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It's clear Tannehill should be the starter

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has been deliberate and coy about his quarterback decision this preseason. He doesn't give a lot of clues. And he has taken a systematic approach to getting the right player on the field with the first-team offense.

This week appears to be no different. Philbin wanted to name a starter for Friday's Atlanta game this week and that's very important because that player is probably going to be the starting QB in the regular-season opener against Houston.

But Philbin has tapped the brakes on the idea of making a final decision.

"We may have a decision soon, but we may not until, we may play it out another week," Philbin said. "That’s still up in the air. We certainly haven’t come to any decision on that."

Well, my question would be why not?

It is clear as day to anyone with eyes that Ryan Tannehill has so far gotten the better of Matt Moore in the quarterback competition.

Tannehill has looked better than Moore when you compare their starting assignments this preseason. Tannehill also looked better than Moore when each played with the backups this preseason.

The statistics show more definitively what we've seen on the field:

Tannehill is 25 of 44 (56.8 percent completion) for 267 yards with 1 TD and 0 INT. He has an 82.3 quarterback rating.

Moore is 12 of 27 (44.4 percent completion) for 136 yards with 0 TD and 1 INT. He has a 44.7 quarterback rating.

The competition has been closer in practice, but Tannehill has generally been as good if not better than Moore in that venue.

Beyond that, Moore has not led a TD drive yet this preseason. Tannehill has.

So what decision is there to make?

Ryan Tannehill should start against Atlanta Friday night. And he has done more to win the regular-season starting job than Moore.


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As it should be!

I think if Tannehill doesn't throw a pick, he'll be the starter.

Agreed. he's won the job outright regardless of draft investment. Now my answer may be different if Garrard was healthy but he's not so off we go ...

What about Pat Devlin?

What happens when Garrard comes back? Do you bench Tannehill? If Moore is starter you can easily bench Matt. Unfortunately for Matt he has been a perennial back up.

Philbin needs to play the rookie already, if statistics and by performance in measuring moore with tannehill thus far, there is no drop off in picking tanny over moore...this team is not playoff ready with either so get the hopeful future on the field NOW rather than mid-season...

Moore's journeyman career can continue elsewhere after this year, why not let tanny try and begin his this year!!!

I agree with Aramando! The time has come to let the rookie start. Matt Moore has clearly not taken advantage of the Garrad injury. He's built to be a back-up QB.

RT17 has everything he needs to make the successful rookie QB transition (system, coach, etc..)

Look if Philbin is going to start Tanny, than he should start Hogan, they are raving about Hogan than start him to, if he is doing so great.

..I said last week that I thought it would be Garrard that gets cut should Tannehill be named the starter. I still believe this as something that will happen. It is the Matt Moore syndrome tables turned. No reason to keep 2 vets should Tannehill start. Once he is named the first string guy, there is no turning back. Does it make any sense to say hey Tannehill grab some pine..Garrard is back his job? Nope. The team saves a few million by cutting him before week 1..They should.

He may be the better QB to play but, what's his tolerance for pain or having a rough season?

I fear to see Tanny play the Jets with Rex Ryan overload blitzing on Martin's side. I mean, not only is he risking his life but, his mental toughness as well.

Thank you, Mando, for this post. You are dead on balls accurate, to quote the hottest woman who ever acted in a feature film, Marissa Tomaei.

We all knew that this team was/is not ready to make a run.

Based on the QB performance, it's clear to me that Tannehill should start.

Look if Philbin is going to start Tanny, than he should start Hogan, they are raving about Hogan than start him to, if he is doing so great.

Posted by: ray | August 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM

100% correct ray...like I mentioned in the last article, What do we honestly have to lose by not giving him a chance to play with the first unit this week...Absolutely Nothing...

Dennis, if you look up the definition of "retired" in the dictionary, it says "David Garrard."

Garrard = retired.

Garrad will be cut whenever he heals, no need for 2 number two QB. Tannehill, Moore and Devlin is what will go into the season with.

I heard Vinny Testaverde is interested in being part of the competition!!!

Clue = correct

If tannehill could continue his preseason form into the NFL season and get better as the year goes on then he definitely deserves the starter tag. His 82.3 rating would put him 17th in the NFL, just 0.1 behind matt hasselbeck. That's a pretty darn good starting point for an NFL rookie.

And Mark, he's had 4 drops. His real QB rating is 91.2.

If tanny starts...i would honestly look into a possible trade with matt moore, there are definately some teams out there that need a quality backup..and philbins old team might just give us a high draft pick considering their backup is horrendous...just sayin in case they dont cut garrard...No reason to keep two vets as backups at that point!!!


