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The reaction following 30-13 loss to Dallas

Some reactions from Wednesday night's press conferences and open locker room session following the fourth loss in four tries this preseason -- this time a 30-13 loss to Dallas ...

Joe Philbin was realistic about how bad his team looked in this game:

"That's unacceptable," he said. "Poorly coached game. We didn't play well. We had a lot of penatlties. We had 12 men on the field. We didn't tackle well. We didn't score touchdowns. You guys saw the same game I did, it was not a good football game, not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach of the team and that's a poor job by me getting them ready. That's the facts."

Philbin is worried that the team he sees in practice does not show up for games -- any games so far this preseason.

"Am I concerned? Yeah," Philbin said. "The confidence I gain is when I watch guys practice and perform well. We've been a good team in practice  but we haven't transfered that to the game on a consistent basis and that's a concern, absolutely."

Some offensive line notes: Jonathan Martin started at right tackle and moved over to left tackle in the second half. John Jerry play practically the whole game. This was his chance to win or lose the starting right guard job.

The issues at receiver has put the spotlight on players that were supposed to step forward this preseason but didn't. Clyde Gates was one of those. Yet Gates is content with how he performed.

"The hamstring I had kept me out of camp a few days and I missed a game but other than that I'm very happy with the camp I had," he said.

Does Gates think he deserves a to be on the team?

"Yeah, I think I should be. I can't look at it no other way."

Understand that's one man's opinion. Gates has not been told he is on the team. "No I haven't been told I'm good. I'm just going with it, contoling what I can control. I've done everything they asked me to do. Whatever they asked me, I went out there and did it."

One of the most puzzling situations this training camp has been the play of Matt Moore. He completed only 4 of 12 passes this game. He completed only 20 of 51 passes this preseason. He threw two interceptions, including a pick six and didn't throw a TD or get the offense in the end zone.

I asked Moore why he has been unable to play this preseason anywhere close to as well as he did last year, understanding he played last year against starters and this preseason he's play primarily against backups.

"I don't know," Moore said. "I don't have an answer for you. I have to go back and look at the tape and continue to get better."

The regular season begins Sept. 9 at Houston. The Dolphins have 11 days to move heaven and earth and play well.


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"The Miami Dolphins didn’t only lose their final preseason game. They also lost their team plane."

That's hilarious. Philbin's new mantra should be "Guys just remember we can't lose if we can't get to the games & I won't have us flying coach."

We Have RB's,

Remember it's not just the rookie CAP but also the 3 to 4 Yr. minimum investment they will give him to develop. If he were to fail then you have to find the next one and start over. You could find another low rd. guy to develop but not any high picks until this one proves a bust and that's what I mean by decade killer.

That really is to funny about the plane were did you read that?

What angers me about this team, is we never know when to cut the cord. How long does Ryan Baker remain when all he's ever been is 3rd string? Roberto Wallace FINALLY got his chance to start, he's done pretty much nothing. Any reason to keep him? Remember Alama-Francis (LB). Played like 50 plays tops in his career, yet was on the team every year under Sparano. Let's axe these guys who do nothing to help the team. I get that we need to develop players, but after a few years, when they show no improvement, guess what FO, THEY ARE A WASTE OF A SPOT! Move them out, get new guys in to see what they have. This is how you improve the bottom of your roster. You identify guys who have plateau'ed and get rid of them sooner rather than letting them linger for years.

Agree that the rookie CAP helps in the sense were not buried like the other teams you mention. I was just agreeing with your other point about how this kid will respond to the long season ahead although I believe one killer of young QB's are taking to many sacks early and feel that here he will at least be protected.

It's not just the sacks & becoming gun shy like David Carr, there's the mental drain of suffering through constant losing. Is he mentally tough enough to lose 12 or 13 games as a starter & keep his teammates believing in him. This is a HUGE hurdle & an unknown for a QB that is picked early & is forced into action on a really bad team. It's just inevitable that doubt will creep in from his teammates, his coaches, & himself.

IMO--This is not going to be like Dan Marino or even Andy Dalton as a rookie. This season is going to be one to forget for everyone so it's really not so much about what Tannehill does this year as much as it's about what he learns & what he can bring to the table in 2013.

fin, it's on espn.com, and it just proves how Miami is The Bad News Bears. Really are. Just a string of bad luck, that's the last 2 decades. Bad luck, mismanagement and horrible play on the field. No one should be surprised Miami is mediocre. They SHOULD be surprised it's been a decade and we're no better off.

