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Why Brian Hartline return is great news (PLUS) practice and cuts update

Brian Hartline will return to practice as early as today and, barring a setback, will practice all of next week as the Dolphins prepare for the start of the regular season against Houston.

This is huge news for the team.

I know, I know, you think I overstate. You think I embellish.

But to those of you focused on what receivers the Dolphins might trade for, or what waiver wire discards they might claim, or the guys they worked out on Thursday, consider the following:

In adding Hartline, who has been out the entire preseason with a calf injury, the Dolphins are adding a player that is better or almost as good as any player the Dolphins have been linked to recently.

That's right, Hartline is as big an addition as Donte Stallworth, Anthony Armstrong, Mike Sims-Walker, James Jones, and Jabar Gaffney.

Consider the stats over the past two seasons:

Hartline: 78 receptions ... 1,164 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 2 TD.

Stallworth: 24 receptions ... 391 yards ... 16.2 avg. ... 2 TD.

Jones: 88 receptions ... 1,314 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 12 TD.

Gaffney: 133 receptions ... 1,822 yards ... 13.6 avg. ... 7 TD.

Armstrong: 51 receptions ... 974 yards ... 19.0 avg. ... 5 TD.

I know what you're thinking. Hartline isn't in the same class as either James Jones nor Jabar Gaffney. I understand your point.

But understand that unlike James Jones, Hartline has been playing in a prehistoric offense the past couple of years and has not been the beneficiary of Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and someone like JerMichael Finley at tight end.

Also understand that the Dolphins would have to trade for Jones and he would not know the offense right away. Hartline is on campus and knows the offense so he can contribute right away and I've been told he might even be a starter if he has a great practice week next week.


He's on Miami's radar. They would like to add him. But the truth is he's currently injured and I was told by a good source that Gaffney's preference is to return to New England once he's healthy. If they don't want him, then he would look around to other teams. I believe they will take him back.

If something gets in the way of that and Gaffney comes to Miami, he would have to learn the offense. Would he be an upgrade? Absolutely. But it should not diminish Hartline that he's been more of a deep threat than Gaffney the past couple of years.

Mike Sims-Walker has not posted the kind of stats Hartline has recently and there's a reason he's been cut by multiple teams now. Stallworth obviously isn't the same guy he was before his tragic auto accident in which he ran over and killed a man crossing the road leading to Miami Beach several years ago.


He's good. But is he heatlhy? He's battled injuries the past 12 months, including this training camp. So he's right there with Hartline on that. He's a burner and can get over the top of the defense. But the Dolphins still have to finalize a trade for him. Yes, Armstrong would be a help. But that doesn't mean Hartline is lessened.

Indeed, we should not diminish the importance of Hartline's return. If he can stay healthy, it definitely helps.

And now heeeere's the plus coverage:

The Dolphins released the following list of cuts, most already reported by The Herald  -- Vince Agnew, Will Barker, Ryan Baker, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Rey Feinga, Clyde Gates, Shelly Lyons, Quinten Lawrence, Lydon Murtha, Roberto Wallace, and Jamaal Westerman. The team says Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

Ryan Cook is not on this list but he was traded to Dallas for a 7th-round pick. The trade is not official until he passes the Dallas physical.

The Herald previously reported OL Chandler Burden and WR Jeff Fuller were cut but they were at practice today. Barring an unexpected change, they are scheduled to be cut and both will likely be re-signed to the practice squad if they clear waivers.

The Dolphins will continue to make cuts and other moves through tonight's 9 pm deadline and then tomorrow and again Sunday. So nothing will really be settled for several days.

Not practicing today were John Jerry, Lake Long and Jason Trusnik. 



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I just reconsidered my position. I'd rather have a WR that comes from GB that knows Philbin & who has had decent production in this league than a meaningless 3rd round pick at this point.

BTW--All of this is "pie in the sky" unless GB wanted to deal him which I have no way of knowing. They do have Randall Cobb & Donald Driver though.

Murtha gone?? John Jerry not at practice, injury or ????



Anyone notice many of Sparano's failed developmental projects were all released today? Including Ryan Baker. That guy should be called velcro Baker. Never did much but they would never let him go.

