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BOTH sides responsible for referee labor strife

I think everyone agrees the replacement officials the NFL is using while it negotiates (or sometimes doesn't negotiate) with the Nationall Football League Referees Union are not doing a very good job. Everyone talks about how the integrity of the game is being compromised.


And on that point 560-WQAM afternoon host and friend Jorge Sedano and I also agreed Tuesday during a segment of his show.

But that's where the agreement kind of ended.

You see, I'm of the opinion that in a negotiation it is up to both sides to concede points. It is up to both parties to give and move toward the other. That's why it's called a negotiation. And since I truly have no dog in this hunt, I think both the NFL and the NFLRA are responsible for hurting the integrity of the game by not reaching a deal.

Other media I hear discuss the topic always attack the issue from a standpoint of the NFL has a lot of money. Roger Goodell is Satan. And the league's owners should basically give the officials whatever they want or need to make them happy and end the labor strife.

ESPN's Rick Reilly makes exactly that case following Monday night's disaster in Seattle in which what was surely a Green Bay victory got turned upside down and ended with a victory for Seattle. Reilly opines that the result should move the NFL commissioner to do whatever he has to do to solve the impasse. It is the typical "the union is always right and the businessmen are actually the boogeymen" view from today's media.

Never do I hear that both sides -- I said BOTH sides -- are responsible for solving this and the officials are being as intransigent as the NFL.

Look, I think unions are good to a point. But I also believe in free enterprise. I believe free men have a right to conduct their business as they seem fit as long as they follow the law and appropriate regulations. And so I do not believe in telling the NFL owners they must cave because I don't believe in telling people what to do with their money.

I notice neither Reilly nor the players telling the NFL to settle are volunteering to chip in any of their personal funds to help settle the issue. 

Sedano didn't really disagree with me on this point, but he didn't exactly second my opinion. He and Reilly are probably hiding in the bushes outside my house to jump me when I come out this morning.

He made the point that officials should be full-time. Well, the union doesn't want to do this because that means most officials would have to give up their regular jobs and most don't want to do that.

I also made the point to him that full-time umpires in baseball get it wrong all the time -- ask Armando Galarraga who had a perfect game stolen from him or the St. Louis Cardinals who had the World Series stolen from them if full-time umpires are any better than the guys that called the touchdownception Monday night.

Sedano believes the NFL should pay the officials more. Well, the NFL has offered the officials a 2.5 percent pay increase. Not enough, the NFLRA says. Tell me, when was the last time any of you turned down a pay increase? Also, when was the last time any of you made an average of $150,000 --what the officials currently make on average -- in your part-time job?

There is also disagreement over pensions. The NFLRA wants its part-time employees to get full pensions. The NFL wants to offer a 401K type plan instead and says many of its full-time employees get this type of plan so why would part-timers get the full scholarship?

It is a very emotional topic. It is affecting the integrity of the game. But both sides -- repeating, both  sides -- have to work toward a solution.

Here's the weekly segment between Jorge Sedano and me. We also disagreed on Ryan Tannehill's game Sunday, by the way. I love that guy. Listen to his radio show every weekday 3-7 p.m.

Armando Salguero Interview - 9-25-12 (1)


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Mike Carey, that's the name of the guy.

Of course, calls, even if bad calls by bad refs, will be evenly distributed among all Teams. Still, we Football purists like to see well officiated Games(we admire the Officials also, you know) like Mike Carey used to do.

......But I also believe in free enterprise. I believe free men have a right to conduct their business as they seem fit as long as they follow the law and appropriate regulations.....

Armando, you are more american than many "americans" who prefer to be governed by a nanny state !

Keep your position !

150,000 for part time work.........GREEEEEEED.If you can't save some of that money for retirement you need to see a kick in the azzzzzz.401k is good enough for them.


the nfl will never give in to this. they will not be extorted by the nflra which is in essence what they are doing by not accepting the offer. this year will suck but then there will be a full time system of refs that all live in one city and make a yearly salary and there will be full time training and class work and practice and a "roster" of troops with a depth chart. they will be employees of the nfl and there will be a long line of former nfl refs along with the best division 1 refs with resumes and applications for employment. there will be a "combine" for tryouts and there will be no fat out of shape dudes. it will be great. the present nflra fools are blowing it BIGTIME for themselves. i am on the side of the nfl on this. if any of you have ever owned your own business just imagine what it would be like if your employees ganged up and all quit insisting for more and more each year. its a joke

He and Reilly are probably hiding in the bushes outside my house to jump me when I come out this morning.


Just put some mens clothing on Monkey Bu-oy and send him out first. They'll thinks it you and pound the sugary little sissy senseless ;)

He'll protest having to wear the mens clothing, but we KNOW that you KNOW how to "Persuade(Ahem)" him-lol.

