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AFC East one big happy knot

The Dolphins beat the Raiders and evened their record at 1-1.

The Jets lost to Pittsburgh so they are 1-1.

The Bills beat Kansas City in their home-opener. They are 1-1.

And the Patriots missed a potential game-winning field goal in the final seconds to lose to the Arizona Cardinals, 20-18 in Foxborough, Mass. Amazingly, the Patriots are 1-1.

Everyone is tied after two weeks!

How about that ...


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go finsssssssssss

Post of the week.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 16, 2012 at 06:20 PM

Whatsa matter patriot game? I shut you up all week and now Tannehill and the Phins shut you up today.

Thats all you got? Dude, don't even start. Just STFU. You're wrong about Philbin, Coyle and Sherman. You were wrong about the phins. You pretty much wrong about everything.

And how you talk about little boys pee-pees, you are seriously WRONG!

JUST STFU loser, NOBODY(not even your Momma)want s to here from you.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

What'd I tell you Bu-oy?

What'd I say?

If we want your Lip, we'll unzip our pants. Now STFU-ROTFLMAO!

Craig M,

Good point on Tannehill, Martin and Miller playing very well.

But what about Derrick Shelby, Oliver Vernon and Kheeston Randall?

All Rookies and all playing very well. The announcers credited Solia with thyat knocked down pass on 3rd down, but it was Shelby.

And Vernon, he got good pressure and contained his end. But of course the Special teams demolition hit was probably his highlight.

Seems a couple of the Homers around here were right. This Rookie class is suddenly looking pretty freaking Good ;)

Dude, Come on, Lets put the trash behind us.
The Fins are TIED FOR FIRST.

k=just please beat the jets, do not want to see sparano pumping his fist and getting gatorade after game. and we all know they will do that if they win

Dude, Come on, Lets put the trash behind us.
The Fins are TIED FOR FIRST.
Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 16, 2012 at 08:05 PM

Yeah A ss munch, that EXACTLY what I just posted to you!

So why you gotta start it up - AGAIN?

JUST STFU you pathetic piece of garbage. You and all your doom and gloom trolling over the past two months just got stuffed right down your "Deep Throat".

That is all.....and you are DISMISSED! Now B-Gone!

Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

(Starting up the trash and then asking somebody to stop.....Psssssssfpt!)

For probably the only time this season (unless we beat the Jests) we can say we're in 1st. See ya later 0-16 haters. Time to shut the 1-15 trolls up.

This team proved they're a team. They lost to potential super bowl bound Texans, crushed the lowly Why-Did-We-Pay-A-One-And-A-Two-For-Palmer? Raiders and proved we can beat these bad teams on our easy schedule. Probably not making the playoffs but Tannehill improved and our team looked solid all-around. More positives than negatives to take from this game. Hartline. Tannehill. Bush! Miller. That Oliver Vernon hit. Our run-defense. All positives....our secondary the biggest negative.

My Nightmare.
3 Seconds left,Fins beating the jets 14 to 13
The jets attempt a 49 yd FG to win the game
He makes it.
The camera pans to Tony Sporono.
FIST PUMP from Tony on the Jets Sideline.

cuz when it's on mofo then it's on

Dansby and Burrnett can stop the run but still can't cover for s**t. By the way, glad Jeff Fisher isn't our HC.

Coalition get 'em!

We all know about the troll's relationship with the guy smiling at the top! We all know why he is smiling. Don't worry we all know he is going to unleash all his frustration on the troll tonight.

Definitely something to take and build upon!

A total team effort with minimal breakdowns.

I for one am the BIGGEST HOMER here! I for one am PROUD to be a Miami Dolphin fan tonight!

Progress! That's all! If we just progress a little bit each and every week, we'll be doing pretty good.

I know I shouldn't have to DEFEND a Dolphin win here at the no. 1 Dolphin blog, but we have an infestation.

You can try an say Oakland is garbage, it's true. But thats why we scored 35(which could've easily been 42). wE ALSO SHUT THEM OUT OF THE eNDZONE ON DEFENSE. i MEAN, UNLESS YOU COUNT THE ATROCIOUS non-cALL BY THESE AMATUER REFS. The massive holding call was right at the point of attack as well. Discusting.