I also have no problem with Gates being released. But I would sign him to the practice squad if he's eligible.

Gates isn't eligible for Practice squad

...We have RB's..That is where I sit after thinking about it as well..I think Cobb is more valuable to the Pack because of his return ability..Those guys have some really good depth(appilcable when players produce) at the reciever spot.. Like you said..We don't even know if Jones is available. Seems more like internet rumor then reality.

Like Sparano, Philbin is doomed with Ireland as a GM. No talent means everyone fails...again.

The backup tackle is perhaps John Jerry???

It's ok people ... breathe getting all bent out of shape about Lydon Murtha ....

And sucking for Matt Barkley would bring back multiple first picks in a trade. f4l, having a bad day???

Tanne is very big and strong. Won't get injured.

Gates couldnt make the practice squad if he was eligible. Another Ireland bust.


Speaking of Randall Cobb's, didnt GB nly use a 7th rd pick to get him? Maybe we should see if they would bite on a 3rd rd pick to pry him loose.

Cobbs is a great threeat as a kick returner, comes fro a similar style co, so he could contribute and have an impact for us right away. But I woldnt go higherthan a 3rd rd pick for him.

Our seeming ability to be irrelevant while being mediocre enough to be draft relevant is killing me!

Posted by: fin4life | August 31, 2012 at 04:38 PM

Fin4 I feel your pain. But in all seriousness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though Ross gave Ireland way to much rope, he's running out quickly.

1. It's going to be PAINFULLY obvious this season, that Ireland just hasn't been fullfilling his duties. There's just no way around this and all the excuses have been played out.

2. Tannehill won't help his case much. This sounds curious at first, but it's true. If Tannehill falters, it's all going to be laid at Jeffy's feet. If he succeeds, Sherman/Philbin will get tons of credit. Ireland on the other hand, like when Parcell's took Jake Long, will have been expected to have made this no-brainer move. Every Mock, every pundit, every fan and all of their Brothers expected this move. Tannehill, even if successful, won't be buying Ireland any reprieves.

3. This is the biggie. As ugly as it is, it's what we have to endure. As of TODAY Ireland has all of his picks, plus an extra 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th. If Ireland blows his wad in this instance and turns out a bunch of acorns like he has so far, he'll be sent packing without a doubt.

Ireland's had his shots, he's had his fun. But push done come to shove. He's going to get this "One More Chance(big sigh)", but make no mistake about it, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It's put up or shut up time.

How in the world is a 4th round pick a bust? What exactly did he bust? Only one in ten 4th round picks ever make a significant contribution to a team yet every rookie free agent and 7th round pick is supposed to be all pro.

Anybody here still crying that we didn't draft dan Williams or Jerry Hughes?

The good thing is if Tannehill flops(3-13 or worse) we get Matt Barkley.

YG, Cobbs was a 2nd round pick.

..Gotta roll..Planning a fundraiser Saturday for the people who lost their homes in the Pine Creek Wildfire. Horrible fires all over state right now..This one pretty much wiped out a whole community..They did save the bar, the one room schoolhouse, and the church..everything else gone. Hopefully we raise a bit of money for those folks.

A 4th rd pick is a bust if he fails to even make your roster the following season. He doesnt have to be declared a starter, but he is expect to be able to make a meaningful contribution to your team in some way or the other.

If you have to release a "4TH RD" pick a year after you draft him. Yes, that is highly considered "A BUST".


If the Dolphins get Armstrong we can refer to him as Ireland's 360 degree turn around. Wow! the Dolphins had him in camp and he impressed. I guess Parcells and Ireland were wearing blindfolds at the time.

Just googled, m bad Cobbs is a 2nd rd'er. Guess we dont have a snowball's chanmce in hell of prying him loose from GB.

branch is the vet they should sign. finally got rid of garbage gates, so many fools in here got excited about the bum

I wouldnt touch ranch, he's a possession type wr at best in this stage of his creer. Plus he's only a year's rental that would have avery minimal impact at best. Plus he has to come in and learn the wco, which means he may not be able to make any type of real contribution until almost halfway into the season.

