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AFC East one big happy knot

The Dolphins beat the Raiders and evened their record at 1-1.

The Jets lost to Pittsburgh so they are 1-1.

The Bills beat Kansas City in their home-opener. They are 1-1.

And the Patriots missed a potential game-winning field goal in the final seconds to lose to the Arizona Cardinals, 20-18 in Foxborough, Mass. Amazingly, the Patriots are 1-1.

Everyone is tied after two weeks!

How about that ...


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Gore was a 3rd round draft pick the year we drafted Ronnie @ Number 2 overall. Hard to believe....

Dashi and I both know how you get your Meth Money.

We also know how and why your able to delete certain posts.

We know you wash Armando's Vette, clean up after his Poodle and Polish his knob. Armando's knob and probably the Poodles too(judging from your sick posts).

Is it any wonder you direct your derelict bullshyt at us the most?

The truth must hurt and you don't want your secret to get out..........well.......sorry, TOO LATE!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

WHRBs, drafting RBs as high as we drafted Ronnie was not wise. However, Gore had serious injury problems at Miami if I remember correctly.

But never again use a top draft pick on a RB unless he will be one of the all time best. Plenty of good backs go way after the first round - plenty.

Mark in Toronto and We Have RB's,

Well said. Let's also ask where that fraud Mark Sanchez went today in against a tough Pitt D. MIA, as he often is in these games. Let's hope the media starts to talk about Tebow again this week.


Tom Brady will always be garbage for Dashi. That's my bias. He's a patriot. Grok sucks while we at it!!!!!

Dashi hated peyton manning until he finally left the division, now I think he's the greatest qb of this generation. Put it this way Dashi has Brady in his top 5 of this generation that is coming to a end. Peyton 1st, Bree's 2nd. Then Tom, Then Eli.

Tom is one of the best game managers of all time, but to say tom is a prolific passer?

Nah, Tom Brady is Garbage.

He's not the most accurate, Strongest Arm, Smartest, or Fastest.

What Tom does is he doesn't turn the ball over when he is on his game. A lot of safe throws. Again a great game manager! A Garbage QB!

Tom didn't throw for over 350 yds in a game until like his 3 rd year passing. How many 300 yd games has he thrown? How many 3 Td's games? What about both in the same game?

Not many until after his 7th year in the league!! And even then he still doesn't throw over 300 yds with almost 40 attempts a game.

Tom plays it safe.

Hopefully red sky this will help. By Dashi saying tom is garbage I'm not saying he sucks. Dashi is just saying don't proclaim Brady is a top 5 alltime.

How about talking about our Players? Marshall, Vontae are history. Did you see Jonathan Martin cuttting down rushers? Did you see how patient Lamar Miller has become and how strong he is coming out of the hole? After one mistake, did you see Dansby all over the place? Great play today from many of our Players.

We have rb's,


Even though I prefer Prime Beef, I'm beginning to like Acorns.

This win means nothing critical of the Dolphins or Jeff Ireland can be posted for the rest of the season.

OK...good job today by the Phins. Glad the owner finally realized the benefit of 1pm start times....rather win than be comfy. If the Phins can do it two weeks in a row against Jests then we might have something going on this year.

I'll let you in on a secret. When Shula left, after a time and realizing how much they su-ked, I started second guessing Miami's Coaching in Game decisions, and I was usually right. Today, 2 issues with me. First, wasting 36 sec. at the end of the 1st half to try to score, but, I realize now that Tannehill was being hit hard and there might have been a turnover. Correct decision by Philbin. Second, when they were punting from their end zone(we all saw their snap had been shaky all day), I would have put the block on. Philbin preferred to get possesion and it turned out alright. Hmm...

Confraternity to Joe Philbin. He endured personal trajedy this year. He accepted the HC position of a struggling franchise. He sends off CJ VD and BM because they arennot the 'right fit.' Fans killed him for that and for the loss last week.

Joe stayed calm and HIS team rallied!!!

That flyer almost killed our strategy when we were ahead by not tackling their punt returner. Bad.

Congrats to Joe Philbin...spell check on my Blackberry went nuts?!?!

Just watched the Pats game and Brady looked a little hurried and confused. He was missing the gleam in his eye of seeing all his men open. Tighten this up and they are beatable.

Never thought Palmer su-ked so much and Hartline would do so well in a "WCO".

I have been hard on Hartline and Dansby. Have to Say.....they proved me and many others wrong today. Hope tonsee it continue.

Kudos to Starks-Martin-Jerry-Pouncey-Incognito-THill-Bush-Solai-Miller-Odrick-Misi-Carroll-Lane-Fields.

Leaving me VERY CONCERNED....Clemons-Burnett-Nanee-Marshall.

Needing Toynbee more consistent and more productive for Fins to win consistently...Long-Smith-Wake-Bess-Clay and Fasano.

Going to the game next week...hope to see Smith and Carroll starting. Hope to see Jane's gone. Hope to see Bess-Hartline-Armstrong starting.

Hope to see Wake crushing Dirty Sanchez!!!

Not funny anymore, Rabbis.


Oakland went 1-12 on 3rd Down!!

We Stopped Somebody on 3rd Down. And we Were 9-17 Not Bad.

