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Chad Johnson's release puts a lot of pressure on ...

The Dolphins personnel department: The front office took a gamble on Chad Johnson and lost. But in doing so it created something of a "progress stopper" that its very philosophy says to avoid. Johnson took at minimum 300 repetitions with the starting offense since camp opened. I'm sure the Dolphins wish those now wasted reps had gone to someone that will actually be on the team. The Johnson signing also gave the personnel department a feeling of false security. It could flirt with but not actually sign Braylon Edwards because the desperation factor wasn't there. Instead of Edwards the personnel department signed guard Eric Steinbach instead. Edwards caught two passes for 51 yards, including a 39-yard touchdown in his Seattle Seahawks debut. Steinbach is working with the second unit at left guard. And, of course, Johnson is unemployed right now.

Brian Hartline: If Johnson goes out and Hartline comes in, I see no drop-off for the Dolphins. Hartline, when healthy, can be more of a downfield threat than Johnson at this stage in his career and his hands are more dependable. The problem is Hartline hasn't been healthy. He's been nursing a calf injury since training camp began and hasn't practiced but once or twice as a result. The Dolphins need him. Badly. Immediately.

[Morning update: Hartline is not practicing today. Again.]

Roberto Wallace: He had a fine game in the preseason opener Friday night. He was rewarded by running with the first team offense on Sunday. This is his opportunity to shine. And his opportunity to disappoint. It is a two-edged sword. If he responds, awesome! But if he gets this big break and drops it, that could be a Dolphins career killer for him.

The other young Dolphins receivers: I've told you for some time that the Dolphins wanted at least two young receivers to burst onto the scene this training camp. They now need that to happen because Johnson's departure opens a roster spot that demands filling by someone deserving of being on an NFL roster. So Julius Priutt, B.J. Cunningham, Rishard Matthews and Jeff Fuller suddenly get a chance to win a roster spot that wasn't going to be there if Johnson stuck around. Time to step up.

And, of course, the Dolphins personnel department again: Whether it be adding Lee Evans, or Plaxico Burress or finding someone off waivers when players start getting cut, the department needs to add talent to Miami's wide receiver corps.

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it all goes back 2 the dez thang wit dem in the locker room.

what did idiot dansby say now

Kris, I understand the possible blowback from the locker room. I just think in this instance, it won't be the HC who's blamed, it will be those players. There aren't many "respected" vets in that locker room. We have a very young team. Dansby will find himself on the corner with Chad if he's not careful. I think Philbin would be willing to cut his nose to spite his face on this one. He needs to lay down the law. Even if it means destroying this Season. He's weeding out the trouble now, and next year he'll get HIS guys. I have no problem if this causes more reverberations through the team. I've seen what Dansby can do. I have more faith in Philbin at this point then any of the so-called talent on this team.

How many times do we have to say this? Size(although it does matter) is 2ndary to Rythm. Ignorant People.Buy a Metronome, set it at 60, get on top of her pubis and practice, practice a lot, ya hear.

This franchise needs to build credibility. Therefore, needs to steer far clear of "any players" with past or present, on the field or off the field issues.

Again, we stepped right into the doo-doo with the CJ signing. Stay away from Edward and Burris too. This organization has zero "get out of jail free" cards in the way its presently being viewed by either the national media or the league.


If Dansby is cut, Vontae needs to be shown the door too. Beit outright release or thru trade. Vontae needs to be shown the door to show coming to camp out of shape will have zero tolerance. Dansby did this last season too and so did Sean Smith. This showed they had very little respect for Tony Sparano too.

It would be one thing if Philbin was cutting a cancer who was laready part of Sporano's old regime....like maybe a Dansby...

Bur Philbin asked for (or @ least signed off on Johnson)...

Thats what makes this RASH decision bad...

God knows if I had Evelyn Lozada as a wife I would prob beat the ish out of her too

sad that our franchise is the worst in the nfl now, tired of this bs

With all of the camp saga brewing, it's seeming a surgical roster purge is also desperately needed. Even if we have to play a little less talented players for now, in thier places. Head the trouble off at the pass.


He's a good player but not eilte and not even great. Who cares what he thinks! He's the most over paid player on the entire roster and he's had 2 good years in Miami but nothing he's done has stood out to me. Players always take another players side in these matters. He says he "doesn't believe that Chad head butted his wife because that's just not Chad". He's a moron. No one knows who's capable of what when it comes to personal matters.

