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Vontae Davis traded for multiple draft picks

The Dolphins have traded Vontae Davis for two 2013 draft picks, the team has confirmed.

One pick is believed to be a second-rounder while the other is believed to be a low-round selection, probably a conditional sixth rounder.

The trading of Vontae Davis today signals the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode.

They have a rookie head coach.

They are trading away current talent for future talent.

They are going with a rookie quarterback -- granted a first-round pick, but a rookie nonetheless.

They are, so far, showing no interest in adding a veteran wide receiver -- having passed on the idea of signing Braylon Edwards when he was available. (Terrell Owens is available now after he was cut by Seattle today.)

Back to Davis, general manager Jeff Ireland released a statement on the trade that failed to explain why the team is taking this step:

"We appreciate all the contributions Vontae has made to the Dolphins since we drafted him in 2009 and we want to wish him the best of success in Indianapolis," Ireland said.

I suppose one can argue the Dolphins are getting good value in that they now have two second round picks slated for 2013. Except the Dolphins haven't exactly hit home runs with their second round picks in recent years.

Phillip Merling was a second-round pick. Chad Henne was a second-round pick. Pat White was a second-round pick. Koa Misi was a second round pick. Daniel Thomas was a second-round pick. Most are gone. None are stars.

Colts GM Ryan Grigson, meanwhile, is pleased with his move.

“Bottom line with this move today is we got better as a football team,” Grigson said. “That is always the goal each day for this organization. From the first time he stepped on the field at Illinois as a freshman or in the National Football League as a rookie, you knew Vontae was a special talent. Now he has a chance under Coach (Chuck) Pagano and this coaching staff to reach not only his potential as a football player, but as a person as well. That is our collective goal moving forward.”


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Looks like the Dolphins traded away another asset at an already weak position, check out Jimmy's thoughts at

Ireland's Plan - keep trading away out limited talent for draft picks that dont develop. I am sick of hearing people say his drafts are so good. We cant trade our talent away every year and say we are rebuilding.

Take the keys from Ireland. Is there any way we can get rid of Ross

We got rid of another Parcels player, good! We receive a second and a sixth for Vonte which is a great deal. Maybe we will use some of our draft picks on Wallace (Pit) or another receiver that will fit our system. I like what this regime is doing. Ireland is getting rid of Parcel's picks and coming to his own. Ireland and Philbin are doing a great job cleaning up our organization. Enough with the loosing with all these Diva players. Green Bay didn't have Diva's when they won the SuperBowl, neither did the Giants or the Steelers. So we are going in the right direction. It may look like rebuilding, but I'm optimistic and see the Dolphins surprising everyone this coming year. Call it 'Optimism' but being a REAL Dolphins fan, you have to every year and hope we don't have a 1-15 season again. Philbin is like Shula, where he doesn't want Diva's, he wants football players! Good Job Dolphins, keep cleaning house and get us to the class that we need to be again. In Philbin I Trust!!


In response to ca_dolfan I totally disagree with everything you say!!! The fact of the matter is this vontae, Marshall, Johnson, and a hand full of real football players show up on Sunday and always did, I don't remember vontae getting exposed on Sunday but I do remember Shaun smith and Clemons getting exposed damn near all the time!! I remember a qb that couldn't throw. The ball making our wr suck, and not develop!!! I remember our great fb get traded during last season, and our qb getting pummeled d'mn near every time!!! I don't think u have a grasp as to what was going on with our front office bc they are a joke straight up

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