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The reaction following 30-13 loss to Dallas

Some reactions from Wednesday night's press conferences and open locker room session following the fourth loss in four tries this preseason -- this time a 30-13 loss to Dallas ...

Joe Philbin was realistic about how bad his team looked in this game:

"That's unacceptable," he said. "Poorly coached game. We didn't play well. We had a lot of penatlties. We had 12 men on the field. We didn't tackle well. We didn't score touchdowns. You guys saw the same game I did, it was not a good football game, not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach of the team and that's a poor job by me getting them ready. That's the facts."

Philbin is worried that the team he sees in practice does not show up for games -- any games so far this preseason.

"Am I concerned? Yeah," Philbin said. "The confidence I gain is when I watch guys practice and perform well. We've been a good team in practice  but we haven't transfered that to the game on a consistent basis and that's a concern, absolutely."

Some offensive line notes: Jonathan Martin started at right tackle and moved over to left tackle in the second half. John Jerry play practically the whole game. This was his chance to win or lose the starting right guard job.

The issues at receiver has put the spotlight on players that were supposed to step forward this preseason but didn't. Clyde Gates was one of those. Yet Gates is content with how he performed.

"The hamstring I had kept me out of camp a few days and I missed a game but other than that I'm very happy with the camp I had," he said.

Does Gates think he deserves a to be on the team?

"Yeah, I think I should be. I can't look at it no other way."

Understand that's one man's opinion. Gates has not been told he is on the team. "No I haven't been told I'm good. I'm just going with it, contoling what I can control. I've done everything they asked me to do. Whatever they asked me, I went out there and did it."

One of the most puzzling situations this training camp has been the play of Matt Moore. He completed only 4 of 12 passes this game. He completed only 20 of 51 passes this preseason. He threw two interceptions, including a pick six and didn't throw a TD or get the offense in the end zone.

I asked Moore why he has been unable to play this preseason anywhere close to as well as he did last year, understanding he played last year against starters and this preseason he's play primarily against backups.

"I don't know," Moore said. "I don't have an answer for you. I have to go back and look at the tape and continue to get better."

The regular season begins Sept. 9 at Houston. The Dolphins have 11 days to move heaven and earth and play well.


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Is Ross paying you, 78? How about Armando?

Parcells should be in the dock in The Hague, on trial for crimes against Humanity.

Kris I completely agree with you. But just out of curiosity( because I haven't read this anywhere but in this blog) where did you read he's losing the locker room? I know crazy people in here who have never even been to or played a game of football have screamed it but did anyone credible say it?

Ireland admitted on the radio that Pat White was his pick.


Dashi I had a feeling. The blog tool at it again. What a child, you must have hurt his feelings.

Phins 78....

I don't know if I can find the exact words....but I think its more implied by Dansby and other players that refuse to be named...

Phins78, U know Dashi Respects Ur Opinion.

I will never/have never Called ur Opinion or Anyone Elses Stupid. Unless ur Mr.1001 and u Start it.

Phins78, We've been in Agreement on almost everything the Last couple Days. Calling Ur Opinion Stupid will be almost like Calling my Opinion Stupid.

From what u said u heard on XM, It Sounds Right To Me. PArcells has/will always be a Control Freak. They were running PArcells Playbook on both sides the Ball. Player Prototype's, Practice Regimen, ETc. Etc.

Sporano was a Puppet. Dan Henning Ran the Offense, Nolan ran the D

Oscar can you please make sense so I can answer you. Enough with the riddles, your question makes no sense.

Phins 78....check out this link....


Are they impersonating you, Phins78?

Philbin will be a good coach. He may be quiet and awkward when getting rid of people but every new boss has to find their style. He has been a winner everywhere he has been. The team lacks talent and had bad attitudes. He realized it and is making changes that will better the team. He has a very good offensive mind and will turn this thing around.His assistants are proven football guys who know how to handle their jobs. i really think they will perform better than most think.