All reports I've read (2) said Chad admitted to assaulting his wife. So maybe those were just over blown reports but Chad was on a thin leash because of his no class interview what did the players expect to happen after this? And it's not like Chad was coming off some stellar season and was some huge pick up. He was supposed to come in humble with a chip on his shoulder but he came in as a baffoon and arrogant and dropped his only pass. That's my lasting image of him.

Mando were due for a new post put up a blog that matter not about a guy that isn't on the team bro!

The Dansby reaction to Johnson getting cut is similar to a popular but troublesome person at work getting fired. The initial reaction is the persons friends get upset and say stuff off the record. In the meantime the message is sent that you get in line on and off the field or you're next. And in time the clown is forgotten and business goes on as usual.

And why is it when the patriots cut haynesworth (who even cost them a draft pick), ESPN applauds. The Dolphins cut Johnson who they had on a one year deal and we are somehow the joke?? The difference is winning. ESPN jumps on jocks worse than 2 bit groupies. They follow the in crowd. The analysis is superficial and really lacks any sniff of insight or professionalism.

As of today's practice, Vontae Davis is only getting nickle situation snaps. Hopefully we can gety a 3rd-4th rd'er in trade for him. Too bad a 1st rd pick now looking sour.

But it was out there that Davis was an "underachiever" before we drafted him. Its now proving to be true.

I never liked Chad or his look at ME personality, so goo riddance.We are not a Super Bowl team yet,so I'm all for keeping and developing Pruitt, Fuller, Wallace,Cunningham,and Matthews along with Bess.We have nothing to lose because we are not a contender and much to gain if these young wideouts develop.

Mark Toronto,

You're second paragraph has just been nominated for post of the day! Good stuff.

this is getting uglier by the day, this team could seriously go 2-14

Chad Johnson sucked point blank period, I dont understand why many of you are getting your paties in a bunch the WR core sucked with or without Ocho Cinco.

Bayless and Smith=the 2 biggest Ahole Blowhards on planet earth.I am unofficially nominating them both for the 1st manned mission to the sun. They will not be missed.

This just gets worse and worse.
Neither Garrad nor Moore want to take the field for this team to become it's scapegoat and who can blame them.
Reggie Bush will be the next to get himself moved out of the lineup.

Mark In Toronto @ 11:14,

Exactly as I posted earlier, "this organization has ZERO get out of jail free" cards, because of past dysfunctionalality. Bill Belickick does. Even after "spygate".

YG, I agree, Vontae's on thin ice too. 4th year, time to step up or get out.

Kris, you're right about that. Philbin (with Ireland's help) did this to himself. CJ came in under his watch, so he can't really blame the last staff for that.

Here are the playmakers since Ireland's arrival:

B. Hartline
P. Turner
E. Wilford
C. Johnson
W. Yeatman
J. Messam
S. Slaton
R. Bush
R. Tanehill
L. Miller
M. Egnew
Les Brown
D. Thomas
M. Moore
R. Matthews
Matt Moore
D. Garrard

Look at those names & tell me, are you REALLY surprised this offense has been abysmal in recent years?

The best players (Fasano, Bush & arguably Marshall arrived via trade considering they probably wouldn't have wanted to sign here as FA's.

This is Jeff Ireland's track record.

Mark In Toronto @ 11:14PM,

Belichick has "get out of jail free" cards. Because of past "gross dysfunctionalality" this franchise doesnt.

Evene after "spygate" Belichick has tons more credibility.

The fan base (US) should ONLY care about winning. We should have no allegiance to ANY player. We have allegiance to the TEAM. Players come and go, Coaches come and go, GMs and FOs come and go. All that remains is the fans.

As long as we win in the end (hopefully before I die), then whatever happens getting to that point is secondary.

When we're desperate for Brian Hartline to practice, it says alot about the team Ireland has assembled.

Maybe it's better to say hasn't assembled.

The Ross/ireland/Philbin trio is probably the most incompetent FO in the NFL. That being said, I dont see how these guys win more then 4 games this year.

Dansby did not say anything that warrants even worried about him being cut. Dansby has also been a bvery good linebacker for us, yes not Zach Thomas. But it is not like he has Derrick Rogers standing next to him either. I think Dansby wants to win... and hates to see guys go that had history of quality go. It was an emotional reaction as someone else mentioned, as a friend.

CJ is a piece of crap for what he did, I am proud we have a coach with some sort of standards.