Nonetheless, the worse tean loss today. And WE-The Miami Dolphins Handed them their a sses!

fisher doing a great job in st louis. but anyways, yeah our secondary is bad and we need a pass rush. i thought dansby covered well today

Odin, Does "Fin78" Know about you and Dashi?


Craig, Odin, nice seeing some of the old schoolers beating the drum for our team here.

I haven't been coming on this blog as much as I used to because of how negative it's been and with some of the losers here just making it not even worth discussion.

But nice to see you guys shutting them up.

Anybody seen Jack Sparow today? I didn't think so.

I also think some of the Ireland hate has been way over the top - no the front office didn't always get things right - but I thought last year's draft was awesome and went on record right after the draft and through the summer saying so. Even though I am still concerned about Martin's lack of strength but he will get stronger as time goes on and has a chance to be a fine tackle.

Re-sign Jake Long - one major reason this team has struggled is because it leans too much on youth. We need to finally have some vets in premium positions in order to take the next step. jake Long is step one to changing that. next one would be to re-sign Sean Smith long term next year.

Jeff Ireland earns a reprieve:
All players who contributed today are guys brought in by Ireland.
He told us over and over again that he knows how to build a winner and now we see for ourselves that it is true.

I saw skill and toughness by Phins players all over the field today.
I saw an OL blocking like men today.
I saw frozen ropes hitting double-covered receivers between the numbers.
I saw chains moving.
Let me repeat myself:

Guys looking forward to watching my adpoted team(San Fran) But enjoyed the fin(My Home Team) win.(Again even though it was against the Raiders).
PEACE to you all.

Jake Long played very poorly today,and to think he is playing for a BIG contract. There is a reason why the dolphins havent signed him yet.

Next week Joe Philbin needs to spit in the face of Tony Soprano and his BACKDOOR wildcat offense.

I haven't felt this good about MY Miami Dolphins since..........since...........well, since they announced Parcell's was coming to town.

Of course we all know how that worked out, but A THE TIME, I was pumped. I'm getting that feeling tonight.....AND THEN SOME!

I hate defending Ireland, because........I just don't like the Guy(pick a reason).

But, in all fairness, he had one draft on his own and then this one. One thing most people fail to mention, that first draft class on his own wasn't for this WCO offense, nor the 4-3 defense. He was still trying to draft guys to fit Parcell's. SpOrano and Nolan's system.

This was his first solo draft trying to get players for this CURRENT system. You have to admit, this draft class is starting to look very good.

I still cringe thinking about Ireland using all the picks we got coming up in next years draft. But at least he's showing a willingness to work with Philbin and judging by this years class - Not Too Shabby!

Now, I have to work on getting a Buzz. I stayed completely sober for the game. I liked it too. As soon as it was over though...........BAM!

Mark in Toronto,

Nice to hear from you. Yeah the negativity on here is HUGE! Hope you enjoyed the win today. They may be scarce this year, so let's enjoy it while we can.

Those Toronto sports teams are AWFUL! Jays have become UNWATCHABLE. I agree with much of your post. Re-signing Long and Smith would be good moves and getting Tannehill help at WR and TE are musts. Would like to see help at linebacker also.

Kudos to Hartline. The guy's taken a lot of shots on here from the fans but he plays big when it's needed and it was needed today.

One more thing, Is it me or did the Raiders look drained after half time?
I hope idiot Ross forgets about his primetime games early in the season.
That Miami heat is ruthless.
I know cause i grew up there.

And speaking of the Jets those guys are nowhere.
They beat a piece of crap Bills team last week big deal.
When they play a team full of men they fold.
The Jets better have some sexual assault counselors on hand for what is going to happen in the game next week!

Bill, Fisher is doing just fine in St. Louis, but i still don't and didn't want him as our HC. He has a few more credentials, but he leads average teams. Let's see what Philbin brings to the table and today it looked pretty nice. Speed and quickness kills. Philbin's WCO is exciting, better than Fishers old school mentality. We had that in Sparano, it was time for a new direction

Have to admit watching the sunday night game is a lot more relaxing after a meaningful phin win.

Jake Long not deserving of an extension, really? he made one mistake today, the 2nd one everyone is referring to was actually a mistake by Miller.

Only Dolphins fans would not want to re-sign a four time pro bowler at a premium position.