2nd Important Stat


We had ZERO TurnOvers!

AS one of the few posters here who foresaw this victory, and who has maintained a positive attitude through admittedly trying times, I would like to extend an olive-branch to the naysayers.

I understand the impatience of many of you, and it is difficult to keep one's chin up.

But surely all of us can savor & enjoy today's victory. It just feels good to win! Enjoy.

Also the Play Count. By Being Fast-Paced/No Huddle Even with the Run. We Run more Plays Per Game.

When U run 10-20 more plays than the other team. U happen to win more than Not.

Again Mike Sherman Runs a Balanced Attack. IT JUST HAPPENS TO BE FAST PACED.

The Weather and THE CONDITIONING had a Factor in the Game. Also, the Players are starting to React instead of Thinking. They feel Comfortable in their Roles and Knowledge of the Plays.

And Mike Called a Hell of a Game!! He Opened up the Playbook for T-Hill.

They beat a pathetic Oakland team and they're ready to throw a parade. My how the standards have lowered.

How bout that "stout Oakland front 7"? What, gave up over 200 yards rushing you say? 6.5 yards per rush to a rookie running back playing in his first game in the NFL?


And how back that rookie running back against that great defense? The kid with "speed but no burst"? Hows that working out?

How about those "new cornerbacks" that have "strengthened the Raiders defense"? What's that you say, Brian "Flatline" has 9 catches for 111 yards?


Maybe the next time someone disagrees with my opinions they should do so without calling me stupid. You know, the whole pot and kettle thing, or glass houses, it all works.

..I would like to nominate HC Philbin for the Game Ball this week. I know there were others whos play on the field warrant the aknowledgement. But this one goes to our new HC. First of hopefully many to come. And a job well done today.

I really think the turning point of this game came in the second quarter. It was a mistake by Carson Palmer holding on to the ball to long with a wide open McFadden in the flat. That would have been an easy TD, and could have changed the momentum of the game. Instead the Raiders were held to a field goal, and we could go into halftime only down a fist pump. A huge play, or missed opportunity in our favor.

Also..This has been talked about already tonight. Good job by the offensive line today. We have to be able to run the ball to be affective offensivley. I keep saying this. But we do not face a bunch of big time quarterbacks this year. We can keep it much closer by controlling the pace of play by running it. Our pass game is dependant on running success(as evident by today) Look at the stats from the first quarter, and look at how much more efficient we were when we got the ball rolling on the ground...

Again great team win..It sure feels good. At least for this week!!!

Hey steve: ..|.,

Hey haters: ..|.,

Still celebrating guys! It was just so sweet today! We don't get to do this much! Hopefully it will become the norm.

Phins 78, Dashi has stated Flatline has been a pleasant Surprise(Have come to Appreciate him Recently). Specially with the Lack of Talent at the Position. We have 2 Wr's Now. If a 3rd Develops we will be OK this Year. Still Need the Upgrade Next Year. But Hopefully from the Draft, Not FA's.

And DD, U can Run the Ball and Be No-Huddle. Dashi has been saying this all along. The Preseason Sherman just wanted the Passing Game Up to Speed. See what We had at Wr's. The Coaches Knew what we have at RB's.

Dashi thinks a No-Huddle Ball Control(WCO Zone Running) Offense is Very Dangerous.

Sherman almost called it 50/50 last Year at A&M, And Has had a Top 5 Run Offense and a Top 5 Pass Offense in the NFL at some point in the last Decade, Multiple Times. He was the HC During Favre's Best Season, and an OC in Houston. He knows Offense, Don't know that much about Defense? That is what has cost him all his HC Jobs.

Coyle has been a Pleasant Surprise Also. He seems to have gotten his rotations in order pretty quick. Also, fixed the Outside Running Game Problem we were having. Better Job of Containment. The Run D hasn't seen a drop in Play and We are Playing better Pass D(Not that Many BIG PLAYS given up).

Just hope we can keep it rolling at home next week. The goal will be to hand the Jets thier 2nd loss in a row.

Hopefully Armstrong's up on the offense enough to actually offer a deep threat. Did you guys also notice how mych easier it is to have a pass rush when playing with a big lead? You have to score to force the opposing offense to become 1 dimensional.

We beat a loser, hooraahh!! If we win out, then we have something! Yes, we are starved for a win, but don't count your chickens before they're hatched! I want to win more than one game! I want a super bowl!

Dashi, since you said Brady was garbage, so are your comments!

Darryl D, Philbin won 1 game! It takes more than 1! Your enthusiasm is notable!

dont see any "fire Ireland, Ross sell the team" dolphin haters in here!!!??? Hopefully they will stay away for GOOD! But you know they will be right back here running their mouths as soon as we loos a game.... One thing that i'm happy about also is that WE GOT RID OF Y. BELL !!! Man he really stunk it up playin' with the Jets tonight! glad we have a good GM and head coach that can make the hard decisions and prove that FANTASY FOOTBALL GM's on this blog DONT know what they are talking about

Listen Jeff has done more good than bad. got rid of drop every important pass marshall, didnt go after kyle orton,kevin kolb,matt flynn like everyone wanted,got a 2nd round pick for dont give a crap Davis, good pick with tannehill and miller, and martin will be good 2. lets give him some credit already.

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