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Why Brian Hartline return is great news (PLUS) practice and cuts update

Brian Hartline will return to practice as early as today and, barring a setback, will practice all of next week as the Dolphins prepare for the start of the regular season against Houston.

This is huge news for the team.

I know, I know, you think I overstate. You think I embellish.

But to those of you focused on what receivers the Dolphins might trade for, or what waiver wire discards they might claim, or the guys they worked out on Thursday, consider the following:

In adding Hartline, who has been out the entire preseason with a calf injury, the Dolphins are adding a player that is better or almost as good as any player the Dolphins have been linked to recently.

That's right, Hartline is as big an addition as Donte Stallworth, Anthony Armstrong, Mike Sims-Walker, James Jones, and Jabar Gaffney.

Consider the stats over the past two seasons:

Hartline: 78 receptions ... 1,164 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 2 TD.

Stallworth: 24 receptions ... 391 yards ... 16.2 avg. ... 2 TD.

Jones: 88 receptions ... 1,314 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 12 TD.

Gaffney: 133 receptions ... 1,822 yards ... 13.6 avg. ... 7 TD.

Armstrong: 51 receptions ... 974 yards ... 19.0 avg. ... 5 TD.

I know what you're thinking. Hartline isn't in the same class as either James Jones nor Jabar Gaffney. I understand your point.

But understand that unlike James Jones, Hartline has been playing in a prehistoric offense the past couple of years and has not been the beneficiary of Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and someone like JerMichael Finley at tight end.

Also understand that the Dolphins would have to trade for Jones and he would not know the offense right away. Hartline is on campus and knows the offense so he can contribute right away and I've been told he might even be a starter if he has a great practice week next week.


He's on Miami's radar. They would like to add him. But the truth is he's currently injured and I was told by a good source that Gaffney's preference is to return to New England once he's healthy. If they don't want him, then he would look around to other teams. I believe they will take him back.

If something gets in the way of that and Gaffney comes to Miami, he would have to learn the offense. Would he be an upgrade? Absolutely. But it should not diminish Hartline that he's been more of a deep threat than Gaffney the past couple of years.

Mike Sims-Walker has not posted the kind of stats Hartline has recently and there's a reason he's been cut by multiple teams now. Stallworth obviously isn't the same guy he was before his tragic auto accident in which he ran over and killed a man crossing the road leading to Miami Beach several years ago.


He's good. But is he heatlhy? He's battled injuries the past 12 months, including this training camp. So he's right there with Hartline on that. He's a burner and can get over the top of the defense. But the Dolphins still have to finalize a trade for him. Yes, Armstrong would be a help. But that doesn't mean Hartline is lessened.

Indeed, we should not diminish the importance of Hartline's return. If he can stay healthy, it definitely helps.

And now heeeere's the plus coverage:

The Dolphins released the following list of cuts, most already reported by The Herald  -- Vince Agnew, Will Barker, Ryan Baker, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Rey Feinga, Clyde Gates, Shelly Lyons, Quinten Lawrence, Lydon Murtha, Roberto Wallace, and Jamaal Westerman. The team says Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

Ryan Cook is not on this list but he was traded to Dallas for a 7th-round pick. The trade is not official until he passes the Dallas physical.

The Herald previously reported OL Chandler Burden and WR Jeff Fuller were cut but they were at practice today. Barring an unexpected change, they are scheduled to be cut and both will likely be re-signed to the practice squad if they clear waivers.

The Dolphins will continue to make cuts and other moves through tonight's 9 pm deadline and then tomorrow and again Sunday. So nothing will really be settled for several days.

Not practicing today were John Jerry, Lake Long and Jason Trusnik. 



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Miller was taken in the 4th & the season hasn't even f#cking started yet.

You are lucky you have this extra income, which will probably be cut too.

Vernon, good pick.

I can't wait to see the roster moves Ireland makes before this season started. If he thinks the fans were critical of him last year he's going to be crucified this season.

Hartline returned to the scene of the crime?!?!?!?!

That's a first. He didn't return when he hit and ran.

Jeff Ireland:

Lamar Miller was a steal of a 4th round pick. Quality over Quantity Dying Breed. In no time you will see this young man be closely resembled to man that plays in New Orleans by the name of Darren Sproles. Trust me, Dolfans wont be able to stop saying "Its Miller time" here in miami.

Sorry, but hartlessline is garbage. He gets no seperation at all. Jones' numbers look much better to me. How will he not know the o? He plays in the wc o.

It doen't matter who it is, there is no short fix for the World's Economy. Calculate 10-15 yrs., depending.

The weekend, looking forward to lots of labor day sausage. Going to use sure grip gloves for the ears I'll grab.

hartline's body wont withstand the rigors of the nfl;much like clyde gates who wouldnt last if he did play.

What might it be? All of a sudden the injured are healthy. A Miracle?

Dolphin 77, have you ever watch a game, to have a 14.9/yard reception you have to have a little separation don't you think. They're yards per reception are exactly the same 14.9. So are you saying Jones gets separation and has a 14.9 in 10 more receptions, conversely Hartline is at 14.9 and get none. Come on don't be obtuse.

greg z, what do you mean Hartline is 6'2" 200, how does that make his body not withstand hits.,

Get TO. Why not, he's better than every receiver we have and he is desperate to play. Yeah, he is rusty, but his speed is still good and he has the big body we need.

