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The reaction following 30-13 loss to Dallas

Some reactions from Wednesday night's press conferences and open locker room session following the fourth loss in four tries this preseason -- this time a 30-13 loss to Dallas ...

Joe Philbin was realistic about how bad his team looked in this game:

"That's unacceptable," he said. "Poorly coached game. We didn't play well. We had a lot of penatlties. We had 12 men on the field. We didn't tackle well. We didn't score touchdowns. You guys saw the same game I did, it was not a good football game, not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach of the team and that's a poor job by me getting them ready. That's the facts."

Philbin is worried that the team he sees in practice does not show up for games -- any games so far this preseason.

"Am I concerned? Yeah," Philbin said. "The confidence I gain is when I watch guys practice and perform well. We've been a good team in practice  but we haven't transfered that to the game on a consistent basis and that's a concern, absolutely."

Some offensive line notes: Jonathan Martin started at right tackle and moved over to left tackle in the second half. John Jerry play practically the whole game. This was his chance to win or lose the starting right guard job.

The issues at receiver has put the spotlight on players that were supposed to step forward this preseason but didn't. Clyde Gates was one of those. Yet Gates is content with how he performed.

"The hamstring I had kept me out of camp a few days and I missed a game but other than that I'm very happy with the camp I had," he said.

Does Gates think he deserves a to be on the team?

"Yeah, I think I should be. I can't look at it no other way."

Understand that's one man's opinion. Gates has not been told he is on the team. "No I haven't been told I'm good. I'm just going with it, contoling what I can control. I've done everything they asked me to do. Whatever they asked me, I went out there and did it."

One of the most puzzling situations this training camp has been the play of Matt Moore. He completed only 4 of 12 passes this game. He completed only 20 of 51 passes this preseason. He threw two interceptions, including a pick six and didn't throw a TD or get the offense in the end zone.

I asked Moore why he has been unable to play this preseason anywhere close to as well as he did last year, understanding he played last year against starters and this preseason he's play primarily against backups.

"I don't know," Moore said. "I don't have an answer for you. I have to go back and look at the tape and continue to get better."

The regular season begins Sept. 9 at Houston. The Dolphins have 11 days to move heaven and earth and play well.


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Yeah, right, zozme.

The most puzzling thing to me is why the effort in practice it's not translating into Games. 2 possibilities, one internal, the other external. Internally, it might be that in practice we are Playing against our own and many of those Players are sub-standard when measured against other Team's. Externally, it could be that there is a lot of expectations and pressure put on them by the Fans and the Media and the Players are pressing when faced by the Bright Lights. Conditioning this year is good. Solution. Weed out the trash and don't expect so much, at least this Season. Concentrate on developing good Players and the Team as a whole.

Where's the Matt Moore love this morning? I wanna hear your take on why Moore should be starting over Tannehill. You were in full force this whole offseason and now you've witnessed how poorly he performs against backups....so please, humor me and state your case one moore time

Ownership of this team is an embarrassment ever since the Robbie family sold it, the joke started with the "used car" salesmen and now the Dolphins have this clown. When Shula was run off the team because he was "washed" up reminds me how Tamps ran Tony Dungy out, except Tampa replaced him with a HC that wanted to win and wasn't burned out like JJ. So, the curse of the this mediocre organization for running Shula out is just that mediocrity for nearly two decades now.

This team is bad and they've given up hope. Ireland seems content to get rid of any talent he has for more picks he can waste. Is this really what Ross wants? I'm almost ready to see Carl Peterson become the GM.....I can believe I just endorsed Peterson when I thought he was horrible at KC!!!!

What gets me excited is to think of the brilliant ways Jeff Ireland has stocked this team with talented players. Great to have the BEST GM in the NFL working for the Dolphins.

I dont see how ireland can come to work everyday. knowing how terrible of a job hes done on acquiring talent. I would be ashamed to show my face anywhere in that building.

Ireland should do the right thing and resign immediately. This is a situation where you as a man should point the finger at yourself and say. "I" screwed up and I do not deserve this job. BUT we all know were not dealing with a man here folks we are dealing with a chicken s#!^

When you're talking Miami, you're talking Super Bowl!!!

Wait....here's the good news, if they win 5 games or less, Ross HAS TO GET RID OF IRELAND........right? I'm not sure this team can win one game, never mind 5!

Ireland comes to work every day because no one else is gonna pay a ballboy $1mil to screw something up and act like God. It's a great deal if u can get it.

Prediction: Ireland gives up next year's #2 pick for another bench WR that plays special teams and calls it a good value to help the team now!

I didn't even watch this wack a** team and I usually watch every Dolphins game.. Sigh this team is def top 5 worst teams in the NFL. iPod the 1600th time until Ireland is fired we"ll be in the cellar for years to come. BTW every single one of Armando articles comes of as depressing

Miami has 0 WR and 0 CB talent, what would you consider our RBs, LBs, DL, 3/5 (and maybe 4/5 if Martin pans out) of our OL? Talentless?

