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Chad Johnson's release puts a lot of pressure on ...

The Dolphins personnel department: The front office took a gamble on Chad Johnson and lost. But in doing so it created something of a "progress stopper" that its very philosophy says to avoid. Johnson took at minimum 300 repetitions with the starting offense since camp opened. I'm sure the Dolphins wish those now wasted reps had gone to someone that will actually be on the team. The Johnson signing also gave the personnel department a feeling of false security. It could flirt with but not actually sign Braylon Edwards because the desperation factor wasn't there. Instead of Edwards the personnel department signed guard Eric Steinbach instead. Edwards caught two passes for 51 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown in his Seattle Seahawks debut. Steinbach is working with the second unit at left guard. And, of course, Johnson is unemployed right now.

Brian Hartline: If Johnson goes out and Hartline comes in, I see no drop-off for the Dolphins. Hartline, when healthy, can be more of a downfield threat than Johnson at this stage in his career and his hands are more dependable. The problem is Hartline hasn't been healthy. He's been nursing a calf injury since training camp began and hasn't practiced but once or twice as a result. The Dolphins need him. Badly. Immediately.

[Morning update: Hartline is not practicing today. Again.]

Roberto Wallace: He had a fine game in the preseason opener Friday night. He was rewarded by running with the first team offense on Sunday. This is his opportunity to shine. And his opportunity to disappoint. It is a two-edged sword. If he responds, awesome! But if he gets this big break and drops it, that could be a Dolphins career killer for him.

The other young Dolphins receivers: I've told you for some time that the Dolphins wanted at least two young receivers to burst onto the scene this training camp. They now need that to happen because Johnson's departure opens a roster spot that demands filling by someone deserving of being on an NFL roster. So Julius Priutt, B.J. Cunningham, Rishard Matthews and Jeff Fuller suddenly get a chance to win a roster spot that wasn't going to be there if Johnson stuck around. Time to step up.

And, of course, the Dolphins personnel department again: Whether it be adding Lee Evans, or Plaxico Burress or finding someone off waivers when players start getting cut, the department needs to add talent to Miami's wide receiver corps.

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The wr draft is 2013, unless someone like Roberto Wallace can emerge "BIG TIME". Wallace has all of the physical tools, though he wont consistently blow the top off of defenses, 4.5 speed isnt too shabby either.

So why bring in another old, used to be fast fast wr(Lee Evans)? These types historically come in on thier last legs and youre extremely fortunate if they get you 50 catches. We have young guys on the team now capable of that.

Look, we're longest of longshots to get to anyone's sb this year. So it make more sense to go with what we have and if it doesnt work out. We just address very high in 2013's draft. But, Im not ready to count out the young guns currently on the roster. Not just yet anyway.

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I said it when we signed Steinbach instead of Edwards. "We will regret not signing Edwards guys..." And here we go again, looking back. Alas.

I'm happy with the Dolphins seeing what they have with their current receivers. No need to bring in another retread. We are rebuilding, hopefully with younger talent.

As for pressure on the front office, thats a bunch of horse mularkey.

CJ had never run afowl of the law before. At his first fins press conference, to anyone's knowledge he had never cursed liked a drunken sailor during one before. Did you expect this fo to be psychic?

Even I thought CJ was a low risk(million$) fit. Plus, he grew in Miami, and played high school ball here. While admittedly growing up here being a "Dolphins fan". What better feel good story than local yocal star, goes away and becomes somewhat mega-star, comes home revives then finishes a nice career.

No one could have forsaw such a potential "feel good" story imploding so quick and so soon. Even if that guy was Chad Johnson.

The Steinbach signing was a joke! With or without Chad, we should've signed Braylon Edwards without hesitation! Just another case of the failure of Jeff Ireland...

Gonna be a loooong losing season...again.


Doesnt matter which they signed. Both Edwards and Ocho were only going to be 1yr stop gaps. I believe the plan was if one our young wr's didnt emerge this year. Wr will be a very high priority in 2013's draft.

Will everyone take a deep breath on this. Even if we had Megatron right now we're still a very low threat to go to or win this year's sb.

Armando had never written anything as stupid as saying Brian Hartline is the same caliber as Chad Johnson.

After trading Marshall and cutting Johnson, why would the Dolphins consider bringing in a guy who spent two years in prison for shooting himself in the leg in a public place?

