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The reaction following 30-13 loss to Dallas

Some reactions from Wednesday night's press conferences and open locker room session following the fourth loss in four tries this preseason -- this time a 30-13 loss to Dallas ...

Joe Philbin was realistic about how bad his team looked in this game:

"That's unacceptable," he said. "Poorly coached game. We didn't play well. We had a lot of penatlties. We had 12 men on the field. We didn't tackle well. We didn't score touchdowns. You guys saw the same game I did, it was not a good football game, not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach of the team and that's a poor job by me getting them ready. That's the facts."

Philbin is worried that the team he sees in practice does not show up for games -- any games so far this preseason.

"Am I concerned? Yeah," Philbin said. "The confidence I gain is when I watch guys practice and perform well. We've been a good team in practice  but we haven't transfered that to the game on a consistent basis and that's a concern, absolutely."

Some offensive line notes: Jonathan Martin started at right tackle and moved over to left tackle in the second half. John Jerry play practically the whole game. This was his chance to win or lose the starting right guard job.

The issues at receiver has put the spotlight on players that were supposed to step forward this preseason but didn't. Clyde Gates was one of those. Yet Gates is content with how he performed.

"The hamstring I had kept me out of camp a few days and I missed a game but other than that I'm very happy with the camp I had," he said.

Does Gates think he deserves a to be on the team?

"Yeah, I think I should be. I can't look at it no other way."

Understand that's one man's opinion. Gates has not been told he is on the team. "No I haven't been told I'm good. I'm just going with it, contoling what I can control. I've done everything they asked me to do. Whatever they asked me, I went out there and did it."

One of the most puzzling situations this training camp has been the play of Matt Moore. He completed only 4 of 12 passes this game. He completed only 20 of 51 passes this preseason. He threw two interceptions, including a pick six and didn't throw a TD or get the offense in the end zone.

I asked Moore why he has been unable to play this preseason anywhere close to as well as he did last year, understanding he played last year against starters and this preseason he's play primarily against backups.

"I don't know," Moore said. "I don't have an answer for you. I have to go back and look at the tape and continue to get better."

The regular season begins Sept. 9 at Houston. The Dolphins have 11 days to move heaven and earth and play well.


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joke franchise.


Ireland has a blind spot when it comes to WR. Why? I have no idea. Goes back to the days of adding the guy from the Jags (Wilford?). To many missed WR's in Hagan, Turner, Wallace, Pruitt, Moore etc...And passing on guys like Nicks and Britt and D. Thomas in Denver. He doesn't seem to value the position but he misses too often with the guys he drafts or adds. I doubt Chad Johnson would have done much for this year either. Then he brings in a guy like Naanee who looks AWFUL to me. Doesn't instil confidence that he'll get it right in April drafting WR.

I see a ton of post about Clyde Gates. I have seen enough. If you can't get open, what's the point? Personally I don't think he's that fast. Ginn was fast. Mike Wallace is fast! I don't know what Gates is.

No matter who we get off waivers it's not gonna help much, if any.. If another team releases a reciever, he'll only be a #4 at best..Or he wouldn't be released in the first place..Thats not gonna help us.. We need a #2 or #3..The only way we're gonna get a good player is if we trade..We might be able to trade Thomas or Miller for a good reciever..What teams have alot of WR's but need a RB?

Ireland has a blind spot for more than just WR's.

Unless the player is a high first round pick, Ireland has a blind spot for everyone. He doesn't just discriminate with WR's.

Looks like Garrard is going to be done in Miami. Rumours are an injury settlement is coming. Makes sense really. Keeping Devlin on the team makes more sense than the 34 year old Garrard.

Ireland sucks bad enough without his kids distracting him in his office when he is on the phone trying to deal (crap that is). This guy needs all the concentration he can get because he is not football smart.

P.S. Is it just me or are at least 85% of the players with dreadlocks shitty at their craft.

We need a 1 2 an 3 WR

We need a 1 2 an 3 WR

Posted by: Clue | August 30, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Don't forget:
#2 & 3 CB
#1 TE
#1 RG
Starting OLB

So Ireland passes up signing Bryalon Edwards to potentially sign another WR who ran over and killed a man?

That's another stupid move if they get rid of garrard. Moore needs to go. What a suck bag! Where's all the roster moves and trades? More smoke being blown. What week will ireland and philbin be fired?

