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Vontae Davis traded for multiple draft picks

The Dolphins have traded Vontae Davis for two 2013 draft picks, the team has confirmed.

One pick is believed to be a second-rounder while the other is believed to be a low-round selection, probably a conditional sixth rounder.

The trading of Vontae Davis today signals the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode.

They have a rookie head coach.

They are trading away current talent for future talent.

They are going with a rookie quarterback -- granted a first-round pick, but a rookie nonetheless.

They are, so far, showing no interest in adding a veteran wide receiver -- having passed on the idea of signing Braylon Edwards when he was available. (Terrell Owens is available now after he was cut by Seattle today.)

Back to Davis, general manager Jeff Ireland released a statement on the trade that failed to explain why the team is taking this step:

"We appreciate all the contributions Vontae has made to the Dolphins since we drafted him in 2009 and we want to wish him the best of success in Indianapolis," Ireland said.

I suppose one can argue the Dolphins are getting good value in that they now have two second round picks slated for 2013. Except the Dolphins haven't exactly hit home runs with their second round picks in recent years.

Phillip Merling was a second-round pick. Chad Henne was a second-round pick. Pat White was a second-round pick. Koa Misi was a second round pick. Daniel Thomas was a second-round pick. Most are gone. None are stars.

Colts GM Ryan Grigson, meanwhile, is pleased with his move.

“Bottom line with this move today is we got better as a football team,” Grigson said. “That is always the goal each day for this organization. From the first time he stepped on the field at Illinois as a freshman or in the National Football League as a rookie, you knew Vontae was a special talent. Now he has a chance under Coach (Chuck) Pagano and this coaching staff to reach not only his potential as a football player, but as a person as well. That is our collective goal moving forward.”


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Peyton Manning 10-12 122yds 2 tds against Niners vaunted 1st string D. Horseheads 24 Fools Gold 10

We told him quite a while ago, At the same time, Vontae, you no wanna play here, Ireland will accommodate you , somewhere else. And Ireland did.

This is horrible....

Tannehill is destroyed now. I think he sucks anyways but after Ireland finishes destroying this team tanne won't have a chance.

He's lucky if he will be in the NFL after 4 years.

SMF/Pricemaster said the same thing about Garrard not starting. Not being injured.

I think SMF and Jack are on something.

What do you do with a Player that does not want to play for you? The Voice of Reason dictates.

JackSparrow, ready for more of my load? I will take your ears again while you deep throat my rod. I will, again.

I mean onto something.

Gee, just like clock work.

And the Troll bust himself again. Right on que.

Totally amazing how Oscar just happens to show up at this critical juncture.


If you can't tell me from imposters then just don't read either.


Did I read your comment on your Twitter feed correctly...Nolan Carroll is going to be cut??? Since Jimmy Wilson got moved to Safety who will be the CB's other than Smith & Marshall who will make the team???

There is no excuse to be ignorant in these Times, while you can look it up. Still, we will educate ALL of you to the same Level.

I guess I'm the only one who sees this will not go over very well in the locker room.

It won't, Jack Sparrow.

I'm sure some of you smart folks can answer this. Because I really really don't know.

Who was the last team that went through a rebuild and did anything?

Don't even say San Fran because all they did was change coaches. Oh that's right..another coach we missed out on.

Credit where credit is due. Armando "knows" things.

If Armando keeps on going this way, he just might be spared of being Educated, again.




Isn't the heart of the Jonathan Vilma case that NFL players have a finite, brief career and to rob them of entire seasons is unjust? Didn't the Olympics dismiss badminton players for not trying? Are we on some kind of 5 year plan here? Would forfeiting the entire season realize this goal even quicker? If we quit every 5th season we could have a constant influx of premium picks and remain competitive 80% of the time. It's not so far from what's happening. If it sounds stupid (and I hope it does)then what we are doing is plain wrong. I apologize on behalf of the dolphins to Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Randy Starks and every other veteran who is being told they have to perform to keep their job while the front office decides 2012 is a lost season even before the last preseason game. This is a disgrace. Shula would never allow it.

Try to trade them first, ALoco, if that doesn't work out, cut them.


Forget about it. We don't have Shula anymore. These we have now are a different Species. I should know.

