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Why Brian Hartline return is great news (PLUS) practice and cuts update

Brian Hartline will return to practice as early as today and, barring a setback, will practice all of next week as the Dolphins prepare for the start of the regular season against Houston.

This is huge news for the team.

I know, I know, you think I overstate. You think I embellish.

But to those of you focused on what receivers the Dolphins might trade for, or what waiver wire discards they might claim, or the guys they worked out on Thursday, consider the following:

In adding Hartline, who has been out the entire preseason with a calf injury, the Dolphins are adding a player that is better or almost as good as any player the Dolphins have been linked to recently.

That's right, Hartline is as big an addition as Donte Stallworth, Anthony Armstrong, Mike Sims-Walker, James Jones, and Jabar Gaffney.

Consider the stats over the past two seasons:

Hartline: 78 receptions ... 1,164 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 2 TD.

Stallworth: 24 receptions ... 391 yards ... 16.2 avg. ... 2 TD.

Jones: 88 receptions ... 1,314 yards ... 14.9 avg. ... 12 TD.

Gaffney: 133 receptions ... 1,822 yards ... 13.6 avg. ... 7 TD.

Armstrong: 51 receptions ... 974 yards ... 19.0 avg. ... 5 TD.

I know what you're thinking. Hartline isn't in the same class as either James Jones nor Jabar Gaffney. I understand your point.

But understand that unlike James Jones, Hartline has been playing in a prehistoric offense the past couple of years and has not been the beneficiary of Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and someone like JerMichael Finley at tight end.

Also understand that the Dolphins would have to trade for Jones and he would not know the offense right away. Hartline is on campus and knows the offense so he can contribute right away and I've been told he might even be a starter if he has a great practice week next week.


He's on Miami's radar. They would like to add him. But the truth is he's currently injured and I was told by a good source that Gaffney's preference is to return to New England once he's healthy. If they don't want him, then he would look around to other teams. I believe they will take him back.

If something gets in the way of that and Gaffney comes to Miami, he would have to learn the offense. Would he be an upgrade? Absolutely. But it should not diminish Hartline that he's been more of a deep threat than Gaffney the past couple of years.

Mike Sims-Walker has not posted the kind of stats Hartline has recently and there's a reason he's been cut by multiple teams now. Stallworth obviously isn't the same guy he was before his tragic auto accident in which he ran over and killed a man crossing the road leading to Miami Beach several years ago.


He's good. But is he heatlhy? He's battled injuries the past 12 months, including this training camp. So he's right there with Hartline on that. He's a burner and can get over the top of the defense. But the Dolphins still have to finalize a trade for him. Yes, Armstrong would be a help. But that doesn't mean Hartline is lessened.

Indeed, we should not diminish the importance of Hartline's return. If he can stay healthy, it definitely helps.

And now heeeere's the plus coverage:

The Dolphins released the following list of cuts, most already reported by The Herald  -- Vince Agnew, Will Barker, Ryan Baker, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Rey Feinga, Clyde Gates, Shelly Lyons, Quinten Lawrence, Lydon Murtha, Roberto Wallace, and Jamaal Westerman. The team says Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

Ryan Cook is not on this list but he was traded to Dallas for a 7th-round pick. The trade is not official until he passes the Dallas physical.

The Herald previously reported OL Chandler Burden and WR Jeff Fuller were cut but they were at practice today. Barring an unexpected change, they are scheduled to be cut and both will likely be re-signed to the practice squad if they clear waivers.

The Dolphins will continue to make cuts and other moves through tonight's 9 pm deadline and then tomorrow and again Sunday. So nothing will really be settled for several days.

Not practicing today were John Jerry, Lake Long and Jason Trusnik. 



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prson, why shouldn't i be negative with our teams state of affairs? whats positive about a team that continues to regress?

Cutting Armstrong was not a smart move, as shown by the fact that he went on to play some decent ball for another team. Not bringing him back because we once cut him would be downright retarded if he can help us.

What's up losers?

Armstrong had 1 decent season with the skins. That was it. Practice squad one season, 44 catches the next, and 7 catches last year.

You forgot Peyton.
Kris wanted Peyton so bad that he wrote in his column for 2 weeks, "...Peyton will sign here because he owns a condo here...".

I wanted Peyton SO BAD...that I admitted it again EARLIER THIS MORNING....



but please...continue....

continue to impersonate me....and talk to yourself under multiple names....don't let ME stop you....

I propose a truce:
For 1 night we will talk Phins football.
Let me repeat: I propose that for 1 night we talk only Phins football based on the current roster/staff/scheme etc.
Under the truce the following are forbidden:
- Stories of hose-handling
- Posters crying because the man is holding thier ears
- Posters frightened that the man will turn them over



I believe that the most important person we dafted was Jonathon Martin.
Will he struggle early? Yes.
Will he get better eventually? Yes.
As Martin gets better will Tannehill get better also? Abso-freakin-lutely!

The team needs work I agree.
Time to throw makes everything better!
That's where Martin comes in, sooner or later.

