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Armstrong: Even return to familiar place 'stressful'

Cut by an NFL eam one day and claimed by another team one thousand miles away the next day? Well, if you're receiver Anthony Armstrong, you got four hours to pack. You couldn't really move so you're now paying rent in two places. You're driving a rental car while you car sits up north.

And you spent seven hours learning a new playbook Tuesday while other players enjoyed a day off.

"It's kind of stressful," Armstrong said Wednesday after the Dolphins practice in preparation for Sunday's game against Houston. "But you embrace it and at least I'm employed and able to do that instead of being cut and out of football and having to figure out how to move back home."

"It has been a whirlwind, that's the perfect word for it. I go from supposedly on the team and getting ready for New Orleans to there's trade rumors and then I'm cut and going on to another team the next day. I had four hours to pack and I got here and had seven hours of playbook install with the coaches. It hasn't stopped yet. They've kept me pretty busy and I'm still getting used to coach (Joe) Philbin's schedule."

Armstrong was on the Dolphins practice squad in 2008 before being cut during training camp in 2009. He came to the Dolphins with great speed and an ability to get open deep. But his route running and hands were sketchy.

Well, his route-running is better. I cannot account for his hands. But he can still run. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill talked today about how well Armstrong "gets separation" on slant patterns.

"It's actually crazy and it's ironic," Armstrong said. "You leave and do some things in other places and now they bring you back to be what they wanted you to be way back then. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes it takes for you to kind of fall and let someone let you go and go develop somewhere else. You feel wanted. It's great."

So what's the different between the player who left Miami in 2009 and is returning in 2012?

"I think I've developed a lot better, one, as a man, and also as a receiver and a football player as a whole," Armstrong said. "I had some good coaches that I ran into who gave me pretty good sound work on fundamentals. Ike Hilliard was here and was up there (in Washington) for a brief time and learn much from him during that time frame. I'm always going to be able to run downfield, but it's important to be able to run underneath routes as well."

Armstrong has been getting the crash course in the Miami gameplan and playbook. He's not been asked to know the entire book, but rather the portions that he needs to know to contribute on Sunday.

"I try to learn the whole thing because it meakes it easier to understand it all," he said. "I'm pretty much up to speed with what they've given me so far. I'm not going to say I'm 100 percent but I'm probably pretty high 85-90 percent of what I need to know so far."

One advantage Armstrong does enjoy in returning to familiar surroundings: Despite the quick turn of events, he's in a familiar town. He's not getting lost on the highway.

"And," he said, "I know where all the good food spots are so that's pretty helpful."


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Did anyone read Barry Jackson today?

Posted by: albert | September 05, 2012 at 02:38 PM

I thought about it at two different times today but opted not to. Sometimes I go back as much as a day or two to read what he has written but today I didn't feel like doing that. It is possible that I will read his next column but I can't be absolutely positive of that. Do you think you will be reading his next column? I guess if you do and I don't then you could also make mention of it here. Or if you don't maybe mention him anyway so I will be reminded and then I can go find the column online if I feel like reading it but if I don't then I probably wouldn't even do that much. I'll just have to wait and see how I feel at that time I guess.

Posted by: Frank Pep | September 05, 2012 at 02:45 PM

I thought this was funny as he!! ....from the last blog....


540,000 makes the small inconvenience's worth it.

Given credit were credit is due is a sign of maturity.....I like that Armstrong credited coaches and a former player for his continued opportunities in the NFL....

I have seen the tape (sporano)....and from the highlights...the guy gets open....I just hope in real time...that he catches the ball consistently.....



If he's our legit downfield threat than maybe this WCO works. Too bad Bess is the only proven commodity in this group


we have what we have....no point in crying now....it time to go to battle....

we gotta dance with the once that brought us....



Bess wouldnt make the roster on any other team.

The incompetence of Ross and Ireland is really unprecedented. The fan base has left in droves and its estimated Ross is down 200 mill in the diminished value of the team and the reduced revenues.

