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Chad Johnson's release puts a lot of pressure on ...

The Dolphins personnel department: The front office took a gamble on Chad Johnson and lost. But in doing so it created something of a "progress stopper" that its very philosophy says to avoid. Johnson took at minimum 300 repetitions with the starting offense since camp opened. I'm sure the Dolphins wish those now wasted reps had gone to someone that will actually be on the team. The Johnson signing also gave the personnel department a feeling of false security. It could flirt with but not actually sign Braylon Edwards because the desperation factor wasn't there. Instead of Edwards the personnel department signed guard Eric Steinbach instead. Edwards caught two passes for 51 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown in his Seattle Seahawks debut. Steinbach is working with the second unit at left guard. And, of course, Johnson is unemployed right now.

Brian Hartline: If Johnson goes out and Hartline comes in, I see no drop-off for the Dolphins. Hartline, when healthy, can be more of a downfield threat than Johnson at this stage in his career and his hands are more dependable. The problem is Hartline hasn't been healthy. He's been nursing a calf injury since training camp began and hasn't practiced but once or twice as a result. The Dolphins need him. Badly. Immediately.

[Morning update: Hartline is not practicing today. Again.]

Roberto Wallace: He had a fine game in the preseason opener Friday night. He was rewarded by running with the first team offense on Sunday. This is his opportunity to shine. And his opportunity to disappoint. It is a two-edged sword. If he responds, awesome! But if he gets this big break and drops it, that could be a Dolphins career killer for him.

The other young Dolphins receivers: I've told you for some time that the Dolphins wanted at least two young receivers to burst onto the scene this training camp. They now need that to happen because Johnson's departure opens a roster spot that demands filling by someone deserving of being on an NFL roster. So Julius Priutt, B.J. Cunningham, Rishard Matthews and Jeff Fuller suddenly get a chance to win a roster spot that wasn't going to be there if Johnson stuck around. Time to step up.

And, of course, the Dolphins personnel department again: Whether it be adding Lee Evans, or Plaxico Burress or finding someone off waivers when players start getting cut, the department needs to add talent to Miami's wide receiver corps.

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Why should anyone demean Marlon Moore for occupying cj's place? He's the preferred receiver for RT, youknow?

Kris...don't even go there!

I do not think that it is just a coincidence that the receivers that looked the best were the ones playing with Tannehill. Remember back to 1983 when Marino entered the games, Duper and Clayton started to look like studs because they actually had a real NFL QB throwing them the ball. Tannehill needs to play with the #1's this week and start the season. Moore and Garrard are just JAG's (Just Another Guy) and nothing more. If you want to win 6 or 7 games those are your guys but if you want to start building a winner you need Tannehill to learn on the field. This year is all about rebuilding (no matter how dirty that word is) and they need Tannehill to gain experience for next year when they will be a much better team.

The bottom line is that CJ is gone.....

I don't agree with how they arrived @ the decision....but it wasn't my decision to make....

Those of you appaulding this NEED to realize that we are a LESS talented team without him...regardless of how you feel about him...that stament is fact.....

The question now is...who gets signed to get our talent level back up....

Go where....

have you EVER watched basketball wives??

if not...I suggest you do....like I said...making a decision without as many facts as you can gather doesn't make for good decisions.....

I agree about having the facts, but I don't think this really had anything to do with the arrest. I think that was the icing on the cake. This had to do with the interruption of the Coaches meeting. His press conference and other antics. And missing that pass in the game. Chad didn't have a reservoir of trust built up with the team (or Philbin) to be given any breaks. He's not a star anymore. He's a vet winding his career down. There's a whole new crop of stars replacing the old guard (like T.O. and Moss and others). Those guys are the past. Why deal with any of their antics? No reason. Maybe if you think that guy is the missing piece. But Chad was (like Matt Moore) a band-aid. A bridge to get from here (this year) to there (next year's draft). No loss, no one should lose 1 second of sleep over it. Doubt it takes 1 win off the table. And that's the point. Chad wasn't going to be the difference-maker in 1 game, so who really cares if he's not on the team?

