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Today's two minute drill shows promise, problems

The Dolphins ended today's practice with the two minute drill. It was good. And it was bad.

Running the first-team, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was the best of the three quarterbacks in this part of practice. He marched his unit down the field and the ball didn't hit the ground with completion after completion, first to Marlon Moore, then to Charles Clay, then to a checkdown receiver, then Moore again.

Moore was obviously feeling it, at one point yelling at Sean Smith. Soon, the Miami offense was inside the 15 yard line. It was promising.

And then the problems showed up.

Hot and with the defense on its heels, Tannehill fired a sideline pass to Moore that was just a tad high. Moore, coming out of his break and not fully collected, leaped for the ball but it bounded off his hands. The throw wasn't good enough. The receiver wasn't technically sound enough.


A couple of plays later, Tannehill scrambled out of the pocket and fired a strike to Roberto Wallace in the back of the end zone. By all accounts, Wallace had a fine practice today. But he dropped the TD in coming across the back of the end zone.

Bottom line is the Miami offense was good enough to move but not good enough to score. It made some plays but when it needed a playmaker to come through, it wasn't there.

The second unit, led by Matt Moore, was next on the field. The period lasted about three snaps because one pass was complete, one was incomplete and the third was intercepted by Tyrone Culver.

Good job by Culver and the second-team defense. But you understand the flipside of that, I'm sure.

Third team?

Pat Devlin began with a beautiful sideline pass to Wallace. The ball was in the air before Wallace even went into his cut. It showed good anticipation and accuracy. And Wallace got plenty of separation and made the catch.

But a couple of plays later Devlin also threw an interception.

So it goes. This team is obviously still a work in progress.

Practice notes:

Multiple players sat out practice today. Karlos Dansby, Cameron Wake, Kevin Burnett, Eric Stenbach, Artis Hicks and Brian Hartline all missed practice. Sean Smith tweaked what seemed to be his groin but returned to drills.


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87?!?!?! wow yeah u might not see next fins playoff win





Smith and Vonte clearly looking like draft mistakes. Davis, because he's a huge underachiever, and Smith because he's just too big and not agile enough for the position.

2013, we may have to address both positions very high. Beit draft or fa, or using both.


Smith's too big & not agile??? I don't think that's the problem at all. How about the fact that he's not physical enough, he doesn't tackle very well, & he can't catch???

We have RBs,


WE HAVE CRAPPY RB'S............



I hear ya on this. Just ignore the haters and non-football people who don't know anything!

I think the way this team is built with Sparano as coach I would be nervous, but with two great offensive minded coaches, they can make the difference.

I'll keep saying it till the cows come home. Victor Cruz!


Just add your post to the laundry list I posted about Sean Smith. All are great reasons he shouldnt be a starting nfl corner. Problem is Carroll sucks more, so Smith isnt even being challenged for the starting position.

Team to laugh at..

Miami Dullfins

Philbin's clipboard,

lol I hear wishing for a Cruz myself. I don't see anywhere near that production but just flat out productive would do. Cruz lit it up in highschool and in college at UMass for whatever reasons I think it was grades or what not he fell through the cracks.

Roberto Wallace is my guy. I like his size/speed combo and was calling for him to step up and felt he would after reading him doing well and making plays in OTAs but he's stuck on the depth chart for whatever reason but come game time he made plays. He also didn't make a play on that TD drop although it was a tough catch in tough conditions you gotta make that play if you are him. Then today in practice which was reported that he dropped another TD. But I think he will contribute to a larger degree this year.

Philbin's Clipboard,

So, in your scenario (of doing what the Pats do with average receivers), WHO is playing the role of best, most elite QB in the league Tom Brady? Matt Moore? Ryan Tannehill? Pat Devlin?

Did you re-read what you wrote before hitting "post." You should do that next time. I like Ryan, think he'll be a good one. I think Moore is ok (average). "You sir (Matt Moore/Ryan Tannehill) are NO Tom Brady."



Yeah, be patient guys. When we get a competent new owner, GM, HC, and players we'll turn things around LMAO!

dolfnman | August 14, 2012 at 01:28 PM

Good point with the best example being David Carr who was destroyed behind a BAD OL in Houston, Jeff George in Indy as well. Leinert was more of a system QB who played on a semi Pro team and the NFL caught on if you remember the player after him at USC who also had Heismen buzz John David Booty slipped to the bottom of Rd-4 and was an after thought very quickly.

However Tannehill will have a BIG OL in front of him and is in need of play making help not protection as much. It is a high tempo approach very similar to it's grass roots which even took the great Montana sometime to master between 78-80. I don't believe the problems which wrecked others will be a big thing with him because the pieces to keeping him vertical are pretty much intact.