Kris, I think you're missing the overall point of him cutting Johnson. He was starting to become that cancer on this team. If he pulled all of these antics in 1 month just imagine the trouble he'll cause in half a year. When you have something wrong with you you try and cut it/stop it before it turns into a bigger problem. If you have a kid screaming in a toy store do you pray he stops crying or do you leave the store cause he's being bad? If you give that kid a toy cause he's screaming you're only feeding into what he wants, the kid wins and then knows in the future that if he cries and wails he'll get another toy. If they kept letting Chad get away with his antics it only feeds into his ego. His decision wasn't "rash", it was "bold" and there is a clear difference and Philbin chose the right one.

lol Reality Squad, that last one was funny. I agree. Brain Hartline isn't the answer to anything (but finding your backup to your backup).

2-14 will put us in position to draft the best play maker in next years draft at least

Ireland has never drafted a decent playmaker in his life! LOL

The move with Chad was the right one.

Now, Flatline and Naanee are on the spot. Gates is on the spot too if he's not returning any thing.

Pruitt and Wallace are playing their way on the team. The 2 afterthought draft picks also seem to work with the system. These 4 plus Bess look like the best 5. If we keep 6 then Flatline or Naanee should be kept.

Fuller, Moore, and Gates are on the outside looking in. Doubt they make the team. If Philbin got rid a Chad with credentials, he wouldn't mind cutting Gates even if he was a pick.

Don't be surprised if on the 1st rd of cuts u see Gates and Jerry.

Dansby knows he's the most important player on the team right now. Who is his backup? Misi in the middle? We only have 2 Lb's and Dansby is one of them.

The whole Chad situation will be forgotten in a week if T-Hill keeps out performing M&M throughout the week and in the game.

This is a important week like Philbin has been saying.

Hartline wouldnt make the practice squad on any decent team.

the biggest point everyone is missing here is the fact that johnson simply isnt good anymore so who cares if hes gone for this or just performance

hilarious saying dansby most important player on team, not even close. try jake long

dashi philbin is the coach not the gm

It's pretty clear we are going 2-14 this year. Wow. I didn't know we were this bad. We have no receivers and no defense, at all.

Tanne will be great, but I feel sorry for him this year.

You idiots, as you watch the games this year, please try to pay attention: IT WILL NOT BE TANNEHILL'S FAULT.

We have no defense, at all. We can't make a stop or get off the field. We can't stop the big plays or the grinding out drives--teams will do both to us.

We have no receivers--well perhaps one, Bess, who's a slot receiver that's starting caliber in that role.

We have no O line protection. Tanne will have guys in his face immediately and then have no speed receivers who are open or can make a great play for him.

In the meantime, after Tanne makes amazing plays from time to time, avoiding a rush and then delivering the ball, there will be a lot of drops.

Oh, we have no running game either, because the O line can't block.


ill take 2-14 anyday over 6-10. if we did that last year we would be sitting on luck

Jake Long has not helped us win. 6-10 last I checked.

Jake Long is the BEST player on the team. The MOST IMPORTANT player on the team is Ryan Tannehill. There is no road to the Playoffs without him playing well. Our eggs are in his basket.

We could have had Welker, Marshall and Ginn for receivers if we didnt trade away our good players!

whats your point monte

dc there is no road to playoffs regardless this year. someone really just said ginn,lol guy is probaly the worst wr in nfl

Moore is the most important player. Team MVP.

My point is linemen are not very important to wins and losses. Its all about playmakers and QB's these days.

we dont have any of those. thill hopefully will be

agreed bill. I mean for the future.

if they go 0-2 out of the gate,
then nothing has changed... it's ire's and fatcells groceries.
not j phils'

have ya'll seen ryan lately.?.lol
f'n fataxxcells.

Jake is the best player on the team.

Dansby is the most important player on the team right now. Let me rephrase that.

T-$izzle will be the most important player on the team after Friday.

The Qb is the most important player on a team followed by the MLB. Right now Moore doesn't deserve consideration over Dansby. What Dansby said was true and well said. Someone has to be the voice on the other side of the argument.

Would T.Spo let Dansby or any other player talk to the media on something like this? Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion. Didn't Philbin tell Chad that?

What if Dawn was a battered woman, U represent the team, chad


My top 5 for the 53 would be Nanee, Hartline, Bess, Wallace & Pruitt.

Stash another 2 (Fuller & Cunningham) on ther PS
If they keep 6 then I can see Matthews because of his return potential. Moore & Gates will hit the bricks.

Either way, this is by far & away the worst WR collection I think I've ever seen. Especially for a team that will be passing more than running.

Hold on folks, gonna be a bumpy ride this year!

joe knows well see CJ HAVE A GOOD YEAR prove them wrong ryan clark saw it coming thats y he stayed with pittsburgh bad decision joe you will regret it CJ never been in trouble locker room woes no one want to play for a cut throat coach or guy he isnt a coach go back to green bay with your slow asss

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