DC, I have the feeling Philbin will do just that.

Mando & Beasley,

Where are the updates on Stallworth & the other veteran WR's working out for the team??? You guys working today or what???

Well guys, Im done with the loser talk. Beginning to feel like a loser myself. Get more depressing everytime. Im out for today.

Please finally cut these guys:

Marlon Moore


Bad luck??? Luck has nothing to do with this team being bad. Huzienga was a terrible owner who hired terrible people to run this franchise & now Ross is just continuing the trend.

This franchise needs a complete house cleaning. It's not just Ireland. Everyone who is working for this organization other than Philbin & the people he just brought in need to go...Now. Hire the right people to run this franchise & the product on the field will improve. Plus Ross needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to football matters. He knows less than Ireland.

Beginning to feel like a loser myself.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 30, 2012 at 01:56 PM

Funny that you're just beginning to feel like a loser. You've come off like a 1 since your Dying Breed days.

Armando and his bouffons are funny, but rather dense.



Me no like talk Junk, me have much knowledge for that.

Me go do something productive, me play the Ponies.

RBs, I agree it's mostly been mismanagement. The bad luck I was talking about was like the injuries to BOTH starting QBs (in 2009 was it, or maybe 2010). Or injuries to the only semi-playmakers we had last few years. Or going with Culpepper instead of Brees (then Culpepper getting injured). Or Ricky Williams getting popped on the sticky icky, then retiring, then coming back.

Some of this can be put on the shoulders of management, but you need luck in order to win as well (see 2008). And we've had very little of it (and it's been magnified due to the things you said, we can't find an adequate FO to save our life).

And no, I don't think Mando's working today. It's the day before the final cuts, and we haven't gotten a PEEP on what the chatter is, who's coming in, who's likely going out, nothing. I guess Mando's getting shoved out of the way by Hard Knocks.

is ross gearing up to sell this team ?

the shiny new toy now keeping him up at night ?
dump all the cap space he can to make it look desireable ?

this weekend could be very telling dolfans


Ok, so far they've brought in QB Matt Blanchard (cut by the Bears) and WR Donte Stallworth. Blanchard may just be an arm to throw to the receivers. Not sure if Stallworth has anything left in the tank or not. Don't expect them to sign anyone right away until after cuts are made on Friday. Not unless they really WOW the Fins.

Moore isn't playing well because he doesn't want to and rightfully so as they threw him under the bus. I agree with him 100%, after all he has done for this team they stabbed him in the back - then in the neck - then in the heart and still expect him to play lol. Philbin has lost the locker room because he is a bully - his way or no way - well clearly the players are showing him that unless he can play football he should show them some respect - maybe Philbin could coach the mascot.

Also Tracy, there's a new rule that if vets are on your roster Week 1, they need to be paid their full contract no matter if you cut them or not. So don't look for vets to be signed until after Week 1 (unless they are SURE they will keep them).


Bad luck??? Luck has nothing to do with this team being bad. Huzienga was a terrible owner who hired terrible people to run this franchise & now Ross is just continuing the trend.

We Have RB's | August 30, 2012 at 02:00 PM

You know I read alot about what a BAD owner Wayne was but don't agree. In fairness back in 95 when Shula assembled his "DREAMTEAM" which utterly failed in a W.C. game at Buffalo with the Bills setting an NFL record with 300 rush yards. It was us the fans going back to a Monday night game Vs. the real DREAMTEAM 49ers who were screaming "JIMMY" You even had some people with signs.

In hindsight Shula never should have tinkered with the 94 group which were a missed Stayanovich kick in S.D. from going to the dance. I mean trading Ingram and K.Jackson for peanuts to replace with Gary Clarck and fat T.E. Thomas or Steve Eatman how about cancer Gene Atkins, Shula did it to himself, that is Shula the G.M. messing with a solid nucleus.

Huzienga made the tough choice retired the legend and gave us what we wanted, some today say they didn't want JJ but you were in the minority in those days. We later screamed "SABAN" and Huzienga hopped on his jet and brought him down, he quits. Then Wayne turns around and brings us Parcells whom everybody was so psyched about in 08.

You can look back and dog him all you want maybe you were a Marlins fan but when we screamed he delivered everytime. To compare Ross who couldn't land a Billie goat is down right unfair, these 2 aren't even in the same ball park. If Wayne is guilty of something is looking for the quick fix like he did with his Baseball team only Football is actually a team sport and chemistry matters as the 95 bunch under Shula proved.