Toronto Mark!

Whats Up!

Too Bad, you're ALMOST close enough to invite over for celebration drinks!

Thanks for the Shout Out and Right Back at You!

Now, I have to work on getting a Buzz. I stayed completely sober for the game. I liked it too. As soon as it was over though...........BAM!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 16, 2012 at 08:28 PM

Why does this not sound like a regular day/night in a old coots life?
Ok Stank I'am gone for the night, I Actually have a date tonight unlike your pathatic life that revolves around sitting in front of a computer.
You too DashiDoucher.

Ever since Griese retired (Bob not Brien) we've been looking for a QB that can win the SB.
Jeff Ireland finally found that guy:
Ryan Tannehill - A real man.
Definition of a real man: Hits double-covered recievers between the numbers with frozen ropes and bangs his wife whenever HE wants to.

LC, Ireland's problem was he never had a football coach to coach his team and bounce idea's off of.

Also Odin u are NOT THE BIGGEST HOMER. UR TOP 5, DE-FACTO #1 by Seniority

Been the biggest homer the longest.

Dashi had us lighting it up on the raiders and never picks the fins to lose(real sign of homerism)

Plus Dashi makes the troll his bottom b*+ch

Well u do too. But Dashi still feels He will win the Homer of the Year award by the trolls and their pollsters.

Dashi will give u the biggest homer title, If We can come to the conclusion that DASHI


Craig, I think it's money in teh bank that 2 of the first three picks will include a WR and a TE. Too bad Egnew looks like a complete whiff - that would've helped. Oh well, 3rd round picks are far from sure things.

As far as Hartline, I always though he was good enough and his lack of production mabe pointed a little bit at how bad the QB position has been here. His avg has always been high and how many times have we seen him run wide open only to be missed by Henne??

Not saying he will get 10 catches every week but he's far from being a nobody. he's useful as is Bess. They will get a bunch of catches this year each. now we need to get the guy to put fear in other team's defenses.

Man, that Detroit D is swiss cheese.

Ok Stank I'am gone for the night, I Actually have a date tonight unlike your pathatic life that revolves around sitting in front of a computer.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 16, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Oooooooo, whats the Lucky Feller's name?

(Don't forget to Brush)


We're realy missing a true number one. Hopefully that's what we get in the draft or at least an upgrade. I had high hopes for Wallace but the guy's a nothing. Maybe Matthews will contribute at some point. I think our WRs are serviceable. Not good enough to challenge but good enough to get by. Improvements are on the way.

Mark, no one is discounting resigning Long. It would be nice to have him cover his blindside. The problem is he is going to demand a boatload of a contract and we'll have to see if he is worth the money. He is all-in-all but we need that money for other area's as well. If we lose him then we're looking at a huge hole and an inconsistent OLine

Odin, cheers to you buddy. As much as I would like to join in the celebrations, I'm nursing myself after a 2 day bender. Left after work Friday to go to Niagara Falls and pretty hammered as I buried my face in the double D's of a lovely ripper at the Sundowner (Shout out to Isabelle). Then headed over Saturday for the Kiss/Motley Crue show in Buffalo where I was well lubricated again.

Got in today at 5:30 am. I'm a little worn down today, haha.

MD20, Dashi, what's up boys. Enjoying the posts.

As far as Palmer, I thought he was awesome today. Got away from several sacks.

Dashi will give u the biggest homer title, If We can come to the conclusion that DASHI

Posted by: Dashi | September 16, 2012 at 08:36 PM

It's a Deal Dashi!

No need to fight over it. I'll warn you now though, the competition will be fierce!!!!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

PS: Congrats Coach Philbin! May this be the First of Many!


Mark, I agree on Egnew! Blown draft pick! Words chosen on purpose.

"Seems a couple of the Homers around here were right. This Rookie class is suddenly looking pretty freaking Good ;)"

No doubt about it. Need at least another two or three more drafts like this one to really compete though.

Aside from having a great HC the Niners are f#cking loaded!!! This is exactly why I think this is their year.

Listen guys, I don't post here very often and when I do is to defend Ireland, this was a good win for the team, Tannehill showed good poised and looked a lot more comfortable than last week.

