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Today's two minute drill shows promise, problems

The Dolphins ended today's practice with the two minute drill. It was good. And it was bad.

Running the first-team, quarterback Ryan Tannehill was the best of the three quarterbacks in this part of practice. He marched his unit down the field and the ball didn't hit the ground with completion after completion, first to Marlon Moore, then to Charles Clay, then to a checkdown receiver, then Moore again.

Moore was obviously feeling it, at one point yelling at Sean Smith. Soon, the Miami offense was inside the 15 yard line. It was promising.

And then the problems showed up.

Hot and with the defense on its heels, Tannehill fired a sideline pass to Moore that was just a tad high. Moore, coming out of his break and not fully collected, leaped for the ball but it bounded off his hands. The throw wasn't good enough. The receiver wasn't technically sound enough.


A couple of plays later, Tannehill scrambled out of the pocket and fired a strike to Roberto Wallace in the back of the end zone. By all accounts, Wallace had a fine practice today. But he dropped the TD in coming across the back of the end zone.

Bottom line is the Miami offense was good enough to move but not good enough to score. It made some plays but when it needed a playmaker to come through, it wasn't there.

The second unit, led by Matt Moore, was next on the field. The period lasted about three snaps because one pass was complete, one was incomplete and the third was intercepted by Tyrone Culver.

Good job by Culver and the second-team defense. But you understand the flipside of that, I'm sure.

Third team?

Pat Devlin began with a beautiful sideline pass to Wallace. The ball was in the air before Wallace even went into his cut. It showed good anticipation and accuracy. And Wallace got plenty of separation and made the catch.

But a couple of plays later Devlin also threw an interception.

So it goes. This team is obviously still a work in progress.

Practice notes:

Multiple players sat out practice today. Karlos Dansby, Cameron Wake, Kevin Burnett, Eric Stenbach, Artis Hicks and Brian Hartline all missed practice. Sean Smith tweaked what seemed to be his groin but returned to drills.


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DC, hard not to like RG3 and what he's all about. That kid is class all the way.



Following Chad Johnson's arrest on domestic violence charges, his wife Evelyn Lozada, who was the victim, has released a statement to Entertainment Tonight, and says the football star needs help. The statement reads:

"It is with great sadness and much trepidation that I release this statement addressing the domestic violence incident that happened this past Saturday. I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me, it is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well. I’m grateful to my family, friends and fans for the outpouring of support during this difficult time."

Johnson was arrested in the Miami area on Saturday, after he allegedly head-butted Lozada, but he told authorities it was actually she who headbutted him.

Audio of the 911 call has made its way online. Listen to it HERE.

I agree with f4l, 2.5 to 3 mill spent on a very good backup (not franchise starter) like Matt Moore is money well spent at this stage. Although there is something to be said with having your backup completely stink and end up with a number one pick like Indy did as compensation.

Ross should give 2 Heat tickets to anyone that buys 2 Dolfin ticket.

Posters to laugh at= anyone who uses the term "dulfins" to describe our team.

That is a term coined by Jets fans and used on a daily basis by Bruce Jacobs, Jets fan, from ESPN radio. Guy hates the Dolphins with a passion and he uses this term every day when making fun of the team.

Therefore any time you see this term you better believe a stinking know nothing greasy low life Jets fan has infested our blog.


If you google it's no fun! Part of the fun of this site is testing my wealth of useless football history and trivia with other diehard fans of the game.

Smith is ALWAYS getting beat deep. In part this has to do with the lousy Safety play we have. But, he stinks.

He's a wimp & afraid of ANY contact. It's funny, every time he gets beat deep he is always looking at the safety & yelling at him or grabbing his hamstring as if he hurt himself on the play.

Smith can take the money another team offers him in the offseason. He is NOT a difference maker, except for the other team.

"I think this blog is a perfect place for them to alleviate some of that built-up frustration."

You're right, this blog IS the perfect place for Jets fans to vent their frustrations.

What Dolphins fan would call Joe Philbin "incompetent" before he even coaches his first game? They wouldn't, only a Jets fan could be that stupid.

Look at this trollop acting like a leader in women's rights because she took one Glasgow kiss.

Sounds like Tannehill gets this WCO better than Moore.
IMO...the should start Moore, give him 2-3 series, then turn it over to T-Hill for the 2-3rd quarters...let Devlin do mop-up duties in the 4th.

This way, Tannehill gets the majority of snaps, yet Moore retains the "starter' label.

Win/Win if you ask me.

Phins78, in Craig M's absence, are you now the teacher correcting everyone on this blog now? Are you his substitute? Go back to Amish blog country!

"Armando, I realize that you believe in god, thus rational thought can be difficult for you, but try harder."

OUCH! LMAO, that's why I love this blog, religious and racial attacks aplenty! It's so much fun in here. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


2 free Heat tickets isnt enough to get me to spend a dime on that cheap SOB Ross's circus. He and Ireland have buried this once proud ftanchise 20 feet under. It'll take 4-5 years to clean up the mess they've made....after they're gone.

Send Ireland to the Jests!!

"The Dolphins are pure garbage. I've never seen a pro team with less talent. They'll be lucky to win 3 games this season. A sad state of affairs in Dolphinland."

Thanks for dropping by. Now you can get back to go wacking it to your life size Tebow doll.

