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Chad Johnson's release puts a lot of pressure on ...

The Dolphins personnel department: The front office took a gamble on Chad Johnson and lost. But in doing so it created something of a "progress stopper" that its very philosophy says to avoid. Johnson took at minimum 300 repetitions with the starting offense since camp opened. I'm sure the Dolphins wish those now wasted reps had gone to someone that will actually be on the team. The Johnson signing also gave the personnel department a feeling of false security. It could flirt with but not actually sign Braylon Edwards because the desperation factor wasn't there. Instead of Edwards the personnel department signed guard Eric Steinbach instead. Edwards caught two passes for 51 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown in his Seattle Seahawks debut. Steinbach is working with the second unit at left guard. And, of course, Johnson is unemployed right now.

Brian Hartline: If Johnson goes out and Hartline comes in, I see no drop-off for the Dolphins. Hartline, when healthy, can be more of a downfield threat than Johnson at this stage in his career and his hands are more dependable. The problem is Hartline hasn't been healthy. He's been nursing a calf injury since training camp began and hasn't practiced but once or twice as a result. The Dolphins need him. Badly. Immediately.

[Morning update: Hartline is not practicing today. Again.]

Roberto Wallace: He had a fine game in the preseason opener Friday night. He was rewarded by running with the first team offense on Sunday. This is his opportunity to shine. And his opportunity to disappoint. It is a two-edged sword. If he responds, awesome! But if he gets this big break and drops it, that could be a Dolphins career killer for him.

The other young Dolphins receivers: I've told you for some time that the Dolphins wanted at least two young receivers to burst onto the scene this training camp. They now need that to happen because Johnson's departure opens a roster spot that demands filling by someone deserving of being on an NFL roster. So Julius Priutt, B.J. Cunningham, Rishard Matthews and Jeff Fuller suddenly get a chance to win a roster spot that wasn't going to be there if Johnson stuck around. Time to step up.

And, of course, the Dolphins personnel department again: Whether it be adding Lee Evans, or Plaxico Burress or finding someone off waivers when players start getting cut, the department needs to add talent to Miami's wide receiver corps.

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DC, it was a rope thrown towards the sidelines the DB had no chance to pick it.

I'm really frustrated and pissed off. I wanted to come on here this morning and angrily demand that Philbin cut Johnson IMMEDIATELY and then I wake up to find that he already did. Damn it!

Well, I guess I can always pretend to be an 'expert' even though the closest I'll ever get to actual players is my TV set or I can judge Philbin's ability as a coach before he's even had one game on the sidelines that actually counts.

There's hope for me!

I thought it a mistake to signed CJ as I was not a fan, but in his defense, in a heated verbal exchange their head contact could have been an accident. No excuses I think Dolphins did the right thing.


I watched the game late last night and although it was against back ups Tannehill looked good IMO. He made good reads and through the ball with great velocity. The best thing I saw was that the ball gave the receivers a chance to make a move after they caught it.

The 19 yard pass down the right sideline was my favorite pass of the night. It was lofted with perfect touch over and between a bracketed CB and safety but with enough power that the defense didn't get there. Great throw! He should of had 2 TD passes. He put the ball low where only Roberto Wallace could make the catch and maybe if it wasn't raining Wallace makes the catch. Very Good 1st impression.

Tannehill made NFL throws all game long. Of course the media is slobbing up to Luck and RG3. Luck deservingly so. He tore it up with big time NFL throws over and over again! Luck also looked to just have the feel of the game. RG3 whom I like a lot but what was so special? Other then he didn't look like Rex Grossman he dinked and dunked. That's basically what he did in college and then would hit you with a deep ball after about 3 or 4 designed runs or smoke screens.

Tannehill didn't get any props and I thought he looked good. I want to see him with and vs the other first teamers.

Philbin would have been bashed with questions about Chad Johnson for those 3-4 days if he waited to cut him. The "what-if" and all of the drama that would have came to Dolphins camp without Chad being there. It would have worn down on the team and would have taken away valuable time needed for young receivers and Tannehill. Philbin had to make a swift point for the sake of his team and coaching career. Philbin HAD to make a decision soon, it was either cut him immediately or attempt to let it blow over. Chad wasn't worth it regardless of what experience and knowledge he brought to the table. The team had a few weeks to learn and pick his brain. I'm sorry Kris but Philbin did the right thing. It would have gotten worse if he didn't cut him. Well done Philbin, he just earned a lot of respect from his peers, the fans, and his own team.

How many times do I have to tell you? Our Women here in Miami will take your $, and run(Even my ex-wife who l0oked like one of my daughters at the time, took mine$).

