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Why Brian Hartline return is great news (PLUS) practice and cuts update

Brian Hartline will return to practice as early as today and, barring a setback, will practice all of next week as the Dolphins prepare for the start of the regular season against Houston.

This is huge news for the team.

I know, I know, you think I overstate. You think I embellish.

But to those of you focused on what receivers the Dolphins might trade for, or what waiver wire discards they might claim, or the guys they worked out on Thursday, consider the following:

In adding Hartline, who has been out the entire preseason with a calf injury, the Dolphins are adding a player that is better or almost as good as any player the Dolphins have been linked to recently.

That's right, Hartline is as big an addition as Donte Stallworth, Anthony Armstrong, Mike Sims-Walker, James Jones, and Jabar Gaffney.

Consider the stats over the past two seasons:

Hartline: 78 receptions ... 1,164 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 2 TD.

Stallworth: 24 receptions ... 391 yards ... 16.2 avg. ... 2 TD.

Jones: 88 receptions ... 1,314 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 12 TD.

Gaffney: 133 receptions ... 1,822 yards ... 13.6 avg. ... 7 TD.

Armstrong: 51 receptions ... 974 yards ... 19.0 avg. ... 5 TD.

I know what you're thinking. Hartline isn't in the same class as either James Jones nor Jabar Gaffney. I understand your point.

But understand that unlike James Jones, Hartline has been playing in a prehistoric offense the past couple of years and has not been the beneficiary of Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and someone like JerMichael Finley at tight end.

Also understand that the Dolphins would have to trade for Jones and he would not know the offense right away. Hartline is on campus and knows the offense so he can contribute right away and I've been told he might even be a starter if he has a great practice week next week.


He's on Miami's radar. They would like to add him. But the truth is he's currently injured and I was told by a good source that Gaffney's preference is to return to New England once he's healthy. If they don't want him, then he would look around to other teams. I believe they will take him back.

If something gets in the way of that and Gaffney comes to Miami, he would have to learn the offense. Would he be an upgrade? Absolutely. But it should not diminish Hartline that he's been more of a deep threat than Gaffney the past couple of years.

Mike Sims-Walker has not posted the kind of stats Hartline has recently and there's a reason he's been cut by multiple teams now. Stallworth obviously isn't the same guy he was before his tragic auto accident in which he ran over and killed a man crossing the road leading to Miami Beach several years ago.


He's good. But is he heatlhy? He's battled injuries the past 12 months, including this training camp. So he's right there with Hartline on that. He's a burner and can get over the top of the defense. But the Dolphins still have to finalize a trade for him. Yes, Armstrong would be a help. But that doesn't mean Hartline is lessened.

Indeed, we should not diminish the importance of Hartline's return. If he can stay healthy, it definitely helps.

And now heeeere's the plus coverage:

The Dolphins released the following list of cuts, most already reported by The Herald  -- Vince Agnew, Will Barker, Ryan Baker, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Rey Feinga, Clyde Gates, Shelly Lyons, Quinten Lawrence, Lydon Murtha, Roberto Wallace, and Jamaal Westerman. The team says Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

Ryan Cook is not on this list but he was traded to Dallas for a 7th-round pick. The trade is not official until he passes the Dallas physical.

The Herald previously reported OL Chandler Burden and WR Jeff Fuller were cut but they were at practice today. Barring an unexpected change, they are scheduled to be cut and both will likely be re-signed to the practice squad if they clear waivers.

The Dolphins will continue to make cuts and other moves through tonight's 9 pm deadline and then tomorrow and again Sunday. So nothing will really be settled for several days.

Not practicing today were John Jerry, Lake Long and Jason Trusnik. 



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Hartline would be cut if he were black.

If he is 100% healthy he will thrive in the WCO (see: Jordy Nelson). I'm sure Tannehill is thrilled to have Hartline's hands, since no one else on the team outside of Bess can hold onto the football.

Well I'll say I'm a lot more excited about these guys than Wallace (who I had big hopes for this year) and Gates.

Any of these guys would help, with the caveat that I'm not a fan of trading picks just to put a bandaid on a problem. I like James Jones but I'm not in favour of trading picks all the time to plug holes. Jones doesn't make us a playoff team this year, so save the pick. Any of the others are fine.

First!....finally some good news!

How did/could Ball-Boy Ireland allow the WR situation to deteriorate to this abysmal state?

Joke Franchise.