How many times do I have to write this? You decide. You prefer a very talented Football GM that is a ruthless moder and will build a Team here full of good Players or a mediocre and corrupt GM, like Spielman was, that will keep this Team stuck in his mediocrity? Again, you decide.

I think if you have a good plan you can clear alot of cap space and build a team through the draft. When you are close to contending you start bringing in free agents to fill the gaps in your line up. But you need to have a young draft fed foundation of talent in place.

If we say we want big fast linebackers and that is the only kind of linebackers we draft, we will end up with big fast linebackers. Ireland tries to follow a valuation draft board that takes in all the players available. We need a shorter draft board that only lists players that fit our systems. If he does that we'll be headed in the right direction I think.

You are being trapped here, ALoco(I don't know if you realize it or not).

So Vontae 'Mr. Inconsistent' is gone....big deal! Good never count this guy to play two good games back to back. Could always count on him to give up big plays at the worst possible times. Something wrong with a guy who shows up to camp consistently out of shape and shows up to meetings and games hungover. Good riddance!

Secondary might not be particularly strong but so be it. We weren't winning with or without Davis this year anyways. Now I want to see what the team will do with the extra second round pick. Will we use it to trade for a WR this year or draft one in April. For me, I'd love to see Mike Wallace here but maybe that's a pipedream. Sounds like there are WRs possibilities still to come.

Wait wait wait....so Ireland cant draft talent...but in the same breathe your made we got rid of "talented" v. Davis...sounds a little like conflicting info to me

The wisdom of personnel moves can only be measured in success. The Dolphins have made some horrible moves in the past years (I still cringe when I think of Wes Welker) and the level of success would support this assessment.

I wonder what the performance metrics on Ireland are?

Polian send help

There is no in between now, either you go for Ireland or you don't. Me, I have other Plans.

Philibin is feeling his way with the hc position and has an idiot in Ireland to work with and select players. This is just pitiful. I haven't seen anything exciting in terms of execution with this new so-called west coast offense. Look at how quick the 49ers have turned things around. They have a solid team all the way around. It's all about the GM having the skills in selecting the best players and coaches. Nobody wants to work with Ireland. This is a fact. League sources have stated it. The owner is a fool in keeping him. Philibin is just not head coaching material.

I just listen Ireland's video on letting Vonte Davis go, one statement stood out the most ( were trying to win now) HMMMMMMM interesting so i guess we been trying to win for the past, what 4 to 5 years now since your he's taken over, is this GUY SERIOUS .

Don't they now have 3 second round picks. Their own, one from the Mrashall trade and now this one. ???

Salguero, when did Ireland succeded to explain something. In any case, you don't need to explain anything concerning Davis, he simply plays like a 8th rounder. For first time in his live Ireland did a smart move. The Dolphins's secondary is one of the worst in the nfl, the WR are the worst. You can guess then how many wins for the Dolphins this season.
Salguero you should be working in the sport's journal of a primary school. You don't have any respect for the intelligene of your readers. You and Cote are the worst I've ever read.

Called it!

Shoulda known they'd cave in & settle for a 2nd rd pick.

Should have received a 1st rd pick or no deal. The 2nd weakest position on the team just got a lot weaker, despite he's poor preseason.


Can Ireland trade himself to another team ? The Dolphins could accept nothing in exchange.

This only makes sense if Ireland can get on the horn with his buddies in Dallas and get Mike Jenkins from them.

Oh, and we need to go and knock on Plaxico Burress' door and beg him to come be our best WR.

Is it too late to cancel my NFL Sunday ticket????

I think Ireland makes moves just to think of himself as a personnel guru. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

This was an absolutely stupid move. Often, corners, and players in general, take two or three years to realize their full potential. Vonte was a good cb who most likely will only get better, yet Ireland traded him just in time for him to quite possibly blossom for another team.

This and the Marshall move really make me wonder if Ireland is not a saboteur from another team attempting to destroy the Fins from the inside out.

If we had kept Marshall and Davis, and acquired Edwards while we had the chance, I believe we would be a contender, and have a solid receiving corps and secondary. Ireland basically made us a "rebuilding" team when we didn't need to be.