Fireland has been playing money ball for years now. He wants cheap players who then are just marginal at best. He thought we had great receivers and looks like a fool. He drafts players out of position like misi to be a pass rusher. Misi was never a pass rusher in college and then he wonders why he cant rush now. He drafts a lt and thinks he can just putmhim at rt and it will be fine. He is a fool and Ross a bigger one for not hearing everyone call for his head for at least a full yr plus now

I still think this team does better than all of the pundits say! At least 8-8 (9-7 possible) based on a soft schedule and the fact that no one is giving us any respect. A lot will be based on Coaching (hopefully Philbin & Sherman are the real deal), how our D plays, and the development of our QB & the receivers. We'll find out if Philbin can coach and if Tannehill is the real deal this year!


Kris.."ones"..no apostrophe.
OK, seriously, the "meat" of your post is SO true, whether we like it or not.
We gotta ride this horse. I actually believe we are going to get better, especially on the defensive side, and Tanny will play like Tebow, but with an arm.
He is big dude, and appears fearless.
I think our strength right now will be a strong spine.

I just hope we fans can hang in there as well.
I LOVE my Fins, and have since '66. Same with my alma mater, da U (since '57)
You don't abandon your squeeze when times are tough.

We may not beat Houston, but I hope they leave not wanting to play us again.
The word will get around the league fast.

Yeah seriously Aloco, sack up. What's with all of the whining over stupid crap, lots of teams signed guys from the waiver wire this week and last. Not trying to be mean but sometimes your posts sound like they were written by a woman. Like Kris said, battle time, take the panties off and be a man. Stop all of the poor us stuff, the players aren't doing that, they're focused on trying to win the game. You should focus on supporting them.

NFL Insight, if the Browns (CLEVELAND!!) can sell for 1 billion bucks, I believe the value of a team situated in a much better climate would garner no less, when the chips are on the table.

I dont blame the Dolphins for drafting Tannehill even though I doubt he's the answer at QB. They needed to draft any 1st rd QB to try to awaken the sleepy fan base. That being said, I think Matt Barkley is the franchise QB that may be within reach next year and they better grab him.

I don't understand the weirdos who come in here and try to bait people. I'm not even going to argue the point on Bess. That post was obviously an attempt to get under someones skin or the person is just new to watching the NFL. The people trying to bait others into a back and forth are so obvious it's comical.

Don't worry, ALoco will come around. He always does.
ALoco, what's on the menu for the game Sunday?

Just another acorn, scrapping the bottle of the barrel for talent. SMDH!

Nat really? You're giving up on Tannehill before he gets real receivers and a year under his belt? Hell, you're giving up on him before the first game even though he did well in camp? Sheesh, talk about impatient.

A true fan supports the players they have instead of putting them down and crying about not having the ones they wished they did. The inspiration that a player or group of players can get by knowing their fans stand besides them can make the average player great. I have been a dolphin fan for 31 years now and yes some great times and some not so great times but always a prou and supportive fan. The worst time for me is now with so many so called fans so unwilling to stand by the players that are trying hard to get better everyday and the coaches that r trying to build a winning program. I read comments from many that say this program has dropped so low, it is so bad... It is the true fan support that has dropped so low and is an embarrassment. It is not just about a win but the road we travel to get to the winning seasons. Come on people lets show the football world what we are made of!! Let's stick by these players start believing in them and give them a reason to want to be great as a Dolphin player!!! Let's be proud of their effort and show support through the good and bad no matter what and the great will come!!! I have lived through this before. Let's be the best fans ever if we truly want the best team!! Thanks to all the true fans that find common understanding in this post

Tracy lay off the bath salts, the Dolphins will at best go 6 and 10. At best!

