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The reaction following 30-13 loss to Dallas

Some reactions from Wednesday night's press conferences and open locker room session following the fourth loss in four tries this preseason -- this time a 30-13 loss to Dallas ...

Joe Philbin was realistic about how bad his team looked in this game:

"That's unacceptable," he said. "Poorly coached game. We didn't play well. We had a lot of penatlties. We had 12 men on the field. We didn't tackle well. We didn't score touchdowns. You guys saw the same game I did, it was not a good football game, not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach of the team and that's a poor job by me getting them ready. That's the facts."

Philbin is worried that the team he sees in practice does not show up for games -- any games so far this preseason.

"Am I concerned? Yeah," Philbin said. "The confidence I gain is when I watch guys practice and perform well. We've been a good team in practice  but we haven't transfered that to the game on a consistent basis and that's a concern, absolutely."

Some offensive line notes: Jonathan Martin started at right tackle and moved over to left tackle in the second half. John Jerry play practically the whole game. This was his chance to win or lose the starting right guard job.

The issues at receiver has put the spotlight on players that were supposed to step forward this preseason but didn't. Clyde Gates was one of those. Yet Gates is content with how he performed.

"The hamstring I had kept me out of camp a few days and I missed a game but other than that I'm very happy with the camp I had," he said.

Does Gates think he deserves a to be on the team?

"Yeah, I think I should be. I can't look at it no other way."

Understand that's one man's opinion. Gates has not been told he is on the team. "No I haven't been told I'm good. I'm just going with it, contoling what I can control. I've done everything they asked me to do. Whatever they asked me, I went out there and did it."

One of the most puzzling situations this training camp has been the play of Matt Moore. He completed only 4 of 12 passes this game. He completed only 20 of 51 passes this preseason. He threw two interceptions, including a pick six and didn't throw a TD or get the offense in the end zone.

I asked Moore why he has been unable to play this preseason anywhere close to as well as he did last year, understanding he played last year against starters and this preseason he's play primarily against backups.

"I don't know," Moore said. "I don't have an answer for you. I have to go back and look at the tape and continue to get better."

The regular season begins Sept. 9 at Houston. The Dolphins have 11 days to move heaven and earth and play well.


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I was beginninmg to ease up on Ireland a little. Buit, I just couldnt ignore the the performance of the overall collective roster this preseason. I would be a total fool not to.

Respect is to be earned, not given!

I do believe Philbin is a smart hc. He just has the barest of minimum to work with roster-wise in Miami. After 4yrs, thats on Ireland. If Ireland had accumalated any real collection of talent in Miami, we would have slept walked our way to a 2-2 preseason record.

Guys with the roster Ireland has assembled in Miami. We "struggled to be 0-4". The only good news is there was absolutely no way our record could have ended worse than 0-4.

we suck bazalls

We need Stability in our organization because without it...the team is destined for the cellar.

Steelers, Pats, Giants, Cowboys...these teams have solid owners who understand this.

Here is a list of our coaches since the Shula/Robbie era and how they have fared:

Coach/Wins/Loses/Playoff Wins

Jimmy Johnson/36/28/2
Dave Wannstedt/42/31/1
Jim Bates/3/4/0
Nick Saban/15/17/0
Cam Cameron/1/15/0
Tony Sparano/29/32/1
Todd Bowles/2/1/0
Joe Philbin - TBD

We all know the list of QB's during that period is even more daunting.

I don't believe this franchise will EVER regain its luster as a premier NFL franchise as we've been losing for too long and have not won a playoff game since Dave Wannstedt was coach and Jay Fiedler was the QB.

For the record, the Wannstedt/Fiedler combo was the best we've had since Shula/Marino.

Before Philbin, Ireland sold Sparano up the river as being the goat as to why the talent he assembled performed poorly. Sparano's gone and they still are performing poorly, even worse in certain ways.

For the love of God, someone with knowledge, please call Ross up and let him know that Ireland's a "HUGE" part of the problem.


Sad state when we have to point to mediocrity as a shining beacon of light(Wannstadt/Fiedler). Utterly disgusting.

This team cannot even get the flt home from Dallas right... LoL

Compare the 2007 (Cam Cameron/Randy Mueller) opening day lineup with the 2012 (Joe Philbin/Jeff Ireland) lineup. At a glance, who would you feel more comfortable fielding?