I have been:
1) Optimistic about the team despite doom/gloom comments made by Trolls.
2) A supporter of Ireland, feeling most people here don't have a small fraction of his football-knowledge
3) A supporter of Matt Moore, although in favor of starting Tanny over him.
4) Looking forward to the season and seeing the positive direction the team was heading.

1) I'm having emotional flashbacks to 2007. I'm in a dark and lonely place.
2) Suspecting that Ireland is in way over his head. Seems like a nice guy, but... well, refer to Lombardi here.
3) Moore seems like a different player now than he was last year. Wouldn't be surprised or hurt if Devlin pushes him off the roster.
4) Dark and lonely place... dark and lonely.

Are you kidding me?

They get their a sses handed to them all pre season. Finally, mercifully it's over and what happens?

Their plane "Backs Into" another plane on the Runway?

ROTFLMAO! I would've been walking back to Miami - DAMN!

PS: I think it's ALL Bill Connors fault. Since that Schleprock has been posting here, we've had NOTHING BUT bad luck.

Dolphan1990 | August 30, 2012 at 02:23 PM

There is a flip side to your post like a young JT and Zach going to Wanny and complaining that they didn't like Darryl Gardner (our Pro Bowl DT) whom Wannstedt cuts without looking to trade, huge mistake!

The constant slow starts under Sparano are another and my personal fav. Cortez Kennedy in Seattle saying the team stunk under his College coach at the U Dennis Erickson because the inmates ran the asylum.

The Raiders of the last decade and a half ect.... I agree there must be a middle ground but the H.C. runs the team and won't blame Philbin here. Cam was called out by Porter and didn't stand up for himself that's how he lost that 07 team.

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 30, 2012 at 02:31 PM


How good is the quarterback play going to be when they have no recievers.Gates should be cut. I was never a fan of his.

I really liked the then Edmund Gates coming out of College and had him on my mock, boy was I wrong, should get his walking papers by Friday.

OMG....lets all jump off a bridge! Holy cow people. I agree that we'll be lucky to win 7 games this year, but the roster is a complete disaster????? Seriously? We have excellent RBs, our future QB, a pretty good OL that will only get better, a stellar DL, pretty good LBers, and a decent secondary. Do we need upgrades at certain positions? Heck yes! WRs are subpar for sure. Could use an upgrade on the OL, TE, LB, and secondary.....but not an overhaul. WR is really the only BAD part of the team and it will get fixed. Maybe not this year, but next year for sure. We have 5 picks in the first three rounds. Ireland will get the players we need and we'll be contending. To say the entire team sucks is completely irrational!!

Hey listen up you trolls this team will win this year.
It starts next Sunday in Houston they will shock a lot of people now come on lets go support all the to New Orleans in the Super Bowl. Are you with me.

Morons, we have not given up any hope yet. As you may know, the season has not started yet. Preseason games are meaningless.

Tanne and Bush look sharp. Bush did not play at all last night. By all accounts, he's 100% healthy and working hard, just like last year.

Tanne looks sharp. Thomas looks sharp, as does the Bull. Tanne and Bush playing all game might give us 25 points a game this year for all we know.

What's funny is you guys think you are so "sophisticated" with your knowledge, and some of you have a lot of knowledge about when players were drafted and that kind of thing, but you seem to totally forget that preseason is totally meaningless.

The game last night featured about 1% of the players, on both sides, that would be in a real game.

Now, I fear that it is POSSIBLE that Philbin will be Cam Cameron II, and we might be 1-15, but we might be 11-5.

Nobody knows right now what will happen in real games.

Vegas still says 7 1/2 on Dolphin wins. Man, that seems really high for this year.

Fear Mr. Dark and Lonely Place,

Been there, done that Bro, but hang in there man.

It's always darkest before the dawn........good things come to those......that........wait.

Listen man, just go to the pound and adopt yourself a dog. Then everytime there's an INT, a 3 and out and stuff like that, you can just kick the living shyt out of the pupy(don't get a bull mastiff/pit bull mix though, it doesn't work. I know).

I'm sure there are some moral ramifications in there somewhere. But trust me, it beats the heck out of smashing TV's and Domestic Violenec charges. Cheaper Too!