If Gerrard is ready for game 1 or 2 and T-Hill has started up untill that point, what happens then? Do you sit the rookie back down?

You have to start Tanni. The guy has all-pro, hof, written all over him. He will make people forget, both Mannings, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. Forget Montana, this guy is the real deal, and a steal with the 8th pick. Dashi does know all.

Pat Devlin...really? Good grief our fans are delusional.

I would like to see Pat Devlin play with the 2's this week, he has looked pretty good in mop up duty, just would like to see what he can do..

No!!! simply put Uncut...

if miami starts tannehill, No musical chairs with QBS should take place..that was one of miamis biggest problems when fist pump was here and as you can tell, Wee York is not very happy about it...this is tannys team for the long hual except in the expense of suffering an injury, he should be the guy no matter what happens!!!

I said this after the last pre-season game.....

Name Tanne the starter and get it over with....

The ONLY thing Moore can do @ this point in time...is to steal PRECIOUS reps from Tanne...


can we get marino back?

u mean that pix six machine of 1999?.

If Tannehill starts we'll be 2-14 and in position to draft Matt Barkley next year. Not a terrible plan.

if we go 2-14, i have a feeling QB will be the least of this teams flaws by seasons end...and it may not be the cry for a New QB you'll be screaming for either...just sayin

I think he does know its tannehill but I think I know why he is hesitant. The rookie wins the battle and is declared the starter. Its a big decision and victory for Ryan and all over the news. Then Garrard comes back and he is demoted. Don't think he wants to do that to the rookie!

I woudn't start him w/crap WR's. It'll destroy his confidence if he doesnt get killed out there. We have not one WR that can get seperation.

I looked up retired and did not see Garrard, I saw Ray Lucas.

Did Garrard retire? He was and probably is the best QB even at this point. I think Matt Moore gets cut.


Stats don't reflex all the facts.
Ryan has been close to be picked in several plays during his first games on the NFL.

Reviewing Buccaneers' game, there was a pair of incomplete passes that would have been intercepted and returned for a TD. Also several balls where tipped on the starting series against Panthers. So once a starting CB will be covering his receivers, we could see many picks from the rookie.

Matt Moore hasn't proved better but his pick was partially caused because of a huge misunderstanding not a lack of reading.

So unless Philbin thinks his crew can fix Ryan's wrong reads faster than tuning Matt in pass routes, the starter should be Moore.

I agree with Mark in Toronto, Tanny should be the starter unless Garrard is healthy.

I'm pretty sure Moore is a better QB then Tannehill. But hey, these idiots started Henne over Moore so I wouldnt be surprised if they made another botch by playing Tannehill.

This is a 6-10 team at best with the talent level of the current roster.

By all means Tannehill should start just like Peyton Manning did on what was a young Colts' team so Ryan gains valuable experience while the team is growing. That way once new players are added to the roster next year Tannehill is an established leader.

tannehill will start friday and unless he completely implodes will be named the starter. as far as the 2 vets go they won't keep both. i see 2 options. moore has trade value. IF there is an offer made take it. if not cut garard. i honestly hope the 1st option happens. i think garrard is a better guy for tannehill and devlin to learn from. plus this knee scope is no big deal. so if needed he'd be able to play as soon as week 2.

i agree about hogan too. the last 2 games he wasn't really used till 3rd team practically. i haven't seen a fin run better routes since OJ mcduffie. he does those quick chop steps and a head fake and it's like the DB goes the wrong way every time. he must make the 53 man roster or he is gone. i haven't seen anyone do better thus far. can't count bess because he's barely played.

so what.
rt gets u 3 wins.so what.
moore gets u 4 wins.
so what?

aikman went 0-15 as a tyke. walsh started the lone game the cowboys won that season of 1-15.
how'd that work out 4 them.?

devlin looks very good. it would be nice if this team starts doing what philly and the packers have done for years. stockpile young QB. highlight them in preseason. let them do mop up work during the season then trade them for high draft picks. devlin has promise. in a couple years it would be nice to get some kevin kolb action for him.

We know what we have in moore, and that is not a long term starter...The only arguement you can make for moore as the starter is if this team could actually make the playoffs with him under center..THEY CANNOT!!!
So why the hell would you settle for a guy in the best case scenerio of a sub-par 500 win season when you have a guy that is literally as good or possibly better in tannehill which by the way you drafted eighth overall...

