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Armstrong: Even return to familiar place 'stressful'

Cut by an NFL eam one day and claimed by another team one thousand miles away the next day? Well, if you're receiver Anthony Armstrong, you got four hours to pack. You couldn't really move so you're now paying rent in two places. You're driving a rental car while you car sits up north.

And you spent seven hours learning a new playbook Tuesday while other players enjoyed a day off.

"It's kind of stressful," Armstrong said Wednesday after the Dolphins practice in preparation for Sunday's game against Houston. "But you embrace it and at least I'm employed and able to do that instead of being cut and out of football and having to figure out how to move back home."

"It has been a whirlwind, that's the perfect word for it. I go from supposedly on the team and getting ready for New Orleans to there's trade rumors and then I'm cut and going on to another team the next day. I had four hours to pack and I got here and had seven hours of playbook install with the coaches. It hasn't stopped yet. They've kept me pretty busy and I'm still getting used to coach (Joe) Philbin's schedule."

Armstrong was on the Dolphins practice squad in 2008 before being cut during training camp in 2009. He came to the Dolphins with great speed and an ability to get open deep. But his route running and hands were sketchy.

Well, his route-running is better. I cannot account for his hands. But he can still run. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill talked today about how well Armstrong "gets separation" on slant patterns.

"It's actually crazy and it's ironic," Armstrong said. "You leave and do some things in other places and now they bring you back to be what they wanted you to be way back then. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes it takes for you to kind of fall and let someone let you go and go develop somewhere else. You feel wanted. It's great."

So what's the different between the player who left Miami in 2009 and is returning in 2012?

"I think I've developed a lot better, one, as a man, and also as a receiver and a football player as a whole," Armstrong said. "I had some good coaches that I ran into who gave me pretty good sound work on fundamentals. Ike Hilliard was here and was up there (in Washington) for a brief time and learn much from him during that time frame. I'm always going to be able to run downfield, but it's important to be able to run underneath routes as well."

Armstrong has been getting the crash course in the Miami gameplan and playbook. He's not been asked to know the entire book, but rather the portions that he needs to know to contribute on Sunday.

"I try to learn the whole thing because it meakes it easier to understand it all," he said. "I'm pretty much up to speed with what they've given me so far. I'm not going to say I'm 100 percent but I'm probably pretty high 85-90 percent of what I need to know so far."

One advantage Armstrong does enjoy in returning to familiar surroundings: Despite the quick turn of events, he's in a familiar town. He's not getting lost on the highway.

"And," he said, "I know where all the good food spots are so that's pretty helpful."


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Houston looks plenty tough. How the hell can we beat them? Any ideas?

Cheap arse Ross can't pay the man per diem.?

I will compromise with you homers.

If Miami beats Houston. Then Ireland is no longer a General Manager. He is a Genius Manager. And Ross is no longer just an owner. He will be Bob Kraft II. Tanne will no longer be garbage. He will just be trash.

Sorry, no amount wins will change my mind about Tanne.

Better hope Miami wins this one.

jpao, are you 10 yrs. old? My focus this, my focus that. You WORRY about WRs & and our D backs?

Jeeze, this blog used to be good

You don't know, do you? Ping- pa to el mundo, aqui. Fuc- everybody, here. You control the god-amed ball on them, you fuc-s. They have no fuc-ing ball, they can't score.

IMA WRITER NOW that was funny. Signed Odin then posted by IMAWRITER? I think you were joking right? I'm not suire if that was a serious question but I've been talking in here for years, and have been talking with a lot of these knuckleheads for almost the same amount of time. It's pretty easy sometimes to find out who people are, especially when Aloco misspells the same exact words under different names!

Then again, it could be an impostor mad at Alocos parroting assessments and wanted to make him look bad. Who knows! It's the beauty of the Herald blog,,,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeee round and round it goes, who you're talking ,,to NOBODY KNOWS!

"Better hope Miami wins this one."

F**k yeah I hope so, if for nothing else then to get you to lighten up a little Jack! :)

The Dolphins are plain trash. Thanks Ireland.

But seriously, people are calling the Texans the super bowl favorites this season, we're not winning this game. We are a rebuilding team that is doing it through the draft now unless Jeff gets fired and Philbin goes with him. Philbin is a big believer in drafting your players and not picking up other teams unwanted players. That's why we are stock piling draft picks. I swear I think Joe has a secret handshake agreement with Ross and is trying to make Jeff lose his job. Jeff signs em, Joe cuts em! lol

So yeah if you're looking for proof that Ireland is okay and Ross isn't the idiot you thought he was and your proof is them beating the Texans,,,,,you're not being truthful are you? I mean your mind is already made up, you've been screaming that they are incompetent for months. You can't flip flop because they win or lose one game. Stick to your cannons Jack Sparrow! And drink some rum too so you can mellow out a bit. lol

I'm out, no one here, snore.