All I'm hoping is for the young kids to show improvement as the year goes on, we are rebuilding but we do have some talent on this team and we have a much easier schedule than last year so we should be competitive in every game, in my humble opinion Ireland has gotten a bad rap mostly because he is the last one to be here from the Parcells regime but few people realize he didn't make any of the picks up until two years ago.

Ireland is a good talent evaluator and I think it would be a mistake to get rid of him after just two years, I know most of you guys don't see it that way but its the truth, hopefully the team can stay competitive and the young kids can continue to improve.

Mark the people that don't want long are usually the one's that say Ireland suck and want the holy grail to fall. We lose long to another team and the Ireland haters will have all the ammunition they need.

Ireland will really suck!!

Fisher is a lifetime .500 coach!!

What was it 3 winning seasons in 14 yrs as coach?

Really u want that clown as coach, who thinks his mustache has super powers!

Where are all the Naysayers tonight? What? Nothing to say when the Fins win? Jack Sparrow? 2 watt? Trolls?

I hear crickets chirping...



Craig, right with you re: the WR situation. It will have to be the draft because top WR do not pop up in free agency. And we have our 2's and 3's.

MD20. I think he deserves a top LT contract. I guess that's Joe Thomas' contract. You got to pay somebody and it should be your QB, WR, TE, DE, CB, T, and S. Long fits the bill as well as anyone. Pay the man he's got five great years left in him.


I usually don't accept excuses graciously!

But Double D's? That's good enough for me!

(And I thought I had a Good Weekend!)

Party On Bro!!!!


You're in my neck of the woods. I'm about 20 mins from the 'Downer, if that. Pretty sure my pictures are up on the wall somewhere.

I haven't given up on Egnew quite yet. Philbin's the kind of guy that makes guys earn their spot. Egnew hasn't done that yet. He's still young. Still time.

We have RBs. One solid draft and FA offseason will put us in contention. In 3 years Brady will be on his way out (do the Patsys let him walk Montana, Nathan, Favre-esque?). If we can get an alpha WR and someone else in our secondary we should be fine. Our DL (if we resign Starks) is a stud group against the run. And we need to get a bit younger at LB but we have one more season to worry about that. Get us a WR! I haven't given up on our TEs yet. I'm still high on Clay and hopefully Egnew and even Fasano is serviceable (he didn't drop a pass!). I think a receiver ala AJ Green will put us on the cusp of playoff contention. By next season Tannehill should have improved and learned the position enough to be a viable QB

Just got back from the Yankees game and ,,,,well, well. Very nice win and very mad I missed it! I'm glad to hear that Tannehill again progressed from the previous week. I don't know how his career will go, none of us do, but all we can ask for at this point is steady progress and from the time the kid stepped onto the field in Miami he has done nothing but improve. He's accountable and he obviously works pretty hard at improving his game and learning from his mistakes.

Very happy for Philbin, he takes a lot of crap for things that are out of his control. Very happy to see that he got his first NFL win

FZB, I agree re: Ireland. he has been far from perfect but getting rid of him now would only set this thing back. In football, you need continuity and I think he's shown enough.

Not many teams have got as much production out of their top 2 round draft picks than Miami even though some of those 2nd picks were flat.

Long, Smith, Pouncey, Odrick, Thomas, Tannehill,a nd martin.

I know I will get ripped for saying so but that is a nice haul. Don't believe me, compare it to everyone else. That's a top five in the NFL haul if Tannehill becomes the long term starter which it shows like he will.

Guy's get a grip, It was Oakland,Pat each other on the bottom side when they beat a good team on there own field.
Other then that....... Continue to dream.

We need a shut down corner really bad. A better safety might help also. Think cutting ties with Vonte was probably a mistake. A good passing team is going to eat us up.

Think we should really think about throwing some money at Gaffney or another vet receiver. Really think Johnson goofed our plan up for this year. A better speed receiver who could get up the field would really help open Bess and Hartline up.

Maybe we need to tell Nanee or however you spell his name to change that number 19 to something else. That number is cursed and should never be worn again.

Go Dolphins!! Seems the players are starting to buy into Philbin a little. Hope they throw some money at Bush he is a class act and hard worker and you can never have to many of those on a Team.

