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Today's two minute drill shows promise, problems

The Dolphins ended today's practice with the two minute drill. It was good. And it was bad.

Running the first-team, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was the best of the three quarterbacks in this part of practice. He marched his unit down the field and the ball didn't hit the ground with completion after completion, first to Marlon Moore, then to Charles Clay, then to a checkdown receiver, then Moore again.

Moore was obviously feeling it, at one point yelling at Sean Smith. Soon, the Miami offense was inside the 15 yard line. It was promising.

And then the problems showed up.

Hot and with the defense on its heels, Tannehill fired a sideline pass to Moore that was just a tad high. Moore, coming out of his break and not fully collected, leaped for the ball but it bounded off his hands. The throw wasn't good enough. The receiver wasn't technically sound enough.


A couple of plays later, Tannehill scrambled out of the pocket and fired a strike to Roberto Wallace in the back of the end zone. By all accounts, Wallace had a fine practice today. But he dropped the TD in coming across the back of the end zone.

Bottom line is the Miami offense was good enough to move but not good enough to score. It made some plays but when it needed a playmaker to come through, it wasn't there.

The second unit, led by Matt Moore, was next on the field. The period lasted about three snaps because one pass was complete, one was incomplete and the third was intercepted by Tyrone Culver.

Good job by Culver and the second-team defense. But you understand the flipside of that, I'm sure.

Third team?

Pat Devlin began with a beautiful sideline pass to Wallace. The ball was in the air before Wallace even went into his cut. It showed good anticipation and accuracy. And Wallace got plenty of separation and made the catch.

But a couple of plays later Devlin also threw an interception.

So it goes. This team is obviously still a work in progress.

Practice notes:

Multiple players sat out practice today. Karlos Dansby, Cameron Wake, Kevin Burnett, Eric Stenbach, Artis Hicks and Brian Hartline all missed practice. Sean Smith tweaked what seemed to be his groin but returned to drills.


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This is more great news. Sounds like Tannehill is doing his job. He's making the throws. If it's the receivers dropping the ball then that's ok because we don't expect much from these guys. I just want to hear that the QB is doing his job and it sounds like he is. Sooner or later we will get good pass catchers to play with this QB.

Next year, one solid vet and one highly rated draft pick and we're off ...

And someone tell Sean Smith to tweak his groin on his own time ... man somethings should be left in the privacy of one's own home.

I wouldn't be to psyched either though Mando! Our 1st team DB's couldn't cover Tampa's back up WR Underwood to save their lives on Friday.

From the last post:

JJ, "Most of the mistakes I made in drafting were due to lack of intelligence by the Players".

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 14, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Exactly what I try to say. Thank you very much (again) Oscar.

Mark in Toronto | August 14, 2012 at 12:17 PM


So what exactly does Brian Hartline do on the sidelines during practice? Is he rolling around on the field screaming in agony? Playing video games? Mocking Philbin by dancing behind his back?

JJ had a few sayings and one of them when he coached South America's Cocaine Cowboys was, "I'd draft the devil himself if I thought he could play" which he proved time and again with Leon Lett his drug problems and mental breakdowns on the field.

Gary, maybe he's watching "Hard Kocks"???

Sorry man, that was the best typo ever and it's going to take a while for me to live it down.

I would bet anything that Tannehill is the starter on Friday night against Carolina. He is playing with the first team and to beat out a bad practice player like Moore is not that difficult.

I think that Matt is a great backup and that is all.

I agree with Mark in Toronto... Long as RT17 is on point... Im Happy... AND I'd Like to add a Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe NOW.... Theyre young and will give this kid a weapon to develop chemistry with this year and beyond!!!


From the last blog....in regards to your Chad Johnson/VH1 reality show post...

I was thinking the SAME THING...and thinking wondering if this whole thing back-fired in ther/HIS face....

It would be amazingly funny....

but then again....DC calls me conspricy guy....

Mike Wallace would probably take a 1st rounder to pry from Pitt.'s hands and will probably play for the 2.7 this yr. before hitting the open market in 2013 but like him more than the Harvin rumor bizzaro Fin4life dropped last post.

Best thing about camp I've read is the improvement made by Tannehill & the lack of shuffling the O-line. Finally. This was probably Sparano's biggest failure. So if the Jets want to overuse the Wildcat & be a boring, predictable offense that can't pass protect then they hired the right guy.

I really don't get this defense the last two seasons. They were terrible the first half of the season with a limited pass rush & a secondary that got torched (that's being nice) & then they play the 2nd half of the season like a top 10 defense??? WTF???