Ok, read it Kris. Pretty interesting. I've been in complete agreement with your post on that for a week now. Philbin is a real coach.Sparano was a player suck up. It worked the first year because Parcells played bad cop too Sparanos good cop. Some of the pansy vets don't like Philbin because he doesn't coddle them. I don't want a coddle coach.

I made the point yesterday, Coughlin went through the SAME EXACT THING when he took over in NY. Tough s%&t! Perform or your a%& gets cut!

I lost all respect for Dansby when he publicly questioned Philbin on the Johnson cut. And we find out not only did he head butt his wife but he was paying a strippers rent for her. Guess thats why he had the condoms. Not only that but he acted like he was bigger than the coach, like he could do anything. Yeah Dansby, stick up for that fool over your own coach, get the f&%k out of Miami please.

It is true that the play calling has been steady and not spectacular. I believe they are setting somebody up. Probably Houston.

Dashi Agrees with Kris. Yea they might be Rumors Philbin lost the Locker Room. But if those players Spreading the Rumors are not here come Friday. Those Rumors Cease to Exist.

Philbin is on his job. Hopefully he makes Drastic Cuts tomorrow. Dashi wants to see everyone under performing Gone. Rookies and Veterans. Sign, 8-10 new players tomorrow.

The Offense Has Potential, Specially if the Fins Pickup a Couple Wr's.

The D Needs Work. The Transition is going to be Painful if we don't have any LB's that can play Sideline-to-Sideline. Misi needs to GO.

Now, that's, much, much better.

Who's running their mouth? Dansby, who knows he's in the same boat as the other guys no longer on this team, or Burrnett, who doesn't deserve to say anything -- hasn't earned it. Everyone else is too young to cause a mutiny. Maybe it's Moore, who's opinion means nothing really since he can't out-perform backups. So I'm not sure who would he'd be losing the locker room to

Good post jake. Now lets hope fans can show a little patience. I mean Sparano had three years of fist pumps before people turned on him. I hope Philbin gets at least that long. Let the man build his team the way he wants it. First order of business, let him hire his own gm.

So No More

Moores the Starter Garrard is the Backup

Common Sense and For the Fins Future Sake

T-$izzle is the Starter Delvin is the Caddy

I believe they will unleash Charles Clay in multiple formations and he will terrorize opposing defenses this year. Just have a feeling he will break out. He has too much skill and talent. They have held him back in pre- season.

Phins 78.....Dashi....I agree.....

you can't make an ommlette without cracking a few eggs (knuckle heads)....

but the FIN FAITHFUL are gonna have to give Philbin time....

Oscar not sure what youre saying. No one is impersonating me, and if they are couldn't care less.


The catch 22 is this....

Philbins longevity is PROBABLY tied to Ireland's.....so if we want to keep Philbin...Ireland had better get his sh@t together.....

The responsibility for this mess falls squarely on the elite, franchise QB Ryan Tannehill.
He needs to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

Kris, The Fans need to Realize Philbin has been here a Couple Month's, not Years.

Winning Cures all. And if the Fins(philbin) Manage to split the first 6 games, The Fan base will be ok with him for the rest of the Year.

Again this Season is about watching T-hill Grow. Hopefully we find guys that can catch the ball Consistently for him. I like Matthews out of what we have after Bess.


Been reading your posts regarding who was responsible for what and since when based on what you heard on serius radio. The truth is nobody will ever truly know for sure but after Wayne sold the team at the end of 08 to Ross Parcells knew he had his ticket to leave 14 Million richer whenever he wanted before 09. He has said and stated publically on many an occasion he had permitted J.Ireland to run the 09 draft but upon seeing the results decided to take a more active hand in 2010 were he said and I quote, "The fat cats and gimmick players will have to wait, this yr. we will draft players who can play in pads" He took full credit for 2010 but put 09 and P.White squarely on Ireland. I don't doubt what you heard but I remember it playing out verbatim the way I'm putting it down here from the horses mouth.