Also, negativity is why Philbin is here in the first place (and not Sparano). Negativity is why Tannehill is here (or else we'd have been drafting olinemen for years).

Myself, I'm not optimistic about this Season, but very optimistic about this HC/staff and rookie QB (so, the future). I think lots of other guys here are just frustrated with mediocrity. I don't blame them. I think this blog is a perfect place for them to alleviate some of that built-up frustration.

i can see it now after the first game at houston, people in here will go crazy like they expected to be good this year. its ok if we go 3-13 this year and develop thill and get a very high pick in draft people, much better than another pointless 6-10. guessing houston beats us least 45-10 opening day. foster and johnson will have a field day

: AndyNJ | August 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM

If you remember the inaugural game at New Meadowlands Stadium in 09 which was played between the G-Men and Jets. It was Victor Cruz wearing #13 who was running up and down the field and even had a Kick off he ran back for a T.D. How in God's name he hung around their P.S. all 09 with nobody signing him off it is one of the great misteries. Heck there is a great sound bite of Rex asking Coughlin who the hell #13 was after the game shaking hands at mid field.

Urlacher having surgery on his knee out for sometime big blow to pretty good team in loaded division.


I actually watched that game as well and thought wow this kid's lighting it up. He had almost like 200 yards that game or something like that. My wife who is PR naturally always asked me what happened to Cruz lol. If I'm not mistaken he was on the IR or something along that. I know he just flat out wasn't on the practice squad after that.

our last coach was terrible at developing young talent.i hope philbin and his staff can do better.since we are not a playoff contender yet,i am all for seeing more of fuller,cunningham,and matthews.all 3 had nice college careers and with any luck they may be future stars.did anyone know who victor cruz was before last year.there are others too: miles austin,marques colsten,donald driver.

Im glad Tanny is distancing himself from the pack and that Armando gives us his complete play by play. With that said, I want to know if the running game is improving.

AndyNJ | August 14, 2012 at 02:05 PM

Your right! Went and looked it up apparently he did little early 2010 and later went on IR. Made little sense otherwise cause Rex would have poached him of there P.S. quick!

2010 season
Cruz's big NFL game was a Monday night pre-season game against the New York Jets on August 16, 2010 when Cruz helped the Giants win 31-16 by catching 6 passes for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns. He would finish the preseason leading the NFL with 297 receiving yards, tied for the preseason lead with 4 touchdown catches and ranked second overall with 15 catches, and was selected to the Giants' 53-man regular season roster. Cruz played in three games at the start of the season, without recording a catch before a hamstring injury placed him on injured reserve for the remainder of the year.[5]

YG, your opinion is like the weather here in Canada. if you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will change.

I asked you before name the team that will sell to its fan base that Matt Moore will be their starter going into next year???

With up to five first round QBs available this April, I bet you can't. At best he might get an opportunity to back up a shaky vet like he got here in Miami where all the dominoes have to fall his way for him to get in there. But anyway, he will be replaced the net year like he was here. he's a career backup or placeholder plain and simple - always will be.

And you're a banana - always will be.


Absolutely my #1 complaint. Sparano was too much of a micro-manager and never got the most out of guys. Being detail oriented is one thing but letting a guy play to his strength to contribute is another and Sparano was just not HC material in that way.

Philbin comes from the Green Bay way of doing things. Green Bay has a history of producing great coaches around the league. Philbin is going to be one of them. Green Bay also is known for coaches that come from there that develop players. Andy Reid is good at it (QBs, D-linemen), Mariucci was good at in SF, Holmgren etc

I just hope we stop hearing that "Moore is a gamer and we should give him a chance based on what he did last year.." crap. He was undrafted, and got discarded from the Cowboys. Then he went to a Carolina team, which, couldn't have been that horrible because Cam made them at least mediocre, and like here, had a good 1/2 year, and then came out flat the next year. Then he comes to Miami and does the same thing.

How do you go from being a Top 12 QB (so say his proponents based on end of last year) to being a backup (possibly to a rookie at that)? How does that happen if you're supposed a good QB? I'd love to know. In six months, the guy went from top of the world to bottom of the pile? Got outplayed by a injured vet and now is getting outplayed by a rookie. And I was being chastised here last Season for saying Moore was a mirage, and my mind was already made up before I saw him on the field.

NO, my mind was made up when he was in the league FIVE years and did relatively NOTHING! That's what made my mind up.

Yet DC, some people here think he will have his pick of the litter in the offseason with teams falling over each other to sign him so bad ....

Imagine the season ticket campaign in City X after signing Matt Moore to a six year $60M contract to be the leader of their franchise .... hahahahaaa

FLIPPER BREED like ALoco says ... fits like a glove.