Posted by: Phins78 | September 05, 2012 at 05:09 PM

Agree. As regards Bess, he is universally respected on the networks, and we're are VERY lucky to have him. It certainly makes the Welker loss easier to take. Actually, If they switched places, I wouldn't be surprise if their stats switched as well. Maybe not totally in Bess's favor, but I bet he'd catch 100 with NE, as open as their guys get, due to the 2 great TE's.

You mean scraping the bottom? Or are you saying Armstrong is a drunk? :)

Ummm to answer your question from the last blog I am from Oregon we only have the finest green. lol

But seriously we do have a soft schedule and our starters are young and have potential.
OL- Long Pouncey and Martin
DL- Wake, Stark, Soliai, and Ordick

This is still were games are won folks...

Not giving up on Tannehill. Just have no reason to believe he's above average. If he proves he is I'll change my tune. I've watched him in college and exhibition and I'm not impressed yet.

Phins78, Armstrong sucks

open as their guys, that was my point exactly and thank you. Bess is a top 5 slot receiver in this league, NO ONE argues that. Bess is a slot receiver and a great one. The problem is some fans don't know there are different types of players on every team.

Okay Nat, fair enough.

Well clue you are certainly entitled to your opinion, no one can take that away from you.

Some interesting tweets from Omar, he also mentions Armando in the next one I'm going to paste.

"Bill Parcells acts like he never set this franchise back years. In fact, he acts like he never even ran the #Dolphins. Blame shifter."
6 minutes ago

"You know how you know Bill Parcells is guilty of running a ponzi scheme on Miami? How much has he been accountable for, and addressed?"

Ive got a feeling Miami's going to the Super Bowl,( in 2015). Tannehill will be the awnser at QB. We are going to be a good football team. Playoffs, Championships, and eventually Super Bowl. Next Super Bowl Miami will be in: ( Miami Dolphins vs Chicago Bears) Miami will be in a SB in the very near Future!!!!

Don't buy the Salguero tweets that BP blames Ireland for 08?"» Miami Fan

"If Bill Parcells wants to say anyone but him controlled the Dolphins' drafts before '11 he's a liar. That's the ONE aspect of his job he did". Omar

"2 things I know about Parcells. Full of himself & full of sh*t". Omar

My gut feeling is if we can get Barkley and move Tannehill to WR it would improve the team a lot. But Tannehill has all season to prove himself so we'll see.

(M)(I)(A)(M)(I) (D)(O)(L)(P)(H)(I)(N)(S) Wll Be A Winning Team Again... May God Our Heavenly Father Bless The DOLPHINS!!!


The truth is the team has gone steadily downhill since Parcells left. NUFF SAID!

Phins78, The fact the parcells was contacted by the Jets WHILE HE WAS STILL EMPLOYED by the Fins? Sheer gall, but Parcells is all about bluster and intimidation, at least the last 10 years. Ponzi scheme...lol.
Yes, you could say Ross was the first sucker.

However, count me as one of the MANY who celebrated the Parcells hiring by personally thanking the Lord God Almighty. Seriously. Yikes.
Parcells must have intercepted the message, thinking my thanks was to him!! LOL

Hello fellow Miami Dolphin Fans, from Bristol, Connecticut. Home to ESPN. there are a-lot of Dolphin fans in this town, screw the Jets, Patriots, and Giants, Bristol, Ct is Miami Dolphins Country...

Whoops, Phins78 and all, the last post credited to "opens their guys' was ME.
Somehow a cut and past got into my USER name?
How is that possible?

Nat Moore Tannehill will never move back to wide receiver, not even an option. Not only will he never make the move back but his agent won't allow it either. He is a QB and will be a qb for the rest of his career. He played WR for 2 and a half years, that is all. He has played QB for most of his life except for a brief stint as a db in his freshman year and some of his sophmore season in high school.

You can not sign a guy #8 overall as a QB, start him in his rookie season, and then switch him to WR where he will be at best your 3rd or 4th option. Talk about wasting money, you're going to pay your 4th wide receiver QB money? #8 overall pick money?

