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This is what's happening at this hour:

As I first reported Sunday afternoon, the injury to Reggie Bush is not serious. Bush had an MRI exam this morning and the result showed swelling but no structural damage. He might miss some practice time this week if the swelling does not go down sufficiently.

The worst-case scenario is Bush misses Sunday's game at Arizona. Best case? He's back in the lineup this weekend and forward we go.

The play-calling is a big topic of media conversation today. I wrote my entire column about that topic in today's Miami Herald. Coach Joe Philbin admitted today that, on second look, he would have made some play-call changes during Sunday's game.

“Sure," he said. "You always examine everything. Look I mean we had a first and ten on the 35, I think or something like that. We ran the ball on first and ten, got a couple of yards, not as many as we would have liked. We threw it on second down because they played a specific coverage so we took a shot. Geez would it have been better if we could have completed a seven or eight yard crossing route? Yeah, absolutely. And got a first down? Sure. But credit them; we thought we had a good call and they played that situation better and we weren’t able to get a first down and make it an easier kick for Dan (Carpenter).

"Those are the facts. There are always calls that, again, I’ve never seen a NFL player play a perfect game or a coach coach a perfect game. There are always calls you want to have back, all three phases. But that’s football, that’s the way it is. You have a plan, sometimes you have to adjust it, but I’d be lying if I told you (otherwise). I’ve been in a few games (like that). I don’t think the calls were bad. The result wasn’t what we wanted. Sure we wanted a first down. I thought we had some good calls.”

Frankly, the Dolphins face an interesting philosophical question soon. You see, they're pretty good at running the football. They do it as well as anyone in the NFL so far this season.

But they are not very good passing the football.

Their problem? They want to be balanced. They want to be "aggressive," as one coach told me privately. They want to throw the ball because this is a passing league.

I would say this to the Miami Dolphins: There are only three undefeated teams at this hour in the NFL. Not one of them has had a 300-yard passing performance so far. Not one. (Matt Ryan has come close but still hasn't done it.)

I'm not saying it's not important to pass. It is very important. But if you aren't equipped to be a pass-first team, if you aren't good enough at it, find what you do well and do that instead.

Philbin addressed some of these issues at today's press conference.

He was asked what is the identity of the offense. My guess is the identity is Wait 'til next year. Philbin cannot say that. So he said this:

“The way I’d like to be is protection the football number one, which we’re not there right now, okay. We have what six giveaways in the three games. Is that accurate? So two-a-game is way too many. 32 that’s not going to cut it. That’s the first thing we’re off the boat on. The second thing is we’d love to be an explosive offense that can make big plays. I think we’ve been excellent in the running game with explosive plays, not as good in the passing game, but we’re getting better as an explosive offense. I think we had eight (explosive plays) yesterday. I think we had nine last week. We didn’t have as many in Houston. Then, the other stuff is okay, let’s have balance, let’s have flexibility, let’s be multiple formation wise, let’s kind of take what they give us type of things. But that’s all kind of fluff. What the real stuff is, is let’s hold onto the football, let’s make some big plays and make first downs, get into scoring position and all of the other stuff that sounds good we can do later."

Protection of the football is a big deal. Well, then why are you passing from your own 6 yard line with a rookie QB against that secondary when you're leading?

If protection of the football is a big deal, why was Daniel Thomas your back of choice in the fourth quarter and overtime after he fumbled for the second time in two games? Philbin, by the way, said Thomas has two fumbles in three games. Actually, he's only played two games because he missed the Oakland game with a concussion. So Thomas is averaging one fumble per game.

“Some of it was protection related," Philbin said of the work Thomas got later in the game at the expense of Lamar Miller. "We try to get moving a little bit offensively in terms of the tempo. We like to keep a, there’s a couple different schools of thought – sometimes, you can change personnel every play and sometimes you can keep the same group in for a while and try to play faster. We’re more of the less substitution more faster. We thought Daniel, pass protection wise, gives us a little bit more, bigger guy. Some of the matchups that we thought, that was really primarily the reason.”"

So let me get this correct: The running game is working exceedingly well. You are leading going into the fourth quarter. So then you sub in a back that is an inferior runner because you want to pass more and he's a better pass protector?