From the last blog you mention waiting until Armstrong is released before trading Slaton. Is Slaton really that much of a value to keep around? The team is going to be at the point of having to cut somebody if they add Armstrong, so why not a position of strength and some depth. I would think Thigpen could do what we would have needed Slaton for. If the team deems Armstrong to be a guy that can help then they might as well go and get him, rather than losing him to some other team.

Deion Branch cut by Pats

Cad go away.

Mando, first time I've agreed with you today. The best news of the day today was that hartline is practicing.


can you please provide some EXAMPLES of some of those times....

you know...the one times when you release a player...let ANOTHER team develop them...and then bring them back later....

examples please....

for us morons....

Posted by: Kris | August 31, 2012 at 02:53 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/08/dolphins-talking-trade-for-anthony-armstrong/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

I just want to know if Chris Hogan made the team?

The Secret WEapon will finally come out to play. Dashi still Doubts Flatline is any good. But hey he catches the Ball which is more than I can say about the Current Crop.(Goes without saying Except Bess)

We still need at least 1 or 2 WR's.

When are they going to Announce Naanee is released?

Philbin keep Cutting the Fat.

The Patriots even Released Branch. They have 2 WR's on the Roster. We can go down to that level. Bess & Hartline, then add a Couple today.

Dashi would rather trade for pick than for players. So get rid of Slaton and Moore for a couple low rd picks.

It is funny how you clowns rant and rave every time Ireland gets rid of someone or gets someone or does nothing. You geniuses howled to high heaven when Ricky "pass the joint" Williams and Ronnie "wildcat" Brown were let go and you howled when they brought R Bush in. Now it seems RB is one of our strengths were we can even trade a guy who will be cut for WR depth.

Philbin did not want BM ocho dipshit or vonte "can I call my granma" Davis. Let Philbin get the right 53.

Go Fins

Hartline is a solid route runner with good hands, and is a good number 2 or 3 receiver just like Bess, but the Dolphins need a 1. Trading Marshall was maybe one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen. The Dolphins will be lucky to draft a receiver of his caliber in the next 5 years, and with Marshall, Hartline, and Bess the starting receiving unit was solid if not good.

Anyone notice that the guys the “Experts” said would be our recievers are now gone… The “not enough Tallent” guys are still here, and we are again left with an empty unsettling feeling as fans?

Two months ago there were numerous pundits stating that Johnston, Gates, Walace, and Naanee
were our starting 4 and that Hartline and Bess would be traded or cut….

I was one of few that said – the pundits were nuts… Hartline and Bess would stick – and that Bess was our best reciever. Unfortunetly – I was right. None of the retreads stepped up, the new guys are – well new… The good news is that the coaching staff is chucking the chafee… keeping the two \ three vets who have proved themselves (My bet is on Naanee, Bess, and maybee Hartline), adding two vets – one old fart and one 4 – 5 year vet this week, and letting the young blood fall to the practice squad.

My current thoughts are that Miami looks at the following guys over the next couple of days and picks up one of them as a FA \ Waver wire guy:

Dion Branch (Patriots cut this morning)
Donte Stallworth (Patriots did not keep him)
Maybee a cut from Tennessee, Green Bay, or San Fran (there is little these teams need that we have other than draft pics)

I also believe they will work a trade with one of the following teams for a WR – while giving up a QB \ RB \ TE \ or draft pick:

Seattle (Maurice Stovall and a 4th rounder for Matt Moore)
Detroit (one of their #3 / 4 guys for either of our mid range running backs)
Green Bay (James Jones for a pick – as I don’t see us trading a DL man)
Washington (Anthony Armstrong – for a RB or late round pick)


Still think Jones is a better option for a trade..........

Craig M....

I see what your saying....

Hartline would be cut if he were black.

Posted by: CadillacDeville | August 31, 2012 at 02:40 PM

Home, you're still not funny.


Please come up with something more original next time, Fin bashing has been going on around here over the last decade. If you are now taking notes to such personal attacks on this blog, then you my friend, need to go devote some time with the significant other and stop stating the OBVIOUS.

Have a Phiny Fun day on me!

Hartline treats the pre-season like he is a 10 year ESTABLISHED vet.....

he just takes it off...ala-Channing Crowder....

I don't like this guys character.....

So R. Matthews & Jeff Fuller have not been cut yet?

even the ones w/ less receptions have a far bigger TD/catch ratio

I would trade Slaton for Anthony Armstrong in a heartbeat.