Ireland will do whatever it takes to try to save his job (assuming Ross even cares.) Thus, he will trade the entire 2013 draft to try to get us 6-8 wins.
His only concern is saving his job, and mortgaging this country's...oops, I mean the team's future.

In a half year at Washington, Stallworth had more production then OchoCinco did with a full season with the Pats. He is 32?? If he has a good tryout, why not?

Watching NFL Live with JT and a couple of interesting rule changes the NFLPA has agreed to.

1) You can pull one player of IR at any time in the Yr.

2) Is interesting for us, the trade deadline has been pushed back to after week 8.

I say interesting for us because anything like an 0-5 start could trigger a month long fire sale instead of giving you the usual week to figure it out.

Garrard takes up to much cap space. Makes sense for him to go

They also worked out a QB as well so goodbye Garrard, and prob a trade for Matt Moore who was rumored all along to go to Denver to back up Peyton. So possibly RT, Devlin, and the kid they worked out from Chicago. Who knows just throwing that out there

OK, lets ASSUME that other than jets trolls, this entire blog is comprised of folks like me who LIVE and DIE with the Dolphins.
In that case, I believe that though probably less than 10% here ever played the game past high school...includes me, i was a baseball player.
Even so, how is it that WE can see and VERIFY that Ireland has done an abysmal job in his tenure here, and Steve Ross cannot?

There has GT to be something in Ireland's contract that would cause Ross to suffer a HUGE financial catastrophe should he (Ireland) be terminated prior to the end of his contract.

WHAT ELSE could it be?
Hopefully nothing sexual. YUCK.

sorry, meant GOT

If Ireland had listened to you idiots, we'd have gotten Orton last year. Then Flynn. Then Mustache Man to coach and retired P. Manning for 70 mil. You six pack fans are fvking clueless. Shut yo mouves.

Thomas will prove this year to have been a great pick. We also ahve Bush and Tanne.

We'll be fine.

My reason for letting Garrard go, assuming we should start 1-6 would be to prevent another crippling 7-9/8-8 type year.
Indy went into the tank, and they were the LEAST deserving to get Andrew Luck.
Speaking of which, I wish NO player, even those on the Jets harm, but i'd love Luck to get a case of mono, something he'll fully recover from. Hopefully in 3 years.

What the Colts pulled is JUST NOT FAIR, but I wouldn't put it past that egomaniac Irsay to have planned it that way.


If your near a TV JT will break Fins down on ESPN now.

Fatasucko, stick to your Fasano hate mantra, as your comments are not only misguided but rude.
Are you saying that (mustache) Cowher would have been LESS preferable to Philbin?
Peytoin Manning would have been worth every penny, both ass a player and for the gate, positive press, etc.

I won't comment on your rude posting style, as it speaks for itself.

I will vote with my wallet.
No game tickets.
No overpriced parking, beer, hot dog, or game program.
No brand merchandise.
I will chip in for protests banners and such.
Screw Ross, screw Ireland, screw Philbin.
Move the flipping team for all I care.

We should be grateful that we have Jeff Ireland to straighten out this mess. All of the Dolphin's personnel problems are the fault of Bill Parcells or due to interference from Coach Philbin. Mr. Ross understands; true Dolfans should also understand.
We need to step back and let the master move the chess pieces.

Everyone loves to knock on Ireland for the people we have but never give him any credit for the people he didn't sign.

Flynn number 1. Beat out by a rookie in Seattle!
Mallet number 2. Fighting for number 2 backup.
Kyle Orton number 3. Everyone cried for him last season. The guy stinks.

Clipboard, you are so right. Why can't other posters recognize the superb personnel skills of Jeff Ireland?

We should be grateful that we have Jeff Ireland to straighten out this mess. All of the Dolphin's personnel problems are the fault of Bill Parcells or due to interference from Coach Philbin. Mr. Ross understands; true Dolfans should also understand.
We need to step back and let the master move the chess pieces.
Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 30, 2012 at 04:43 PM

I agree with you on part of this is Parcells deal but to say its Philbins when Jeff has to sign off on letting the people go... Dumb observation on your part.. CJ was Irelands move to bring in and Philbin had to deal with it.

Matty what is really dumb is criticism of Jeff Ireland. Next thing we know he will move to another franchise and we will really have a problem. I heard a rumor that Coach Sparano is touting him for the Jets. That would be a disaster!

We need to move up in the draft to draft the best possible talent. We should use the entire draft on getting just wide receivers, defensive backs, tight end. Thats it nothing else,,, and then the following year you fill out the rest.. But please no more linemen or trading potential talent (Davis) for draft picks,,, we need talent!!!