-Focusing On The Prize-


All I want to see this year is TanneHill take steps forward as the season progresses. That would give me hope for the future. Wins are secondary.

Hey listen up you trolls this team will win this year.
It starts next Sunday in Houston they will shock a lot of people now come on lets go support all the to New Orleans in the Super Bowl. Are you with me.

Posted by: robert | August 30, 2012 at 02:45 PM

Uhhh, no.


From earlier.....did I read correctly you said somethin like 'Tannehill struled to get a reception against the Dallas D' REALLY? Wasn't he something like 6-8 with a drop. What 'struggling to get a reception' were you talkin about?

The game last night featured about 1% of the players, on both sides, that would be in a real game.

Now, I fear that it is POSSIBLE that Philbin will be Cam Cameron II, and we might be 1-15, but we might be 11-5.

Nobody knows right now what will happen in real games.

Fasucko | August 30, 2012 at 02:46 PM

Ummm?? We put our starting D on the field with the exception of Dansby and Burnett, supposedly given I feel Guyton and his more friendly contract may stick also has played OLB and this will be the 1st go around for Burnett who NEVER played a down in the Pre-Season.

On O our QB, Slot WR, T.E. ans one of our starting RB's were all on the field with our RG and RT.

The D was pulled midway through the 3rd series I believe to save the team further embarrassment at the hands of McGee and the Dallas scrubs.

Our O couldn't generate much but the mix and match OL got them more of a pass.

ok...let me put it to you this way, for all you fantasy football players out there, how many Fins have you drafted this year?

...maybe Reggie Bush goes in the 5th round.

....anyone else?

...maybe Bess in the 7th round

...anyone else?

...Fasano, Thomas, Hartline, Gates, Clay, Tannehill

Nobody I know of is taking any of these players and for good reason...

...we still can't SCORE POINTS.

Ireland has to be working for the Jests!


From earlier.....did I read correctly you said somethin like 'Tannehill struled to get a reception against the Dallas D' REALLY? Wasn't he something like 6-8 with a drop. What 'struggling to get a reception' were you talkin about?

Craig M | August 30, 2012 at 03:14 PM

He was 5/8 for 34 Yds. Craig, what I meant was the way his LWR Naanee dropped a sure 1st down were he alligator armed a pass and flat out gave up on another. The fade pass in the endzone should have been called for a P.I. while the Cowboy WR's caught everything McGee threw there way when it mattered. I should have written he couldn't catch a break which is more along the lines of what I meant. Tanne by the way saw a little of what he's in for with his WR's.

I'm starting to think we have the most DELUSIONAL players or dumb players to walk the planet. Is that possible? How can a uy like Gates be 'happy' with his camp? How can he feel he should be on the team with how he's performed? Is he really that dumb or does he just not care enough? Listen, I don't know that much about the guy but shouldn't we have guys on the team that are ANGRY about their performance or at least DISAPPOINTED about what they've contributed so far. Tired of these guys that are just CONTENT all the time. Is he a complete IDIOT or does he just not care? Get rid of this bum NOW! Do NO pass go....do NOT collect $200. Go run track for the 2016 Olympic team. This does not look like he has a future in the NFL as a receiver. It's the same with Davis. He's told he's been traded and he's got this dumb ass look on his face, like 'where is this coming from?'. He lost his starters job because he didn't show up in shape and didn't/couldn't bust his hump, the coaches constantly told him he needs to try harder and he style has that dumb ass 'are you kidding?' look on his face at the time of the trade. Are these guys just dumb or do they have their heads in the sand. Amazing to me!

Craig, Tannehill sux.

I really liked the then Edmund Gates coming out of College and had him on my mock, boy was I wrong, should get his walking papers by Friday.

Posted by: fin4life | August 30, 2012 at 02:41 PM

You and I BOTH Fin4. I was even bragging(kind of-lol)about having nailed the Gates pick on my MOCK!


Then I went babbling on about how Naanee would finally come into his own with a change of scenery-Doh!

I'm starting to feel Ireland-ish in my WR evaluation "Process"!

Tannehill puts us behind 20-0 in the 1st quarter every game. He's worse then Henne was.

Craig M | August 30, 2012 at 03:22 PM

My biggest pet peeve with Gates since he arrived you know he has the talent to show more and beginning to believe he just wants out to go play somewhere else or something. There is NO WAY he can be pleased nor believe himself safe on this team.


Sorry I read your comments wrong. I thought you were blaming Tannehill for the night. Yeah I expect the offence will struggle just about every night.