QB Trent Green or Ryan Tannehill - Tannehill
RB Ronnie Brown or Reggie Bush - push
FB Javorskie Lane or Regan Mauia - Lane maybe
WR Chris Chambers or Legedu Naanee - Chambers
WR Marty Booker or Davone Bess - Bess
TE David Martin or Anthony Fasano - Martin
LT Vernon Carey or Jake Long - Long
LG Chris Liwienski or Richie Incognito - Incognito
C Samson Satele or Mike Pouncey - Pouncey
RG Rex Hadnot or John Jerry/Artis Hicks - push
RT L.J. Shelton or Johnathan Martin - Martin, barely

DE Matt Roth or Cameron Wake - Wake
DT Keith Traylor or Paul Soliai - Soliai
DT Vonnie Holliday or Randy Starks - push
DE Jason Taylor or Jared Odrick - Taylor
LB Joey Porter or Kevin Burnett - Porter
LB Derrick Pope or Karlos Dansby - Dansby
LB Koa Misi or Channing Crowder - Crowder
FS Renaldo Hill or Chris Clemons - Hill
SS Yeremiah Bell or Reshad Jones - Bell
CB Will Allen or Sean Smith - Smith
CB Michael Lehan or Richard Marshall - Marshall

K Jay Feeley or Carpenter - Carpenter
P Brandon Fields or Brandon Fields
LS John Denney or John Denney

Importantly - the Depth on the 2007 roster appears better in some areas, but not in others. About even I'd say.

After last night's final preseason game, Jimmy actually thinks there are some positive things that will come from the performance. Also Pat Devlin, and Rishard Matthews may have done enough to make the 53 man roster.

pennington was a class act here just a few short years ago. he was complementary to everyone with exception of ireland. ireland, as the GM, backstabbed sparano while courting harbaugh with the owner. ireland is a "pompous ass" that demands (unearned) respect.

I can't wait for all the poaching Ireland will be doing shortly!

I would not be the least bit surprised to see him add a Safety, CB, RG, LT & 2 WR's from the cutdowns.

This roster is so void of talent it's not even funny anymore. Miami used to be a joke, now they're the punchline.

Anyone else laughing at the fact the Tony Sparano led NY Jets offense has yet to score a TD in the preseason?

Holy Crap!!!

Rex Ryan must be stuffing massive quantities of doughnuts down his pie hole to ease the pain.

can't wait to hear Dashi take on why the Dolphins lost. The guy is a wealth of useless information.

nh, ravens pounded spazano in the po's.

The Detroit Lions didn't start becoming respectable again until Matt Millen was kicked out of town. Can we PLEASE do the same with Jeff Ireland?! It's so disappointing/frustrating/upsetting watching such a talent-less football team get their butts kicked every week. Damn you, Ross!!!

they better run the ball alot on O, to use the decent talent and depth they have there (and protect their QB).....and blitz a lot, since our pass rush without that is pretty much non-existent--exposes our coverage but they dont much choice--any decent QB will pick them apart if they have 5 seconds in the pocket to do it--run the ball.....blitz.....and pray.

WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF THE "BUSH FACTOR." Got your attention? Here's what I mean. I will post only once today, because unfortunatley I have to do some actual work.

I joke around on here and you've seen me predict both 1-15 and 14-2. Joking around. I guess that makes me a troll. But here's the deal: everyone claims to realize this, but it is REALLY the truth that the preseason has ZERO relevance to the real season, because:

1. vanilla schemes on purpose, both sides of the ball. we have no idea what will change in real games

2. the starters, such as R. Bush, play VERY VERY little--barely at all, literally. R Bush is one of our star playmakers. Who knows what kind of game he has when he's in there all 4 quarters. We saw it last year. Against a tired D, boom, he breaks a 40 yarder. Boom, we have a 17 point third quarter.

3. Same with Tanne. He looked very, very sharp last night. Clay had a nice play. He played 2 freakin' series people. Who knows what kind of roll he can get on when he plays the entire game. He's taken us 80 yards down the field for a TD on his 2nd or 3rd drive every game, including this game where the scrub refs missed the pass interference call and it should have been 1st and goal from the 1. We obviously would have punched it in. Thomas has shown he'll do that.

4. Same with the D. The bottom line is that the starters not only don't play much, they barely play AT ALL.

In short, we have no idea what shape this team is in. It very well could be Cam Cameron II and 1-15, or we could be 10-6 and solid. It could be 7-9 but we are in nearly every game, with scores like 21-17 heading into the 4th quarter.

I don't think we are as horrible as some believe.