Idea: Run the football! It's been working!

I hate second-guessing. But when you have the same thing happening in multiple games, I have to bring it up. Yesterday the Dolphins had the ball in their own territory with 36 seconds to play. They weren't going to attack. So they handed the ball to Bush rather than take a knee.

He got hurt. Not injured seriously, as you just read, but he missed the remainder of the game. The second-guess is to simply take a knee.

Two weeks ago, the Dolphins were in a similar spot just before halftime. They weren't attacking but rather simply running out the clock to  get to halftime. They ran a play for Daniel Thomas. He fumbled. He suffered a concussion.

Time to rethink?

"It all depends," Philbin said. "You have to… Every situation’s unique. The fun thing about game management, whether right, wrong or indifferent, you certainly could argue we’ve made some mistakes or I’ve made mistakes. I should clarify that. Every situation’s unique. Yeah, you have to argue as a coach do you have faith in your players to execute a base play in your offense and run the ball or do you want to take a knee.

"Sometimes, I struggle with that a couple times, obviously already this year. We’ll have to examine it. We’ll take a look at it. We’ll discuss it. But I don’t know that there’s any hard fast, how are you playing at that particular time? Do you have any momentum? Do you want to get in the locker room and make some adjustments? You think you might be able to have a shot play that you’ve had that you might be able to take a shot and get into field goal range? How many timeouts do you have? How many do they have? There’s a bunch that goes into it. I don’t think there’s any hard and fast."

One more thing ... The Dolphins are still struggling to find wide receiver help -- no, not via trade but rather from their own roster. Anthony Armstrong, claimed on waivers from Washington, hasn't performed as hoped. He dropped a pass Sunday. He hasn't factored for Miami.

So while Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are mostly contributing, the Dolphins are apparently using practice every week to determine which other wide receiver gets work on Sunday.

“I think some of it is based on weekly performance, weekly preparation in practice," Philbin said. "I don’t think we’re locked and loaded by any stretch of the imagination."


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Any news on how Matt Moore is doing in practices?

I'm glad someone brought up the Tebow play, which stole 3 points for the Jets.

Add that former Broncos TE to my list of racist black commentators. He's racist or just plain stupid or negligent in his preparation for the half time show. He complained about "showing Tebow going 2 yards on a fake punk." Well, Mr. Racist, that play got them a first down and 3 points, and was the ONLY thing the Jets offense did in the first half.

Add that stolen 3 points to the list of ways we should have one.

Our 2 missed FGs and that Tebow punt play is a 9 point swing right there.

Then the pick 6.

The Thomas lost fumble.

Jets should not have scored more than 9 points.

We should have won 10-9 worst case scenario and really it should have been about 24-9.

Sorry Craig, but when your last playoff victory was against the Colts in 2000, you can see why posters here panic when things don't go as planned.


Winning solves every ailment known to man and when we start winning 10-12 games a year, then there will be no negative postings.

So we can give Bush the ball 200 to 300 times a season, but we can't give it to him to possibly break a long one(like last week)and/or run out the clock?

No comment!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

OK, I can't help it, I have to make one: Retarded Trolls are freaking Hilarious ;)

Cardinals are playing great. Still they will be the 2nd least(Raiders worst thus far) formibbable defense Tannehill now faces. Yes they have the Pass rusher, Calais Campbell, and the shutdown corner(Patrick Petersen). But thier complementary corner isnt a like the Cromartie.

It'll be more of matter of forcing 3pointers instead of TD's. Thier wr's will be much the challenge for our db's(mainly Fitzgerald). If on defense we can hold them to as many fg's instead of td's as possible. We'll have a very good chance to win this game.

2-2 at this point would be a nice sign we're moving in the right direction. Depending on how well we play, even 1-3, it doesnt point to the end of the world just yet.

Tannehill is just terrible. If he doesnt throw the pick 6 we win easily. 1 TD to 4 INT'S is worse then Henne numbers. Moore has a lot more upside is young and should be starting. Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did not starting Moore.

Correct, Craig. We should have stuck with Sparano's who was about to turn the corner and whose team finished last year 6-3 shoulda been 9-1 beating both super bowl contenders.

Henne was also about to have a breakout year last year.