Folks, Here's Half The Problem

From: Miami Dolphins fall to Dallas Cowboys in preseason finale by Adam J Beasley

"The Dolphins are expected to be very active once hundreds of players released in the coming days hit the waiver wire. General manager Jeff Ireland said on the pregame show that he was “very excited about what’s going to happen the next three days.”

Thanks to last year’s 6-10 season, Miami should be in good position to capitalize on more than a few castoffs. They have the league’s eighth-highest waiver priority.

Ireland's always more excited to chase "ACORNS" than bringing in "REAL" players.

2ND Half of Ireland's Problem:

Drafting the 1st two rd completely bores him. He takes a dart and throws it at the draft board so he can hurry to get to the "ACORN RDS".

Everyone always says pre season doesn't matter, but all the problems we saw in preseason last year extended into the regular season. Dropped passes, poor QB decisions, etc. Our receivers aren't going to suddenly be good in time for next week.

Clue, I didn't watch either (recorded it, was on too late in my area). But this is what I expected. We don't have any talent (especially after the starters) on the team. We only have limited talent on the starting squads. I agree we will be one of the Top 5 worst teams in the NFL in 2012. And that doesn't bode well for Jeff Ireland. Philbin should be ok, what can you blame him for, he just got here. He was given the talent he has. He's doing the best he can to update our systems to today's NFL. That takes time. Most importantly, he has a rookie QB who needs time to develop. That will save Philbin's job this year (and it should).

But Jeff Ireland. For all those who think it shouldn't matter, HE brought the talent to this team. He's had 5 years now (going on) to improve the team. He did admirably in the beginning, turing us from a 1-15 team to a 11-5 team. But then 7-9 two years in a row and 6-10. If we keep regressing to something like a 3-4 win team, then Ireland's job HAS TO BE in jeopardy. That's going backwards. Especially when the guys we're getting rid of were HIS high draft picks. Doesn't look to good for him.

Any gm, even if his name isnt Jeff Ireland, after 4yrs in charge of the draft room and player personel and your team looks like we looked this preseason. Should be man enough to step down by firing(resign) himself.

An 8 year old could have put together this roster and enjoyed as much success, or should I say unsuccess.

Bill Parcell was a great hc, but beyond that, a total failure. If you need the evidence look no further than here in Miami. Parcells doesnt know acquiring talent if you gave him a road map to the mother load.

someone posted 0-16 yday. that could be.


Our next practice session should began with each player on our roster having a mirror placed in front of themselves and for at least 1 full hour being forced to take a long look at themselves.

Any player liking what they see should be immediately dismissed from the team. That's exactly what I would do right now as hc.

well. ire has 2 split. just make joe phil the gm too.along with sherman. that moron ire said that he's been ready to be gm since he was 11.
yeah, u dumb jaxaxx.
u'r doing it badly.

The Starters - Elite, very good, good, average, below average, terrible list:

Elite: Jake Long

Very Good: Brandon Fields

Good: Pouncey, Davone Bess, Reggie Bush, Jared Odrick, Cam Wake, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Dan Carpenter

Average: Incognito, Sean Smith, Reshad Jones, Richard Marshall, Koa Misi, Anthony Fasano

Below Average: Legadu Nannee, Artis Hicks, Chris Clemons

Rookies: Tannehill, Jonathan Martin, Javorskie Lane (possibly)

db, i would take their $$ and give each and every 1 of them"coaches inc." and especially ross,"a very swift kick in their collective axxes wearing steel toed boots.
a very special tree at camp davie with a 1" nylon noose hanging from it just 4 that big axxhole ire and dig up that fat pig fatcells 2 join him.

I think most of you are so fascinated with certain aspects of this team that you don't realize the following teams are in a worse, if not worse then equally as bad spot as the Dolphins:

Jests, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Cheifs, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans, Redskins, Seahawks, Cardinals, Vikings, Buccs

Some of those teams can be argued to be slightly better (Buccs, maybe -- Cheifs, maybe -- Bills, maybe) but out of all of those teams you can't find 5 teams worse than Miami? Some people are being too dramatic, like high-school girls dramatic. Look at the big picture and think a little more rationally, please.

In 4yrs, upper draft players to have any kind of real impact are Long and Pouncey. After that, Sean Smith is the slightest margin of "slightly above average".

Then Odrick and Vontae(1st rd'ers) have had very minimal impact, with Vontae no longer with the team.

When we move on from whats stated above, we move into a growing list of 2nd rd busts with Pat White heading up the list. Lets not even discuss the 3rd rd busts. Lamar Miller and Michael Egnew maybe the newest additions to that infamous disaster list.