Also that late hit on Tanne by that fvckhead was total BS and that dude needs punishment. Late hit in the back of the knees in the 4th fake game???? Come on man.

Also this entire season will obviously be a total crapshoot as long as the replacement refs are there. THey are absolutley horrendous.

Clyde Gates says I've done everything they have asked of me except get open and catch the football and stay healthy. That shows the attitude of this team pathetic.


Also I didn't realize Matt Moore was such a crybaby. He's taking in on purpose, as someone said last night, since losing the starting job. I can understand being a little pissed after the way he was treated since doing well last year, but the thing is he's only making HIMSELF look bad.

1 pm k/o's.
the phans better start drinking at 8:30 am.

highest priority this year on offense is to keep Tannehill healthy and get him some experience.....nothing else--points and wins, for this team at this point, shouldnt be that important because they're not gonna get many of either--just the reality--lets just not get our QB killed, thats all.....use our deepest unit and run the ball, try to maintain some possession so our D isnt on the field all day.....and hope the young guys improve.

The best part of Hard Knocks was the look on Moore's face while staring into the cameras as Tannehill was trying to name the teams in a division.

I can see why his teammates like him. He seems like he has a good personality. Too bad he can't throw worth a lick.


Also will the cries for Wee Devlin stop now? Not an NFL player. Sorry.

Ireland may be a smart guy but there are lots of smart guys out there and 99.9% have no business being NFL GMs.

The look on Davis face when Ireland told him he was traded was hilarious. He looked catatonic. What a clown wanting to call his grandma.

I don't like Ireland at ALL. But, I think he handled the Vontae thing well. He tried to explain to him why he was traded & what the kid needs to do to get better.

All Vontae wanted to do was talk to his grandmama. What a clown.

DC, Seattle is up and coming? You're banking more on Russell Wilson than Ryan Tannehill? Because Seattle has which aspect better than Miami at the moment? Seattle can say the same about us; give us 1 good WR and we would be in much better shape than Seattle. The Cheifs have who? Eric Berry, Dwayne Bowe who is gone after this year and Matt Cassell? I'm not sold on Jaamal Charles; he had one good season. They went to the playoffs cause the Chargers screwed up not because they were so good. Other than AJ Green and Andy Dalton who do the Bengals have? Those problems for the Bengals were solved with 2 high round picks which we now have plenty of with the VDavis trade. And we have a QB with a higher ceiling in Tannehill.

So I pose the question again: at this very moment would you trade our entire team (cap situation and draft picks situation included) for the Seahawks, Cheifs, or Bengals entire team/situation?

(and yes I forgot the Rams; off the top of my head I knew there was another team I wanted to throw in there)

agree that Moore has checked out, but can you blame him? writing was on the wall when Tannehill was drafted so MM knows he has no future here, as a starter here anyway, plus he knows the team stinks--he wants out, although he coulda at least put up a better battle and made a stronger case for staying, or as an audition for another team.....at this point he'll be 3rd string once DG returns.....not a good career trajectory for 'ol Matty.

Pat Dashi(Devlin) is T-Hill's Caddie

Now repeat after Dashi.

Matt Barkley is a Great College Qb horrible pro Prospect

Lacks Average Size, Lacks Regular Arm Strength, Plus he plays with the best Wr's in the country.

Look at what Blacmon did for Weeden the last 2 yrs.

Matt Barkley isn't even in the Top 3 right now of Pro-Eligible qb's to be drafted next year. Barkley is a 2nd rd pick at best

MiamiD20, yes, I would trade us for all those rosters. But that's beyond the point. I think the point is, we've gone 3 Seasons (about to be 4) after stabilizing from the '07 disaster, and we've regressed pretty much every year. I know, I know, a lot of that is the fault of Parcells, Sparano and the Coaches, philosophy, etc. And we had a HUGE hole to get out of.

I'm just saying, Jake Long, as good as he is, probably has more years behind him than ahead of him (looking at his injury history). Henne, gone. Vontae, gone. Sean Smith, he's ok, but just ok right now. Odrick, ditto S. Smith. Misi, probably his last year in Miami, or he becomes a backup. Pouncey, probably the 2nd best drafted player (does it help us if Ireland's best drafted players are olinemen, hasn't so far?), D. Thomas, he's ok, but on Philbin's sh*t list (we'll see if he remains on the team).

That's the 1st two drafted players during Ireland's tenure. Not promising. Sure, we're stacking draft picks for next year, will Ireland turn them into stars, or even starters, or even Dolphins after 3-4 years? That's the question. Not sure there are 10% of fans that believe he has it in him.