PS: Don't let them Be-atch Slap the Tart too bad. Once he's "Finished" you off, he's supposed to come by and clean Debo's Dog Run(Shoveling Shyt) for the empty beer cans in my shed.

Don't judge, PEOPLE! Meth Mouth has to make a living too ;)

The "Adventures" of "Gummy Bear aside, somethings got to give.

I don't know much about the Officials Union or their demands. But I do know this:

1. The Owners/Goodell/NFL hired a bunch of guys that are obviously NOT QUALIFIED to perform their duties.

2. The Owners/Goodell/NFL came up with this plan of action and it is THIS PLAN that has made a Mockery of the NFL.

3. The Owners/Goodell/NFL are the responsible authority in charge. They came up with this plan like a bunch of third graders playing in a sand box. They blew it and it's their job/responsibility to fix it.

Their plab backfired and it's only going to get worse. Their own personal greed and misplaced sense of entitlement is tantamount to pissing on the Sheild of the once proud NFL.

Apparently, they NO LONGER care about the Product, nor the Integrity of the NFL. They apparently no longer care about their proffessional employees, nor their highly Fanatical Fans.

It seems pretty obvious to me, that all thats left to care about is the Profit Margin.

PS: If you look at the ENTIRE body of work performed by Goodell, he should just resign. In all seriousness and fairness to the players and the fans, Goodell SHOULD Fire himself.

Thats my two cents...................

These dilphins players need to criticize carpenter, hennehill and sherman for sucking so bad!

Under Roger Goodell's tutelege, the NFL has produced this anomaly:

The first Quarterback in the HISTORY of the NFL has thrown the FIRST(maybe not the last either), the First Game Winning Interception.

It's funny........and sickening at the same time.

Alas: I don't know how Pete Carroll, eps. Brandon Tate and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks sleep at night?

Sure, they have no choice but to take the win, but come on, did you all see the way they reveled in it? Tate has even repeatedly lied in multiple interviews since the atrocity.

They have no choice but to accept the win, but in light of the circumstances, they could have used a little humility in so doing.

I mean come on, polls I've seen have 85% to 95% of those polled calling it a JoBBing! Did Seattle suddenly go blind just prior to the travesty?

As readily as the accepted the win, they should be right in line with the rest of us in denouncing these unqualified employees.

They know it. We know it. And they know EVERYONE knows it. So what do they do? They celebrate like their going to Disney World.

The ONLY thing worse than these unqualified officials is the lack of Class shown by Carroll and the rest of his low life scumbags he calls a team!

And **YOU** can take **THAT** to the **BANK**!!!!

The look of shock and disbelief on bradys face and seeing belechick lose his cool ala shwartz style makes this whole ref mess worth it. Integrity of the shield is a joke.this is a sports league who forgets their former greats and cares nothing of the fans. Least rogers stood up to goodell and finally acknowledged the people who keep this thing spinning.integrity of the shield is something a cop should say.Bet if the patsies or steelers are in need of some convienant flags to make the playoffs this thing gets settled with the quickness.

Umm odin pete carroll did bolt from USC when the shine on his career became a spotlight and his image ready to take a beating. Shouldnt be surprised at all.

Zombie zebras!

I can't believe I read a post about refs. Armando get back to what you get paid to do cover the Dolphins!

The cheapo owners like Ross dont want to pay the refs fairly. Boycott the games until the real refs are back.

Cards 27 Dolphins 17


Passing game. Sean Smith #2 corner, Marshall #3 corner, Carroll #4 corner(dime package, and Clemmons backip safety at best. Going against arguably the nfl's best wr(Fitzgerald) and possible one of the top 5 nfl recieving corps.

Complicating matters further, Fins last in nfl in sacks per pass attempt. Avantage lopsidedly favors Cards.

I give us 17pts based on our run game and hopeful game 4 progress by Tannehill. Guys, the truth also hurts me too when observing the factoids leading up to this game.

Missing Pieces


1. #1 wr
2. seem threat te


1. Pass rush de(complment Wake)
2. #1 corner
3. Big play safety(replace Clemmons)

If the refs released a list of owners who were strongly advocating for all of this bs people would go crazy on those owners, on the flip side, the refs are taking less overall except a slight pay increase but they officiate a football game for 3 hours a week, are they really worth what they make? The guy who picks up my trash does more for society than football refs. Teachers do more for society than refs. $150,000 to blow a whistle for an entertainment game sounds like a little much

This means we're still 5 pieces away from being a sb calibre team.

USA today said the bad call cost bettors 1 billion dollars.