Some talk of shipping Marshall off as if it really made a great difference for the wrt corp.

Folks, here's what it means when Marshall has 10 catches:

10 catches + 3 drops + at least 5 incomplete passes by the qb due to inaccuracy or coverage + 0 touchdowns

That's at least 18 plays to Marshall that rarely produces a td. Youre more likely to hand the ball off to a rb 18 times and produce a td, than targeting Brandon Marshall.

Now do some of wart brains get it? LOL

You can believe when Jeryy Rice had a 10 catch game, at least 3 of those catches were for td's. LOL

Agreed, with why bring another Wr in? Someone else who is already missing 300+ snaps. Doesn't know the Offense? It Will take Away from the other (25 and Under) Wr's on the Team?

Edwards? Him and Lebron can't be in the same City.

Plus, The Fins know all they need to know on Edwards. Mangini and Ireland are close. Real Close

Last thing Lee Evans did was Drop a TD

Flatline needs to step it up or Cut him. Matt Roth isn't/wasn't/or ever will be even close to chads league. Brian is a good Wr at best. Doubt Flatline will ever make a ProBowl, furthermore 7.

I wouldn't trade any picks for any wr's right now. And we might as well start T-Hill while we at it.

Hypothetical Situation: If Philbin was going to start T-$izzle(next Week and Beyond) this year, why let chad be in the same huddle as the kid?

It's Ok if u have a Veteran in there who can control him. But Chad is selfish and disruptive to a Huddle. Like Santonio Holmes. U need guys that Follow Orders on this team another reason Edwards wouldn't work. Specially if T-Hill is going to start.

I don't think that not signing Braylon Edwards was a mistake. The guy has had a history of being a problem child too! Assuming that CJ was still on the team, you would have two alpha-dogs that would create a lot of distractions both on and off the field. Better to go with our young talent and look at preseason waivers. A lot of good WR's were taken in the draft this year. Some quality veteran receivers will be available. Once CJ began running his mouth with media and Philbin stepped in, I knew it was only a matter of time before this clown would be cut! I hope that this guy can get some good counseling and make his marriage work? Time will tell. Hope for the best.

Denver Fin Fan.

Dear Mr. Dashi,

"U need guys that Follow Orders on this team..."

You mean like a Soldier? I know this one guy........

“Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on [in terms of the depth chart],” said Wallace, a 6-foot-4 receiver who went undrafted out of San Diego State. “I just do what they tell me.”

-Roberto Wallace

Yeah, thats what I’m talking about. Spoken like a True Warrior!

I think I might buy a Roberto Wallace jersey……….soon. VERY SOON…..hopefully!


I am just thrilled that finally we have a coach that puts his money where his mouth is. He has spoken of having players with high standards and this is a sign og going in the right direction. I am pretty shure some players took notes when Johnson was cut.

Whelp, that was a quick Chad Johnson experiment. I kept saying in the back of my mind that while older, T.O. had out played Chad at his last two stops. Just sayin.
If Rex were Philbin would he have been playing "It's a hard knock life" throughout the building when CJ got cut? j/k.

I am for them finding a legitimate veteran answer at WR but DON'T go into panic mode. We can "get by with Pruitt and Roberto Wallace until next years draft.

I still believe WR Michael Floyd will be a really good WR in the NFL.

Looks like the additions of local products O. Vernon and Lamar Miller should have also included the speedster WR/RB Rainey from Florida. He will be a difficult guy to get a solid bead on to tackle, meaning he will have a nice year.

After watching the game the score was a lot further apart than the game actually was. If Wallace squeezes his TD pass and new Safety bats down the long one he was in position for...but if if's and buts were candy and nuts...u know the rest.

Viva le camp battles!


Mando, you are the worst writer in history. I am ashamed of your lack of insight or consistency on anything Dolphin. I wish your boyfriend would find a box of something that would be a deal breaker and you go away.

Drop a pass, head butt your newlywed. Get cut..Good decision by f.o..

When we signed Chad Johnson, I was thinking what a blunder! Jeff Ireland needs to get fired. He sucks as a GM. No free agents want to sign here cause he treats players like a piece of meat, instead of like people. We should have signed T.O. instead, he know the West Coast Offense like he knows the back of his hand. He played it with the 49ers, and Eagles. And he outplayed Chad Johnson when they were teammates in Cincinnati.