Obviously the pre-season means nothing but with guys like Dansby, Burnett, & Wake sitting around that's not going to help this defense start the season strong.

Kris | August 14, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Probably far fetched but the Eve&Ocho show was to begin airing at the end of the month ans we all remember how his show with T.O. bombed a couple of years ago. Hey Kris didn't believe this guy the lock some thought and now know that Philbin wasn't feeling him much on or off the field.

That harvin rumour is just untrue. And another mistake in that post was Minny drafting Ponder when Locker was on the board isn't right. Locker went at 8 to Tenn. Ponder was drafted 11th/12th ...

Locker also looks good this camp and beating out a solid guy in hasselbeck. man, these young guys are just coming ready to play. Guess the days of Troy Aikman getting beat within an inch of his life are over ...

Sean Smith sucks!!!.... I'd move Vontae opposite Marshall and have Smith Battle for the other safety spot with Clemons... Vontae just has to get in shape... I think he was a little over confident that he'd be the starter and got caught up with C. Johnson in all that being a clown and tweeting.... When he's in shape , the kid can play... IMO he's waaaay better than Sean Smith.... At least he'll catch the damn ball..

Tannehell sounds great. That's all I want to hear.

Man we need to trade for a decent WR, there's none in the draft next year anyways

Philbin has to regret taking this job already...


The Harvin rumor was posted by someone else using the name I always sign in and appear in blue. I flipped the Ponder thing and your right but none the less he was a reach that high given injured histories in College don't bode well for NFL Careers also limited arm strength was a concern with him. Heady player who blew up at the Sr. Bowl but was a late 2nd round guy. We've easily had the worst 2 G.M.'s in Football in succession with Speilman and Ireland.

Hey fin4life,..... I thought the latest on Wallace was two 3rds?... We have that to give...

There's no way the Dolphins could possibly be stupid enough not to name Tannehill the starter, right?

The Colts drafted Luck to be the guy, the Redskins drafted Griffin to be the guy, so what was the point of drafting Tannehill with the 8th pick if he's going to ride the bench on a team that's rebuilding this year? The 8th pick in the draft who's holding his own against the competition is really going to hold a clipboard behind a journeyman QB on a team that might win 6 or 7 games?

Tannehill should be starting all four pre-season games and all 16 "exhibitions" that follow in 2012. If this season is about anything other than letting Tannehill get as many reps as possible, this organization is more f****ed up than even I could have imagined.

Tannehill vs Matt Moore,

I'm digging Tannehill more and more. He knows the offense and it's clear he's the most talented QB on the roster. He seperated himself in the game and now this week in practice. I understand Philbin's desire to sit Tannehill even though he insists it's an open competition. I know he knows more then all of us that the WR group is not good enough to make plays for a QB.

Typically with a rookie QB you need the talent around him to be at a certain level. Look at all the rookie QBs with recent success they all have had legit weapons. Now look at all the first round flops in year 1 and they had nothing to work with.

With that being said I am on the fence. I see both sides of it. I just don't want Tannehill to be the guy with all the talent to be successful that flops because in year 1 he became a deer in headlights or had a major dip in confidence.

This season has all the makings of another 1-15 Cameron experience. A nightmare season followed by a nightmare offseason followed bt a nightmare preseason lol

Clearly Tannehill has room to grow. Problem is, it doesnt seem Matt Moore is able to beat him at this early stage of development. Tannehill seems to best the best qb on the roster right now thru no fault of his.

We dont have a Brett Favre to let him sit and learn. We have Matt Moore.

Obviously Mike Wallace would be the perfect WR for us but Harvin (minus the migraines) is also a heck of an upgrade.

According to Harbaugh Tedd Ginn is supposedly having a "great" camp in SF. I'm not saying he's ever going to be a top WR but they have a coaching staff that gets the most out of their players. The previous coaching staff here did a terrible job of developing players & Ginn was just one of them.

I never thought I'd say this b/c I hated his softness & fear of contact in Maimi BUT he's still only 27 & right now he could help us. I pray that Philbin & his staff turns out to be half the coaches that Jim Harbaugh & his staff are & will be.

I wouldnt start Tannehill with this garbage WR group. Nothing good could come of it.


isn't that the same matt moore you claimed the Dolphisn would be unable to keep because he would be a starter for half the teams in the league???



This may not be a strong year record wise. Miami has a definite talent deficiency at the skill positions, but they drafted a QB for the first time in about 2 decades plus in round 1. They have 2 bookend tackles where one is the best in the game and the other is a rookie who is starting in year 1, Pouncey in the middle as well. Reggie, D. Thomas and another rookie Lamar Miller at RB along with Charles Clay FB/TE.