I remember reading in this Blog sometime ago, "Many Players didn't like Shula but they respected him". Of course, Shula was the ultimate Winner.

No coincidence at all, Sam.

Chad Johnson,

He wasn't going to be a difference maker. He was worth the risk and was NEVER assured a spot on the roster. Sure his name made us believe he would. Sure he looked good in shorts and a t-shirt but he's made a career out of free lancing. At one time he could make the acrobatic catch, had good skills but was always a headache. I never saw in the first place how is was a fit in any version of a WCO.

To add to that he's not a game changer or difference maker. He was to me at this point in his career just another WR on a vet minimum deal. The worst thing out of all this was he cut into reps that another guy could of had.

I could care less and after watching Hard Knocks he had me shaking my head in disgust. I never liked him or his antics to begin with and he is still a look at me, trying to be cute and funny. Philbin let it be known to the world on Hard Knocks what he is about. He said either Chad get's it or he don't and if he don't it could jeaopardize his chances.

Philbin isn't losing credability with the players for this. Yeah, Chad had a buddy or 2 (Reggie Bush and Dansby) but who are they? Last time I checked neither of those guys are so irreplacable as a player either. Sure both are good but not elite. Unless you have say a Drew Brees or Tom Brady coming to your defense then anyone else's opinion is just noise.

At least Hard Knocks will focus more on players that still matter in the league and not 15 minutes devoted to a guy who's only pass and perhaps last pass beit a preseason contest dropped a ball square in 2 hands. Bum!

Sam...agree 100%

Yesterday I posted a list of all the great 1st round QB's who struggled in their rookie year, including both Manning's, Bradshaw, Aikman, Namath, Sims, Elway, & Fouts.
In fact, Terry Bradshaw had the following stats his rookie year:

Comp % ............38.1%
Yards p/game.......108.5

38% completion rate !!!
24 INT's !!!!

Just imagine if Tannehill post those kind of numbers in his rookie campaign, the blogger's would hang him!

All the other 1st and even 2nd round QB's in this years draft are starting...even looks like Russell Wilson is overtaking Matt Flynn in Seattle, anyone surprised about that? not me.


Kris, yes, as far as that situation, don't know what to make of it (I don't have all the info). Here's what I know, they had a fight (verbal) before about him cheating. He tried to say he can't help himself, she should just let him be him, blah, blah.

But ask yourself, what self-respecting woman WOULDN'T get mad at their husbands if they found evidence of them cheating? Would your girl let that slide? I doubt it, and I doubt you'd be so immature or ignorant as to believe you could just openly cheat and she wouldn't care. Because we're ADULTS, and not diva athletes. If CJ couldn't stay true, WHY GET MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Then, she finds condoms, and gets angry (that's pretty sensible to me). So why does he get angry back? Because he's so dumb he got caught? Even if the head butt was an accident, HE PUT HIMSELF IN THAT SITUATION by cheating in the first place. I don't feel sorry for him. Actually, I have more respect for her for standing up for herself.

Sam @8:49,

Right on bro! Preach! lol,

philbin coulda lost the fans and the team if he didnt release chad. coach will earn respect by doing this. we want guys who put the team concept first;chad was a clown.

My wife would never press charges on me. And that's because I respect her enough so she WANTS to have my back. It's a 2-way road (relationships). You look out for them, and they'll look out for you. Chad's all about himself, and now he's finding out when you're all about you, there's no one willing to have your back.

f'ing puxxie beating a female. "she sure knows how 2 pix 'm huh.?.lol". dumb axx.both of 'm.

Johnson was cut because he thought he owned the place. Doing KO returns without permission (taking away from other guys) barging into coaches meetings (uninvited, obviously) and fielding the most embarrassing press conference a Dolphins player has ever given (even I cringed for Philbin as I listened to it).

This was the perfect excuse to cut OchoInLimbo. I'm sure Philbin was ecstatic to see Johnson arrested, now he has a good reason to go with a younger guy (ie: Fuller who will help Tannehill's confidence, or Wallace who has great potential).