Clyde Gates and John Jerry were both drafted to hopefully become quality starters. When thet arent even backup quality...they are BUSTS. If we cant get any starters or backups from our 4th rders we'll stink forever. They should be able to at least make the roster on what is a very bad team.

Laurent Robinson is available

DAL 14 54 858 Avg 15.9 Yds Game 61.3 Long 74 TD 11 + 20 Yds 12 40+ 5 First Downs 36

This is better than anything we have below the two starters. Kelly Washington is available too.

We have Bess, so the biggest key will be Hartline staying healthy. Hartline is fairly reliable when healthy.

Juts need to add one more reciever. Ireland needs to everything possible to convince Chris Cooley to cometo Miami. The te corps desperately neds him. Cooley and nother dependable wr would have us at least ready to be competitive thi season.

This is 2013, time to place the race card in your back pocket, Hartline was kept because he had more up side, if he was black he would still be on the team, look in the mirror fool, race had nothing to do with the cuts, fool. Bill

VOR, I suggest you go back and do a league wide analysis of the success of 4th round picks league wide. I think you'd be surprised.

Actually anything past a 2nd pick is a pure lottery.

IN fact I will take that one step further and trade any later pick for a guy that is expected to be a starter for me any time. Thos picks hold little value.

Mark, a 4th rd pick on a poor team should at least make the roster. Your standards are so low, after watching Ireland for 5 years, that your mind is clouded.

I can understand if a 4th rd pick doesnt make it on the Giants or Pats teams. But the Dolphins are usually drafting a position of need in the 4th rd. They are thin at the position to start with. Your head is so far up Ireland's ass you cant breath or think.


Doesnt matter, a 4th rd pick is a "Mid RD" pick", therefore if the guy cant make a very bad team (as a poster just put it) a year later, he's a bust as a 4th rd pick. No bones about it.

Only pick definitely not considered a bust rd is the 7th rd. It's very disappointing if a 6th rd pick doesnt make the roster 1 yrs later.

A 4th rd pick isnt considered a bust if he can at least be a mild contributor even if 3-4yrs later he still isnt a starter.

robinson is on jacksonville, signed a huge deal

While Jeff Ireland is responsible for none of the Dolphin's draft mistakes - all of them were the fault of Bill Parcells - he can take full credit for drafting Brian Hartline. Parcells was taking a bathroom break while that pick was made.

You draft 4th rd picks to at least be core contributors. If they cant do this, it means youre very weak in the middle of your roster. Good teams even have these kind of players coming into games making meaning contributions. Especially at a "SKILLED PLAYER" position. Its not like the kid is a backup olineman.

so ugly what Li'l Jeffy's done to this franchise.

BTW---i'm in Houston on biz & they're openly laughing at us, as is most of the country.

Hmm...but Hartline is a gamer.


When you are 6-10 the 4th rd is NOT a luxury pick. Get it?

Read My Lips:



Jeff Ireland:

The more picks we have, the more we can screw up in the draft early and grab compensation with another draft pick in later rounds. Stay tuned Dolfans, we'll get this turned around eventually.



If Hartline cant stay healthy this season, expect him to get his "ghetto pass" during 2013's final cuts.

bout time as these fools in here admit it, smart ones knew how bad gates was right away. horrible pick

ireland has to go right after season. we will have a ton of picks and the first pick in the draft. need a gm that can take adv of that

While Jeff Ireland is responsible for none of the Dolphin's draft mistakes - all of them were the fault of Bill Parcells - he can take full credit for drafting Brian Hartline. Parcells was taking a bathroom break while that pick was made.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 31, 2012 at 05:27 PM

Jeff Ireland:

Excellent Point my friend, I need more people like yourself for support here in keeping up with the proudest tradition that is Miami Dolphin football. How would you like a job in our sales picth department? more money, less work, I promise.

Could Bill Polian be coming to Miami replacing Ireland at the end of the 2013 season? Hmmm......

polian would be huge, would be next year also not 2013 season

bill connors,

Uh, sorry dude, did you change your calender yet? This is the 2012-13 season. Not the 2013 season. Ity's not officially the 2013 nfl season until next year. Hop aboard yungling.

Could Bill Polian be coming to Miami replacing Ireland at the end of the 2013 season? Hmmm......