Start Tannehill, and go get him a receiver. Spend the money, Ross, give up a draft pick, Ireland....
(Mike Wallace)

or wait till next year.


It also didn't help matters for Sparano that his Coaching staff was assembled for him with control freak Fats Tuna playing wet nurse. I thought once T.S. got from under the immense shadow the fat guy cast he would either become a great Coach given his tough guy persona or would sink going the route of career Assistant. He would of course be the ladder.

Some people say NFL Coaches usually held a variety of Assistant roles before becoming the head man but shifting your R.B.'s coach to Q.B. Coach is probably Ill-advised and nepotism in the Coaches ranks is a career killer as well that may yet destroy Shannahan in Wash. At the end of the day Parcells put people in place he could control like puppets. He is often fond of telling everyone about his Coaching tree but the good ones walked away from him looking for room to grow on there own.

He loves talking about Sean Peyton in N.O.'s but fails reminding you that he believed Peyton would fail as a H.C. because he often, "DRANK THE KOOL AID" and couldn't be trusted to run an O with free reign. I'd bet Jerry Jones wishes he could take back the high drama at the end of Peyton's run with Dallas as O.C. were Parcells and him weren't on the best terms. Also when he was leaving the Jets and was spurned by long time assistant Belichik, the 2 were rarely seen being very cordial afterward and it seemed to me Belichik looked to run it up on Dallas when they were head to head ect....

Mike Wallace,

He wouldn't fit under the cap. Pittsburgh is offering him 5 year $50 million but he wants $11.5 per and more guaranteed. Miami has to resign Jake Long to protect the future first!


If a guy has been in the NFL for 5 Yrs and can't distance a rookie rival to the Q.B. job then the argument is pretty weak. It's not like were talking Maverick Vs. Iceman for the Top Gun trophy!


Were did you read that?? He's a great blow the top off a D WR but is a very undisciplined route runner with little in the possession game, plus they have that other kid who came up big last yr and is essentially the same player. By the way if that offer has anything close to half in guarantee's he'd be a fool not to sign it.


matt moore is Goose at best.

I think if the franchise offered him a four year deal at $3M a year or a reasonable facsimile of an offer he'd jump at it and set up his family for life even if it meant holding the clipboard for Tannehill. I understand his will to compete but let's be serious here there are only 32 starter jobs in the world and 4-5 new guys coming in every year in the draft's first round so do the math ... not too many openings in the NFL. And certainly not for someone with the resume of Matt Moore unless it's as a stopgap/backup/safety net.

I believe Moore a very capable back up with plenty of Moxy but from there to top tier NFL signal caller there is a huge gap.

Which receiver in their right mind wouldn't sign a 5 year $50mill contract, especially with a significant guaranteed portion? Sign it now Mike Wallace, you will regret not doing so.


That's another thing after having some success last yr. if offered anything like 3 Mil per over 4 years I'd carry Tannehill's pads off the field as well, LOL! Talk about cushy job that will have a good system for a QB in the next couple of years, IMHO!

Matt Moore is a top 10 QB in this league. I doubt Tannehill will ever beat him out in a fair competition. But, I dont doubt the Fins will make another personnel mistake like they did playing Henne over Moore.

your only as good as the peeps you practice against


There is no sentimental value tied to M. Moore...and while he led us to 6 wins last year...he certainly isn't Chad Pennington in 08 by any stretch....

There is no reason to keep M. Moor around after his contract expires.....he should cut loose to test the waters....and find the most ideal situation in accordance with his needs....

I don't think many teams see him as more than a back-up either....clearly that is ALL Philbin and Ireland saw him as....why?....because he was brought in to BACK-UP Henne.....and then when it seemed he was relegated to a BACK-UP role to Garrard....and now....quite possibly Tanne.....

A good backup may be hard to find......but most owner's and GMs want to put their money elsewhere...

Armando, Its practice. One two minute drill. How is it possible for you to draw such "black" and "white" conclusions? Do you know if Brady has thrown any INTS during practice this year? Brees? If so how many?

Did Megatron drop a ball in the endzone during PRACTICE this year? If you do not know the answers to these questions than you have absolutely no basis in concluding that the Dolphins lack a "playmaker" or that the "team is a work in progress" from watching one two minute drill. I realize that you believe in god, thus rational thought can be difficult for you, but try harder.

You need more evidence from Dolphin practices as a whole as well as comparative indicators before we should take seriously any conclusions you have drawn from a two minute drill in one practice during training camp. Best, Will

Also Parcells eye as a talent evaluator was very suspect as well. He never had any say in N.Y. were Floyd Reese and Ernie Acorsi were his G.M.'s At the end in Dallas was the guy who took Tarrence Newman (the most overrated shutdown corner in history) 8th overall while later trading out of the pick that would have landed him Stephen Jackson proclaiming a Coup d'etat when he picked up Julius Jones later, uhhh.

