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Bush admits players were 'not in favor' of Hard Knocks

A few last words on Hard Knocks before we put that subject to bed: The Dolphins participated in the show for five weeks during the preseason because coach Joe Philbin was convinced it would be good for the team.

He is in the minority within his own organization.

I've talked to people at every level of the organization. I've talked to players. For attribution, they tow the company line, either endorsing the Dolphins' participation or saying it didn't affect things negatively.

Privately, multiple players I've spoken with say they didn't like the idea of Hard Knocks. I also know the personnel department generally didn't like the idea of Hard Knocks.

And while all that initially remained a whispered sentiment, the bloom is finally coming off that rose publicly now. Last week Reggie Bush, who so far is Miami's best player this young season, told the media that the attitude of players toward Hard Knocks was, "Let's just deal with it."

Said Bush: "I don’t think guys were in favor of it, but we used it to our best advantage and just had fun with it and made the most of it (and) tried to continue to play football.”

The idea that most players were not in favor of Hard Knocks surfaced again publicly Wednesday when Bush told New York reporters on a conference call, "“I don’t think it helped us.

"I guess, if anything, it was a great show. I think they do a great job at capturing just what it takes to be in the NFL, to go through an NFL season and training camp, the business side of things, sports side of things. I think that’s great for fans. I think, for football players, I don’t think it makes or breaks us.

"I think a lot of guys probably prefer not to have the show around because then you kind of have to watch what you say and how you act, speak differently and walk differently. Especially in this day and age, you just never know, especially when they’re cameras around. You just never know what kind of things get out there. You always want to err on the other side of just, err on the side of caution."

I know for a fact that one reason general manager Jeff Ireland has been getting more attention both on the road and obviously at home games from fans is because they recognize him more than in the past based on his appearances on Hard Knocks. That attention turned negative last week when a fan told Ireland he should fire himself.

I know players that were negatively portrayed on the show hated it. Roberto Wallace didn't appreciate coaches making fun of him, calling him, "Ankle weights Wallace" as they watched tape of a practice.

Meanwhile, Philbin remains a staunch defender of the show and would recommend it to fellow coaches.

“Well I think every situation is unique and different," he said. "I would say if somebody asked me, the NFL Films is a first class company in every regard. Their staff are true professionals, they treat players with great respect, they’re very hardworking, dedicated people.

"So in my opinion, anytime you can associate, you know, if you’re in the banking industry and you can associate yourself with Goldman Sachs, you might want to at least investigate it and see if it is the right decision for you and your company. So if you’re in football and the NFL and NFL Films comes calling, you can make up your own mind but I was very impressed with the quality and the professionalism of their staff."

Four things:

First, Goldman Sachs is a prestigious 250-year-old investment bank but it bet on the 2007-2008 sub-prime mortgage housing collapse and profited from people losing their houses. It also took $10 billion in government TARP money then turned around and offered nearly 1,000 employees bonuses of $1 million each with that taxpayer money. So Goldman perhaps isn't the best analogy here.

Secondly, Hard Knocks was very careful to never, ever show coaches in a bad light even as they were helping to craft an 0-4 preseason record right along with the players. The show made a very clear distinction that it was the players not meeting standards but never suggested coaches could improve also -- which they needed to, by the way.

Thirdly, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said he learned to steal the Dolphins snap count by watching Hard Knocks.

Finally, Philbin admits he never watched the show. So his minority opinion is based on, well, what?


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"First, Goldman Sachs is a prestigious 250-year-old investment bank"

I believe "infamous" is the adjective you were looking for there.

Armando, I stole the Dolphins snap count after watching 2 series in the Houston game. Not hard to figure out "Blue 88 Blue 88 GO GO" moot point. The show also didnt focus on the sub-par negative media that covers the fins either. lol

Players nor any other employees would want cameras in the work place for a month recording everything they do and say. Just like any other reality show, the show is for the viewers.
Let's keep your politics out of sports. Your view of Sachs is one sided. At least sachs repaid the government tarp money at what amounted to be 23% annual interest as have all of the other tarp recipients. Unlike the stimulus which was nearly a trillion flushed down the drain.

seriously, over it.