Not dumping on you but being objective here. I don't see how Chad Johnson made Miami more talented at WR. This is a what have you done lately league. He did nothing last year. He was a complete non-factor with the arguably the greatest QB to play the game. The fact is at this stage of his career he is more of a liabilty as a distraction, inconsistent hands, inconsistent routes and a poison to the locker room.

You gotta look at the bigger picture. At the very best benefit of the doubt you can give Chad Johnson what was he a 50-60 catch guy for 12 yards a catch? I mean c'mon.

We lost nothing! Addition by subrtraction!

I do remember Bradshaw and Griese running around for their lives out there(and both were great scramblers) when they had no Offensive line. Do you think it was coincidence that Shula always tried to keep a great O-line around Marino?

We certainly didn't get better, but did we honestly get any worse in the process. It's a wash. Only reason Dansby is upset is because he's somewhat of a diva himself. Goodbye to him after next season too. He's good, but not great, not worth the money or the "best LB in the league" drama he may bring. Not to mention he has been injured his entire Dolphins career. Wouldn't be surprised if he's cut after this season if he doesn't produce anything special.

DC...and the rest....

Don't get me wrong...Chad is a bad decision maker....and he has no one to blame but himself....

Walking in on the coaches meeting was the ULTIMATE sign of disrespect to PHILBIN and his staff....I might have cut him myself...but they didn't....even when Chad busted in on that meeting...he said (jokingly) that things weren't good @ home.....

perhaps it was a cry for help....syill doesn't excuse his bad decsions......

My point.....

If you sign Chad....you to be wiilling to let one of 2 off-feild incidents slide...and if your not...you @ least have to let them play out in the courts to determine guilt or innocence......

Last year,I believe, was the greatest crop of QB's, ever.

Both julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace have pushed hard this pre season. Good to see someone want to grab the brass ring. There are undrafted and late round draft picks that play well at wideout for a lot of teams - why not us? One of these guys hopefully develops into a good 2nd/3rd wr for us.

Definitely think we are going WR in the first round next year if there is someone on the board worth it. Our weakest unit on paper by far.

At least we have reason to hope at Qb though ... don;t hear many saying tannehill was a stupid pick now. It took all of one week of practice to shut people up although I knwo they will return when he stumbles. There are always trolls on the internet.

- This guy is great. - That's not what you said last week. - I know...

Kris...guilt or innocence in a court of law has no bearing on your employment.
Just the fact he was arrested gives an employer the right to fire you "at will".

Sorry Kris, I'm with DC here. Philbin did the right thing here. Johnson's talent loss will hurt but it's more important for the coach to put his stamp on this team. he can't come off weak - it killed Cameron. Can't let the clowns run the room.


I apperciate all comments...pro and con.....

I don't think you sign a guy a moth ago....and then cut him and claim addition by subtraction....it just doesn't apply in this scenario....

Has anyone ever heard Griese say Dolphins finally got it right (on QB)? Because he's saying that about Tannehill. He's saying he will be a very good player in the NFL. I think that's a great sign, didn't hear them saying that about Henne. I like Tannehill's throwing motion, his "touch" on the football, his decision-making. Yeah, he let a couple balls get away from him. One should have been intercepted (near the goal line, guy jumped the route, looked JUST LIKE a Henne play). But that's to be expected, he's a rookie. I'm supporting Ireland on that pick. He did a good job scouting him.


I don't disagree....fr me its not the decision to cut him that makes this suspect (imo)...its how they arrived @ that decsion that bothers me....

You count them, Luck and RG3 are givens. Then, Tannehill, Weeden, Wilson, that big QB with the Swedish name, others, should be starting come the Season.

Chad should be cut because he was stupid enough to leave the receipt in the back of the car. On that principle alone I can warrant a cut. If you can't handle your own buisness properly how is he going handle himself when his actions effect all 53 players.