The only way that scenario would happen is if Tannehill sucked so bad at QB HE would have no option but to try out at WR just to save his career. And if you think that's the way this thing is headed I have to disagree 100%.

Mark wolf
We heard that before and got us nothing
As long as JI is their the PHINS will be losers
As long as JI is still the GM!!!

Mark Wolf, you don't need to shout. However, ALoco does as he is very soft spoken.
BTW, those familiar with the educational system in Miami (I was born in Miami) most certainly could tell you were Miami educated.
Ah, sorry bud.
It was just there for the taking. I now apologize.
Actually, I commend you on being a TRUE Fins fan. Yes, it's tough right now, but i still have the same ache in the nut sack I have this time every year.
Apparently so do you, and many others here.
I still would like to see Ireland gone, though.

Tom - Please don't lecture me about how to be a fan.

I too have been a life-long Dolphins fan but that doesn't mean I have to discard my intelligence, good-sense, & football knowledge. Yes, a true fan should support his team, but he also must know when his beloved team is being ruined by greedy & incompetent men.

We are being asked to support, both spiritually & financially, a vastly inferior product. If I wasn't a fan, I would actually be amused & entertained by the freak show this organization has become. But because I love the Dolphins it just sickens me to see how far we have fallen.

If you want to call yourself a fan because you're satisfied with winning 4 games a year & think you love the 'fins because you never question any of the highly questionable moves they make, be my guest. But I deserve better. The fans deserve better. The Dolphins deserve better.

open as their guys, me too :( I was so happy to get Parcells and a relative of mine who happens to be a Cowboys fan said it would backfire. I remember arguing with him over a couple of beers for like an hour. He was insistent that Parcells didn't care about anything but himself and how he looked to the outsiders. He said he was a mercenary and wouldn't do jack squat for our team.

I laughed at him, told him he was wrong, said he was just tasting those sour grapes over the Cowboys not making the playoffs. I didn't listen to a word he said and thought he was a fool. I recently apologized to him and told him he was right. grrrrrrrrr! Hate doing that.

And that day, when I told him he was right, he told me Garrard would be injured by week 3. I again laughed at him, told him Garrard has only been injured once in his career. wrote him off. I now have to go back and tell him he was right! And I know he's laughing his butt off just waiting for the moment! I hate you Charles!!!!!

Yep, wiser heads than ours saw Tanny as a QB. Leadership skills trump pass catching ability.
There's a guy who should be a tight end. He could possibly out-Gronk Gronkowski.
Too tall to play FB, but how would you like to see an even tougher Peyton Hillis com in' at you?
Won't happen though, which is prolly best for the rest of the league.


Posted by: ALoco | September 05, 2012 at 05:36 PM

Posted by: MARK WOLF | September 05, 2012 at 05:37 PM

Dear Aloco, you forgot to change your writing styles when switching names again. This happens quite often, please make the necessary adjustments. Thank you.

Seriously though Aloco (and I'm not fighting with you) you are absurdly weird and I don't get it. You come in as Aloco and just annihilate everything that is the Dolphins but at the same time you are signing in under different names and talking great about the team? WTF is your agenda here?! LMAO

B-U-S-T-E-D ,,,,,,,,,,,,BUSTED!



lucadawg I applaud your love of the Dolphins and you're right, cheer em or boo em, it's your choice. But as we all agree our team isn't good can we at least not take away wins they earned by saying they only win 4 games a year? There is no need to embelish, 6 wins a season is bad too. Just don't rip the players off like that because Ross is a bafoon and Jeff is a glorified scout. The players earned those two extra wins! :)

Posted by: Phins78 | September 05, 2012 at 05:53 P

Oh, LOLOLOLOlhahahahaha.
I'm really ignorant of the identity switches around here.
I was caught hook line and sinker. I should have known when i saw ROAME.
How do you all know when someone switches User Name...other than writing style?
Signed, Odin.