Wow! Philbin is certainly not Larry Coker (though he looks like him). This reminds me of when Jimmy Johnson arrived in Dallas and cleaned house by getting rid of all of the malcontents and lazy players. Players like Nate Newton got their act together and started coming to camp in shape. These players better get their act together as there is a new sherrif in town. I am not sure if it means anything if Ireland does not start finding Philbin some talent. I hope that it all works out, I like a disciplinarian

Thanks Jeff! You are so awesome! not

This looks like the way to get Cowher next year.

You stock pile picks. Suck to the high heals and get the first pick in next years draft. This is going to be really painfull. Hope we can turn picks into talent.

Tanhill needs to learn a lot this year. Next year we will draft the best running back or receiver in the first.

My how a month can change a mind. Dansby, Long, and Bush will be gone next. That should free up enough money to let the next crew work.

Three years guys maybe four. Not this year however.

Go Dolphins!!Where it stops no body knows.

We will beat the jets twice.

I think trading Vontae was a good move because he never developed into the type of player a first round pick should be.. Granted he is a great tackler, but he hasn't had many picks.. Smith is a much better corner and Marshall has shown signs or being a really good player..So I think we're ok with our starting CB's. And Wilson can always move into the nickle back if need be..

Marshall and Davis don't fit Philbin's system? Does he even have a system?

Well I say let's trade the rest of our good players. Oh, that's right-we don't have any.

Steven. Nobody in the secondary has had many picks. Vonte is a way better corner than Sean smith.

Fin-ality that is the reason I haven't bought a fins jersey with a players name on it in years.

Marshall two 2nd rounders and we get two 3rd rounders in return.

Davis 1st round pick an we get a 2nd and maybe a 6th.

If Jeff Ireland was playing Storage Wars, he's be eating Top Ramen for life.


Value, are we taking about value? The vets have quit and they are looking for a way out. Philbin , like ALL football Coaches, is going to his John Wayne routine and say BLAH, Blah, Blah. The word is out on this franchise around the league----playing football in Miami is like living in Afghanistan-a miserable, pointless existence.

At least I'll save money by not buying the Sunday Ticket this year.

let's stop complaining guys. davis came in outta shape and still looked week all preseasen in coverage. lets start piling draft picks like belicheat does and give our team some draft power.

Armando once again proves he thinks he knows everything that's going on inside the team. He comes out and says no way Davis gets traded just because he played in the game Friday..and whiffs on one of the biggest trades the team made in years. Do us a favor Armando before you give your opinion on what the team is doing or not doing according to you learn what it means to have sources. A joke of an insider for a joke of a ream. What else should we expect.

Once again, an idiotic Ireland move leaves the team more devoid of talent. We aren't going to win a single game this year. Ireland and Ross are complete idiots.

Yet another reason to not watch a Dolphins game let alone go to one. You know they can't win so you are going to see a superstar play but Dolphins don't have any. With such a lack of talent I don't see the Dolphins winning more than 5 games. If I were a veteran on this team I would ask to be traded. Might as well trade Long and Dansby to free up more money and get more draft picks for next year.

Dolphins have traded two of their best playmakers now Marshall and Davis. I think this is the last year Bush is under contract, why don't we sign him to an extension, say two years? I guess the Dolphins plan on letting Bush and Long leave in free agency. Who is going to replace these guys? Martin-no way; Lamar Miller-doubtful.

Davis isnt the issue, the #2 draft pk is. jeffery traded Marshall to chicago and now we need a WR in the worst way. In fact we need two WRs in the worst way. Get rid of WR Moore, Wallace, dey been here fo two yrs and aint done nutten. Lets clean house, the vets we have aint getten it done. Trade Long, Misi, et al. Begin again,,,,,,,,,,,,

i would be worried except for the fact that the pats and the jets are gonna suck this year... if you're a pats fan or jets fan you can be in denial all you want

and after finally watching the preseason game i dont know why everyone was down; the phins did some nice stuff out there (our rcvrs is a different story)

if we play consistently and CATCH THE BALL we could be in it; hate to see vontae go but...

And one more thing. Did anyone notice that New England just signed Jeff Demps? RB from U of Fla. and Olympic silver medel winner. Demps is fast, fast, fast. Jeffery didnt even know he was available as a free agent. So much for turning over rocks. Demps runs circles around Lamar Miller and can catch the ball too. Now he'll be running circles around the Fins. Typical, just fuc**** typical.

bud, quit saying egnew is going to be the best tight end in the league...please.

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