Before the home opener, Ross ia letting everyone with a ticket give Ireland a golden shower.

All the guys who think the team stinks and will go 1-15 or 2-14 based on PRESEASON results should just make a public commitment to smash their own testicles with a hammer if the team wins 6 or more games. Reality is that they will win 6-8 games.

It is a rebuilding team with a new offense, a new defense - neither of which has been unveiled in preseason - a good new QB who will only get better, a fixed OL, a decent running game, questionable WR but with Bess and when he heals, Hartline being good and a talented defense. For all the whiney Yets fans just STFU

How are these scrubs going to win ONE game? How?

Posted by: oavery | August 30, 2012 at 05:05 PM

Thank you....

I see a few 45-6 type losses

Ireland's Republican Army:
Excellent use of tongue-in-cheek.
Now, if only Jeff could get HIS tongue out of Ross's nether regions.

When EVERY team you've faced, even in preseason has THEIR 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stringers beating YOUR'S up, you HAVE to think something just ain't right.
Remember, your opponents are showing THEIR cards either.
What, we should be SATISFIED with 6 wins?
After 4 years of mediocrity? With our fairly soft schedule.

And PLEASE don't quote me last years record, based on winds against teams with losing records.

Meant opponents AREN'T showing their cards either.

If they didnt want to see if Tannehill was any good, they would just forfeit. Actually, they have forfeited this season and next.


If your near a TV JT will break Fins down on ESPN now.

Posted by: fin4life | August 30, 2012 at 04:39 PM

Thanks...I'll see if my wife will allow me to turn off Fox news for a few! LOL

Imawriter, no one is saying their satisfied with 6 wins, what we're trying to say is we'll win more than 1 or 2 games which most of you assume we'll win, which, frankly, is a pathetic way to view the season. We understand you're "fed up" but jeez 1 or 2 wins. How emotional can you possibly be?

No i give him credit on the not signing Flynn and a few others. I wish we wouldve gotten Winston as that would solidify the gueard spot.

Pre-season is just that.. judging your talent on the team.. they obviously arent happy with what they have as the fans arent either.


check that out.. good indepth look at things..

Argh, no such luck, fin4life. She's glued to the tube.
If I had a "Coat-of-Arms" it would be a cat in a high speed blender."

Matty, Grantland has some of the best boxing columns anywhere.
Highly recommended to anyone who loves that dying sport.
Thanks for the link.

Yeah I just happened across this yesterday and it really was eye opening and shows how indepth they write..

How can Ross charge for tickets to see this nightmare?

Matty, just read the barn well article. Too bad it's a week behind the news. All his positives have turned into negatives. Bell gone (part of that "gorgeous" pass D), Moore a shell of himself, Davis gone, Marshall gone (which he didn't consider important, I guess).
However, it was incredibly refreshing to seem him on OUR side, and against the hot air windbags at ESPN who bloviate Jets and Pats all day.

BTW, just because Flynn isn't starting now (Henne to Moore anyone0 doesn't mean Russell Wilsong will be there long, especially with Pete Carroll.
Wilson faced NO ONE in preseason, at least no one who cared that much.
He's a great athlete and college QB, but to rule Flynn out at this juncture is premature.
I believe it was the $$$$$ that kept us from signing Flynn.
Only a small minority here was pushing for Orton. Manning? He!! yeah!!!

..What do you guys think would be the low water mark where Ross says to Ireland..Your fired! ???

Would it even be this year? Did Ireland buy himself some time by drafting Tanny? When would enough be enough? How low would the team have to sink before Ireland gets the sack?

I'm not trying to debate weather or not it is the right thing to do..(Even though we all know deep down that firing Ireland would be sweet)..Ireland still gets the pass because he finds starters..Well no doubt. When your team always has holes to fill these young players become starters..The difference is that these players arent positivley influencial in the outcomes of games..Yes they start, do they contribute at a level that has made this team better??? Proof is on the field.

Ireland gets a pass because he has only had 1,2,3 drafts where Parcells wasn't in charge..Well depending on how much love for Ireland his defenders have..These solo drafts all change. I'm saying 3 drafts..Again we can pretend all we want that this is not enough time to evaluate these players..Probably a fair statement. But does it feel like any of these guys from the prior 2 drafts are major gamechangers in our favor? No. We can make excuses for Ireland all we want. We can take a wait and see approach to his picks..What does your gut say without trying to sugar coat it so it doesn't burn when the truth goes down?