Snap counts change week to week. Mando is sounding very bitter of late towards the Dolphins. The guy needs to go work for TMZ. Anymore stories to rehash Mando?

This guy is dreadful.

I never thought they should have done it either

Why are you leaving out Mr. Ross, Mando? Do you think that Joe might be sticking up for the show?

Doesn't it kind of go without saying the players are not "for" it? If I told you I was going to record your every move, and show to the nation whatever I like you'd oppose too.

The difference here is twofold. One, money talks and HK is good for the NFL. Secondly, these are employees. Their opinions really don't matter in the scheme of things. They are paid handsomely to put up with cameras so their fans can enjoy. If they're worried about the camera's catching something they shouldn't. Maybe they need to reassess their actions.

Ankle weights was paid for 3 or 4 seasons for little production. It was a small price to pay.

Firstly, Govt Sacks was a bad analogy in that they are one of the leaders of all the scumbags in the industry, but Philbin's point is NFL Films crew's are all pro's that this young team could learn from, and more importantly "act right "in front of!

Secondly, preseason games still don't count Mando, so please spare us the practice results. Remember the results of last years practices? The team that lost 7 games to begin the season was 3-1 in those practices!

Thirdly, JJ Watt is a clown and is full of ethreyxpletive! I doubt the maybe 10 or so practice plays he saw throughout the entire Hard Knocks season helped as much as the 4 full practice games threy played prior to game 1 of the season. But since JJ Watt said it, lap dog media wannabe Armando believes it and even worse, reports it as true!

Fourthly, again along the same lines, Philbin tells you he didn't watch the show, and you believe him and report it as fact. Of course he watched the show. Maybe not on HBO every episode like the fans do, but please be a pro Mando, and if you hear this garbage please don't report it and use this info you got from "sources" as fact.

Hey Armando, If your perception of the Miami Dolphins is as lop-sided as your perception of Goldman Sachs, I can understand why so many of your fans and readers are about the same percentage as, say, the poll numbers of Romney vs Obama. You need to care more about the 47% and less about inciting your base.


You should ask Jeff Ireland hypothetically how he would feel about being fired on "Hard Knocks". Bush gives what sounds like an authentic opinion for himself and his team. Stephen Ross most likely felt the publicity would help ticket sales. Joe Philbin was a rather clandestine person in the NFL until being hired by the Dolphins. The show makes him kind of a star figure. It should surprise no one that the star of the show defends the show.

Wow, something out of nothing.

Context. U forgot to mention the part where Reggie is laughing after he tells the NY media it didn't help!

The little things. How come Reggie is the only one ur using as an example.

Also, u don't think since everything was vanilla in the preseason even the infamous snap count was basic.

U fools actually believe that helped jj watts. Watts is a great football player. And like all great football players they have a knack for the ball.

Why wasn't Seymour and them boys causing havoc? They saw hard knocks also.

Again watt's served it on a silver platter yet u clowns don't know how to ask the right question. After watts make the asinine hard knocks comment one of u guys should've asked him. So are u a diehard dolphin fan?

Cause if our own players "didn't see it", and most of our fans. Why would someone else who is going thru training camp watch it?


Hard knocks is irrelevant. More than anything it was good for everybody. The players got themselves on TV, Ireland got exposed, plus we got to see how things are being ran now.

Nothing more nothing less. No coach's San of practice or breaking down film like jaws on ESPN. U get more info watching NFL match up.

Get off philbin's sach! Dang the man is everything u want in a coach. Even for the media. U guys should be happy this guy is not a prick, like all the other one's. Easy to talk to, answers truthly most the time.

Stop hating cause that's what it sounds like to dashi.

Wow..this is unbiased journalism? Firstly, the glass is half empty. Secondly, The sky is falling. Thirdly (is that even a word?-lol), What lousy conclusions to convince us to agree. Fourthly...Mando your man crush on the players is beaming.

Man, you're really coming up with some great Football entries. In any case, they won't be back here. Guaranteed.

I'm mean, SERIOUSLY MANDO? This is the exact reason you get criticism on here much of the time. The only person who cares about this is YOU! That was WEEKS ago, before the Season even started. We're in Week 3, playing the d*mned NY JETS!!! Our biggest rival. How about we put the focus where it needs to be, ON THE GAME?