Also, the Fasano catch was GOOD.

The "Maintain Throughout" doesn't apply when a defender pries the ball out. As long as Fasano established posession up to that point, it's a good catch.

I couldn't believe these amatuer refs got that one right.

Coalition, shut your fat, stupid, ugly, disgusting pie hole.

"Phins I don't want to win 8 games. I wanted to win 14 like SanFran did last year in year 1."


Yeah but this doesn't answer the question because everyone in the entire galaxy knew that wasn't happening with the current roster. San Francisco had talent on their roster and a qb who had already taken his rookie lumps and then some when Harbaugh took over. If you were looking for the Dolphins to replicate that season you weren't doing your homework during camp.

Minnesota 24 San Francisco 13

Enuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"What Phins78 & Craig M haven't grasped"

And what you apparently failed to grasp is that I wasn't talking about one play in one game. I'm talking about the over all game and the entire season.

Did you really think I meant they were trying to establish an identity on one play?

OK, I can't help it, I have to make one: Retarded Trolls are freaking Hilarious ;)

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 24, 2012 at 04:45 PM

Who had 4:45?

I see all degenerate talk going on.

Jack Swallows is still mad about getting schooled I can see.

Rough night Mr. Swallows ;)

If you could have one night with her, do you pick Britney or Christina. Both got fat but both are still hot.

I'd probably pick Britney.

Guys, Over under on when odinstank Wakes up?
Bounus, on what kind of bodly fluids he wakes up in.

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver. | September 24, 2012 at 03:53 PM


Posted by: Just passing by. | September 24, 2012 at 04:03 PM

just passing by wins.
Odin, when you awoke what type of bodly fluids had leaked out?

Hmmm, let's look at the list since Shula, shall we?

Jimmy Johnson....quit, no longer coaching
Dave Wannstedt...DC for the Bills
Nick Saban.......quit the Dolphins, now college HC
Tony Sparano.....OC for the jets

Which one would you like to have back?

Miller blew a running play. So what. Tannehill has thrown half a dozen interceptions and nobody's talking about benching him for an inferior player. So why would we bench Miller for Sammie Daniel Thomas Smith?

You're missing the point. They are grooming a qb for the future, he was their 8th pick and is a rookie who is still learning. They are two different positions. You wouldn't be saying so what if Tannehill had his shoulder separated and missed the rest of the season and had to start over next year with the learning process. It's what happens in football to EVERY player who is not a qb. Interceptions are going to happen. Peyton throws em, Rodgers throws em, Eli throws em, etc. But not many running backs put theere qb in a position to get injured and stay in the game when they are rookies. You sit the bench after a mistake like that, you learn from it, and come back and never make the mistake again. They were protecting the guy who touches the ball every offensive possesion in the game. You don't have to protect a guy who only touches the ball part of the time. Big picture here.






"Guys, Over under on when odinstank Wakes up?
Bounus, on what kind of bodly fluids he wakes up in."

Dude, no one cares.

Coco, Id take JJ.

Phins78, the big picture is that Thomas is a bust and garbage and your team has little chance of winning if Thomas gets 19 carries.

Coco, I'd take any one of them over Philbin.

And I quote, "I hate second guessing." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! You're the KING of second guessing. So, Mando, tell me this, if the Dolphins have a minute left in the clock before half time, and they do, as you so readily advise, wouldn't you be criticizing them for not making an attempt to try and move the ball for a possible field goal or touch down? I mean, I hate to second guess!


You are one funny dude Armando!

LOL some more!!!

Craig the funny thing about that (seems like we lost 35-3 comment) is that none of my Jets friends crushed me today. They were pissed and as the conversations went on I realized they are really worried about their team. I think they thought the Jets would make the playoffs but now they seem to have serious doubts. Bruce Jacobs on espn radio was saying the same things. He's the biggest Jets homer in the world and the funny thing is I didn't look at it from their perspective.

They were mad about Shonne Greene and how they are supposed to be ground and pound but have no running backs and no running game. Greene is on pace for a 725 yard season.

They were mad that Rex saved all of his timeouts.

They were really mad that Rex didn't blitz our rookie qb more.

They were mad that Sanchez was so inaccurate.