Dolphins Recipe For Victory

1. Run for 150yds or more

2. Tannehill must have huge numbers. For example: 30-35 300yds 2tds 0 ints.

3. Force at least 2 turnovers

4. Lots of prayer

You can be sure cheap Ross doesnt want to pay for real refs.

cheap ross.

who do u luv, sedano or tanne.?.
what happened 2 seadons hollywoooooood gig huh.?

Ross said he hoped to retire Hennehill's #. Well, he can retire him now cause HE STINKS! The worst QB in football!

that goal line stand was decent btw.
but non of u jackaxxes talked about it.
lol. clueless homers.

Seems the replacement refs issue is what it is. The Nfl basically released an official document yesterday stating:

"Are you people going to believe us, or your lying asssed eyes."

Thats your today's nfl folks. Get used to it!

Seattle loves the replacement refs.

The Nfl's statement was like your wife catching you having secx with another woman and you saying:

"Yeah, my underwear were lying on the floor(missed pass interference call). But she was having secx with me, I wasnt having secx with her."

Yeah right! LOL

lets c. did not the refs f up the call against the phins when the rapist fumbled in the ez.?

i did not have sexxxual relations with that woman.

tuck rule f up.


It was reported that the owners want the regular officials to be accountable for their performance. This would help thrwart gambling entities from compromising officials.

150 g's 2 work part X's.
fly around the country and world...london/toronto.
and stay at the finest hotels and eat/drink 4 free.
have front row seats to every single nfl game.
f them. keep the scabs.
go owners.
crack that whip u crackers.

Where's Kris? I want to hear his take on Mando's ridiculous post? "I don't believe in telling people what to do with their money." Yeah, too bad when people say that, they only mean RICH people shouldn't be told what to do with their money. Poor people, they just got to sit there and accept it. That's elitist thinking at it's worst.

Everyone and their momma knows this is just the rich, greedy Owners who want to dictate what everyone else does. As if they can produce a product all by themselves (without players, refs, fans). Owners are only ONE piece of the pie, therefore, guess what Mando, THEY NEED TO CONCEDE! I understand that compromise is a dirty word to a Republican such as yourself, but I haven't heard the referee union not wanting to compromise. I have heard the Owners say basically it's our way or the highway. Pretty easy for me to tell who's right and who's wrong. Maybe you're just blind Mando.

How can we criticize the refs for making $150,000 for part time work when some players get 10-15 MILLION or more for part time PLAY?


I know u don't like to hear this. But we also need lb's.

Ur list is correct. We do need more help on d over offense.

The Reason Dashi says LB's. Is simple. That is the highest most overpaid position on the field. $16 mil on 2 LB's! That can't pass cover!

That's more than the whole o-line gets Jake long included.

They get paid more than starks and soliai.

More than our entire secondary

More than our Wr's, Te's and RB's combined. Reggie incl'd


Our biggest problem on defense and most overpaid problem is our lb's.

Yes, our safety's are also part of the problem. But when u only pay $1 mil for both ur starting safety's!

Ur $16+mil LB duo is way overpaid.


Good post Mando. Good point it's on both!

Yes, the owners have money and the game needs ref's.

But ref's aren't as important as they claim to be. Honestly these ref's just need training.

Why aren't the ref's making concessions?

Because just like every other sport they think people come to see them officiate instead of players play.

Ask any Miami heat fan if the NBA has professional ref's! Not even in the playoff's!!

The ref's need to be put in their place. Fool ur a simple official!

People forget most NFL ref's have over 10 yrs in the NFL. OF COURSE THE SPEED OF THE GAME DOESN'T AFFECT THEM. It's like any rookie in any league, u need time to adjust to the speed.

When the real ref's come back they are going to suck the first couple weeks. While they get readjusted to the speed of the game.

Heck, if peyton has trouble readjusting, ur telling me a 60year old ref won't?

no paxx rush.
no db's.
no safeties.
lb's can't cover shi+.
1 demensional d. stop the runs.
jets sux.
that's it,move on 2 the cards.
phinz winz.
cards take them litely and they sux also.

Tremendous article regarding the Daniel Thomas versus Lamar Miller question:


This is a further indictment of Jeff Ireland's failure as a talent evaluator. 'The eye in the sky tell no lie'!

Zebra's always get slaughtered...its the laws of natural selection.

Give em' a 10% raise + 401k retirement option...if they balk, fire em' all.

( . )Y( . )

2 watt...is that armando's wee wee between palin's hooters?


did u'all c that paxx go right thru armweaks arms in the replay.?
y is that guy on the team.????
oh yeah. the gm is f'n ire.

Our biggest need? QB. Tannehill is worse then Henne.

Hey if he had 1 good LB we won't need the other pass rush DE.

Seau was a OLB in a 4-3 most his career. Derrick Thomas, Lawrence Taylor.