I believe cutting Chad Johnson showed something that has been lacking in the Miami Management and Coaching staff for some time now.... Consistency. By releasing Brandon Marshall before the OTA's began because of his disruptive behavior, Miami set s precedent.Now that we have learned that more was going on with Marshall then we all even knew during his stay in Miami. The most shocking being the fact that the police responded a half dozen times that the fans were not even made aware of. All leading to the infamous "Self Stabbing/No police cooperation" debacle that where saw into the Mind of Marshall for ourselves. We knew (or at least heard) that things happened in Denver, but for the sake of his brilliance on the field we ignored them. But it didn't take long for us to learn Brandon really was a clearly disturbed man with a legitimate mental illness. Still not an excuse for pounding on women, but we at least understood he had a medical problem that was NEVER going away, so it was time to cut bait.
For Marshall, the final straw happened when it always happens, at 2am inside a club. (This one in New York)where Marshall was accused of assaulting a women on her birthday.Yes, he was cleared of that indecent, but only those who believe in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny would buy into the stories ending. I have little doubt that Marshall and his deep pockets, along with his attorneys made that situation... "Disappear". In all honesty, I have no problem with that.If the woman this supposedly happened to was offered enough grease to lube up a reason to not file charges... who am I to blame her? I'd rather be well compensated then press a nasty case where the media was going to crucify me and fans burn be in effigy through court also.
But with Johnson.... I did NOT see this coming. Even though he has a big mouth, he NEVER caught a charge for hurting anyone. But trouble was there if you were looking.I believe Joe Philbin approached Chad Johnson about the "F-Bomb Presser" (as seen on HK)as respectfully as anyone could have. He merely talked with Chad about how he represented the team. Chad was wrong for how he conducted the presser and Joe had every right and a responsibility to speak with him.
How did Chad respond...?

He Pouted..... Told reporters "he no longer does media"... he took a respectful conversation and turned it into a fiasco.

It was Right then... I had a feeling it was over...

I'm sorry Chad is no longer playing here... But my pleasure in seeing the consistent way the staff has dealt with these issues gives me even more encouragement that Miami has the right Head Coach.

I would like to see Armando respond to his "Dolphins and Philbin are on trail" blog from yesterday... he was able to swing a big bat and sound tough... Now lets see if he is able to respond to a team who has acted in accordance with the precedent they set with Marshall... I'll be watching Mando.

Hey, Armando, do you have a BUFFET OF CROW EATERS, yet?

Chad is gone, just need to hear about the practice and how the other WR's are doing!

Its not like Ocho Stinko made much differece but this Dolphins WR core has to be the worst in the NFL right now. Hartline cant stay healthy, Gates cant run a route to save his life. Just put Wallace and Pruitt in as starters and hopefully Tannehill can develop some chemistry with them. Anyone seen Luck, he looked real good.

Time will tell gentlemen....


A dog puts his stamp on every fire hydrant and and tree he see's ....it doesn't mean he owns any of them....or that the tree respects the dog any more for the act....

This move could be the young coaches defining moment and make him the unchallenged leader (but I hope we would have acheived that long before this incident(....

Or it could be seen by many players...who have had past run-ins with the law...as unfair...and could lead to an under-mining and grumbling in the locker room....


True, Miami signed Chad as a move of desperation because the WR core is nameless and average on paper. They were hoping for lightning in a bottle for a guy who would come in "with a chip on his shoulder". That's an incentive to produce. The Dolphins in return got the same arrogant, self proclaimed star. "I'm fast as sh*t".

With his attitude he would have eventually been a locker room poison. He would have set a bad example. Chad's been around and thinks he's a funny guy and him being disrespectful as being funny. He's immature, couldn't catch a pass right in his 2 hands square in his face, and is 34.

Again, agree to disagree with me but addition by subtraction!

Bad Guy...keep it under 100 words please.

This may be hard to swallow, but I believe the Dolphins brass has done EVERYTHING right so far this offseason.....when it comes to media/public relations. FA signings could have been better, but Miami looks much more respectable since Philbin came along.

To many of you...Chad Johnson is a characture...a stereotype.....a clown...

but to those young recievers....@ the very least he is an established vet....who played @ a high level for a long time......@ best...he is a legend who they idolized...and wanted to learn from...be it technique....mind games...or swagger......

I don't like CJ myself....but I am sure he was quite popular in the locker room......