The pieces are there on O just not at WR. They traded the best they had in B. Marshall. Not every problem can be fixed in year 1 of a new regime.

Be patient. I know, we've been patient but a new philosophy calls for patience.

There are a couple of WR's coming out next Yr. Robert Woods out of USC should be the 1st off the boards a sub 4.4 guy with descent size. He had a game last Yr. were he set a USC record with 177 rec yards only to break it later with a 220 yard day but all in all no ELITE guys in the group. The FA group looks more promising.

Looks line Devlin is better than Moore, I wouldn't mind having Tannehill, Garrard, Devlin be our 3 QBs going into this season. Moore is proving more and more why he went undrafted and why multiple teams have given up on him. Wait till a team gets desperate (injury or poor play) and try getting a 5 or 6 for him. If we can then swap that for a trade up that equals another Lamar Miller I would be ecstatic.

Peter King reported that Joe Philbin cutting Chad Johnson will be on Hard Knocks tonight!

Hey fin4life,..... I thought the latest on Wallace was two 3rds?... We have that to give...

FED UP PHINS FAN | August 14, 2012 at 12:49 PM

I was unaware that was the asking price and yes would consider it but he will be a FA in 2013 so unless franchised will probably walk. The Steelers do this all the time but great scouting dept. run by Art Rooney Jr. always has the next guy on the bench.

Adam Schefter just reported same thing that Philbin cutting Chad will be on Hard Knocks. Ratings, ratings, ratings!

I am also appalled by the Grammar of some commentators here, that WR has "descent" size....pluuueeeaseee.

Shula, something good can come out of it. Tannehill can gain NFL experience and be ready to go next year when he does (hopefully) have a good squad around him. What's the purpose of sitting a guy if the team goes 6-10 or 8-8? If it's already a wasted year, might as well get your rookie QB some experience, right? Not like the oline isn't solid enough not to get him killed. Also, he was a WR in college, and a pretty big kid, so he can take a hit. I say start him yesterday.

"I wouldnt start Tannehill with this garbage WR group. Nothing good could come of it."


By far the worst WR's corp in the NFL.


Patience is loser talk. Its what we hear every year from the Dolphins. When will Ross realize that Ireland is incapable of producing a winner?


Tannehill is eventually going to start. It's just a matter of time. However it would be an advantage to his confidence (or any rookie QB's for that matter) if he had guys not named Wallace, Moore, & Pruitt who have legitimate NFL production.

Mark In Toronto,

In your failed attempt at mockery, you failed to consider the bottom 15 nfl qb's are relatively a collection of "Matt Moore-like" talent. Tannehill is looking like at least a top 10 talent nfl qb in the making.

Mr Canadian bag over your head for brains, Moore's a fa after this season, can you say for certain he wont go to a team with lesser qb talent to challenge for and win a starting job? I guess not, Mr god save the queen.

BTW, get your own queen and stop using Englands. Nominate yourself even.

At least Armando is writing more frequent entries in his Blog. We just might make something out of him, yet.

The weakest points are clearly the WR's and DB's. As long as the team does not addresses these issues soon, it won't get better than 8-8. So don't blame Tannehill if we see too many drops and then, interceptions, just by trying to put easy passes to catch in order to avoid the former. With this WR's unit it won't be an easy season for Tann if he starts.

The Dolphins are still a work in progress? Their in the second week of practice,,,yeah, u could say "still a work in progress". Who writes this stuff? And listen up folks you cant judge a team or player after going up against their own people. Doesnt work like that, and Mando acts like Tanne is taking us to the SB after two min drill against his team mates. Dont buy into this crap. If the Dolphins were scrimmaging against other teams, like they should be going, is one thing, but this practicing against your team doesnt work. Theres two other NFL teams in this state why cant they scrimmage, or practice against eachother, no one has to see game day plays.

We Have RB's,

Good does come from starting Tannehill even with garbage wr's.

1. He gets a full season of catching up with the speed of the nfl games.

2. He gets valuable experience going against "regular season" nfl defenses. This greatly gets him up to speed on decision making.

Starting this season puts him far ahead of the curve over sitting him a year.

"Patience is loser talk. Its what we hear every year from the Dolphins. When will Ross realize that Ireland is incapable of producing a winner?"

Ross said he expects to win this year. Obviously he knows nothing about football (which is why Ireland is still here) b/c that's just not going to happen.

Assuming Tannehill is the answer as a legitimate starter this team does not have a good secondary & the WR's are a joke.