Houston opened as 6 pt favorites but the bettors quickly pushed it up to 10-10 1/2.

MiamiD20 ,,,,,,right?! Great post, f%&k those guys, they've done nothing for us. Jeez Dansby LIKED Sparano and he came in out of shape last year. That tells us all we need to know. Trade him now, get this rebuild in full swing. We need lots of picks and will be in great shape cap wise next year. The right offseason could do great things for this team.

Thanks Phins.It is so hard being a Fin fan in Pa the last 20 years.It is so hard going to Pitts, Cleve and Buffalo and getting heckled about how bad we have sucked.My grown children have endured it as Fin fans and haven't been able to see the good times.

Fin4life im on my tablet right now but remind me next time and I will paste tjhe link to the story where Parcells says Pat White was his pick. We wont ever know all the facts but I do tend to believe the writer today just because we all know who Parcells is and it doesnt seem as far fetched as believing Parcells just sat there twiddling his thumbs while Ireland made all the decisions.


True statement...."winning cures all"....

Thats why I think this game against Houston is HUGE (my inner bill conners)......

If we get blown out...or look non-competitive....the worms in the locker room will rot this team to the core....

we need a win...or a VERY strong showing....

But seriously we shouldnt even be talking about this stuff, its the past and its done, we need to look to the future. Hopefully a future with a more competent gm.

Conspiracy Theory on Timeline for who is Responsible for the Doliphins Personnel Decision since 2008

Parcell's 2008-2009

Ireland 2010-2011

Philbin 2012-

Dashi believes Ireland hired Philbin and After the 1st Week on the Job Philbin Was Boss.

Phins78, I've argued this with Kris and others on previous blogs: although Dansby is a good defender and our best non-DL defender he has (vastly) underachieved. His bloated salary on top of the fact that he doesn't fit Philbin's mold will lead to his exit after this season. Unless he stays healthy and performs like he's capable of I see no reason to retain him or Burrnett for too much longer. These guys were suppose to stop all these TEs from ruining our day and they can't keep up with s**t anymore. Literally just read in SI that Burrnett allowed the second most yards in coverage last year than any other LB in the league.

If they're both healthy and can shut their mouth then great, welcome aboard. Otherwise GTFO of Miami, please. (it's time we draft a young stud at MLB that can hold fort for a decade)

Ross needs to spend more money on a competent GM and the Fins will be fine. Coaching is in place. Now they need the talent to go with it.

Jake I feel yor pain, I lived on the Marino era for years but we can't even do that anymore. The respect is gone, they have to rebuild that. Any time someone makes fun of me about my team it's usually someone who I have little respect for to begin with. I mean if they're hanging their hats on someone elses accomplishments it's hard not to feel sorry for them. So just ignore it! :)

Kris Agreed.

A win or a Close game will go Far.

Also who the Final 53 are going to be?!

Who we Keep at Qb, Wr's, OLB and O-Line?

That would let Fans now if We are Even watching the Same Game the Coach is Watching?

Does Philbin Really know the Wr's are Garbage? Or that the OLB's can't contain runs to the Outside! No Pursuit?

Again Hopefully Philbin makes Drastic Changes Soon.




AND GATES,......




I'm convinced and ON BOARD with everything you said @ 11:02.....

As far as I am concerned....Dansby needs to put up or shut-up.....mr. "best LB in the game"...

he never should have went (public) against the new HC.....not when your the teal leader.....

he can atone...startin sept 9th...

Jake in Pa,
The talent that's the hard part evidently.


You know I've been one of the ones most vocal about firing Ireland and I won't tell you some of your points aren't valid but there are other factors you need to take into account. You 1st analyze that no H.C. candidate worth his weight wanted to interview for the job as Fins H.C. if Ireland was attached, it has been repeated to death on NFL Network which I watch religiously.