Really getting ticked with all the BS being spewed by Armando and fans about Ireland and the offseason. Obviously it wasn't a home run. But come on...there was progress made.

QB - The most important position on the field. They passed on several Free Agents who turned into nothing this offseason. They pick THill and he looks solid entering as the STARTER.

RT - They pick Martin early in the draft and reporters and fans posting online were thrilled. He has ups and downs in the offseason just like all rookies. But he is smart and I think will prove to be fine. STARTER.

RB - Thigpen and Miller look like solid prospects and will serve well on Special Teams. Good depth at an important position.

DE - Moving to a 4-3 we needed another pass rusher to complement Wake. We couldn't use a top pick as we needed the QB and RT. So I think there is real value in Vernon who offers some real upside. This is good back up for Wake and Odrick (Odrick needs to step up but he was a Parcells guy).

C - Samuda is a great find and looks to be a solid C/G back up for depth on the OLine.

RG - Hicks looked really promising until he got hurt. That is not Ireland's bad. Ireland made a good move to get the guy.

TE - He used the 3rd pick on Egnew. Most reporters and fans thought it was a good pick as midfield threat. He looked bad on Hard Knocks. Lets see how he does throughout the year. This could be a bust but nobody could be sure yet.

CB - We needed back up to VD and SS. Marshall comes in and wins the job. STARTER. Lets face it VD looked bad and the team moved on and got a 2nd rounder to build on. Not a bad move given how shabby VD looked in preseason.

WR - Clearly it was the cocerning area. But all we heard this off season was that the WC Offense doesn't require a stud receiver. Nanee, I am not a big believer in this guy based on preseason. But Ireland brought him in and he might just prove to be a STARTER. The decision to trade Marshall was not only on Ireland. You know Ross and Philbin weighed in on that one. Armstrong is better than Gates. So I like the swap there.

I know there were misses too. But that's the reality of the NFL. Nobody gets all the Draft Picks & Free Agents correct.

I don't expect to see a winning season. I don't expect to beat Houston this week. But I am excited to see the Fins play this year. My focus is on THill to see if we FINALLY have a real QB to build around.

My focus is on Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry and Martin. Do we FINALLY have an OLine that can protect the QB and create some running room?

My focus is on Bush, Thomas, Lane and Miller. Can our RB's carry the load? Do we FINALLY have a real back field to rely upon? I see some real yards gained by passes out of the backfield to Bush and Lane. Can't wait to see the next fool try to tackle Lane.

My focus is on the 4-3. I have been a big believer that it fits Solai, Starks, Wake, Odrick, Burnett, Misi and Dansby better. I hope we FINALLY have a front seven to rely upon.

My focus is on TE. I think Clay has real upside. Do we finally have a decent TE tandum to count on?

I worry about WR and our D backs. But if the others prove solid then I would count 2012 as a success regardless of win/loss record. 2012 is a REBUILD plain and simple.


jpao, conspicuously, your posting used the phrase "back up" more than anyone would like to see when referring to new draftees and FA.
In 4 years of drafting, the % of starters to backups is VERY bad, and intact, we've probably cut (or should cut) more drafted and signed FA than anyone in the league.
I don't have stats to back that up, but I bet ESPN does.

Doesn't mean I don't love my team, but we could/should be a WHOLE lot better stocked with quality STARTERS than we are.

Well!, another Homer just like odin and I are.

Folks, I've really enjoyed this forum today.
Best to all.


I will take ALL the help I can get when it comes to writing....


Why you go when I come in, Writer. No coincidence. You one of the 10-15 guys?

You know, I think I'm becoming delusional again. From what I have read, the last 8 Games last year we had no fuc-ing HC, the Players ran themselves as TS quit functioning and still we won 6 of the 8 games. Can anybody confirm this? In any case, with a permanent HC now we should do better. What you think? Yes? No? Maybe?

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