Oscar Canosa, we can beat the Texans by scoring more points than them ! That's how !

I will go prepare my Tamal en Cazuela now and will return tomorrow, at 3AM.

Good one Phins78. Somebody said from an earlier blog how Ireland's changed. Nope, Philbin's doing the changing.

I didn't like Miami going WCO...too much chance to turn into a ding & dunk without a deep threat and I still think that. But this coach will not tolerate 'I can't or I won't'. You gotta like that about him.

I hate to break the news, but we aren't getting Barkley in next years draft. That honor belongs to: the Vikings, Cardinals, or Jaguars


you don't get the 1st pick in the draft when you go 11-5....

Please move aorn Armstrong to the top of the depth chart.

1. Go to cheerleaders page
2. Look at idelys photo 21
3. Look at Mariela photo 6

The is a lot of information being given out in those 2 photos.


We've been a rebuildi9ng team since 1998, I think JJ's 1st year. Problem is no one seems able to "finish the job". There's Been:

1. JJ
2. Wanny
3. Saban
4. Cameron
5. The Parcellians

Now Philbin + a leftover Parcellian(Ireland). 15th season and counting, the 1998 rebuild still isnt complete.

For the past 15yrs and counting, our excuse for being perrenial losers is "we're rebuilding'.

Any Dolphin fan at least 20 yrs old or younger has never seen back to back Dolphin playoff years. Even if 20yrs old, they were 5yrs old when Marino retired. Heck they dont even remember him.

That's how sad the state of Dolphins football has been for quite a long while now.

At 20, they were 5yrs old when Marino was at the furthest backend of his career.

Tonight the NFL season begins with two teams that are vastly inferior to the Dolphins: The Giants and the Cowboys. These 2 teams would be crushed by our Dolphins, but at least we can watch some football tonight.

This team has been rebuilding since Griese retired. Marino was a 16 year jerk-off.
Go to my post of 7:25 and follow the instructions


It actually started in 96 after Shula assembled his 95 DREAMTEAM competing with S.F. for even Primetime before falling flat in Buffalo in a W.C. game were Bills ran for NFL record of over 300 Yards. In 96 JJ made one of his biggest mistakes wanting to prove himself a great judge of talent passed on NO-BRAINER pick Ray Lewis because he was out of the U for Baylor's Darryl Gardner who in his defense he was able to control and the man made the Pro Bowl with JJ as Coach but his need to prove himself a supreme judge of talent passing on his Fl. kids hurt him when passing on the G.O.A.T.

jpao you are spot on. people like to expect that starters are pulled out of later rounds, while sometimes true it's not always the case. this team is built well at QB, RB, TE, OT, C suspect is WR, OG and oline depth. on D we are built well at DT, LB. DE needs another pure passrusher, some CB's and S's. The next draft and this team will be built well.

The problem is we are devoid of PLAYMAKERS. Ireland has not gone after playmakers, the focus from free agency and the draft have been at the positions we are very solid at. One thing Ireland hasn't failed at is drafting 1st round picks. Second and Third have been shaky at best and there is reason he DESERVES angst from fans because he's been bad from 2nd-4th picks, and lack of addressing playmakers.

Once this team adds a couple playmakers on both sides this team will be deep and talented. We need to swing for fences for a free agent WR next year, there will be studs available like Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings, both of whom appear destined to leave in free agency. A free agent stud give THill his stud go to WR with the guys we have slotting better as #2,and #3's with young depth. This inturn would make the whole offense much better, amazing what a QB can do for a team!

We need to find 2 studs in the secondary to what we have, I prefer one at FS and another at CB. MLB may become a need in offseason imo. If Ireland is still here we have got to address getting stud secondary and MLB with first few picks. Ofcourse young talent needs to develop.

Ireland has done a great job adding depth to the team, he needs to land the PLAYMAKERS to balance the team out. At that time we will see how well built the team is, but when there is negligible talent at our playmaking positions it affects the team drastically. He needs to stop tinkering with depth and get aggressive for big time talent, we'll have the money to spend for it next year, now's the time....well March 2013 will be the time.