Shinsplints78, you sure like to talk about the Jets.

People think the phins stink. This is the majority of fans. Not only Phins fans but, NFL fans.

Why are you assaulting posts that are in the majority & you don't agree with? Just deal with it & move along. No one wants to read you assail every post you disagree with.

Perhaps you should high tail it over to Tebowland & preach to them about how good the phins are. See how many laughs you get.

Your schtick here is played out & boring fella.

Phins78, in Craig M's absence, are you now the teacher correcting everyone on this blog now? Are you his substitute? Go back to Amish blog country!

Ummmmmm guy, I'm making fun of Jets fans. You got a problem with that? If so you're definitely in the wrong blog.

The team wasn't any better off under Huzienga.

Anyone been to the practice facility and seen Daniel Thomas in action?

There is very little reporting on him and Bush gets all the press.

...Last I saw him he was still hesitant to hit the hole with authority and am wondering if he's changed since last season?

"Shinsplints78, you sure like to talk about the Jets."

Actually I'm talking about Jets fans. You are bothered by this why exactly? Oh and shinbsplints? How lame of you. Try harder

"People think the phins stink. This is the majority of fans. Not only Phins fans but, NFL fans."

Think? They do stink. Perhaps you haven't been around for the past 15 years but this is no secret and no one "thinks" it. It's just a fact. Try again.
"Why are you assaulting posts that are in the majority & you don't agree with? Just deal with it & move along. No one wants to read you assail every post you disagree with."

Look up the word hypocrite and get back to me. Next
"Perhaps you should high tail it over to Tebowland & preach to them about how good the phins are. See how many laughs you get."

I never once said the Dolphins were good. But keep making things up, it's really funny!
"Your schtick here is played out & boring fella."

Shtick, fella, shinsplints? Hey listen ya old coot, the shuffle board just opened up and there is tapioca pudding for desert tonight, better get your walker out of the closet and get moving! :)

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/08/todays-two-minute-drill-shows-promise-problems/comments/page/3/?cid=6a00d83451b26169e20176173b371e970c#comment-form#storylink=cpy

Our QB position is shaping up, our OL and RB look good, our WR are a question mark but we have several good if none great in an offense that rewards discipline in routes more than raw talent. This is a rebuilding year but offense will be decent. More concerned that Coyle is not using defensive talent as well as Nolan did.

Cut Dansby. He's a racist, overrated, not-a-team-player thug, like Charles Barkley, B. Marshall, Chad Johnson, C. Crowder, and others of his ilk. What do all of these thugz have in common? NO TITLES. They don't win. Period.

Wow Armando. Douchier than ever.

What a bunch of drama queens. Most are overreacting after just one preseason game. The DBs will be fine, the receivers although young are entering their critical third year, and let us see their development. Patience people, and less overreaction, please

Start Tannehill now and let him get some quality experience this year, and add more talented WRs next year...

This year may be a "Gimmee" for Philbin; rookie HC with a rookie QB that has potential, new Offensive scheme, and a rookie DC with a new Defensive scheme. And, the fact that a lot of these players are holdovers from Sparano's "3-yards & a cloud of dust"/"just stop the run" concepts, should give him a little bit of leeway this year with the owner. So, an 8-8 season (or close to it) may be what we're still looking at. A lot of young players need to step up their game. And, a few have; Pruitt, Moore, Wallace. But, some act like it's too much for them. And, some are totally wrong for what we're doing; Jerry comes to mind.

It is what it is, I guess. And, all of the bitching and moaning in the world by the fans aren't gonna change things. So, might as well get behind what we are and what we got. Cause this ain't fantasy football, folks...

Go Fins!!!

Sorry, but I can't use Tannehill as a chip to "equalize" the scales as regards Ireland's generally horrible draft record, and FA assessments and signings.
He deserves NO credit for drafting Tannehill. HE HAD NO CHOICE. He would have lost another 25% of his dwindling fan base.
But Ireland has missed probably 80% of the time on his selections, especially when assessing what he COULD have done but didn't.

Even considering Bush (barely 1000 yards, not even top 10 in the NFL) nobody that can make the Pro Bowl other than by attrition by injury to a legit pick.
That last statement says it all. 1 legitimate Pro Bowler, not even picked by Ireland. (Long)

Anyone that says Ireland deserves to draft again is, IMO deluding themselves.
We're now the Browns.

Posted by: AndyNJ | August 14, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Andy, WHAT "home run ability?"
Gates? Nope.
Reggie?...not now.
Our receivers? Only when I see it in a real game.

In fact, we are probably one of the LEAST likely to take one "all the way."

I am encouraged by the fat that, unlike Moore, Tannehill has the arm to lead a receiver deep, not the wounded ducks Moore threw. Receivers open, but having to wait for the ball to come down, or cut the pattern short.
And THAT was mainly to Hartline, the only guy who somehow managed to get open past 20 yards.

Sorry, I can't agree with us possessing home run ability TILL I SEE IT.

Andy, to clarify, I agree that we have the POTENTIAL, mainly thanks to Tannehill to be better at getting points quicker, but IMO we are still lacking big time pieces, such as a Mike Wallace. I believe passing yet AGAIN on Braylon Edwards will bite us in the keister, as did passing on Brees...twice.

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