Philbin = Cameron

oscar your broke a** dont have any money, your wife putting you on child support isnt taking your money

Philbin = Cameron
Posted by: Its true | August 13, 2012 at 10:01 AM


Drinking the Haterade. If you're gonna hate before he coaches a game in the NFL then please stop rooting for the same team I root for. Cameron looked like a joke from his draft-day press conference to the day Cleo Lemon threw an OT TD on a blown coverage. Philbin looks much more like a man. Get outta here.

Oscar has dementia. No one even pays attn to him.

Move along.


Great point!

oscar, you don't marry the younger ones, you just play with their cho-chas and buy them shiny things and take them shopping now and then - heck even pay their rent as long as they stroke your salami. But never - ever marry them - it removes all incentive ... SMH

1. Odinstank
2. Craig M
3. Oscar Canosa
4. Clue(less)
5. Yesterday's Gone / Dying Breed

I know which draft picks and coaches will be good and which will fail before they even play ONE real game!

Also, I get to pretend I never said any of it when time (once again) shows me to be completely clueless and nothing more than a fat, couch surfing, wannabe 'expert'

Because, you see, I am....

Yeah, but oscar smart. oscar retired last year and do you know who pays oscar's child support? oscar's SS income.heehee

Every sports media was for the signing of CJ. And as typical of the Dolphin front office, the dolphins are left feeling like the butt of all jokes in the AFC. So now on to Plexyglass Burroughs. The man with the goldon leg. This guy is the one who shots himself in a night club in NY whos run by communists that disalow any possession of firearms. Jeffery forget plexxy, he might shot his toe off or something of more value.
Lets keep what we got and hope its enough. We got a TE playing QB so whats the diff.?

Skip and Steven A Smith are grilling Philbin and the Dolphins for making such a quick decision on Chad Johnson. Smith even went as far to say thats why the Dolphins will finish last this season.

Seems the "national media" is viewing Chad being cut as just "more buffonery" from a now "disfunctional Dolphins organization". Armando led the charge! LOL

Well oscar you still suffer because thats less money you have to blow at the race track everyday.

And more $ for the kid than I could have given him. Oscar Brilliant.

Who cares what Stephen A. Smith says. What another opressed athlete? Please.

oscar does not lose at the racetrack.

Certain elements(Armando 1st on the list) of the So Fla media are just as "dysfunctional" as the franchise has seemed to be as of late.


It really does matter. Its a micro-cosm of how the nation and league may presently view how the CJ situation was handled. It only widens an already widening gulf of why "FREE AGENTS" will not choose to come to Miami. The mess just got a little messier.

But, but, she was my third cousin, Mark.

I did like the no huddle!! That maybe good for a few wins this year instead of that slow "ball control" disaster weve had for 4 yrs.

Skip is a do*che and Smith follows basketball. ESPN stereotypes their information when giving it to us. They base their info off of what the general perception may be. I'll trust a SoFlo media opinion on this much more than Skip or Smith. Remember Smith's successful ESPN talk show? Yeah me neither, it lasted 2 weeks. He's a buffoon that yells to get his point across. Skip just can't get a real job so he sits on his ESPN2 show his whole life.


Disagree bro. The due process of a woman having a laceration on her forehead is you get cut. Not to mention he's an average player!

As far as free agency those days are done in Miami. I think along with Philbin the Dolphins are taking the Green Bay approach to build from within not other peoples cast offs.


This is why I was a very strong proponent of keeping Chad at least thru the preseason and letting his play decide whether he goes or stays. We had zero to loose by doing this. Now all we have is just another "blackeye" sustained by our franchise in "league perception" of a growingling dysfunctional mess.

No doubt there is dysfunctionality in this Organization, but I believe only in the upper echelons. Philbin and Ireland should do well, better still with no interference whatsoever from those dysfunctionals.

Skip and Smith?

After reading several Chad storys its come to mind the media is very fickled. When chad arrived the media went nutts writting how this was such a great sign by Ireland. How Chad, who had run-ins with former coaches, had never been arrested. Now just days after the signing, every sports media outlet in So Fla says the firing of Chad is the right thing to do. The media hypes how bad Chad is, now, for the Dolphins or anyother team. Didnt we know that going in? I mean really? Chad Johnson, 34, taking reps from young receivers who need the work. Ireland you got lucky with this incident, the next might cost you your job.

We have wiped our A-s with Many and now, Skip and Smith.


This isnt a normal "spousal abuse" situation. Basketball Wives is a nationally veiwed tv reality show. His wife isnt a very well likeble character on that showed because of her flip mouth. After viewing this, many out there may be of opinion, " we dont condone what Chad may or may not have done to that b!tch, but we do understand".