Who's in? Who's out? What are you seeing in practice? What can you report from the presser with Ryan? What about the Sparano angle? Will our former WRs be used against us? Report said Thomas practiced in full, how'd he look? How's he feel? Do the rookies and new players understand the meaning of this particular game (with the rivalry)?

There's a million better (and more important) topics you could be shedding light on, and I can't imagine who would rather hear about this nonsense.

Vince Young is broke...

Who Cares!? This was a training camp program. We are on week 3. Move on Mando...

how was Ireland exposed? If anything it humanized him more and showed us he isn't just whistling dixie and tossing players without forethought and an explanation. Anyways I'm not quite sure why Philbin wasn't the one who did the cutting

Why not write about Reggie Bush setting a new team record and earning player of the week award?

Yeah, if anything, I GAINED respect for Ireland watching Hard Knocks. Exactly as 8:59 said, it humanized him.

broke = stupid.

armando, look at all u'r haters baby.

Can we please focus on the upcoming game, maybe break down the Jet's defense, look at some matchups, acknowledge RT's improvement and adjustments in the last game etc.. Come on Armando, this piece is beneath you. Stop stirring the pot. I'm re-subscribing to the Sunday Ticket today to watch the Fin's young talent take the next step in their evolution. Can you try to stay positive for at least the week after a win?

Ireland was exposed.

Because almost all the Players they brought in Sucked. GAtes is not a Football player. Hard Knocks showed that. Davis? What Ur telling me is Sporano and Jeff talked to him predraft. Vontae was Dumber then!!! Ur telling me talking to him U wouldn't come to the same Conclusion. That Blank Stare into nothing. Talking about let me call my grandma.

Ireland was also exposed by picking players because they are Fast or Big for their position. Les Brown & Roberto Wallace, and Many others!

Not because they are football players. What's the 1 thing Philbin likes about L.Miller. He runs like a Football player. Not just his Track Speed(4.38 at the Combine).

Yes, Ireland is on his job. But he has also been exposed as the 1 constant the last 4 years. Just cause we are riding last weeks win. Let's Not FORGET! Ireland needs to step his game up. Next Year is a Very important Year for the future of the franchise!!

Ireland was also exposed by picking players because they are Fast or Big for their position. Les Brown & Roberto Wallace, and Many others!

Posted by: Dashi (MHM I BE) | September 20, 2012 at 09:20 AM

I agree that's how Ireland drafted in the past, however, I believe much of that was what Sparano/Parcells wanted, and so that's the direction Ireland went in. Some of this can be counter-balanced by Philbin, telling Ireland what he wants and expects, and that might get a better-suited talent to the new systems being put in place now.

NY Jets 27

Miami 24

Hard Knocks didn't do anything negative to anything that mattered. I mean, the players they criticized and analyzed were players that didn't make the team. Les brown, the DE who couldn't pay attention in a meeting, CJ, Vontae. The current players that do matter all had puff pieces done on them or were made to look like warriors. Tannehill putting together an end table from Ikea, Reggie Bush working out like a machine and playing Madden with Ocho. Sean Smith covering everything like a blanket. Did we see anything negative on these guys? Did we see anything negative on Long, Pouncey, Bess, martin, Hartline, Odrick, Wake, Soliai, Dansby on and on??

As far as the sanp count, I believe Richie says they were in silent snap count for almost the whole game.

Hard Knocks very little about the inner workings of a team except for what they want to show. It gav away nothing

Root was hilarious!

What Team Record did reggie Break?

Not Single Game. That's Ricky(228). Even Lamar Smith had 200 yds in a playoff game. Please Explain what Record Reggie Broke? Personal Best. Last Season he had a 203 yd game against the bills.

Maybe this Week?

Reggie Can get his. The Jets don't have anyone to fear on the D-Line. Or On Defense

vontae was productive for us and we got an early 2nd rd draft pick for him. Yea he didn't mature fast enough for us but it wasn't a mistake taking him.
DB was a position of great need and he pulled the trigger on a guy who had all the physical ability in the world. I would've taken H Nicks but I digress. Every GM swings and misses on draft picks stop being so condescending. Gates was also a gamble. 4th rd... O well move on. Not that big a deal.

