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Things to look for as Dolphins camp starts Week 2

The Dolphins are back today after getting their first day off since the start of training camp. Some things to watch:

Brian Hartline: Will he return to practice? He's been nursing a calf injury and missed all but one day of practice. On Monday he said he wasn't going let the pressure of getting back prematurely bother him, but make no mistake, the pressure is there. Simply, the coaching staff wants to see him practice to get a comfort level with him because it hasn't seen him very much based on the fact they're new and Hartline missed much of the offseason work as well with the calf and appendectomy.

[Update 1: Hartline is not practicing.]

[Update 2: Safety Kelcie McCray, who left practice Monday, tweeted early this morning that he broke his foot and will have surgery today.]

Eric Steinbach: Will he see movement? He's played every one of this 124 NFL starts at LG. He was working at LG on the second unit all of last week except for a couple of periods on Monday. But as everyone knows, Miami's need is at right guard. So is the get acquainted period that coach Joe Philbin discussed over? Will Steinbach get more RG work today so that he can begin to mount a challenge to Artis Hicks for the starting job? Or does he stay at LG, get promoted to first team and Richie Incognito get moved to RG, which is his more natural position anyway?

[Update 3: Steinbach is working with the second unit and is still at LG.]

Ryan Tannehill: Today will be his first day in full pads. It doesn't really matter from a contact perspective because quarterbacks don't get hit in practice. But it could matter for the Dolphins if they're going to let him take first-team snaps and actually have an opportunity to mount a campaign to become the team's starter. If, if, if, if, the Dolphins are serious about letting Tannehill win the job, today could be key because today could be his day to get first-team snaps.

[Update 4: Not today. He's working primarily with the second unit.]

Clyde Gates: I have serious doubts about this cat. I don't know if he's tough. I don't know if he knows the plays. I don't know if his speed translates to this level. He missed a day of practice with a hamstring tweak. Does he shake it off and get right back into today? Or does he allow himself to cruise a little? We'll see.

[Update 5: Gates is not working during the early part of practice.]

Chad Johnson: He's scheduled to speak with the entire media corps for the first time since camp opened. Will he be humble? Will he be boastful? Will he throw the Patriots under the bus for his inability to get on the field last year? Will he have outlandish predictions? Will he even do the availability as promised? It's all unpredictable with Johnson.

Jamaal Westerman: Miami's vision for him initially was as a solid special teams contributor and backup defensive end. Except that the first four days of practice he showed impressive pass-rush skils -- albeit against mostly second-team personnel. So does the coaching staff react? Do they introduce Westerman into the competition for starting defensive end by letting him take some first-team snaps? Do they watch him more closely in the competition for pass-rush personnel? The competiton between Jared Odrick, Olivier Vernon and now Westerman got a lot more interesting last week. Let's see where it takes us this week because, after all, Westerman can't afford to let up as consistency is important.

[BLOG NOTE: I'll have the practice and interview update early this afternoon so make sure you come back for that. If you're looking for realtime updates, follow me on twitter. That's @armandosalguero.]


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Moore will be odd man out. They will get something for him.

Wallace without Ben is nothing special.

Nothing reported about practices before the preseason games will mean much.

Who will be the bust of the year ? Miller and his Miller light shoulder ? Will Egbert the TE show up - how do the TE's look ? Anything there ?

Need the info


All we can hope for is positive information from coaches and the reporters. They is a lot of camp left.

I just hope Tanny play well enough to make the decision difficult.

I think this draft class will go down as one of Ireland's best of all time. I've heard so much buzz FROM THE PLAYERS about the draft class. Players are talking about how Tannehill can spin it, the burst on Miller, the motor on Vernon. AND, people are really starting to talk about Clay (6th Rounder) from last year's draft. Now, look at Parcell's drafts - Henne, Merling, Pat White = 1st and 2nd Round BUSTS!

Believe in Miami!

Hartline's injury sounds like one of those that's going to go from nagging day to day, into week to week, and ultimately to the injured reserve before the season starts. Kind of like Will Allen a few years ago.

Clyde Gates is a disaster. He's horrible. He's NOT a football player, he's a fast guy in pads and a helmet. He needs to be bounced and give room for other players to shine.

Is Armando Playing OL coach? It's sounds like Sparano last year! Playing musical chairs with the OL! Chad said he is back to who he use to be, that's what Chad said! So it won't surprise me what comes out of his mouth!
Hartline Clyde Gates better get it going or I see them just like me! UNEMPLOYED! And Philibin said he is going to put the best player on the field, he doesn't look at numbers like TS did...let's see how Tannehill progress today, Im rooting for the kid to do well! I still don't like JI though! GO PHINS KILL THE JETS THE PATS THE BILLS!!!

incog at rg if the newbie is solid.