Will there be enough talent on this team to save his job going forward? He does have one ace to play in Tannehill..If he works out, nobody will remember his past failures, and it will be chalked up as his brilliance. Sadly. I don't think there is enough talent on this team that will allow us to see if RT is any good or not..This may be the down fall of the Ireland regime.

Today, Scott van Pelt went on a rant regarding the practice of charging full price for preseason games.
I'll wager that, as they players make far less per game for those exhibitions, fans will finally speak up, and Goodell will finally do something for the fans, instead of just the owners.

Yeah it was a good thing that the Fins didnt over pay for Flynn. Good QB at the right price but not to over pay. Also next year we will have a ton of cap room.. 25 million +...

...Also I'm not buying the lets throw a party for the guys Ireland passed on..If the team was good. He would get some praise for this..Since it is looks like this team could not be built much worse(at the current time) these non signings mean nothing to me..Find some playmakers then we can hold hands and sing.

Please help us Mr Robbie from the great beyond. I know we sucked from 66-70 but this has gotten ridiculous

DDunphy, I guess my criteria would be...how many legitimate Pro Bowl players have emerged under Parcells/ireland?
Long. Cam Wake. (FA) Bell was a sub, Marshall, a sub, Pouncey? No, though his BROTHER was.
Our punter and place kicker both are quality players, but filed position and FG's only delay the inevitable.

No skill position players in the Pro Bowl, no LB's.
Irelands free agent procurement has been numerous, but other than Cam Wake, no one who mad a real DIFFERENCE.

The kicker is the staggering # of wasted 2nd and third rounders. Too many given up for Thomas, unless he takes over as #1 next year.

Grandpaphin, we '66 season ticket holders feel your pain.
What I would give to have Wahoo McDaniel at LB! LOL

wouldn't give.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | August 30, 2012 at 05:55 PM



I think what I have a really hard time with is the unbalanced comments as it relates to Jeff Irleand. Clearly that's what it is. It's not Jeff Ireland's fault this team hasn't won a Super Bowl in almost 40 years. It's just not. He's been here for 5 and in control for less than 3. He and the others took over a football team that was 1-15 and dead last in the NFL. Think about that for a second and let it percolate....

The next year they went 11-5. Now people will say it was because of the schedule and that Pennington fell into their laps etc and while some of that is true it still happened. So everyone will say Sparano's an idiot and Ireland's an idiot and Parcells's is an idiot but these three idiots still took the team from the biest turnaround in NFL history, from 1-15 to 11-5. Again, if people want to say they are idiots that's fine....doesn't take away from the fact that it happened.

You asked the question what would the lowpoint have to be for Ireland to be fired? I would think 2-3 wins might get him fired. I'm sure that would make 80 per cent of the bloggers on here happy but I ask is it actually a good thing? The reason I ask is because the new GM is going to want his own coach. He may look at Tannehill and say he's not the answer. So maybe he gets rid of him after a season or two as Parcells did with John Beck. Maybe we go back to a 3-4 defence again or maybe we change the whole coaching staff, I don't know. My point is when does the insanity end? Free agents would want to come here. Guys will argue that some already don't want to. But don't these plans need time to develop before we keep changin everything? Does getting rid of Jeff Ireland automatically guarantee that things get better with this team? I say no. In fact for me it just creates more change and the possibility of more things to go wrong.

I've used this analogy before but the Toronto Maple Leafs brought in Brian Burke to be their GM, generally regarded as one of the best GMs in the business. The team has missed the places 4 years in a row and has gotten worse. I'm just saying people need to be careful what they wish for. Saban was supposedly an idiot by many on here and ANYONE would be better. Bringing in Cam Cameron quickly showed that maybe Saban wasn't that bad after all.


Sorry for the previous long post. The comments weren't directed at you per se, more as general comments. You'd asked the question what would get Ireland fired and I think 2-3 wins would do that but I think the team needs to commit to the partnership of Philbin and Ireland for at least a couple of years before doin anything. I don't yet know if Philbin will be a good HC but I'd like to see what these guys can do together before blowing it all up once again.

So. I rather have a monkey picking players instead of JI!! Rumors are Dansby Thomas are being shop around! JI is making this team worst than what already is!! And people still saying JI is doing a good job!

Hahahahaha. ROTHFLMFAO!!!!

Pat McQuistan cut in Dallas. Could be bad news for us....maybe he ends up back in Miami again....geez!

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