It's crazy, I was so upset about the loss but got a new perspective today. Those guys are expecting playoffs and more. I was expecting to get blown out of a lot of games. We're overachieving so far under the circumstances, this team has no business being in any of these games. One look at our roster tells that story very well.


There aren't any stats on him.

Or did he play that bad to have no stats?

Mr. 78,

If we were discussing 1 play in particular, the run at the end of the half, why would you be going on a half page rant about the identity of the game & the team for the season? Way to stay on point, I must say.

Wwe hated Sporano for kneeling while losing. Conservative play calling.

What happened yesterday was dumb play calling. On your 20, with 36 seconds left, running was not an aggressive play call that establishes an identity for the game or season. Why were you even going there?

The point was, is & shall always be that if you're trying to run 1 play to get to halftime as Miami was, JUST KNEEL IT & DONT RISK INJURIES.

I hope I'm wrong but I kinda think Philbin is deferring too much to Sherman and his experience.


Joe great point. I was thinking the same thing and I too hope he isn't doing that. Sparano did it with Henning and it was a disaster. For all we know Sherman will be coaching a team next year, that is his goal as far as insiders can tell. He wants back in as a coach in the nfl. So I really hope Philbin has a bigger set of ballz then Tony had and I hope he has Sherman working for him, not the other way around.

The point was, is & shall always be that if you're trying to run 1 play to get to halftime as Miami was, JUST KNEEL IT & DONT RISK INJURIES.
Posted by: TRUTH | September 24, 2012 at 05:10 PM

Yeah, and except for the fact that Reggie broke a 60+ yarder for a TD last week, you'd have a point.

The play call was conservative no doubt, but they were thinking safe with a chance to break one. Maybe even only field goal range.

I don't see anything wrong with it. Just a bunch of second guessing hens with low comprehension skills.

" We should have stuck with Sparano's who was about to turn the corner and whose team finished last year 6-3 shoulda been 9-1 beating both super bowl contenders.

Henne was also about to have a breakout year last year."

Oh for the love of God no. Please tell me I didn't just read this. I,,I don't even know what to say. I could write a list of a 100 reasons why Tony sucked as a coach and needed to be fired before last year even happened but I don't have the time or patience.

Good lord I can't believe someone actually wrote this. I guess what I'm saying is I strongly disagree but to each his own.

Sherman is a moron.

Any team that gives him the head coaching job is a disaster.

And Henne was about to have a breakout year? I wonder why then he is a backup for a team that is actually ranked lower than the Dolphins. Blaine Gabbert sucked last year, here you go.

"Gabbert struggled in his rookie season. He was sacked 40 times, third most of any quarterback in the league. He fumbled 14 times, most in the league by a quarterback.[9] His 50.8% completion percentage was second-worst in the league for passers with more than 200 attempts (ahead of only Tim Tebow's 46.5%). His 5.4 yards per attempt was last in the league among qualifying passers, as was his 65.4 passer rating.[10] Football Outsiders calculated that Gabbert's 2011 season was "with the fifth worst season we've ever measured" in aggregate value."

And Henne couldn't beat him fair and square.

3 more weeks until Henne is Jax's starting QB. Then the 350-450 yard games begin.

Henne is the real deal.

" We should have stuck with Sparano's who was about to turn the corner and whose team finished last year 6-3 shoulda been 9-1 beating both super bowl contenders.

Henne was also about to have a breakout year last year."

78, What idiot posted this, Either he's drunk or just clueless.

Why hasn't Dan Crapenter been released yet?

I explained last week why Henne is not the starter yet. There was no "fair and square" competition, just like with Tebow and the horrible Sanchez. The NFL has a "courtesty/seniority" system much like office jobs, actually, whereby terrible but annointed starting QBs like Gabbert are given their job and allowed to stink it up for 5 or 6 weeks before the guy brought in to replace him is allowed to play.

Henne completely outperformed the horrible Gabbert in preseason and thus far this year (100% completion %, 130 rating) and Henne will be the Jax starter by week 6.

Henne is an NFL starter ready to enter his prime.

3 more weeks until Henne is Jax's starting QB. Then the 350-450 yard games begin.

Henne is the real deal.