All I have to say is hard knocks was awesome and as a fan one of the coolest shows I have ever watched.

Reggie is the only miami dolphin to run a TD for over 65 yrds twice.

Dashi says:

Yes, Ireland is on his job. But he has also been exposed as the 1 constant the last 4 years. Just cause we are riding last weeks win. Let's Not FORGET! Ireland needs to step his game up. Next Year is a Very important Year for the future of the franchise!!

Forbes Top 10 List of NFL Overpaid Players

The List:

1. David Harris (New York Jets, $12 million)

2. Karlos Dansby (Miami Dolphins, $10.7 million)

3. Johnathan Joseph (Houston Texans, $9.75 million)

4. Marcedes Lewis (Jacksonville Jaguars, $9.6 million)

5. Santonio Holmes (New York Jets, $9.25 million)

6. DeAngelo Williams (Carolina Panthers, $8.7 million)

7. Antonio Cromartie (New York Jets, $8.25 million)

8. Sidney Rice (Seatle Seahawks, $8.2 million)

9. Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49er's, $8.0 million)

10. Darren McFadden (Oakland Raiders, $7.8 million)

Yeah We have 1 player in the Top 10, but the Jets have 3 players in the Top 10. And Next Year you can add Marc Sanchez.

Didn't and wouldn't have affected the outcome of the Texans or Raiders game...it did shed light on now embarrassing John Jerry was and he "improved" on that and played well. It also made Vontae like garbage but didn't effect his trade value thankfully, that's the only thing it could have done

We have to be a little leery of Sparano and his O-line. I remember when he was here he used that "flexible" O-line with Players coming in and out of it, and we hurt D-linemen.....

I can not believe that this is Jets week and the best you could come up with on a thursday is a nothing story about players and hard knocks. You are getting lazy. I meant there is Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow Dolphins Defense and offense players alot of good inside stories and i get on and read this garbage

From a fans perspective I loved it I loved seeing the day to day. It was awesome.

Excellent blog Mando. If Reggie Bush says it was bad and Joe Philbin says it was good, I believe Reggie Bush.

Thanks for reporting the facts.

holy cow I didn't know Joe was THAT much of an idiot.

I told you before it started it was a horrible idea to do the show. Can't help; can only hurt.

fldjadjl obvijously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mando, I'm glad to see you understand what went on with the bailout fiasco. We are now brothers bro.

fvch Goldman Sachs and the illuminati banking oligarchy.

Miami Dolphin Fan


hk = ross.

DC, shut your tool mouth.

Mando is ON POINT. He's showing why we have an excuse for the Houston game. The show was a disaster and only a total moron (coach joe) would have agreed to go on that show and give away secrets for no gain.

This is the NFL. You need every advantage you can get, especially this team.

Doing that show didn't help the players, hurt morale, and probably gave away trade secrets. That is all.

Get off of Mando's back.

You being a DC drone tool government lawyer, you probably don't understand what Mando said about Goldman Sachs either.

You are pseudoeducated. Wake up, geek.

Even though Coach Joe is a god damned moron, here is what you will see Sunday:

Jets: 13


Armando - I enjoy reading your blog every day and I think you do a great job. However, with your comments on Goldman Sachs, I wouldn't comment on things where you're not an expert. Your oversimplified bashing of the company and its employees and business practices is totally out of line. I'm an investment banker at a large bulge-bracket investment bank (not Goldman though) and take offense to that. You have no idea what we do or what it took / how hard each of us worked to get here. You also don't know how and why bonuses / salaries are structured. You also don't know what the TARP funds were used for and what the consequences were of giving up the distressed assets and stakes in the institutions in exchange for the funds. Furthermore, while the headline number that everyone sees in terms of TARP funds is $700bn, much less was actually used. Furthermore, Of the $245 billion that was paid to U.S. and foreign banks, over $244 billion (99%) had been paid back, in addition to over $20 billion in dividends, interest and other income. That equates to roughly an 8% return for taxpayers, which is more than they would have gotten otherwise. I don't have updated numbers, but it is likely that all has been repaid to date. Buying distressed assets is a great thing to do if you have the case - the goverment had the cash and purchased the assets from the banks that needed the liquidity. As expected, these assets increased in value and taxpayers made a profit. It's just fun for everyone to pretend that the money was just handed over and never returned.