Hartline Clyde Gates are not practicing!!
They better thank God is early in camp!

Good morning guys,

DC my man! We tend to be oin the same page with this team. Gates will not make the team this year or he at least shouldn't make the team. There's no sense in bashing Ireland but he hasn't hit on any play makers in the draft yet. I hope this is his year he bucks the trend with Lamar Miller and Egnew.

I said yesterday I have a feeling of hope that a guy will emerge from Roberto Wallace, Fuller, Pruitt group and be a legit play maker opposite Chad Johnson as a starter at some point this season.

Bess is simply just a good slot WR and nothing more and Hartline, wait for it.....he might get cut. This staff owes him nothing and he hasn't shown anything to them yet either.

Gates does seem on his way out the door. Too bad he can't put it together. Seems like he was drafted for physical skills and the football stuff could be "coached up". Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can coach up heart and desire to be the best at your position.

"spin it"...lol...somebody's been watching to much NFLN and ESPN....out down the remote and go outside....


Good stuff...this is what I was taling about yesterday.....excellent IMO.....

we need wrs badly

...It is dissapointing that Clyde Gates has been a.....dissapointment. Really though has he? I debated this last year after the draft. My point was that any of the limited(full dislocsure here none of see real game tape, just highlight, or game clips) information on him showed a player that was never pressured at his level. Again go back and look, and Gates just ran past people in college. He rarely if EVER faced press coverages. He didn't have to run routes...Just run fast and get behind guys. So really is it that big of a suprise that he hasn't panned out so far? Speed is over rated if you don't have the fundamentals to put this speed to use.

did anyone actually think gates was anything, come on fellas. least the garbage hype on him is finally gone


I am still hoping that you will make a cameo during hard knocks.

There are lots of ways to make this happen. For instance how about this subplot "Chad Johnson, Paul Soliai recruit esteemed Dolphins reporter Armando Salguero to break in to a Davie-area McDonalids at 3:00 am. Hilarity ensues with Johnson flipping burgers for non-existant custmers, Soliai dancing on the counter, and Salguero drinking directly from the milkshake machine."

Make it happen! Save TV!

Clyde Gates. A seven round pick! JI wanted to up grade the WR position with a 7 round pick!! Now that is Laughable!! JI thinks he is Don Shula that has a eye for talent! Give me a break!

nobody cares about armando outside this blog, they would show the guys on espn from miami if anyone, hank ,etc

yes ray and there were idiots in here hyping the clown forever, just like did with misi and others.

and garbage gates wasnt a 7th rd pick, they wasted a 4th rd pick on him

gates = no iq.

If Gates can't produce at WR, is decent, but not great at returns, isn't a wedge-buster, etc., then cut him loose already. He probably has trade value due to his speed not unlike John Avery. Maybe we can get a Marcus Nash-type in return. LOL

I don't understand people like Clyde Gates. You have a god given skill like size:speed ratio and an opportunity to make millions of dollars and yet you let it all slip away by not working hard and learning the nuances of being an NFL receiver. What an idiot.

Have fun working at UPS.

It was HILARIOUS on this blog last year reading about Gates. Yes, Gates! The 4th round speedster. All the hopes n dreams he'd bring to the offense.

Now, he sits on the bubble in the line to be cut.

This is what kills me about Miami fans. They jump on young guys drafted late in drafts expecting them to be the next pro bowl star. This happens once or twice in a draft where a gem is found late. Dolphin fans act like all their picks will be studs.

Jeff ireland doesn't really know talent like many of you think. Good GM's nail their first round pick (Ireland has been adequate at this) but, the really good ones hit in rounds 2-4. That's where the majority of your team comes from. That's where the core of the team comes from the majority of starters.

Ireland's track record in these rounds? Patrick Turner, Clyde Gates, Koa Misi, John Jerry, & the over rated & down right winpy S. Smith...YIKES!

No offesne to anyone on this blog working at UPS. I'm sure it's a fine place to work. Not as nice as being an NFL receiver when you're in your mid 20s though.

if gates becomes a scum bag, the po po will have a hard time catching him on foot.

Reality squad, posted the stat here the other day that actually only 10% of 4th round picks have started at least 3 years in the NFL since 1999. 4th round picks are a crapshoot and not even a good one at that. Shame that a guy like Gates with a skill you can't teach (size:speed) couldn't put his arse in gear though.

ups. lots of ot and 5 weeks of vacay for the vets.