How Ireland thinks he deserves to keep his job is beyond me.

the big pix.?
lmfao.! ! !@...

hey j.phil. what ever u did in the ps didn't work so burn all of those pages out of the play book and do sometin' else.

looking at the big picture is very scary; a team devoid of playmakers after 5 drafts with a ball boy who has supreme "power" and answers to no one.

MiamiD20 @ 8:52 AM,

Of the list of teams you posted that are in as bad a shape as us. Right now, I dont feel good about our prospects of beating any of those teams.

Yes, it now seems we have a qb(Tannehill), but unless he masters catching his own passes, we still dont hae much of a chance. Even playing against felow terribleteams.

no td's = 1st over all"barkley"?...

tebow will pull out a few w's so barkley to camp davie.

if rt has it*. get a ton of pix and draft 9 wr's and 9 rg's/rt's and 9 db's.
banner plane a comin' to the joe soon.

what is real scary is ireland will be scouring the waiver wire,looking for rejects, to find his teams starters!!!! and he is looking forward to it. how much worse can it get?

maybe da west coast doesn't belong on the east coast...


Ok, let me ask it this way: of all the teams I listed: if Jeff Ireland could trade our entire 53 man team for one of those 53 man teams would you do it? Would you pull the trigger and become any of those teams? If you can't say yes to more than 3 of those teams than I'd say you're acting a little dramatic. Personally I wouldn't switch with any of those teams and if i weren't going to work in a few I'd stay and argue that point all day.

ryan, read 9:02.

ireland is rebuilding the team that he built.

They might as well trade away Dansby, Long, Fasano, and Burnett, that way they can start over, save money, and look to 2014. Sign Cooley for two year contract. Trade for Mike Wallace.

the phins must pull a yimmy, like he did w/ walker and a ton of pix. is that moron gm still out there,
someone hurry up and get ire to be their gm.

can we trade ireland to dallas for 2-3 rejects??


If we get 2013 1st overall pick, we dont need Barkley, we need to trade down to gather more picks. But trade down no further than 5th to guarrantee a high impact player on offense or defense.

With Barkley available, we can get at least and extra 1st and 2nd rd pick only sliding down to the 5th spot. Thats how badly terrible teams needing qb's covet them.

Then at the 5th spot, take the best offensive or defensive skill position player available. With the Vontae trade, trading down getting another extra 2nd rd pick, we would have 3 picks in the 2nd rd alone. Plus go into the 2014 draft with at least 2 first rd picks.

Chance Ryan,

We get the 1st ovberall pick, we do exactly as the rams did this year. Trade down and stockpile high picks. But we make sure Ireland's fired because he will draft busts with them.

db, that's only if* rt has it. which he should imfo.
the phins need an f'n slew of talent from 1st.2nd,3rd stringers.

Ireland should be sllowed to choose the clothing he puts on to start the day. I hope his wife's in charge of that.

If the Dolphins cut "7-11" the Pats will pick him up.
He reminds me so much of Welker it's not funny.


You say dolphins need a slew of talent. Exactly why I say trade down the 1st overall pick for a RG3-like upper draft ransom.

Geesh, I cant believe the season has yet to officially start and we're realistically talkinmg 1st overall 2013 draft pick. Sad state of affairs after Ireland's had 4 full seasons to build this roster. Totally unacceptable.

If the Fins cut 7-11 (Hogan)I will have lost all faith that they can find and retain talent.

I've been a Ireland supporter and am starting to lose faith in him after watching Hard Knocks.

There is no mistery, Ireland ensambled the worst team on the league, with an new HC who in addition had never coach a team in his life as head coach. Most of the 1st rnd drafts have been from mediocre to a complete waste, not to speak about the lower drafts. Te overall result is a disaster, a mess, a scramble egg. Finally, the team has an owner who not only doesn't know a damm about football, but also is blind in recognizing incompetent people like his moronic GM.
You can never expect to have a good team with an organization like the Dolphins's. Period !
If you are ugly, you are ugly, no matter how much make up or beautiful cloth you put on you.
The team would've been better with Bowles, and without Suckland of course.

the 2nd and 3rd's from other teams come on and pummel the phins' 1's.
that, is an f'n disgusting...

Wish as we may, "7-11" is an undrafted free agent. If someone really saw something special in him he would have been drafted.

At best he's another Devon Bess. But when your best wr is Devon Bess, you have serious problems with your wr corps folks. Remember, Bess does go stretches during the season when his production nearly disappears.