He is a good scout and finds his players like he did in K.C. and of course finding Romo in Dallas but I'm not so sure even with the understanding the game has evolved he has the know how to put a modern team on the field. It goes back to his childhood and Football DNA which was repeated again on HARDKNOCKS the other night.

In his time in Chicago he saw a couple of WR's in Dennis Mikinnon and Willie Gualt that were there for a couple of vertical plays a game, a caretacker QB in the punky QB McMahon with a tough OL for Peyton to run behind and an intimidating front 7 which masked a really bad secondary with Fencick and Duerson.

You can make a strong case this is what the Fins were being built to be and part of the problem now is a team with NO IDENTITY and he's part of what's wrong with the equation.

I could be wrong and if I am remember my words because I'll be glad to eat them but this guy is lost at sea with no map. He's a good to great scouting director but it takes more to build a team from the ground up and he's still getting acclimated to what the games evolved into.

MiamiD20 ,amen. I agree with Kris, a win or even a good showing will be huge. A bad loss and I'm Philbin? I'm telling Ireland to start trading the trouble makers. Especially those with no upside but could be a final piece on a contender. That means Dansby and a couple others. If you're not part of the future AND youre fighting the change your only hurting the team.

Our next GM has to look how the college coaches are tuning safety's into hybrid linebackers to cover these athletic tight ends. No way we compete with Pats until we get some guys that can run with Gronk and Hernandez. After a stud receiver next year those are the types we need

We have to keep Davon Bess until we have someone better. Keep Bush, Tannehill, Pouncey and Solai. The rest of the players are all chyt replace em all.

Hopefully we wake up tomorrow and it's Christmas.

All the Garbage is Gone. New Wr's, New OLB, New 4th CB.


Fin4life im on my tablet right now but remind me next time and I will paste tjhe link to the story where Parcells says Pat White was his pick. We wont ever know all the facts but I do tend to believe the writer today just because we all know who Parcells is and it doesnt seem as far fetched as believing Parcells just sat there twiddling his thumbs while Ireland made all the decisions.

Phins78 | August 30, 2012 at 10:59 PM

I can go back and find you the link from way back in 2010 were he said he was hands off 09 but more active in 2010. You must remember that quote about drafting guys who could play in pads. I don't think the whole truth will ever be known given Parcells has proved to be quite the liar when it comes to his legacy. Remember were talking about the guy who let the real Cowboys heir apparent in Sean Peyton walk over a dispute about Peyton's O were he said he drank the kool aid and lost sight to much with the constant passing and not burning clock ect.. and today proudly says he's from his Coaching line so who knows with that ego-maniacal fat man

Isnt Bill Polian available?


Many of the starters are practice squad guys on any decent team. Ross may be surprised how inept his team is.

I agree Fin 77. Polian is a great talent evaluator, especially on the offensive side of the ball

Fin4life you have no argument from me here. Ireland is not a good GM and he has a stigma attatched to him now. Not a lot of people trust or like him and that's not good for the team. I've been saying this for days now, the 4s 5 s ans 6s comment pushed me over the edge. Youre preaching to the choir! :)

I was only trying to point out that blaming him for the current state of the Dolphins without spreading accountability around to those who are no longer with the team isn't an objective stance to take. Im never going to give him 100% blame for everything that happened before the 2011 off season. It's not fair and there are many in here that do it. Anything from 2011 on is all on him and it hasnt been good.

If Tannehill wins 2 games they better draft Barkley.


I disagree on the Tannehill post though. He is a winner. You can see it in him. I trust Sherman on that choice. Sherman knows a good Qb when he sees one.



Im out, thanks for the great conversations guys, peace.

: Phins78 | August 30, 2012 at 11:30 PM

You get no argument there either he's not completely to blame. Parcells has a heavy share, Sparano who I thought was led by his nose really buys the O we were selling. Should be easy to game plan for the Jets this Yr. ect... I just would have preferred a complete break from them with no remnants.

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