Again, I'm hopeful seeing Philbin and the system and Tannehill and SOME of the young players (Vernon, Miller, etc.). But I've been down this road before, not getting duped ever again by this team. When things look promising, they always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Ross will once again be buying major tickets to prevent a blackout. He can't do that forever. At some point, he'll have to put that money into talent, REAL TALENT, or someone who can find that talent CONSISTENTLY!

after 5 years of drafts with ireland, our cupboards are bare. our team is totally devoid of playmakers on both sides of the ball. jeff was so excited he got a call and a team asked for one of his players. most have zero value.

Greg. We have Bush and Thomas. Bush has not played at all in preseason. Preseason gives no indication how the real season might turn out.

BPA, yes, I can blame him. He went 6-6 last year. Not sure what he "thought" he did. He helped a mediocre team reach a mediocre record. Which is exactly what a mediocre QB can do. He should understand he's a backup in this league. And accept it. Why "check out", when you can enjoy the Miami weather and get good money on a team that will really respect you (as a backup). He'll go elsewhere and get the exact same treatment (you think a backup on a horrible team will EVER be a starter anywhere else in the league?). Not likely.

Gates will be bagging groceries at Publix.

hi DC, i agree with your assessment. i'd take seattle and cinncy rosters too. we have zero playmakers and no "ballers". jeff is rebuilding what he built.

Reggie Bush played a key part in a recent super bowl win, if I recall.

Also to you UM homers: Miller is no Bush. Not even close. He's shown nothing.

Dashi is correct on Barkley.

Barkley = Danny Wuehrffel

I've watched Vernon closely in the preseason and I can honestly say, I see absolutely nothing from this guy on Defense.

i do feel sorry for tanne; he has no one to throw to and no protection.

Looks like we got our QB finally......everything else will fall in place.

fasucko, opponents will key on bush and he will be a non-factor. our qb will be under pressure all game. we lack skill personell.

DC I agree that Ireland needs to go and I agree he could have gotten much more out of his draft busts (meaning as an "elite" scout he should have gotten better talent). However, the point of my post was to show all of these "we're gonna get Barkley...we're going to be 1-15....etc" whining posters that there are more than a handful of other teams out there that will be competing for those top 5 draft picks cause they're just as bad as we are if not worse. The teams you mentioned could go either way and in my opinion I really wouldn't want the entire Bengals, Cheifs, or Seahawks roster. The ONLY players on those teams I'd want would be Eric Berry, Dwayne Bowe, and AJ Green. And they aren't worth trading the entire Dolphins lineup away. There are probably more i can't think of off the top of my head but if we get just 1 good WR to compliment Bess (and a CB better than Marshall) I don't think your answer would be the same as it is now, in my opinion

If we can resign Starks (which I believe we will) we'll be fine on DL. As for Sean Smith, let him walk, he's underacheived so far in his career. Only worry is Long, who, I agree, may have his best years behind him.

Draft: WR 1st round, OL and CB 2nd round, another OL 3rd round and MLB or another WR/CB 3rd round next year we won't be too bad

Draft: WR 1st round, OL and CB 2nd round, another OL 3rd round and MLB or another WR/CB 3rd round next year we won't be too bad

Posted by: MiamiD20 | August 30, 2012 at 10:49 AM

Why does this team need more olineman in the early rounds? Enough already! Early rounds are for playmakers! Haven't we felt the effects of that yet?

This team needs WR's, TE's, Safeties, CB's & OLB'ers a million times more than it needs another OL!

If this team selects another OL before the 4th round it will be another dud draft.

I've read a lot of posts and I agree this season does not look promising. Is there anything I can look forward to this up coming season? anything?

Jeff Ireland needs to call Vontae's Grandma ASAP. She apparently knows more than he does.

Last night is what happens when the entire front office only cares about one person and not the entire team.

Poor leadership from the top.

Miami, I agree on Barkley (we have our possible franchise QB already, unless there was a Cam Newton available, I'd see what Tannehill can do for a few years). I also doubt we go 1-15 (but 3-13 isn't out of the question).