BTW Dolphin 77 the Packers want to get rid of Jones because of his propensity to drop passes. In fact he was in the top 5 of receiver drops in football focus rankings

I dont see how the Dolphins, can improve by keeping mediocre players like Brian Hartline on the roster. Chad Johnson is a pure talent.

What happened to YG? I believe he's eating again or changed his name, again.

bigtrav, because he's their speediest receiver, and has the most receptions and yards of any receiver on the roster, that's why.

last time i checked the NFL was about points. So tell me Armando how a guy with 2TDs over 2 seasons is better than a guy with 12TDs over the same two seasons? It is about TDs not yards!!! Our receiving corps is still terrible

I marvel at how many here state their opinions as facts. "his speed is still good". How on earth do you know that for a fact, you crumbly poster?

caddy, get a life, if he were black, i am assuming with a name like caddy you are, what a jerk! you noticed i didn't call you a negro!

Vote with your wallets.
Just say NO to the DAAAFINS.
Have you canceled the herald sir?

Better is, "I believe he still has his speed".

Roger. it's about moving the ball in chunks as well, it's about being a threat. Hartline ran a 4.4 40 at his pro day, that's moving.



That's from Internet 101, guys. We are by 102. But, in many ways, you seem to be stuck in the Past.

Hartline may not be a number 1, but he's a solid number 2. Not garbage as many of you have said.

mike most here are really dumb and can't think. seriously.
if hartline had a top 10 qb and a half decent offense around him he would be performing way better. he is good, scrappy.

It would be tough for this team to qualify for a BCS Bowl.

Hartline is a practice squad receiver on any decent team.

Dashi will enjoy Labor Day as well with plenty of fresh sausage and cockles.

Fin 77, not true at all. Do you know anything about football, I doubt it. Please don't show your ignorance.

go finsssssss

So it took them 3 years to figure out Wallace can't play. 4 years to figure out Lex couldn't play. 4 years to figure out Henne couldn't play. 4 years to figure out Merling was a bust. 3 years to figure out Vontae will always be a child.

Looks like Philbin's influence is strong. He is wasting no time, cutting like a happy barber.

Philbin is cleaning house for the better,

Why isn't anyone calling out Ireland for yet another failed draft pick in Clyde Gates this mofo was a waste of pick and I demand the Dolphins terminate Ireland contract

I think part of the reason is that we knew Gates was a project.......he just didn't work out. Every club has those, Darius Butler was draft in the 2nd by NE 3 years ago and they let him go last year and the Ravens let him go this year.


Why don't you get off your lazy asss and see how many GM's pick busts every single draft?

Mike it's been failed draft picks after failed draft picks so not sure how many passes you wanna give Ireland before he's held accountable

mike,i have seen hartline many times at camp. he has a slight build. he may be 6'2" but weight is about 186. his body wont hold up if he goes over the middle in the nfl.

NE normally drafts very well, but there is not one player from the 2007 draft that is still on their roster. They even make mistakes. Of course the Dolphins are pretty consistent with draft mistakes lol.

Philbin is the 2nd coming of Cam Camoron. One year and done for lightweight Philbin. He's already alienated all the vets on the team.

greg z, take a look at his official weight on the roster, he's listed at 199.

Irescum's had more stay of executions then Charles Manson. He should've been fired years ago.

Actually, Polian was grooming his son to take over for him in Indy. Probably exactly what he would do in Miami if brought in after Ireland's fired.

Also have to considered Polian's a little long in the tooth(age) for the day to day rigors of the gm's office. Probably would offer consultation to his son as he continues to groom him. His son would be doing all of the gm's footwork.

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | August 31, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Polian would probably only agree to come in only if he's allow to bring his son to continue the groom work he started with him in Indy.

No...NO...NO..NO NO.....

We have already had our FILL of SHADOW GMs (Parcells).....now every nut this side crazy gets to tell themselves it was Parcells that effed us....and every other nut...gets to say....Ireland screwed us....all the while...Ireland continies to by time with all the condusion....

NO MORE SHADOW GMs...an no more GMs trying to get OJT @ the FINS expense....

mike, grez z is one of the many negative nancy's here. every single thing is a negative. unhappy people are like that.

mike, everyone knows roster weight and height are never accurate in football;same with bball. pat white was listed 2" taller and 20 lbs heavier than he was.

Right everyone knows that right.

Pat White was listed about right 6'0" 190.


ONE GM ONLY....and one hand to hold accountable....

Here's Pat White#6QuarterbackMiami Dolphins Height: 6-0
Weight: 190
Born: Feb 25, 1986 - Daphne, AL
College: West Virginia
Draft: 2009 - 2nd round (12th pick

prson, of course we're negative. There isnt much positive about 6-10. Being positive now is as insane as being negative after winning a SB!

It's going to be a long season.

who cares if hes made the vets mad on our team, they suck

Who's Lake Long?

mike, we met pat white at camp. super nice quiet guy that was 5"10 and about 178 soaking wet. i dont care what the program said. he was the same size as my son who was a freshman in h.s. i didnt think he would last one season because of his build.

Think whatever you want and I'll think what I want NFL very particular with those number, not like college.

They are not winning more than 1 or 2 games. Worst team in the league, another 1-15 season and another coach next season.

Ok, ok. I'm a dick.

Kris holds everyone accountable but himself.

He wanted Orton.
He wanted McNab.
He wanted Kolb.

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