Von Miller is an OLB in A 4-3. The broncos only really have dumervil on the d-line.

A good 4-3 can rush and cover.

Our run game is so stout because we start 3 DT's (Starks, Soliai, Odrick) and 2 DE'S(Wake and Misi). Who's going to honestly consistently run on a 350+lb mountain, 2 guys that weigh 310 each and 2 DE's weighing over 260. U better bring an extra linemen in the game if u want to run on the fins.

Now pass, a different story. Pick on an overpaid LB, or a stiff Cb.

Here is a better story, in fact the true story:
Why is the NFLPA crossing the striking refs picket line?

Another 2 weeks and Tannehill gets benched in favor of Matt Moore.


I saw the headline of this post befor I headd to the gym this morning....and decided I wasn't going to read the article...I'm tired of talking about the refs....This morning on my drive in...I was wondering what the NFL world would be talking about IF the call in Seattle was different (notice I did NOT say correct).....

I really had no intention of entering a discussion about the "replacement" refs....and since I have NEVER heard even ONE talking head refer to them as anything different (scabs)....I figure for the most part ESPN and NFLN are pretty much toeing the company line....


Now that you asked....I will give my 2 cents in the next post...

YG, your prediction semms logical and reasons behind the Dolphins losing are even better.

Dashi/Kris/Alcoco/oscar canosa,
Please stop bathing with rach other for a moment and answer this key question:
Why is the NFLPA crossing the referee's picket line?

With all that has been said, it is true that both sides have to work it out and I do not dispute this. It is the product and process that the NFL is using RIGHT NOW with the REFS THEY HAVE NOW that ticks me off. If the replay booth is supposed to keep things in check it is NOT working! Bottom line, it is NFL's reputation on the line so it is the NFL's responsibility and obligation to fix! No matter who else is involved, the NFL Brand Name is all over it along with their credibility. Even if they choose to take the hard line with the NFLRA, it is still the NFL's OBLIGATION to fix what is happening on the field right now! So, because of this Mando, you are only partially correct. Both sides in negotiations, NFL ONLY in what is going on now on the field and responses to bad calls!

You are doing an excellent job placing the blame for this teams poor showing so far exactly where it belongs:

Squarely on the narrow shoulders of Ryan Tannehill

And since no national journalist will actually see this team play they have only your column to find out what is going on here.

Keep up the good work!

LincolnContinental (LC)...

welcome to the conversation...

I'm not sure your question is a relevant one....

What does the NFL PLAYER'S Association have to do with the ref's union....

are you taking a player safety angle....please be more specific...

If the NFL players Association made it clear before game 1 that they would not cross the referee's picket line than the owners (league) would have caved in five minutes.
That is the whole point of labor organization.

The NFL Players Association is name of the UNION that all of the players belong to.
For 100 years organized labor have refused to cross the picket lines of othjer striking unions.
To uphold that basic principal the players should have refused to enter the stadium prior to game 1 in support of a brother union.

Good story Armando. We were just having a discussion about this at work yesterday but didn't know the details. I'll be able to talk about it from a more educated position today. Thank you.

And the radio interview was good, I like that you had fun with it and didn't take it too seriously. The only thing I would say is I wouldn't worry too much about the accuracy thing just yet.

1. As you stated accuracy was never an issue with him. I think it's a little about him getting a feel for the speed of the game and understanding the defensive backs and their breaks on the ball.

2. BOTH QBs had accuracy issues that day.

3. Both QBs were throwing a wet ball in sticky humidity which could have effected their releases.

I'm not worried about it yet but will definitely keep a closer eye on it now.

Tannehill runs the "Prevent" offense lol

yeap. rt is under the microscope from now on.
that's alot of 1st team practice.lots of reps.lots of film.
no more excuses...


You say both side are to blame...and then you continue to side with the owner's and cite example after example on why the owner's are right....and the refs should be kissing the ring....

I figured as much....that's the reason I didn't want to read this article in the firt place....

You bring up the ref's pay checks...but forget to mention the 9 BILLION dollar pot that the 31 owner's have to work with....

You bring up ONLY 2 issues...and both have to deal with money....by doing this you slant the story to make it look as if the ref's ONLY want more money....

in BOTH cases you side with management....but tell us BOTH side need to work toward a solution....I guess by both sides...you mean ONE side...and the OTHER side should stop whinning...they got it good right...150K for part time work.....how many of you make 150K you condensendingly ask....

Do you make 150K Armando???

This article neither covers both sides of the issue...or even even attempts to get us (the reader) any further insight into this dispute...

"its about the money"...well DUH....

Tell me what else it's about....then readers can make more informed opninons about which side of the fence they want to fall on....

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