As far as drafting, I agree more with what Truth said. We need playmakers. Our strategy of getting high-round olinemen is a failed strategy. I know Philbin generally likes to get WRs in the 2nd round, but we need CBs, LBs, pass rushers (if they are DLs), TEs, S, and we need talent at that position more than we do at oline. You can't keep trying to get olinemen first, then watch them get hurt the next few years while you try to fill the skill positions, and by the time you ATTEMPT to fill skill position players, you need more olinemen. Enough of that. Fill the skill position players, that will help the QB more than elite olinemen. Formation, strategy and deception is enough to keep the QB safe. Plus Tannehill is a big boy, can take a hit or 2. He'll be ok next couple years without us drafting another Jake Long.

Guys all we can hope for this season is that Tannehill shows signs of a franchise QB. Cam did it his first, hopefully Tannehill shows us something... Other than that Fire Ireland.

A true dolphin fan does not compromise,excellence is our standard. If you keep on supporting this current ownership and it staff, you will have a part in what could be the end of our beloved franchise. A true fan fights for its team and its future. To continue to accept in blind faith what is going on is to not really care enough to be part of the solution that will save the existence of our team. This is not just about this pre season, this is going back to the changing of guard at ownership. The future existence of this franchise could be in trouble, and we have to band together to save it.

I'd respect Philbin more if he cut Nannee. He's bad, very bad. I'd rather go with the rookies, who MIGHT develop into something, then go with a vet, who's been nothing but bad his whole career. That was a HORRIBLE signing by Ireland.

Clue, 2 other things (besides Tannehill getting experience). We can hope to fix our CAP situation (that means getting rid of large contracts of underperforming vets who won't be on the team in the next year or 2). And we can hope that the team adjusts to the new philosophies (WCO and 43 defense). That's it. Maybe some of this year's rookies become promising.

The first 5 picks should go to drafting the 2 best WR's, 2 best CB's & the best safety you can get your hands on.

I think I'm one of the most optimistic guys on here but to me two of the easiest bets out there are the 9.5 points and Houston and the 'under' as far as our season win total is concerned. I haven't seen it but I thought someone told me it was 7.5. Seems like a slam dunk to me!

Only thing I'd say, there was no way we were playing to win last night. Many, many of the starters didn't play. I realize that was true of Dallas too but can you really judge this team based on last night. Honestly? Take a look at the Giants/Pats game last night, a 6-3 win for the Giants. Should both of these teams be concerned going into the season? I don't think so. Completely meaningless game for all involved. We need to see the starters full out before we can throw in the towel on this team. Do I think they are going to be any good? No I don't. But let's see what Bush, Wake, Dansby and others can do when they are healthy giving 100 per cent. What we're really looking for is can this team show up every week and compete. That's a question mark right now but I think it's very important going forward. We also need to see how this team responds to Philbin. There are questions that have come up about this guy in preaseason and while none of this is his fault, it's important that the team buys into what he's trying to do and doesn't quit, as the team did with Cam Cameron during the 1-15 season.

Wow, was watching all of thje mistakes by the replacement refs. Even calling a punt clearly downed at the 4yd line in a game a touchback and spotting the ball at the 20yd line. Thats not to mention the "BLATANT^" pass interence non call in our game lastnight.

Im now wondering if the replacement officials ever watch a football game on any level thier entire lives. Many of us who regulary watch football could do a little better job. The replacement refs nearly guarrantee us an 0-16 record and 1st overall 2013 draft pick.

They made every single call against us lastnight, but for some reason, when we needed a call they suddenly became "3 Blind Mice".

Truth, instead of 2 CBs I"ll say 1 CB and another DE. No one has gotten pressure on the CB besides Wake. Did the Dolphins Blitz at all in the preseason?

Any OL drafted lower than the 3rd round will not be able to make it in this league: you need to draft OL early or they're going to get run over. We have enough DL, we have 2 young TEs with plenty of potential. A safety yes we do need a safety, but grab a WR and CB and them from there what's left? Sure up the OL so Tannehill doesn't get plowed thru


Smart guy, we know we didnt need to win the game lastnight. What you fail to assess is that our 3's and 4's were "totally dominated" by Dallas' 3's and 4's. It was like our team was playing against the Cowboy's 1's.

When ever your 3's and 4's are playing against another team's 3's and 4's, they should never get totally dominated. At worst, another team's 3's and 4's should only be "SLIGHTLY" better than yours. Not look like 1st teamers against them.

This thorughly shows after 4yrs what a terrible job Ireland has done assembling the entire overall roster. What happens in the dark always comes to the light. Lastnoght was living proof.


The most disturbing part of lastnight is Dallas' total assembly of talent maybe a wildcard, one and done, playoff team at best.

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