Anthony, is your last name Moore by any chance? Maybe you're his agent.

Top 10??

Which of these QBs is Matt Moore better than????

Tom Brady?
Cam Newton?
Drew Brees?
Peyton Manning?
Eli Manning?
ben roethliesberger?
Aaron Rodgers?
matthew Stafford?
Matt Ryan?
Matt Schaub?
Philip Rivers?
jay Cutler?
Michael Vick?
Tony Romo?
Joe flacco?
Carson palmer?
Josh Freeman?
Andrew Luck?
Ryan Tannehill?

Answer is none ...

Now please stop with this nonsense that Matt Moore is a legit NFL starter ...

I gotta hope Clipboard is right. In preseason games, especially game 1, can't show the real offense (or defense).

Can't wait 'til the real season starts.

Listen people.....it's FN practice! The world isn't collapsing here. The bottom line is...no matter what happens in practice, we're all going to complain. If the offense scores on every possession, the defense sucks! If the defense intercepts every pass, the QB sucks! There's no way to guage the Miami Dolphins when they are playing against one another!!! One side is going to do better than the other.....guaranteed! Let it go however it goes in practice, and even the preseason. The preseason is a glorified practice. Most players won't even make the team. Everyone panics because the offense or defense sucks in one or two possessions......a game lasts 4 quarters with tons of adjustments. Just relax and enjoy the fact that football is just around the corner guys. I'm done. Woo!


If we could keep Moore as a back up I would. He may be one of the better ones we've seen around here since the late 90's when we always seemed to have one behind Marino. Heck some of those guys would have trashed the QB's who have started for us since (Strock, Jaworski, Secules, Mitchell, DeBerg, Kosar, Erickson) good insurance off the bench is a great thing especially if it's a player whose been with you for sometime. I'm just more inclined to start the future today and feel that what has ruined others like shoddy blocking will not be an issue and we can start to look at getting better quicker in 2013.


I believe that was Moore's wife using an alias. Momma wants a new house in Weston!

cut and paste the link below to see EVERYTHING that is wrong with tebow..and tebow mania.....

Tebow fans....you shouldn't look...


The Dolphins are pure garbage. I've never seen a pro team with less talent. They'll be lucky to win 3 games this season. A sad state of affairs in Dolphinland.

Check out article on reactions to Chad's release



My computer says page not found, what does the report say?


I don't see us dumping that much money into a player that MIGHT play.....and if he does play...then things have gone horribly wrong.....either in terms of an injury..or worse..Tanne hasn't lived up to his potential....

If Tanne is who they drafted him to be...then we should barely know our back-ups name....

did you ever here Curtis Painter's name before this season....

who the heck is backing up

Rodgers (now)

I'm willing to bet NONE of them are making 4-5 mil a year....


Just saw a report on NFL Network were Chad's wife released a statement were she basically trashes him. Says she is disturbed that Chad won't take accountability, made things up about her and needs professional help.


I don't want to ruin the photo...

so google Tebow GQ photo....

I'M GONNA CHECK OUT NFLN.COM and look for the Johnson article...

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!

Haha, F4L. No kidding. You have a hard case saying matt moore is top 20, let alone top 10. And like you said the gulf from top 10 to 20 in one given year is enormous. Such absurd talk.

Steve Ross, how about some good news for a change? Like Ireland's fired.


I never said 4 to 5 Mil a Yr. but can see 2.5 to 3 on a player who is behind another working on his rookie deal. We don't know yet if Tannehill is Favre, Manning or if he is Stafford. By the way Eli has former #1 overrall pick D.Carr as his back up, Brady by Mallett and Cassell before him, Brees was backed up by M.Brunnell until he retired last Yr. Rodgers I don't know today but had a pretty good one if you ask P.Carroll.

Sean Smith needs to stop tweaking his groin.

By the way fin, from earlier, forgot to respond, yeah, RG3 mania is VERY EVIDENT up here. He'll play almost a half this week, and you'll probably see panties all over the ground afterwards. Heck, it's dangerous because I'm getting all envious and want to be on the bandwagon too. ESPECIALLY after our poor performance vs. Tampa.

But, my wife is a Giants fan, and said if I buy a jersey (would be the first non-Dolphins jersey I bought since my Detroit Barry Sanders jersey) she'll burn it. So I'm an undercover brother (rooting for RG3 under my breath).


Of course you would know that....

and I have no doubt you did NOT use google....

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