No need to panic right now. Looks like Plaxico is visiting with the Pats, so he may not be an option anyway. I say make Wallace our #1, Pruitt our #2, and keep Bess in the slot. Charles Clay is gonna be a weapon along with Fasano. Egnew could sneak in there and Bush can catch alot of balls out of the back field. Tannehill needs to get the nod. The offense looked alive when he was in there. We gotta see how he does against some #1's and see if he still has the same success.

we shoulda signed braylon. why bring him in for a workout? he is a veteran receiver which we needed. another ireland mis-step.

Tannehill should start right now. Glad Ochodumbass is gone give the roster spot to a kid who may matter in the future. I am usually not optimistic about anything Dolphins anymore but just got a chance to watch the TB scrimmage or as the NFL calls it exebition game and was really impressed with THill and the new offense.

Braylon Edwards is a mess...drops more balls than BMarshall & is a locker-room perhia. No thanks. This team is so far away from anything close to even sniffing second place in our own division that we don't need washed up never-beens to somehow add false hope. Ireland has GOT TO find this team playmakers at WR & CB in the 2013 draft!

My spelling blows. Sorry bout that. Working 65 hours a week makes my brain fry. I will be glad when school starts. Maybe I will take a spelling class.

Just go with the young receivers this year and see what happens we will be watching the Super bowl again anyway instead of playing in it, Pruitt and Wallace look pretty good give them a shot they certainly look harder to tackle then the soft Chad johnson

I like the young receivers we have, so Jeff just have the balls to go with them you brought them in we don't need anymore loud mouth receivers or any players like that, it is never what you say it is always about what you do. These guys Wallace and Pruitt may develop into really good players but they need the chance give them this year to sink or swim , the o line is better this year that should help everyone on the O.

Armando, Only flirting with Edwards was a mistake that Jeff Ireland will be responsible for. The reason is the lack of talent at the WR position. Ireland is going to have to pull the trigger on one of his flirts real soon. If Evans is healthy he can be a downfield threat. Why wait until the draft to add talent at the WR position? Ireland has shown he has trouble identifying WR talent from college. It's difficult knowing what receiver can make the leap into the NFL. The Dolphins should give up a first rounder for Mike Wallace from the Steelers. He is the right age if the Dolphins can afford him. He will make the current Dolphin receivers better due to the attention he will command. Wallace would open up the short passing game for the tight ends and slot receiver.

Got a feeling we may be in line for the #1 pick in '13. Our secondary is very questionable. The 4-3 personnel is suspect. Receiver corps has not been addressed properly. Qb could be a bright spot but the jury is still out.

Ireland will hopefully be fired by mid season and by the looks of the stadium Friday night maybe ross will finally sell the team. I know wishful thinking!!!

This team reaks of mediocre. 6-10 at best.



T THOMAS..................WHERE IS THE FUTURE ?



Unless it is a trade for Mike Wallace, I wouldn't even bother with signing another WR.

Give these young bucks a chance!

I'll say again, Bess was undrafted and look at Victor Cruz!

Armando whats the verdict on Philbin? C'mon you have to address your previous blog post about Chad putting Philbin and Fins on trial? I like that Philbin jettisoned Chad as quick as he did. It's the right move to establish what's not acceptable behavior on the team.
Start Tannehill and rotate these young WR's in with Bess. This offense is alot of short passes and Fasano, and Clay, Bush are going to be alot of balls thrown to them as well. Hartline.. He is not what I would call good. He falls down more often than not.

Instead of worrying about who's the almighty number one receiver, why don't you just throw it to the guy that open on that particular play. And Tanny, stop locking on to receivers or you'll be getting picked a lot when the real bullets start flying.

What pressure, Armando? You make a mistake, you own up to it and then go on, learning not to repeat it. What's the big deal?

Really?!?!?! Brian Hartline a big threat to a defense than Chad Johnson?!?!?! WOW the drugs are good in Miami. Hartline wouldn’t even make the second team for 80% of the other teams in the league, hence why the dolphins are where they are.

the eyes don't lie, Tannehill is the real deal(finally). your eyes see how he ZIPS the ball in there as he leads the reciever.. now think back to the last QB in miami that threw the ball like this, not fiedler, not henne, not anybody but DAN the man. plain and simple. it's obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes, the dolphins FINALLY found their future. all of a sudden our stable of run of the mill recievers will look like they've made huge strides because the ball will be put right on the numbers, sure a game braker would be nice, but Tannehill will proove to be the difference maker. ---a couple of notes---lamar miller looks like a big play waiting to happen, i'm looking forward to watching egnew tear it up, what happened to marlon moore. the defense looked so bad, remind me what the reason was as to why we cut ties with mike nolan, why part ways with bell, when we signed reshad jones i was excited that he would pair with bell, what happened there? anyway... the bottom line is, miami FINALLY found their QB. ROSS said he would, and he did it the right way, he didn't get us a stop gap like manning, he got a bonified franchise rookie QB. good job Mr. Ross, hopefully he will play his entire career here.