Although, I find it redundant and downright sickening trading for a guy we already cut once.

It's a no brainer. Think of what Slaton would do for us this year(if he's not cut outright). Then think what Armstrong could do for us.

Looking at James Jones production over the past two years and his familiarity with the WCO, I would prefer him over most names batted about.

I'm gonna assume...that since Mark and MJZ are yet to provide any examples...that perhaps this releasing a player....letting another team develop him...and then signing him later doesn't happen as often as they might think.....

Pats release Branch too

100% Agree on Jones

get Jones if he can be had for a 4th rounder (probably can't) or throw in Matt Moore too--add any of these others who were cut or via trade (Stallworth, Gaffney, Armstrong, Branch or the kid from GB.....or others who become available later today)--Bess, Hartline, Jones and one other reasonable bet.....not impressive but would look alot better than where we were yesterday.

Funny seeing Craig M mocking guys mentioning the kid from GB & the 1 from Philly as being waiver candidates.

Yet, no one else laughs at his royal highness about him thikning Wallace should be a stud.

Take a little lesson in humality & class Craig. Will serve you good to be less of a pompus as*

Bring Branch in now

I know understand that hartline has been good the past two seasons,but am I the only one that feels he was good due to the fact that he had a pro bowl wr in brandon marshall that got all the attention. ijs

So R. Matthews & Jeff Fuller have not been cut yet?
Posted by: The truth is... | August 31, 2012 at 03:05 PM

Fuller has been cut.

On another note............

Let's see, Burnett was out INJURED for practically the entire Pre Season.

Misi is a bit overdone being consistently BURNT on pass downs.

Trusnik showed up for ONE 2nd half.

But yeah, why not, cut Gary Guyton-WTF!

Only would take waiver on Gaffney of the pats recievers released, Branch is done, he only excells with brady and apperantly that wasnt even enough..same can be said for stallworth...

I wonder if Dwayne Harris of Dallas is available for trade...

I say bring in James Jones but not for nothing more than a 4th. Even throw in that 7th we just picked up today for Baker but nothing more than a 4th... Does anyone know if were out of the Mike Wallae or Dwayne Bowe sweepstakes?.,, Or why Naanee still has a job?.. I'd rather plug Matthews in his spot, Kids got some spunk!

Yea, dont need to be giving away our Precious draft picks for guys with upside...that would be not of irefiends brand name...better to blow them away ourselves and have more fans crying next year in everybodys favorite WTF momment of the 2013 draft!!!*lmao*

Don't mind me I've never kissed a girl and probably never will

Dashi wouldn't take any Patriot WR, Evewn the Midget.

Jones for a 6th or lower.

But the Wr's might be OK if we Release Naanee.

Who still on the Team?

Hulk Hogan

That's great news about Hartline. Not going to draw many doubles but a solid player at a position of dire need. Anyone else think B Marshall is going to have a monster year in Chi? Like 1500+ w/10 TDs. Mark it down.

I say bring in James Jones but not for nothing more than a 4th. Even throw in that 7th we just picked up today for Baker

Posted by: Fed up Phins fan | August 31, 2012 at 03:12 PM

We picked up a 7th for Baker?

I thought Armando reported(via Jackson)that he was straight up cut?

Gaffney, Harris, and Jones coupled with bess and hartline would look more explosive than Naanee, Bess, Hartline, Armstrong and Mathews...maybe not the sexiest bunch of recievers but worth seeing...Just sayin!!!

Baker was cut, Cook was traded for a 7th.

Branch is availible...need to make that move asap

Diondre Borel ex of the Packers is on a plane to Miami. I think it was tweeted by Omar Kelly.

Here is one link on him among many others:


I would wait for Armstrong to be released AND keep Slaton.

This isn't Rocket Science!

We still have the best slot receiver in football.

We have a capable no. 2 in Hartline and some back ups.

All we have to do is find ONE WR that can get it done. I mean 2 or 10 would be better, but we NEED one. So how hard can it be?

Even if we do have to give up a player and a pick(no premium picks), find the **RIGHT** add and lets get on with it already.

Can we trade our 7th round draft pick for a girl so I can kiss her, might be worth more in the long run.

I told you in April to get Randy Moss.

Can we trade our 7th round draft pick for a girl so I can kiss her, might be worth more in the long run.

Posted by: Newman is Blind | August 31, 2012 at 03:22 PM

he owned you newman, get over it & stop impotering.