Hey mike, 12 tds jones, 2 tds hartlessline. Enough said!

Dont use any dolphins on your fantasy teams.

If Hartline is the best WR on the roster it's not Hartline's fault.
Anymore than it was Ed McCaffrey's fault for being the top WR on his teams.
I have no reason to kick BH in the ass.
I'm kicking Gates & Wallace's ass for not producing more than Hartline.

Dolphin 77, top 5 in passes dropped. Getting cut by GB. I don't know what you're arguing about I never said that Jones wasn't an ok receiver. I think Hartline can do as well and is younger. Jones is 28, Hartline is 25. I mean really. Enough said, are you an idiot.

Hartline = another Ireland bust

Dashi quit being ignorant, a bust doesn't catch 109 passes for 1670 yard in a caeer as a 4th round draft choice. Define a bust, that's not a bust.


Hey don't be a stranger, come over to Cote's blog when the season starts, you know you're alright in my book...hey don't be hatin on my son Ireland.

ps-correction for you, Ireland did not draft Brian Hartline, it was Parcells pick.

Oh Dashi with a 15.3 yard per reception.

You are the idiot mike. Enough said! Hartlessline sucks.

Perhaps one of these very good receivers that has been obscured in the past couple of years by the Megatrons. I'm not familiar with all the Teams in the League as I used to be. You guys find him and Ireland will get him for Us.

Where am I wrong you're the idiot you don't look at the stats. You just don't, only an idiot doesn't.

I can confirm Mike isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

When Tannehill has 6 seconds to throw, every throw, whatever WRs are on the roster will be among the best in the league.

And you're not the sharpest TOOL in the shed you're self True.

Yeah, we need OL help in the worst way.

And LBs.

Kris holds everyone accountable but himself.

He wanted Orton.
He wanted McNab.
He wanted Kolb.

Posted by: Nate | August 31, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Uh, yeah...Dat be true!

FZB on this blog? A rare appearance indeed! Make sure you're wearing a protective cup!

And 2ndary men.


Who the hell is FZB?

OJ Atogwe, was cut by the Eagles, better that either safety we have.

I like him, Mike.

But Cote has followers?

We wanted him 2 years ago.

No disrespect, pal. Cote has more wisdom and Football experience than Armando has in all his suits.

So who were the final cuts/keeps?

I meant to say in one of his pockets(Cote's).

Hogan has been cut.,

Chandler Burden, Jeff Fuller gone.

Jerrell Root and Anderson Russell gone

From 6:59 Forward Dashi has been Impersoniated by U know Who.

Disregard all Remarks. It's a Everyday thing with buddy. Why the Hostility?

Don't U want to call a Truce Mr. 1001?

The problem now is , how do we get some of these potentially talented guys into the PS without being poached.

And don't even think that other Teams are not looking.

As long as we keep Pat Devlin

Kevyn Scott gone, Lydon Murtha bye,Andrew McDonald bye

Miller is Cobb. Nothing special. You UM thugs are so pathetic

Jung Li, you will probably be sent to Macao next.

Jung LI, Gore was nothing special either, just ask the 49rs.


BTW Jung LI, I have tickets to Macao I'm not using!

Surprised Will Yeatman didn't get cut. Must be a good blocker.

Is the full list out, did Trusnik and hogan make it?

Hogan out

hey guys u know what i'm so sick of hearing that the dolphins might trade a 2nd round pick they got for vontea out of indi for a WR. there are no WR that have brandon marshall plus type talent out there for a trade and we only got 2 3rds for him plus on top of that i don't see indi winning 5 games this year i think they will have a top 5 pick and i hate to say it i don't see miami either! i think the dolphins will have the 3rd pick and indi the 4th so that means we would have the 3rd overall plus the 35th and 36th in the draft next year if the dolphins trade for a wr or anybody else with the 2nd they got for vontea i say fire irleand and phiblin right now!

Chris Hogan was cut by the Dolphins and Bellicheat could be heard laughing all the way over in Shea stadium about that. He will snap Hogan up and have another Wes Welker from the hapless Fins who don't see the value in a player that is always open.

The Dolphins need to make acquisitions at receiver through trade and released players. This receiver group that can not catch or get open is that bad. Naanee should be cut when the Dolphins get a Branch or Armstrong. Reliable hands are important in the offense the Dolphins will be running. It's like not having a big tackle to open up wholes in a ground and pound game. Getting a pass catching tight end should also be pursued. Ireland could have made a play at Mike Wallace when he was a free agent in the Spring. However he just watched this group of loser receivers, praying that one would develop. He recruited this group of 4's, 5's and 6's and I believe he's clueless when it comes to finding receiver talent in today's market.

SI has the Dulfins winning 4 games, apparently they've not kept up either, but then again, why send an SI writer to write about the Dulfins.
PS, If I were Carlos Dansby, Id been unseen and more importantly, unheard. Speak with very low toned voice, and NOT to the media.

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