Lol maybe not 11-5, but I don't think we'll get the first pick ahead of those bottom-of-the-barrel teams. And there are a bunch of other teams that will be right around us. Our home at pick #8 looks pretty good right about now give or take

Anthony who? Why don't you write an article about Philbin being even less competent than Sparano? Or the perception that Philbin is racist? Narcissistic? His lack of wanting to develop players. Why did he name Garrard as the starter ( the best option at Q.B.) and then cut him? Why did he embarrass Vontae Davis on T.V.? Why didn't he cut Long as a result of his injury? The Fins could have used him for trade bait! Why don't you write about Ross's lack of football knowledge during his very awkward interview with Griese and Moore during the third preseason game?

Marino was a 16 year jerk-off.
Go to my post of 7:25 and follow the instructions

LincolnContinental | September 05, 2012 at 07:43 PM

You can blame Shula the G.M. for that! He NEVER gave Marino a team go to my 7:47 P.M. post. If Shula leaves a solid 94 team together after the Stoyanovich playoff miss in S.D. they might have competed in 95. He traded guys like K.Jackson for peanuts and thought he could build a team of has beens to a title an fell flat with the crowd at JRS screaming J-I-M-M-Y! At a Monday night game Vs. real DREAMTEAM 49ers, I was there for it all and Shula the G.M. was horrible!

Yesterdays Gone,
No one has even started the job yet!


We are a bottom of the barrel team!

I dont know what you guys are complaining about. Jeff Ireland has done a very nice job. hehe

Need to check your spelling Mando


I AM JUST BACK FROM WORK, THERE' FAKE ALoco out there ,or (( the cuban menace )) ..



Houston looks plenty tough. How the hell can we beat them? Any ideas?

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 05, 2012 at 06:26 PM

We've got replacement refs. Slip them a hundred and suddenly flags are everywhere for the Texans.

PLEASE DON'T USE THE WORD (( KID )) ....................


We are a bottom of the barrel team!
Posted by: Fin-ality | September 05, 2012 at 07:54 PM

Worse than the Vikings, Cardinals, or Jaguars? We aren't 1st pick overall bottom-of-the-barrel. Top 10 draft pick seems possible/likely but we aren't worse than either of those teams



OUR DESTINY /////////////

The Dolphins receivers are so bad, that Armstrong looks like a superstar on the field to Tannehill... What a sad franchise we root for.

How bout that, I'm watching a skinny blonde chick with a big pussssy before the Game. On my new Smart TV.

Worse than the Vikings, Cardinals, or Jaguars?

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 05, 2012 at 08:29 PM

Yes, worse then every NFL team. Heck, probably even worse then some college teams.

Dez Bryant is gonna have a monster season.

Some kind of G-men D.

dez bryant sucks

It appears like the Dolphins are not even trying to win. Getting no players in return for Brandon Marshall, Y Bell, Vontae Davis, and Chad Johnson shows they're bagging the season. Not to mention benching the team MVP for an unproven rookie. Why should the fans care when the team doesnt?

team mvp, hilarious

The interior of the Cowboys OL is a mess with R.Cook at Center (We get a six pack for that guy??) but the 3rd down play to Ogeltree was a bad spot by these replacement refs.

Yes, worse then every NFL team. Heck, probably even worse then some college teams.
Posted by: Ron Son | September 05, 2012 at 08:41 PM

Than* some college teams mr. dramatic; it's impossible to be worse 'than' a college team...literally


I thought you were off on that post as well given the Cardinals actually are a pretty solid team and further along than Miami. There problem is accepting Kolb was a mistake and going with Skelton, great WR's pretty solid OL and VERY UNDERRATED D. The other 2 you mention Minnesota and Jax I won't argue with.

JPP with the pressure forcing Romo into a pick that will be six!

Bradshaw no run, no G-men SB this year.

These replacement refs have made 2 mistakes so far now blowing a P.I. but jeez Giants short yardage looks bad.

That's another one that squirms from pressure from the middle.

Both offenses are looking like crap. Because not enough training camp, not Enough time for reps.. That's what the players wanted look at them now! Not entertaining right now sloppy football!

Very strange Eli Manning. I don't know how he does it.

MiamiD20, I think Sabans Crimson Tide would give the Dolphins more then they could handle.

Dez Bryant!

No chance with Dez when he wants. Too big, too fast, too quick.

Dez. Suck!! So what you call the PHINS WR? Dez such huh! Clueless who ever made that comment..

Nice drive by Romo, good game!

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