Posted by: Jung Li | September 24, 2012 at 05:21

Jung, Tell us about something you know about.

Brandon Weeden, Russel Wilson, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker,Ryan Fitzpatrick,Christian Ponder, and 30 other QB's all have higher QB ratings then Tannehill.

In fact Tannehill's QB rating is the WORST in the NFL.

"If we were discussing 1 play in particular, the run at the end of the half, why would you be going on a half page rant about the identity of the game & the team for the season? Way to stay on point, I must say."

Who's we? I wasn't discussing that, I was talking about my own thing. I was talking about a few posts that were saying we should have ran the ball more in the second half after losing Bush. I was saying the run is a waste of time because that is not going to be the team identity moving forward. We are going to be a passing team like most other teams in the league.

I was commentiong on Armandos assertion that we should run more when he had his cheer leading skirt and pom poms waving around all last year screaming the Dolphins are built wrong because it's a passing league now and all we do is run the ball, all we have are p;layers that can run block. That was his mission statement last year, attack the coaching staff about the run.

So the team changes philosophies and now he's saying we should run more.

This is what I was commenting on I believe. Just because you were talking about something doesn't mean I have to comment on the same thing.

LOL!!! Oscar I was laughing about the same thing, "I hate second guessing".

Rofl, Armando wrote that for the new readers I guess. There's no way anyone who has read this blog for a while now thinks that is even remotely true! :)

We already had perennial 350-yard passer (480 vs NE) Henne and 6-3 shoulda been 8-1 Matt Moore, and we had #1 WR Marshall. We could have used the #8 pick on a good corner or LB or another receiver.

Then this year would be 11-5 or better and playoffs, with Sparano or Bowles as coach.


(1) Have the Fins FO made a FIRM decision to play TANNEHILL the whole season regardless of what he does just so they can make the FIRM decision that they don't need to pick a new QB in the next draft OR

(2) will they bring in MOORE at some point if the losses start to pile up because T-hill continues to throw INTs and underperform ?

Truth just read the rest of your post and yeah, I definitely wasn't commenting on what you guys were talking about so there must have been a misunderstanding.

Kneeling and running out the clock would have would have been fine with me.

But I'm not an NFL coach who has the second best runnijg back in the league so far who ran for 6.1 yards a carry and was probably moments (in Joes mind at the time) from breaking another one. Had he broke another one we could have gone into the half with 3 to 7 more points. I guarantee you Reggie wanted the ball too.

But you are well within your right to second guess the coach after all is said and done. You pay your money as a fan, it is your right and your opinions are valid.

Hahahaha no ones drunk. I made the mistake of asking someone that last night because I couldn't understand their stance and he got mad at me.

So from now on I will never ask anyone if they are drunk. Apparently that is a major insult in some places around the country. :)

You know,,,,hahaha, at least Kris and my disagreement was kind of amusing last night.

This thing Coalition and the guy who types under different names has going is downright boring,,,yawn. CHANGE IT UP GUYS!

"Coalition you suck and no one in here likes you"

"Shut up Monkey Boy you're gay and like men".

That's pretty much the jist of it right? LOL ;)

I've got no problem with running Reggie with 35 seconds left, Like my namises Odinstank says you never know what will happen, It was a injury, could have happend in the first 30 seconds of the game or the last 40 seconds of the game., If reggie would have gone 65 yards on the play in question Philbin is a football god. Give it a rest.

More RBs need to not be afraid to bounce it outside and change directions like Bush does and like Ricky did in his prime.

"Jung Li I never heard you say that before because I don't recognize the name but I'll take your word for it.

But, Gabbert threw for a career-high 260 passing yards in the Jaguars' regular season opener against the Minnesota Vikings along with two touchdowns and a career-best 96.1 quarterback rating.

They see something in him. He's a young qb and young qbs need time to mature. So I wouldn't place a bet on Henne starting any time soon.

And I don't get why people want to give Henne multiplke years to prove himself but Gabbert only gets one year? That doesn't make sense to me.

I'd like to see screen plays to Bush and Miller next week and more two TE sets. More running please.

I also want to see J-Lane used in short yardage like Polite was in the past.

Is Clay in the dog-house or injured? Maybe Fins need to get rid of him.