To you selfish losers who were in favor of the show because it provided your pathetic couch potato selves with some entertainment: wouldn't you get more entertainment by seeing the team win on the field? For once in your sorry, sad, obese 6-pack drinking lives, TRY TO THINK OF SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF!!

You must be a retard. You must have a god damned IQ of 60.

If you watched the show and your job is not to be a sports writer, you are a loser. No #winner had time for it. I didn't watch 1 second of the show.

I was too busy doing things, not watching.

I'll watch my fins on Sunday though.

Reggie Bush: 14
Jets: 13


CAreer high Carries. So that mutes the point Sherman will run Reggie Bush. As a Team we Ran the Ball 43 times and Threw it 30. That's Smashmouth if u ask me. A WCO Smashmouth Zone Blocking Rushing Attack.

Also, Who was Sherman's Recommendation to Ireland? The FB!

I'll be the 1st to admit. J.Lane is a Nice Surprise. I thought he was just a Camp Body Sherman brought in to play FB to compete With Clay. Clay is a Great Overall Athlete, but isn't a Good Enough Blocker to Be a Lead Block on a Running Play.

Again, It's Not Hard to run when U have a Wall for a LT, a Nasty LG, and a Hammer For a FB. By the End of that Drive Oakland didn't even want to Tackle L.Miller. It was 8 straight Running Plays. No Gimmicks.

Heck I'll be happy if we end every game like the last one. Handing the Ball to lane 4 Straight times to finish running out the Clock.

This is the most worthless blog you've ever written. Save the drama for reality tv.

This whole story reads like something from tmz. It seems like there's nothing negative to write about right now so the writer needs to stir up some controversy for God knows what. WTF? What was that whole ending, who gives a crap what analogy he used.

Reggie said, "it didn't make or break the players". That means it had no impact on the players at all.

Who gives a chit what Wallace felt, the guy wasted a roster spot for years.

JJ Watt stealing signals is last weeks news. Lazy writing.

They say they didn't like participating in the show while also saying it didn't effect them negatively. The consensus seems to be they didn't like having to watch what they say. Cry me a fu%&ing river.

I love the whole bit about the players being made to look bad but the coaches didn't get the same treatment. Hey detective, the players who were made to look bad were the players who WERE bad. Sheesh, did you seriously miss that?

They made themselves look bad by dropping balls, not getting open against rookies who didn't make the team,missing blocks, beating their wives, and acting like clowns for the cameras. What do you think that was all scripted?

How are they supposed to make the coaches look bad? They are installing brand new schemes with players they aren't farmiliar with. There is a learning curve and leeway new coaches get. And the people at hard knocks have no idea how to coach a football team and neither do you or I.

Don't worry, there's a chance they lose Sunday and you can get right back to the negative slant you seem to thrive on. Worst blog story ever.

Philbin will not last in this job. Mark my words.

GAfin, you are pseudoeducated. The Fed (aka Goldman aka Chase aka BoA) printed more fiat paper money.

No bank has ever earned on penny. All they do is steal from the people's labor.



Eric, even though you are smart, you are pseudoeducated. It's not your fault; it's the system.

You should have become a medical doctor and used your brain to do something useful for the world.

Eric, every other day of the year your employer and others of its disgusting leech ilk are permitting to literally print your own money by borrowing at 0.0% interest.

Think really hard with your slightly above average IQ and figure out what I'm saying, hot shot.

Goldman Sachs has never done one productive thing in its history.

Can you eat paper money? Nope. Nothing for the world is done by banks. Not one damned thing.

Human labor is the only true money, and what the illuminati banks like your employer do is literally steal the people's money, our labor, and we are slaves. Then you "lend" us back our own money at 18% interest after it was given to you (printed for you) for free.

It's a slave system.

Wake up.

Fins 14
Jets 13


Theres something about Philbin that gives me the impression that hes in way over his head. mumble mouthed, or mealy mouthed pick which ever. I just dont believe hes the long term coach for the Dolphins. He demands the Dolphins participate in Hard Knocks, prases NFL films, then admits he never watched one show. Sorry but Philbin is not "grounded".

did you eat paint chips as a child?


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