If this team by all indications is in for a long year then I would rather the rookie get his lumps and experience in right now than a year later when he will anyway!!!

start 711 now we need recievers that shine..not other ted ginns whowas actually better then who we have

Once Tannehill is named the started you cant turn the clock back. Only way you can pull him then is for injury. If he has to ever be pulled as a result of a poor performance issue, dolfans will label him bust, and another Ireland poor decision.

You cant start him for a fews games until Garrard is back. Once you put him there, youre cosigning he's the now and future of the Miami Dolphins. You cant trade for Tebow next year either(Sancheesy). LOL

Agree that RT is starter.
Even if the QB competition was even. Even if Moore was ahead by inches, that would make me start RT.
The only things he needed to show me was:
He was competitent (he is);
Can lead the offense (he has);
He isn't rattled or scared (hasn't been at all);
He can make plays to help the drives (he's the only one so far).

So, if you acknowledge he's your future, and the reasons for sitting him are that you didn't want to ruin his confidence or have him ruin your offense's chance to scoring -- seems like that's been answered.

It seems very simple to me. So why delay the inevitible?


Tannehill has shown me nothing at all. He was horrendous against Carolina by his own admission. Four 3 and outs in 6 possesions. The kid is far from ready. If he lost 6 games as a college senior he isnt ready. I have to question whether he is any better then Chad Henne or John Beck.

fin1984, i'm pretty sure you're wrong. moore is what he is. a .500 QB. he's been in the league 5 years and starting jobs twice, was mediocre twice. tannehill may not be as good right this moment, but even that is questionable, but he is a kid who started 19 college game and one preseason game. his room for growth is huge, moore's? not so much!! the kid has a stronger arm, a quicker release, he's more physically gifted. he knows the offense better. he needs to learn the speed of the game. that's the one thing that you can't learn by watching. i just don't get the dogged loyalty for matt moore. he's a nice guy but he's not going to take any team to the playoffs.

If they start him, I hope he plays well. Right now there exist a rift between the Dolphins talentless team, fo, and the ownership with Miami area fans. Only a well performing Tannehill can begin to heal those wounds.

If not, the current rift of unhappiness, will naturally grow wider.

7-11. u mean he wears a hoody and robs 7-11's at gun point.?


If you think that Tannehill trot is going out there in Week One & light it up like Peyton Manning then you just don't understand the QB position. The idea was to have Garrard & Moore compete for the job so that we could win this year. Say what you want about Moore but he won games for us last year. When the REAL bullets fly Moore is more prepared to play in an NFL game then Tannehill. That's a fact.

This is not solely "a coaches decision" since I believe Ireland's job depends on it therefore this a MUCH harder decision than you think. Did you see Ireland's reaction on 'Hard Knocks' when he was told that Garrard would be out for 3-4 weeks??? That looked like a guy who knew he was up against it.

If Tannehill starts the season & he struggles like he a rookie is supposed to then I don't see this team winning more than 4 or 5 games with the receivers we have & Tannehill's confidence will be shaken. If that happens then Ross will have no choice but to fire Ireland. A healthy Garrard or Moore give this team a better chance of winning right now.

In the end I think Ireland is screwed & he knows it BUT he should have never lasted this long in the first place. Bottom line--Ireland had his chances & he failed.

rt need snaps...

Referring to the past entry.....I have an 8" dic- and there have been no complaints. My older son has an arm down there and there have been many complaints about that white boy, including some from black girls. So, as you can see, lenght(in anything) is all Relative.

I agree, no reason to rush Tannehill. Especially wth these receivers. Let him learn behind team MVP Matt Moore unti we're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

You have to start Tanni. The guy has all-pro, hof, written all over him. He will make people forget, both Mannings, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. Forget Montana, this guy is the real deal, and a steal with the 8th pick. Dashi does know all.


The guy has not even taken a snap in a real game yet. I like his potential but pump the brakes.

Vegas Mike,
thats the kind of thinking that keeps most GMS like ireland in the business today....thats an idiotic statement if i ever read one...Tanny has only 19 starts as a QB and considering he has noone that can separate themselves in the reciever role and a pourous o-line and NO running game to speak of, you consider him horrendous after only two preseason games...
Good thing your not a Head Coach..hate to have you as a mentor!!!

I agree, no reason to rush Tannehill. Especially wth these receivers. Let him learn behind team MVP Matt Moore unti we're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

Fin 1984,

Absolutely. It's not like Moore forgot how to play football between last season & now. And Garrard is not out for the season.

You gonna bet on Atlanta, Vegas Mike?

Check the odds.

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