After a long summer break I am back on the BOARD and really excited about the advancements this team is making overall. Here is what's on my mind with a month to go:

1) Defense: My BIGGEST concern is the defense. With a new offense in place and likely a new QB playing with young WR's we need a reliable Defense to get the ball back quickly and prevent high scoring games. I think the 4-3 will ultimately help Solai, Starks, Odrick, Wake, Misi and Dansby. But I am really worried about a consistent pass rush and our D-Backs. I think Vontae will get his sh-- together and start with Marshall. In the end Smith is a puss and will not prove to be a player - too soft!! Our safeties need to rally. Defense needs to step up and be a consistent force!!!

2) QB - I was a big fan for getting Flynn in the offseason and when that didn't happen I turned my focus to Tanny. Nice to see the kid come in and compete. I would have like to see him sit behind Garrard and learn for 1/2 or full season. But Moore is not someone to groom Tanny. So start Tanny now!!

3) WR: Thought giving up Marshall was a tough call to make, still not sure it was correct. That said, I am happy to see consistency with the coaching staff's thought process by cutting CJ. Sure the older star receivers that were available to the Fins (Marshall, Edwards, Plaxico, Evans, CJ, etc) will make plays in the NFL this year. But 2012 is about transition for the Fins. Time to determine if Pruitt, Moore and Wallace can really play with the 1's. I think Bess will be fine. Not a fan of Hartine but we will see this year. Finally, I think the TE's and RB's will help our passing game in the West Coast offense and the WR's will benefit greatly. Fins are OK at WR for this year. Need to go WR in 2013 draft!

4) Running Game: Need to get some holes created for the backs. I think the combo of Bush, Miller and Thomas is good on paper. They all bring something to the team. BUT if the O-Line can't open up holes this team is doomed. I know the team will be pass first but there will be plenty of moments in every game where the team will need to get some tough running yards and the O-Line has to deliver.

Can't wait for the Friday night preseason game!!!

agree with a number of posters here....WRs should/will be added in the next draft so why take up a roster spot with Edwards (who also could be a distraction) when one of our young WRs could fill that spot, and maybe/hopefully develop--we're not winning anything this year and Edwards (or Chad) werent going to be difference makers--lets see if another of the young guys can play a little.....sink or swim--plus Egnew will probably line up in the slot or wide at times, so he's really as much a WR as a TE.

I think Mr. Ross had very little to do with acquiring Tannehill except for his intention. It was Ireland, who had been tracking RT, for quite some time.

On Mike and MIKE...welcome to the BIG TIME Armando.....congrats....I'm watching...don't disappoint...

Voice of reason @ 1:41....I coudn't agree more...LOL...

Moreover, it will be Devlin the backup, and not Garrard or Moore, as Ireland(and me) was tracking him, for a longer time.

Who the hell is mike and MIKE?


NO DOUBT the pressure is on the FO.....if CJ does sign elsewhere (and he will) and has an above average year...then we look foolish and immature of the more...

There was NO reason to not let this play out thru the legal system before making such a rash decision....

If this was truly Philbin's call with the full support of the FO....then I have to say strike ONE for Philbin in the decision making department....

We have a saying....it goes like this...."don't RUSH to failure....and os of right now...thats what it looks like we did....

Who the hell is mike and MIKE?

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 13, 2012 at 08:34 AM

This is EXACTLY why you are irrelevant on this board.....

a NON-FACTOR...if you will.....

Chad Johnson may have (had) talent, but see Vontae Davis and scores of others if you think talent is enough in the NFL. You need heart, and to be hungry. I'll take 100 Davone Bess' over a fading clown like Chad Johnson ANYDAY.