That's not good for an organization already being "growingly viewed" as dysfunctional. This organization needs to stay away from anything that can even considered "slightly controversial" for the next 3-4yrs. We have no "get out jail free card" luxury.

Ah, might as well keep it in the family Oscar!

he's gone f him.


What was so dysfunctional about cutting ties with Chad Johnson? Stephen A. Smith is taking the stereotypical approach of backing a piece of sh** athlete. A woman has a laceration on her forehead. Says she found a condom reciept and then was head butted by her husband. She then has a laceration on her head. But he will come out with it's all an accident and misunderstanding and the head but occured when he tried to console her, blah, blah, blah.


This is the way we are now conditioned to think that everything deserves a due process and the BS line of innocent until proven guilty. Philbin used common sense. Something that these athletes don't have. F Dansby too if he wants to back Chad Johnson. Where is the decency in people anymore. You assault a woman and guys like Stephen A. Smith defend him. F him too.

YG, how in the world does the franchise take a black eye for not employing a wife beater? Because a "journalist" who works for crap ESPN said so? Pff, fukk them too.

it's a black thang.

This could also become a locker room cancer too. Its reported several fins players didnt like the CJ decision. Now a closer eye has to be kept on them that they do not create locker room division. This can become a potential mess in the making that divides the locker room against Philbin.

heheh, Mark.

That's what people here are telling me (she's a wacko from the reality show). Those people are missing the point. Joe Philbin DOESN'T WANT any drama other than what's happening on the football field. He has MUCH BIGGER things to worry about. He told a NATIONAL AUDIENCE via Hard Knocks that that behavior can get Chad cut. This is his FIRST test of discipline, and EVERYONE who saw that episode knew he had already warned Chad.

There's was NO CHOICE for Philbin other than cutting Chad. His hands were tied. He wasn't about to be made into a fool, or worse, a pushover, during the first week of camp. I don't see Philbin as that sort of sucker. The media can whine, the players can whine, other fans can whine. But I promise you, today, in practice, those players on the field NOW KNOW how far they can go with this HC. And it's not that far. If they don't like it, there's 31 other franchises they should move to.

what's steve a racist and hate whitey dansby gonna say when the send garrard packing.?.

You guys dont get it. Whatever you hear a couple journalist on espn says. Its usually a microcosm of what the entire northeast media feels about a certain issue. As a whole, the northeast media feels we're being ran under the big top. Now this.

Geez, you guys dont get it yet?

Hell, I have a black thang also and I'm cafe-au-lite.

The organization will take black eyes all the way up until they win something. That's how these things go. If Miami goes to the Playoffs this year (I know, fat chance) then all this gets forgotten and they become everyone's favorite underdog.

If I'm in the Dolphins organization, I could care less what others say. Do your talking on the field, and all this gets resolved. Until then, people will take hits at you no matter what you do. This is professional sport. Nothing matters but winning.

db. anything north of philly and south of maine i f'n detest so f them.

Dansby has bigger things to worry about, like TACKLING!

dc, they'd better insert rt.they was noone at the joe. u'r 8th pix don't sit btw.lol

betch ya rossy has already told them. put rt in or else.?

and keeping his fat axx in shape.lol

good riddens cj, pos

we desperately need playmakers. jeff has failed to draft any (3 picks for thomas????) coulda had a WR! passed on dez? geez. cupboards are bare;5-11.


I've never seen basketball wives not my cup of tea. I did see that she seemed a little ghetto on Hard Knocks with saying her husband was his normal D-Head self. Needless to say no one should understand hitting a woman except a piece of garbage who would contemplate it.

A real man never hits a woman unless he is being attacked and self defense is used. Reports are Chad had no marks on him the only reported mark was on her forehead which doesn't come from an accidental head butt. That comes from force!

It seems to me that the Dolphin players have more love and respect for Chad Johnson than Philbin, Ireland and Ross combined. I fear Philbin may have just lost the locker room only a few weeks into his first training camp. Hope we aren't in the beginning stages of Cam Cameron part deux!

I could care less how the national media views us too. The problem will lie in signing and keeping our own star fa. If the dysfunction continues, not only do we continue to lose out on top league fa's, we wont even be able to keep our own.


You might not like it...but Dansby only further proves my point...and you should believe he is one of MANY....

and thats not a good thing...

That's a big sheet of paper, the Northeast Media. Bring them on, save us $.

yeah, I'm sure Ross wants to see Tannehill NOW, not in a few months or next year. He needs to sell tickets.

By the way, anyone see that stellar performance by the Jets offense? Horrible. Sparano is a joke.

passed on dez? lol thankfully. passed on nicks doe vontae is what hurt them

what star fa?never have any

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