You are just goinng to keep complaining at this point then bro. Miami isn't a 1-15 team but under .500 is reality with the way this team is built for this year.

QB - Rookie QB who if he starts is a rookie and if he don't that means a less talented player in Matt Moore is on the field. Bad situation.

RB - RB is a position of depth and strength with a lot of "IF's". If Reggie can stay healthy again. If Daniel Thomas can stay healthy and not run like an ITCH.

WR/TE - hopefully we have a diamond in the rough but tough sledding for this group as a whole.

OL - Looks to be fairly stable with a rookie RT and starter by default at RG it could make for some mistakes and less then stellar play at times.

DE - Cam Wake should be fine and around his 10 sack mark. The other spot huge question mark.

DT - should be very good with Starks/Soliai.

LBs - Dansby and Burnett should be good. Misi or Trusnik?

Secondary - seems like it could be a position in flux all season.

March Cool,

Smith and Vonte clearly looking like draft mistakes. Davis, because he's a huge underachiever, and Smith because he's just too big and not agile enough for the position.

2013, we may have to address both positions very high. Beit draft or fa, or using both.



Good does come from starting Tannehill even with garbage wr's.

1. He gets a full season of catching up with the speed of the nfl games.

2. He gets valuable experience going against "regular season" nfl defenses. This greatly gets him up to speed on decision making.

Starting this season puts him far ahead of the curve over sitting him a year.


I don't disagree but it certainly helps a rookie's confidence to have guys who can make plays. I'd hate to see Tannehill struggle b/c his WR's can't get open & can't catch the football in critical situations. Indecision creates doubt & doubt leads to INT's or getting killed for holding the ball too long.

I'd like to see Philbin lean more on the running game & use Thomas/Bush/Miller in the short passing game.



We probably win 9 games max even if Tannehill amazes and throws for 4,000yds and 25tds. Im seeing huge problems with the entire secondary. Under Philbin's watch Im now believing our entire secondary will have to be revamp, except for maybe Reshad Jones at ss.

I would say to expect Ocho popping up in Oak. but Big Al is gone and Carson Palmer hated him and when everybody pretty much dismisses you or dislikes you at what point do you look in the mirror? His career appears over unless somebody picks him up after an injury.

The problem IMO of playing a rookie in on a team that is not good is they will get beat up and develop bad habits that they may not recover from. Look how many bad teams drafted highly rated QB's only to see them get destroyed. Guys like Matt Leinhart would have better careers if they went to a good team and learned the game. Obviously there is the flipside as well, but I think there are more negative examples than good examples. Dan Marino came on to a team that just went to a SB.


Miami can win with these receivers! Doesn't New England do it. All they do is throw to Welker and the TE's.

All I hear on this blog is negative hating people!!

Can we please give Philbin and Sherman a chance here!

Oh I'm sorry, who coached up the best offense in the league the past 3 years and best QB Rogers?





WE R THE WORLD ...........

OL - Looks to be fairly stable with a rookie RT and starter by default at RG it could make for some mistakes and less then stellar play at times.


Assuming they stay relatively healthy this will be an area of improvement.

The WR's & the secondary are MAJOR areas of concern. Smith is going into a contract year so maybe it comes together for him but him & Vontae have done nothing up to this point to demonstrate that they can consistently play at a high level. As for the Safeties??? I have no clue what's going on with Jones or Clemons.

Patience?? Its been 40 year since we won a SB. 12 years since a playoff win. 4th losing year in a row coming up. I'm 87 years old how patient do you want me to be?

We Have RB's,

You forget T-Hill's a former wr. When plays break down or wr's dont get open he becomes a take it to the house run threat. This aint the slow footed Dan Marino.

T-Hill has the skills to be just as exciting running the ball(when he has too) as he will be throwing the ball. Dont fall asleep on this fact ok? LOL


There will a ton of plays and new wrinkles we will not see in pre-season. With the RB's as a major part of it. Miami is not going to show its hand this early.

Philbin's Clipboard,

I'm not being negative. I actually like the team the way it's built for the future at this point. But in all reality it is what it is. The QB position is set for years. I like Tannehill and think he's going to be the real deal with Philbin and Sherman coaching him. I like the depth we have at RB and the homerun ability. I like the bookend OTs and middle with Pouncey.

The WR spot is a weakness and needs someone who is a star whether it be TE or WR. A few playmakers anywhere on D would help as well .

But I have a lot of good to say about this team. But I get where your coming from a lot of just oh were going 1-15 and Philbin is Cam Cameron talk is stupid an non-objective.

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