I think that title goes to a one...MR. Welker....

and we don't have the best ANYTHING in football....

Bess is good...REALLY good....but not the best by any stretch....

I would give up as much as one of our extra second round picks for James Jones. He had more TDs last year (7) than Naanee (1), Hartline (1), and Bess (3) combined. He even had more TD receptions last year then Brandon Marshall (5).

Jones is worth nothing more than a 4th, anything higher is wasting a draft pick for what reason? To improve us now? During a season that's already lost? Get a good FA next offseason for free and draft a WR with our #1 pick

Now we're plucking off GB's practice squad, can we at least turn to local bookstores and grocery outlets for other players to be found too. It worked for Kurt Warner.

WHY NOT US???!!!!

Baker was cut, Cook was traded for a 7th.
Posted by: The truth is... | August 31, 2012 at 03:20 PM

So we have two 7ths, two 6ths, two 3rds and two 2nds, plus our regular alotted 1st, 4th and 5th?

If Ireland can't get something done with that kind of Ammo, he needs his a ss kicked!

Armstrong.......oft injured..........(groan).........

chris, bmarshall might have a monster year but chicago probably won't make the playoffs and their locker room will be a mess. We've seen this show before. Cutler and marshall in denver. Lots of yards, no playoffs

Houston released a Couple Wr's?

Agreed with Coalition the Fins just need 1 wr. Yeah, we won't have a #1 type but we would have 3 guys with reliable hands. Matthews and 1 of the other rookies can fill out the crew this year.

See, there are little subtle things that those of us with IQs over 130 who watch games can understand. Little read-between-the-lines things.

One of those things is understanding who are the rare players who can still be GREAT after age 38. Such players include Jerry Rice and Randy Moss.

It's difficult to explain, but it has to do with their "naturally" amazing physical skills. Natural gifts that can't be achieved by hard working muscle guys like Zach Thomas and Wes Welker (who is almost done). Like--the tall and lean body. Another example is Usain Bolt. I don't know if he'll do it, but he could be in 2 more olympics, the last one at an old age for a world class sprinter.

Randy Moss is such a player. I called it in April. Unlike little always overrated Ochocinco, Moss is NOT done. He will have a great year this year, mark my words. Won't go 110 for 1600 and 18 like in his prime but he will get something like 60 to 80 catches for 1,000 and 8 to 12.

Better than anything we have. We should have gone after Moss.

I never say much about Ireland because I don't claim to know as much about drafting (I don't pay as much attention to the college game as some of you do), but I watch the NFL. If Ireland thought little skinny Ochocinco was the equivalent of Moss when he brought him in, then I join you in bashing Ireland's abillity to even "see" talent in players.

Ochocinco was done even without off-field antics.

Moss is an all time great physical specimen who as at least one more good year. He's STILL probably the fastst guy in the league in the open field when he wants to be.

If you have any expectations for those draft picks find a new Gm first.

What about Plax?... Nobody laugh!... But he did have a decent season with the
S-U-C-K-S last year and that's after a 2 year prison bid... I thought he was a way better option than Chad anyway....

Can we trade our 7th round draft pick for a girl so I can kiss her, might be worth more in the long run.

Posted by: Newman is Blind | August 31, 2012 at 03:22 PM

he owned you newman, get over it & stop impotering.


Posted by: Newman Blind Imposter | August 31, 2012 at 03:25 PM

Say....Huh???? I got owned by an imposter, I think not sir.

Wont you be my.....nieghbor???

Let's get dion branch in here

How could this ignorant gm let the wr situation get this gutted. We should have kept Brandon Marshall and drafted 1 or 2 wr's in the draft; in addition to GETTING RID OF IRELAND'S ASS. Marshall wasn't the problem. He didn't have a quarterback or offensive coordinator or head coach to work with. Ireland is a control freak that want to treat men like boys. They don't respect him. That's why Harbaugh or Fisher didn't come here to work for this ILLITERATE IDIOT. WE ARE THE JOKE OF THE LEAGUE BECAUSE OF IRELAND.

I think that title goes to a one...MR. Welker....
and we don't have the best ANYTHING in football....
Bess is good...REALLY good....but not the best by any stretch....

Posted by: Kris | August 31, 2012 at 03:26 PM

I know the point you're making and the stats and wins/loss record are on your side.

But still, I will have to respectfully disagree. Toe to toe, I believe Bess is the better receiver(barely), with Brady and the Pats scheme being the difference.

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