Anybody watch the Pats game today? That should have been an easy win for those guys today, no? Arizona at home? REALLY? So what was up? Did they not play well or did the Cardinals really step up? I didn't watch the game, so I'm curious.

I was probably like 85% of the people out there today, as NE was my survivor pick and obviously I died. I would have bet my last dime that they would have won today at home. So what gives? They going to be OK? Losing Hernandez will hurt and I wonder if Gronk is fully healthy.

Long has shown he's one of the best LTs, I just hope he's durable enough to last and live up to his contract. You can't teach his intangibles. His smarts, leadership, and overall football ability. He's a stud LT. He's an irreplaceable PERSON for this Miami Dolphins team. I'd hate to see him wearing another jersey

Odin, party on bro!

Caig, I love the 'downer! What a meat market - literally. Next time I'm there, going to mention I know you - maybe I get access to the private room!!!

That is hilarious, JI a good talent evaluator! He has drafted mire bust than impact players. He has had his hands in the draft ever since he came to the PHINS. He admitted that on the talk show radio with Joe rose! Today was a good win for this team I'm not taking anything away from the win and a good step for Tannehill But we best a sorry a s s team. That how Miami fans are one good win Jeff is the best great talent evaluator blah blah blah! I keep it real JI has done more harm than good to this team let's call a spade a spade, let's call it like it is. We won't be at the top of the NFL with Jeff running the show. Wake the f u c k up you fools! We need a GM next year that know how to draft play makers! I don't give a f u c k what you guys say about me but you JI a s s kissers. Will see the loser that he is, he never accomplish anything anywhere else what makes people here think he is going to do better! It just mine boggling!

Just passing by I love the hate. Keep it coming. Love it! We didn't beat a bad team, we destroyed a bad team, which is what we should do. Doesn't make us a playoff contender but it shows we aren't a bottom-of-the-barrel top 5 draft pick team. It's progress buddy. Enjoy the win, don't let your negative pride get in the way. If you're a true phin phan you should be enjoying this week. Otherwise go pout somewhere else

The road to 11 WINS started to day....

and continues next week with the jets.....

any comments.........connors?????

MD20, well said. At worst we have him one more year on the franchise tag but hopefully he gets extended so it frees up the cap space. Hate to spend 15mill or so of next years cap by using the tag.

And yes, Starks needs an extension. he's been one bad mutha since he's been here. Even runs over cops in south beach and gets away with it.

"Mark, no one is discounting resigning Long. It would be nice to have him cover his blindside. The problem is he is going to demand a boatload of a contract and we'll have to see if he is worth the money. He is all-in-all but we need that money for other area's as well. If we lose him then we're looking at a huge hole and an inconsistent OLine."


We have holes all over this team & clearly we need to address a NUMBER of positions. To re-up on Long at this point & pay him over $10 Million a year would be financially irresponsible. His body is breaking down & his play has been sub-par.

I won't over react to this win and the team shouldn't either. Lots of work to be done still. But F%$K yeah I'm a fan and I will enjoy the hell out of the win. A win is a win, if you can't be happy about it there is something wrong with you.

And I have to laugh at some of the posts that say people are over reacting over one win. REALLY? So it's okay for (probably those same people) to over react to one loss but people being happy about a win is a sin?

After the loss the over reactions were "worst team in all of sports", "0-16 folks mark it down", "Tannehill sucks and will always have a problem with batted passes", "Joe Philbin =Cam Cameron".

I just read posts from a few different sites. Not one person said, 'Best team ever'! or "15-1 folks, write it down. Nor did I read, 'Tannehill is Marino and will never have another batted pass' OR 'Philbin = Vince Lombardi'.

So please spare us your lectures. It's the constantly negative people who see no good in anything about our team who display the biggest over reactions.

Guy's get a grip, It was Oakland,Pat each other on the bottom side when they beat a good team on there own field.
Other then that....... Continue to dream.

Posted by: Just Passin By. | September 16, 2012 at 08:53 PM

Ignore this Troll. It's really Just Odin's Bloated Liver on his "Supposed Date".

So Poco stood you up, eh? Better luck next time champ.

The "Dead Give Away", He's still talking about touching other guys on the behind:

"Pat each other on the bottom side...."

Posted by: Just Passin By. | September 16, 2012 at 08:53 PM

Just passin by........keep on going!

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