Is J.Wilson Still playing with the 1st Team?

I thought Gates was almost a lock for a spot because of only being drafted last year (Being a 4th rd pick should guarantee U at least 2 years). But the Lack of Effort is Concerning. U don't see Chad trying to take a play off. Chad Wants to be on the Field every play.

Brett Hartline's Career as a Dolphin is just about over. We have Bigger and Stronger Wr's than BH. Wallace and Naanee Seem to be taking Bh's Spot.

Again, I feel Hartline is battling Chad for a Spot and he doesn't know it yet. From the looks of it Chad is Eating him Up. By the time Hartline comes back, he's going to be out of Shape and out of a Job. 8-5 has been playing with 1st team for how long now?

Ya think Philbin is going to put hartline in with the 1st team when he's healthy? Don't think So. Look at how he doesn't like to rotate players from 1st to 2nd as much as Sporano. Philbin is Consistent with his lineup. If it would've been Sporano the O-line would look different everyday.

The only real Competition on Offense is the Qb Competition. No T-Sizzle is not included. Those 2 days he missed took him out the running.

Hey phins fans would you guys consider the Dolphins to have a QB curse?
check out Jimmy's article on phinsnews.com

what is up with Hartline?

oline guru spazano.
lmfao !.

football czar fat axx parcells.
rofflmfao !.

who do u think is at the santeria cafeteria with his qb bobble head dolls with all of the pins prixed inside of them. it is marino himself. he couldn't get a ring so now he is there everyday with the voodoo dolls so no other phins qb 1 ups him with the lombardi

How many catches did Gates have last season? 2! 2 freaking catches for a rookie in the NFL is unacceptable, that right there tells me he's a bust. I dont give a crap if this is only his second year. In 16 games right now I can catch more than 2 passes for a season. He shoulda been cut yesterday!

I argued the point on here for a long time that it take a lot more to be an NFL receiver than just speed. Guys didn't want to believe that. Take 'this' fast guy from College and 'that' fast guy. It doesn't work that way. Defence and co-ordinators are too smart in the NFL and can figure out how to effectively eliminate guys like this if they don't have the tools. Looks like Gates doesn't have the tools. Was never overly impressed with this guy to start with and I'm not sure he's got the dedication to the craft to get better. If this were to mean the end of the road for him in order to keep someone who's going to help the team more then I'd be fine with that.

At least we all agree Gates sucks.

Life is pointless and ultimately futile. There is no "afterlife," there is simply death and nothingness. Your existence will be little noted and soon forgotten.

There is nothing you can do about any of it. You are an insignificant speck in the universe that will never affect anything or be missed.

there were better undrafted wr's than 4th round wasted pick clyde gates. ireland also wasted 3 picks on daniel thomas. has ireland hit on a playmaker yet? i really hope philbin has some say in procuring players in the future. philbin seems very level headed and knowledgeable.

A J Edds out with knee injury for the colts!
Remember A J Edds.... That was another JI bust forth round player!!

Haven't heard the coach say Gates is behind and sucks , So i'll not listen to what yall say about that ... as far as we know Gates will/might come in during pre-season games and light it up! and make you all look like idiots! LOL which is nothing new... So i'll keep what i think to myself and watch you guys hopefully make FOOLS of yourselves ;)

I wish you'd start calling me 'Aunt Martha.' That would be very titillating for me.

I just dont see Tannehill having success in the pros any time soon. The guy had better receivers on his college team and still lost 6 games as a senior! He is struggling with the speed of the pro game just like Henne did and its only practice. Not counting him out but I do think he needs a couple years until he gets up to speed.

Bill conners
Thanks you right my bad, I type the wrong number, but that's just prove our point about JI another bust at a round that should hit on at least to contribute in some capacity
Right or am I wrong again, you guys know me by now I a stupid Dolpfan! Correct me if I wrong I'm willing to learn!! HAHAHA!

Gates, D Thomas, j Jerry, and Misi are more Ireland busts. Ireland is going for the record "MOST BUSTS EVER" lol

Irescum cant draft a playmaker to save his life but he sure can sniff those hooka moms!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

very much time I will see the opinon of the Miami Dolphin fanatic here I will go to this place in the time from now.

Gates will be fine..and why is everyone so quick to judge? Give the guy a chance he had barely any play time last season..yes he had 2 catches 2 to 3 snaps per game...now really guys..think about it watch how many times he got open deep and Henne over or under threw him and so did Moore.so let's just give him a chance to prove himself..just like tanny..he to will be our best qb since Dan the man best qb drafted in 2012

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