Coalition,,,,LOL! Allright ya knuckleheads I have to go again. I'll check back later. PEACE!

And another thing, Revis went down with a injury and I guess Sherman thought lets take advantage of having there #3 CB in, so lets start throwing, I get that, But Armando loves to being the monday morning QB, Oh well, It was a loss, get over it, it's still a LONNNNG season.

That was a terrible way to lose.

The hated rival, overtime, the missed field goals.

I think it put me into a permanent state of shock. Not because I was shocked, just because of how traumatic it was.

You could feel that ominous feeling when Reggie went down. When the 3rd quarter started, you could tell something bad was about to happen.

I kept waiting for a play. Tannehill, Hartline, Reggi.......nope. Reggie was done. I kept waiting for somebody to make a play. It didn't happen.

Then with Miller in there, I thought, yeah......here we go. Then he was gone and I had to finish out the game just waiting for Thomas to fumble again. Everyrtime he touched the ball I held my breath.

Then with the game riding on Carpenters foot, I thought: Oh Yeah!

WTF! It does feel like a curse.

Oscar, you criticize me for what you call "second-guessing" when two injuries happen in the same situation in two different games.

I guess, then, you are going to say Mike Sherman is second-guessing himself also because he said today he has to sit down and discuss the topic with Joe Philbin to see if they need to make a change.

Obviously, you don't know the difference between second-guessing and pointing out something that needs addressing.

You're 100% right armando. Kneel it & stop risking injuries or bad things happening like a turnover.

Especially when you have a lead & had dominated to that point like the phins were.

Just dumb coaching right there.

LOL!!! Armando. Hah, hah, hah...

I've been reading through all the posts back and forth about the play calling and personnel and agree with some but not all of the criticism. I did wonder why we were running Bush between the Guards with 36 seconds to go in the half. The Jets have M.DeVito, B.Scott and David Harris in there and don't believe that the most high % play. In hindsight would have liked to see Bess targeted more and earlier backing D.Harris into a zone coverage of some kind, that said I watched this game and started to draw the parallels between it and the 09 Monday Night game with Henne making his 1st start Vs. then rookie M.Sanchez in week 4 that Yr.

You fast forward to yesterday and can't say that Sanchez looks much different than the rookie we saw that Monday night while being matched all afternoon by our 2012 rookie QB. Tannehill. With each passing week he looks better in his reads, audibling and touch passes. The 3rd down backside throw with nothing open down the field to D.Thomas was a thing of beauty and guys that was D.Thomas juking Reevis right out of his shoes when the knee buckled, he may yet prove to be a solid 3rd down utility back which seems to be when he's at his best. The fumbles are a concern that can be worked on, I was NEVER a big fan of the Thomas pick but the fumble aside he didn't play a bad game and Sanchez did throw us a pick right back on the following play.

Philbin can be second guessed for some of his calls but won't falt him for trying to stretch the D at the end of the game trying to hit a quick cheap 6 with Carpenter hooking everything yesterday including the ones he made, all to the left far wide knuckle balls. He had a shaky Preseason as well and it's concerning at this point for a team that will look to win close games sporting a Kicker whose been in a funk since training camp. I will question the personnel, why wasn't A.Armstrong on the field at that point with his speed why is Naanee still even on the roster?? This team is however head over heels ahead of were I thought they would be at QB, OL and RB. We need to go get the deep threats and T.E. in the next Off-season while continuing the progress and I'll be just fine with the direction of the Offense myself compared to some of the turds we've put out there over the last decade and counting.

all you monday morning coaches are boring and stupid .. I'm very glad none of you guys are running this team! Thank God for that!

I might be nuts but I would give the rookie rishard Mathews a look very productive young talent in the preseason. He made the team because he stood out. Plus we ain't got anybody els. If they go free agent. Man! Plaixico burress if in shape could help Miami rite now. If you were Miami would you play plaxico 1-1 ? He's a huge target yet younger than 85,Owens and moss

Only have less than a minute in the half I say put lane in there for a few bruising yards! Next get Rishard Matthews in line up. He was the best receiver in training camp (albeit against hacks), but he has great hands, tough runner and runs good routes.

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