I dont give a flying crap what the hell sways you. If anyone needs to STFU its you with your BS cheerleading. Grow some balls and speak up rather than taking it up your butt with this lousy product. The again, nothing else to expect from SHEEP like you. Its OK. Just keep your little mouth shut and...wait a second...I know that's hard to do with Ireland's member in your mouth so just keep on sucking it.

How long until Tannehill gets booed like Henne did?

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 30, 2012 at 03:23 PM

I remember us debating it back and forth between him and Jernigan who is doing nicely for the Giants, oh well at least we can admit it given we weren't alone the M.Ingram group never spoke up again after his supposed burning 10 yard shuttle time and he just looked plain slow and short yardage guy at best last year. I however proudly had D.Murray (always like those Tex/Okla RB's) and wasn't wrong there. I'm pulling for Thomas but the pick blindsided me.

Agreed Craig. Is this his 2nd or 3rd year? I think 2nd, that would be the ONLY reason to keep him. But I don't think there's much there. I'd rather keep a guy like Chris Hogan, who CAN hang on to the ball, rather than a guy with Olympian speed who never touches the ball (because he can't run routes, can't catch).

And Tannehill should not be held responsible for his stats. I've seen LOADS, DOZENS, PLENTY of drops this Pre-Season (TDs, 1st downs, easy receptions) by WRs and TEs. They are crap. Tannehill seems to be doing his job, but no one's on the other end helping him.

If we were blaming Marshall last year for his drops, then these scrubs deserve even MORE condemnation. At least Marshall was a Top 10 WR (even with the drops), made the ProBowl. These fools couldn't even make toast.


Sorry I read your comments wrong. I thought you were blaming Tannehill for the night. Yeah I expect the offence will struggle just about every night.

Craig M | August 30, 2012 at 03:26 PM

No worries Bro! By the way I get the feeling well be the ones feeling sorry for this kid by Nov.

Gates has shown nothing that makes us think he should be on this team. He's not alone. The same could be said for Nannee and Wallace and Hartline hasn't shown enough because of being hurt. How is Braylon not better than these guys again? I stick up for Ireland a lot but he has NO clue how to evalauate WRs. Let somebody else do it. He gets it wrong all the time! Wallace is the biggest disappointment to me. Perfect opportunity HANDED to him and he f*cks it up. I wouldn't care if he gets chopped either. It's Bess and then Hartline based on past performance and after that I couldn't care less. None of these guys are worth anything. Give Hogan a chance. Couldn't be any worse than these other guys. Maybe he becomes the new Camarillo for us.

Dear Mr. Ireland, if Craig M starts turning on you, YOUR. DAYS. ARE. NUMBERED!

Ireland drafted another dud....


The 2 drafted R.Matthews, BJ Cunningham deserve to stick in the conversation somewhere as well. The alligator arm thing from Naanee reminded of 99 #1 pick J.Avery getting the ax from JJ right after his 1st game Monday night in Denver for something identical in a trade the next day to ironically Denver for some scrub and that was week one of the 99 Season! I'd have had no problem with Naanee being left at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport catching a flight back to S.D. were he started and even then I thought little of!


That's a good line....'these guys couldn't even make toast'....LOL. Love it! I'm going to use that one if it's OK.

Yeah this is Gates SECOND season. It's not like he gave us anything in his first. Shouldn't we see some growth from last year. Zippo so far. What the Hell is wrong with his hamstrings? It's chronic with this guy! Does he know what he's doing? Is this him coasting in the NFL or something? A young guy like that shouldn't constantly be having hamstring problems. He's either overtraining or not stretching properly or not getting the proper attention for them. Whatever it is he's no use to us like this. I'd ship his sorry ass to Indy to hang out with Vontae.

Craig, use away, I don't copyright my posts, lol.

Good point about his hamstring. That brings flashbacks of Vontae. It probably is not stretching enough (or not enough training offseason). Either way, he's not good enough to be hurt every other day. Hogan at least shows up. Don't know why he couldn't even make the practice squad. Seems to me he's exactly what a receiver should be (minus the physical attributes). At the very least he can help those other guys.

But Nannee, Wallace, Pruitt (actually, think he already got cut), shouldn't be wearing teal and orange. They should be skydivers, because the best thing they do is drop.

I feel Gates doesn't like it here or something seriously, every time the camera pans on him he looks depressed or something.

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