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Armstrong: Even return to familiar place 'stressful'

Cut by an NFL eam one day and claimed by another team one thousand miles away the next day? Well, if you're receiver Anthony Armstrong, you got four hours to pack. You couldn't really move so you're now paying rent in two places. You're driving a rental car while you car sits up north.

And you spent seven hours learning a new playbook Tuesday while other players enjoyed a day off.

"It's kind of stressful," Armstrong said Wednesday after the Dolphins practice in preparation for Sunday's game against Houston. "But you embrace it and at least I'm employed and able to do that instead of being cut and out of football and having to figure out how to move back home."

"It has been a whirlwind, that's the perfect word for it. I go from supposedly on the team and getting ready for New Orleans to there's trade rumors and then I'm cut and going on to another team the next day. I had four hours to pack and I got here and had seven hours of playbook install with the coaches. It hasn't stopped yet. They've kept me pretty busy and I'm still getting used to coach (Joe) Philbin's schedule."

Armstrong was on the Dolphins practice squad in 2008 before being cut during training camp in 2009. He came to the Dolphins with great speed and an ability to get open deep. But his route running and hands were sketchy.

Well, his route-running is better. I cannot account for his hands. But he can still run. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill talked today about how well Armstrong "gets separation" on slant patterns.

"It's actually crazy and it's ironic," Armstrong said. "You leave and do some things in other places and now they bring you back to be what they wanted you to be way back then. Sometimes it goes that way. Sometimes it takes for you to kind of fall and let someone let you go and go develop somewhere else. You feel wanted. It's great."

So what's the different between the player who left Miami in 2009 and is returning in 2012?

"I think I've developed a lot better, one, as a man, and also as a receiver and a football player as a whole," Armstrong said. "I had some good coaches that I ran into who gave me pretty good sound work on fundamentals. Ike Hilliard was here and was up there (in Washington) for a brief time and learn much from him during that time frame. I'm always going to be able to run downfield, but it's important to be able to run underneath routes as well."

Armstrong has been getting the crash course in the Miami gameplan and playbook. He's not been asked to know the entire book, but rather the portions that he needs to know to contribute on Sunday.

"I try to learn the whole thing because it meakes it easier to understand it all," he said. "I'm pretty much up to speed with what they've given me so far. I'm not going to say I'm 100 percent but I'm probably pretty high 85-90 percent of what I need to know so far."

One advantage Armstrong does enjoy in returning to familiar surroundings: Despite the quick turn of events, he's in a familiar town. He's not getting lost on the highway.

"And," he said, "I know where all the good food spots are so that's pretty helpful."


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I wanted to set the record straight on this Bingo Casino thing that everyone's talking about.

I live in Dothan, AL where Country Crossing was originally going to be a country music venue and theme park with a Bingo Pavilion. The local (city & county) governments approved it and were all for the jobs that it brought. It employed 1,000 people initially and once Phase III was completed (4-star hotels, amusement park, etc.) it would have employed 4,000-5,000. But, politics got in the way. The Governor at the time it opened, Bob Riley(R), had some dealings with the Indian casinos, that put money into a PAC, and had promised them there would be no new gambling in Alabama. Apparently, that meant Bingo parlors too. Anyways, they shut the place down, along with three others in the state, and had a big trial with about 11 defendants, including a senator and a couple of congressmen. All were acquitted. So, the place re-opened under new owners as Center Stage, but now they've shut that down too! More politics, I guess.

Personally, I want to apologize to everyone for living in a backward state that considers itself to be the 3rd notch in the Bible Belt (we don't even have a state lottery). Unfortunately, some NFL players had invested in this project believing rightly that it was approved by local government. And, it was. But, the State of Alabama decided that it was illegal and then realized it wasn't the only one in the state operating. Like I said, it's still a big political mess!


Tracy, the post is way too long and no one cares.

Dez Bryant with big 1st half
Find could've had him but Ireland chose Odrick instead
What has Odrick done in two years?

Dez will be the best WR in the league very soon. What an athlete!!

DeMarcus Ware I think a find from Ireland. hehehe

MiamiD20, I think Sabans Crimson Tide would give the Dolphins more then they could handle.
Posted by: JJ | September 05, 2012 at 09:48 PM

You think so, I don't. A college team will never beat a professional sports team. Studs on college teams go undrafted. Look at BJ Cunningham. Set every important WR record in college, couldn't make it onto an NFL team with the worst WR core. How about Patrick Turner? Stud USC receiver, couldn't become more than a 5th WR on Miami or Jests, two teams with horrible WRs. Even Saban's phenomenal college defense couldn't stop Miami's offense. Never gonna happen.

Fin4life, Arizona can be argued to be better than one of those horrible teams, I see them drafting just as high as us though. Throw in the Browns, Jets, and a handful of other teams and we have plenty of competition for a top 5 draft pick.

It's alright for the 1st Game of the Season. I hope Houston is just as sucky and we not.

Boy.. if the Giants and cowboys looking not bad but not great either. I wonder how the PHINS going to look like a very good team and less talent than any other team in the league!

less talent than any other team in the league!
Posted by: ray | September 05, 2012 at 10:07 PM

You nailed it! They're worse than Chad Henne's Jaguars that have MJD and an unproven Blackmon. Worse than an injury ridden Adrian Peterson and Jason Allen Minneosota Vikings. Worse than Joe Thomas and...? the Browns. Least talented team in the league you nailed it Ray.

Anyways, this Country Crossing thing didn't just affect NFL players. Although, Terrell Owens & 24 other players had invested in it. Floyd Mayweather, Jr., professional boxer, and country music stars, John Anderson, George Jones, Darryl Worley, and Lorrie Morgan also lost money in the deal. Total investment was around $87 Million. And, Jack Abramoff, lobbyist, was involved in the political wheelings & dealings too. So, that should explain a lot. I think Jason Cole wrote an article on it (dated 16 June, 2011).

The injury to an MCL for the 2nd straight season to Terrell Thomas plus the injury to Prince Amukamara is exposing the Giants Secondary big time! They will be looking hard tomorrow for those that were in a rush to trade before the start of the season.

Glad AA got good coaching in D.C. 'cause he sure as hell did not & will not get it here.


Ireland's stench of failure covers Davie like a thick fog.

Ray is correct. ESPN rated the Dolphins as having the worst talent level in the NFL despite what some homers on here may think. And thats BEFORE we dumped Chad Johnson and Vontae Davis! LOL

MiamiD20 its Blaine Gabberts Jaquars. And Blackmon is a beast! Stop your lies to support your delusional agenda.


Well I guess if ESPN said it, it must be gospel. Turn off the lights. There's no point in even watching any of the season.

All you Tannehill haters are gonna get a shut the f@%K up meal real soon. He has none of the pre game jitters, he controls the offense and shows no sign of being rattled. He started 12 games in collage as Q.B.! The dude is the real deal. He has a cannon for an arm and im talking an accurate one. Looks great on touch passes. We need recievers to catch the damn thing. Eat all your words when were vieing for wild card this year. Not worried about R.T., just pray Armstrong molds his work ethic behind Bess and Hartline.

Looks look at the bright side here,

Armstrong did catch 46 balls in 2010 and at an average of close to 20 yards per catch. Not bad. And in a WCO in D.C. so he is familiar with the schemes.

And he is fast, no doubt about that.

Nice pickup for a Fins team that needs WR help. He's no star but no scrub either.

I'm looking forward to seeing Tanny hand the ball to Bush, and Bush passing to Tanny trick play. Will be the most enjoyable play of the year.You can smell it coming!

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