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 31, 2012 at 05:39 PM

Jeff Ireland:

Dying Breed aka Yesterdays Gone, thats rude and showing a lack of support for what I am trying to accomplish in stabalizing this franchise to get back to its roots of winning football. We are not rebuilding this year, I am in the process of making this team both competitive and championship ready for the future. Have faith in me sir as I rely on your support to keep me where I am.

PS: Plumber from New Jersey says Hi.

Actually, Polian was grooming his son to take over for him in Indy. Probably exactly what he would do in Miami if brought in after Ireland's fired.

Also have to considered Polian's a little long in the tooth(age) for the day to day rigors of the gm's office. Probably would offer consultation to his son as he continues to groom him. His son would be doing all of the gm's footwork.

Polian would probably only agree to come in only if he's allow to bring his son to continue the groom work he started with him in Indy.

Right now I would take that over Ireland anyday. Ireland's made quite a mess of things. To many do overs of do over. We seem to be stuck in the mud as a franchise.

Like Ireland said, you young Folks have to be patient.

Trading for Anthony Armstrong???

Man, I dont want our used garbage to join this team. I want somebody else's dammit. This isn't suppose to work out this way.



Doesnt matter, a 4th rd pick is a "Mid RD" pick", therefore if the guy cant make a very bad team (as a poster just put it) a year later, he's a bust as a 4th rd pick. No bones about it.

Only pick definitely not considered a bust rd is the 7th rd. It's very disappointing if a 6th rd pick doesnt make the roster 1 yrs later.

A 4th rd pick isnt considered a bust if he can at least be a mild contributor even if 3-4yrs later he still isnt a starter.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 31, 2012 at 05:24 PM

Mark, I agree with this, and the others regarding this position.
As bad as we've been, a 4th rounder should have staying power, especially at so thin a position as WR.
Ireland thought Gates was the one of the top 150 college players in the draft.
Ireland and his so called scouts have NO ability to shoot straight.
He's not alone, as our previous 2 GM's were as horrid as Ireland.

This falls on the owner's shoulders.

Ireland DOES NOT DESERVE ANOTHER opportunity.

I'm sure, with all the picks we've collected, the cap space we'll have next year, a (hopefully) franchise, not Sanchize QB in place, Ross(with help from someone other than his Chiefs buddy) can land a great young football mind, or perhaps coax someone like Woolf to come to Miami. We could have had him 4 years ago, but Huizinga was too cheap. Woolf chose Cleveland!

Like Ireland said, you young Folks have to be patient.
Posted by: oscar canosa | August 31, 2012 at 05:54 PM


Is this Ireland's way of saying, "Im going to kep screwing this thing up ntil I get it right"?

TW, please don't praise ireland for my above comment. It's only because we've sucked the last 4 years that we're in a position to draft with the same QUANTITY as NE. Hopefully, the quality versus quantity % will rise. it just won't happen with Ireland.
4 years is enough.

Be patient, be patient.

I think Matt Flynn is better then any of the QB's on our roster. But Ross was too cheap to pay him fairly.
Posted by: Jay | August 31, 2012 at 04:42 PM

We have a nominee for worst post of the day. Slightly true, but is he worth over $5 million a year against our cap? Couldn't beat out 3rd string Wilson for the starting spot. Excuse me for trying to see what we have in Tannehill. Not to mention we have a Flynn equivalent in Matt Moore and look how that turned out for us this season.

Even this year's Ireland draft, only Tannehill has looked good this preseason. LaMar Miller's beginning to look he definitely wasnt a "3rd rd steal" as Ireland put it when he drafted him. Vernon still looks more physical specimen than dominant football player.

Then after this, the rest of the draft hasnt reallyu shown up this preseason. Im giving J Martin a temporary pass because he's learning a different but similar oline position. Tannehill seems to be the only thing close to hit this draft.

Oh, and lets not even mention Egghead, oops I mean Egnew whose getting old very fast.

YG is angry. He hates cuts.

Hmmmm....Whose last 4 years have been more of a disappointment Ireland's or Obama's??? LOL!!!!

For all the political zealots on here that was a freaking joke!!!

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