He could have confronted him in private or after practice where he could meet with him face to face & not be preoccupied with practice.

It's not like he couldn't have watched the tape of those 5 minutes afterwards anyway. Doesn't he watch the tapes every night?

Genius you are not.

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