Miami wasn't going to the Playoffs anyway this year, so this is really not even a loss. It's actually a very telling sign that Joe Philbin is NOT Cam Cameron. He WILL have the respect of the players, or they won't be here. Chad thought he could do what he did in Cincy, not realizing Miami had nothing invested in him. 10 years of being a top receiver isn't worth a hill of beans this year. He should have asked TO and Randy Moss what it was like to be on the outside looking in. Now he can go do what he wants to do, which is be an entertainer (not a professional football player). He has money, so he's not worried about anything, which is fine. We need players here who ARE worried about being mediocre. Who are sick of losing and want nothing else but to win. Guys like Ryan Tannehill.

Wow. Amen.

We care about no mike and MIKE, no Hard knocks(except our own) here. We are trying to build a Team, youknow?

I must have missed the quote (from Johnson) where he said he didn't want to win....

Kris, you need to look at the bigger picture. CJ wasn't going to lead this team to the Playoffs (he's nowhere close to Brandon Marshall talent, and look what Brandon was able to do towards that end). Philbin is the new HC on a team with a pretty sad recent history. A team in no mood for clowns. AND, Philbin's kid just died. You think he's in any mood for playing around with a 1-yr. player (there's no chance CJ would be a longer-term investment)?

This allowed Philbin to make this HIS team. To tell the Vontae's and others that it's either his way or the highway. Same thing as Parcells would do, same thing that made Cam Cameron a 1 year joke here. Discipline is how you win in the NFL (see Giants, Patriots, Packers). This was a good move by the team, actually, it wasn't even a close call. As soon as CJ missed that pass in the game, I knew his days were numbered.

He said he "doesn't give a (expletive) about his career." So why should the Dolphins? We need 53 players who don't give an (expletive) about anything BUT their career.

By now allowing the story to play out a bit more in the courts....Philbin ACTUALLY risk alienating players....and fear does not = respect....nor does it yield the same type of effort or results....

Making a decision....for the sake of making a decision...or in other words...making a decision without ALL the facts.....means you have a HIGH probability of making a bad decision.....

Good morning guys,

Chad - What a baffoon! He was a very good WR at one time in his career but those days are long gone. Maybe the press conference tirade was an attempt to get his mojo back but I was never confident he could make a difference in Miami's lack luster (in name) WR core. He was at best a 60 catch guy and more likely a 40-50 catch guy in this spread the wealth offense and with his lack of current skill set. After the Hard Knocks debate with Philbin the writing was on the wall after his arrest. Good riddance! There's no excuse for hitting a woman other then being a F***ing punk!

WR to step up - some of you know I been calling on Roberto Wallace to step in and step up on the blog. I said he would eventually be the starter this year. Well I then back pedaled after hearing he was 4th string. Moral of the story always go with your gut. Initially he sounded like he was doing good things and with his size I saw him not necessarily being a dominant WR but perhaps a good player. We better hope so. He looked good vs Tampa's backups. Can he do it consistently vs starters? Who knows, again we better hope. I do know Davone Bess is a slot and slot only. I know Hartline is depth and depth only and CAN NOT consistently get off a jam or beat good CBs. I know Legadu Nanee is nothing special.

The hopes of Miami lies in Tannehill's arm and unfortunately he doesn't have much to work with. Wallace, Pruitt, Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates are what Miami is relying on. Maybe 1 can emerge as a legit player and if not we know what next seasons draft will be all about.

Who cares that Dansby is upset that they cut Ocho-bye-bye. He was on a short leash and one mistake like this should get him fired. The guy was nothing but a distraction and I am glad that he is gone. It is not like he had some scary talent anymore. He dropped the only pass they threw him on Sat night. Good riddance Chad. When you hang with a "reality" tv personality bad things happen just ask Shawn Merriman about his problems with Tila Tequilla. Chad you got what you wanted a stage to talk like a moron for a few weeks now just go back into your cave, no one cares what you have to say.

Yea Philbin...taking Chad out behind the woodshed and letting him know who's boss.

Philbin is BOSS and Johnson is unemployed!

Who head-butt's their wife, I mean really?
Guy was a cancer cell waiting to take down the whole team and I'm glad that loud-mouthing, disrespectful, punk is gone.

Now let's see if Wallace can take this golden opportunity and step up...Wallace, its now or never dude.

DC...the WIFE said that......not Johnson....

you know..the WIFE WITH an AGENDA...and EVERY REASON TO LIE.....that wife...

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