Also, mark it down when a nfl dc game plans to shut Bess down. It'll be a first.

i didn't see the dallas game yet, but by the sounds of it it seems "plan A" is NOT working. philbin has a lot of work to do, and although this is his first year, a somewhat respectable product is espected on the field for 2012. so beyond what is sure to be a cascade of departing faces and the arrival of new ones, what can be done to save an up and coming season that hasn't even begun yet? in my opinion, the safest route is for philbin to implement "plan B"- the "B" stands for BRADY, as in don't throw to recievers who can't catch the ball(ochostinko is a great example of this, how many balls did brady throw to him?) and FORCE the ball to your playmakers. when tannehill throws the ball to bess, 99% of the time bess will catch it(as welker does for brady), brady simply has 4 targets he throws to, welker, gruntkouski, hernendez and woodhead, and this srategy would best serve this years miamdolphins, (welker=bess), (woodhead=reggie), (clay=hernendez), and (gruntkouski=aquired player or hartline), simplify the offense and don't worry about or throw to recievers who can NOT consistantly catch the ball or offer a low probability or success rate in doing so. i know that tannehill is a rookie but as nfl network had pointed out, great QB's like manning, rodgers... get the ball out fast and make the right decisions, they don't even have great left tackles like jake long, they just know where they want to go with the football, and this "plan B" theory will help tannehill develop, force the ball to those dependable targets, he has enough zip and recievers like bess will make it happen, just have confidence.

All you morons screaming Barkley. Name me 1 good qb to come out of USC.

I am a lifelong Dolphin fan and I can tell you one thing, Miami is in for a spanking on Sept 9th against Houston. After that they are alot of games that are winnable but without Long or a real receiver Miami is going to lose 45 - 10 and it might not even be that close. Then again, maybe that is the dose of reality that the Ross needs to make a GM change next year and get some players that actually can be developed by Philbin. I have no problem with Philbin I think that he will be a good head coach but all the guys that Ireland drafted seem to be garbage and that is on him.

In a really good wr corps, Devon Bess is only a 3rd down 3 or 4 wr at best. Dont let the green grass fool you wioth Devon Bess folks. He only looks like a star here in Miami. Emphasis being "here in Miami".

I think we finally have a smart coach. He sees the team sucks, and it is gonna take a full year to get used to the new systems on both sides of the ball. So trade away the guys with loser attitudes and set yourself up for high draft picks next year.

I am willing to give Ireland another chance with the picks. I think the input from Philbin and Sherman helps. Tannehill looks good so far, especially with only 19 college starts, he should be totally clueless. Martin is adjusting and should be fine, and Miller and Vernon seem okay, too soon to tell. Egnew sucks, but Rishard Matthews has played really well on returns and receiving. If that pans out during the games that count, then it will have been a very solid draft. We should have a high 1 and two high twos, plus the two threes next year. If Ireland hits on three of those five picks the talent will be refreshed with a core of young, cheap players.

No more trading away picks, and no more signing the highest-priced FAs who live on their rep forever after that. Dansby can be the next to go. How can he be a leader when he showed up 50 pounds overweight last season? Philbin has been kicking ass, and he's not scared to have a bad team this year and admit it. That's the only way we will ever get better.

Preseason dont matter? In every preseason game with the exception of Dallas you see first string for at least a quarter. In every game ive seen this year if the starters stayed in they would have scored 60 point on us.

The Houston game is going to be as ugly as it gets. Houston 48 Miami 12.


Ireland's primary problem seems to be his irresistable egotistical urge to select players no other gm sees real talent in. He seems to be on a quest to prove them wrong, but irreversably proves them right everytime.

Prooh in the putting:

We seem to have the nfl's worst collective roster after 4yrs under this overly egotistical moron.


Give Ireland another chance? 4yrs in and we have a "below nfl average roster". How many chances do you give a guy to screw things up?

Not enough already? Let the failed acorn hunt continue!

Posted by: BR | August 30, 2012 at 09:28 AM

"Smart coach"?

Philbin didn't trade anyone away genius, the Colts called Ireland and Ireland made the deal.

MiamiD20, respectfully, you don't know what you're talking about. Many of the teams you mentioned were recent Playoff teams. Many aren't in ANY TYPE of bad shape we are. Bengals, seriously, with a franchise QB, franchise WR, good defense. They will contest for a Playoff spot. Chiefs were up and comers until their stars got hurt last year. Let's see what they do. Redskins CRUSHED the Bucs (yes, it was the 4th PreSeason so doesn't matter much), same team we got CRUSHED by. You'll see how close we compare to Seattle (their defense MUCH better than ours, and their offense is coming together).

If you want to prop up we might be in better shape than the Browns or Jaguars or any of the other "bottom of the barrel" teams (not sure why you didn't include the Rams), then I guess you like mediocrity.

Truth is, we're going in the wrong direction. We've been losing MORE games (not less), we've been shedding talent (not increasing it on the team). This is how we reached the bottom in 2007. I'm not saying this is '07 (at least this year we have a QB), but I'm saying we're once again going backwards instead of forward.

Philbin should be able to change that, but he needs talent in order to do it. And Ireland may not be the guy to find that talent.

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