Twitter feeds coming out of practice this morning saying Marlon Moore is dropping passes left and right...not jumping on his golden opportunity with the departure of Chad.
...come on Marlon, time to shine is now.

we're not going anywhere this year.Don't add anyone new just go with what we have and draft a stud next year.

Nahhh, Kris. His defining moment will be if he starts Tannehill this Friday and if he gets this whole Team playing with any semblance of sharpness.

LOL @ NH....


No can do bro. I am a long winded guy. 100 words or less is tough for me lol.

He really got tested quickly, didn't he?heehee

I think the timing is great, really. Chad was not going to contribute the way the team needed him to, Philbin gets to set a new precedent and the long term tone for the team, and there are 3 weeks left for a new WR to emerge, and, the front office won't have to justify playing one of the young ones instead of CJ and listen to the I told you so's regarding his ineffectiveness.

Miami is a no-diva zone now (there might be a t-shirt in there somewhere) and I think it's great.

I also think that some of these injuries (Garrard & Hartline) are somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I wouldn't wish it on anybody and mean them no ill will, but, it does present some opportunity to see more of the new talent on the team.


that is true....

I think I might buy a Roberto Wallace jersey……….soon. VERY SOON…..hopefully!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 13, 2012 at 03:11 AM

You can't use food stamps to buy a football jersey you idiot!


what agenda does she have??? is it money?? because if you knew anything youd know she is worth more money than chad johnson.........

youre a bag

Can you eat cat vomit? I'd like to mix some into my yogurt this morning.

..We disscussed this yesterday. The Dolphins IMO did the right thing here. The culture here needed a makeover. Philbin was the guy assigned the job to turn the ugly duckling into a prom queen. Message sent.

There is a new sherriff in town..And his name is Reggie Hammond. Ya'll be cool!


I don't disagree with anything you said...I just disagree with how everything went down....perhaps in 3-4 days.....Philbin and crew would still have arrived @ the sam conclusion....bt maybe...just MAYBE....they uncover that Johnson wasn't @ fault...

I think it was worth the wait....

Her agenda is DRAMA.....

money isn't her high...fame and drama are....and guess what she is in the middle of RIGHT NOW.....

Why is Sid doing Mando's morning show on 640 AM?

Kris is a tool.

DC Dolfan, your wrong while that pass at the goalline ws a bad decision by Tannehill it was no where near being pick ogg, he threw the ball to the sidelines near the goaline where only the WR could make the play or it would of been incomplete. If Tannehill waited just a tad, Clay would of been open if he went upfield instead he kept running towards the sideline where he simply ran out of space.

CJ, Plaxico, Braylon Edwards, Brandon Marshall will all be a detriment to the growth of a young QB. I don't care how good they are, they will teach the QB to cater to a whiny diva and will get in their heads.

Twitter feeds coming out of practice this morning saying Marlon Moore is dropping passes left and right...not jumping on his golden opportunity with the departure of Chad.
...come on Marlon, time to shine is now.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | August 13, 2012 at 09:33 AM

What do you expect from ANY of these WR's?

Face it, Marlon Moore is a nopbody & all you hoping or thinking he might be are delusional. He went undrafted for a reason.

There are VERY few Wes Welker or Davonne Bess type success stories. Pruitt, Moore, Fuller, Cunningham, Matthews, Wallace. All the same.

This is THE WORST WR group in the NFL. Don't get hung up against how they perform against average DB's in practice or against 2-3 stringers in preseason games. MEANINGLESS

These guys are simply NOT good enough. They are just the best we got. That doesn't make them anything more than a pile of cow dung.

Thank your beloved Jeff Ireland. Mr. I can't draft or sign an impact player to save my life.

Clue, I'll take another look, but could have sworn the defender got his hands on the ball (just couldn't pull it in). Maybe I'm mistaken.

I think I might buy a Roberto Wallace jersey……….soon. VERY SOON…..hopefully!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 13, 2012 at 03:11 AM

You can't use food stamps to buy a football jersey you idiot!

Posted by: Odinsbuggereye | August 13, 2012 at 09:35 AM

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