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Bush season not threatened by knee injury

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he didn't know what Reggie Bush's status is and the running back had already left the locker room when the media was allowed in following today's 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets.

But a source tells me the injury to Bush's left knee is not season-threatening.

In fact, Bush initially expected to go back into today's game but then the knee stiffened on him. Bush will go for a re-check Monday to make sure nothing is wrong beyond the minor damage that caused the stiffness.

He should be OK.

[UPDATE: Bush had an MRI Monday morning. He has no major issues. He may miss some practice time but he could be available as early as Sunday's game at Arizona. He should be 100 percent within a week.]


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This lost by Sherman smells like they were trying to get Tanne to be the hero instead of Carpenter.

The guy missed on an earlier kick and they just gave up on him. No wonder he missed the second one also.

I don't see us getting any draft picks for Carpenter. He cut next year also.

The dolphins' offensive coaches lost this game.
Lamar Miller was running well and they put slow , fumbler Thomas in.
Stupid fade passes to Hartline at end of game instead of giving Tannehill better shots at receivers
Calling pass plays to stiff Armstrong
Calling exclusively pass plays within your own 5 yard line and giving Jets great field position

Jack Swallows. Thomas gained more Yds than Bush (69 to 61)

Lane got 45 yds. We have depth at RB.

We got beat. Scratch that We Lost the Game because we have No Wr's. and Carpenter can't make his kicks.


So that means we ran the ball 30 times without BUSH in the GAME. We didn't stop running the Ball.




Craig M = Biggest moron on the blog

Is Reggie the new Barry Sanders?

Where is the depth and draft picks? As horrible as Sanchise played and Tony coached, this game should have been won in the 3rd QTR.


Carpenter wouldnt have had to make 50 yders if Tannehill didnt stink.

We All Know,

At least I don't hide behind a bunch of different names. I'm right here bud...take your best shot.

Good news

Craig M = MORON

Last week fan tells Ireland to fire himself. This we all tell Ireland to f_ _ _ himself. 1-15

Armztrong makes that catch on 3rd down....different ball game...


WHY do you mention my name @ 6:45...

I don't have an issue with your score prediction....

I am challenging you on what I believe to be skewed stats.....

and you still haven't posted that link sir.....

North Tim,

Would've Could've Should've. LMAO!

No one should attend another home game ever until dumb and dumber are gone

I was out all day and I haven't seen the game yet but from what I've seen so far (just about all the first half), it looks like the team competed hard today. Obviously the loss of Bush hurts a lot. Honestly, at this stage of the game I don't expect much more than the team is showing. This isn't going to be our year and I'm looking for effort and progress from Tannehill. It could be a very different team next year with a few changes.

cards, rams, bengals, jets and colta...4-1 is not a stretch considering those teams (except cards) are very average right now.
look at how the texans are steamrolling everyone's darling broncos...at least we were in it for a half at their place...this team is not as bad as some here want to think

Dashi...got it...i hadn't read down far enough when I posted that....

Craig M a few changes would have to include Ross, Ireland and philbin for us to improve. 1-15 forever

If you're wondering why Thomas played ahead of Miller toward the end don't look any further than the blown play where Tannehill had to run the ball left for a 3 yard loss. Crucial moment, huge mistake. Miller ran the wrong way on what was supposed to be a handoff left. He went right and Tannehill had to hold the ball.

Before that after the Thomas fumble Philbin was upset and put Miller in. He ran very well. But he also blew a couple of assignments and had the blown handoff play. That's when Thomas came in. Right now in his career Miller is a liability in the passing game.

So when he is in it tips our hand, the defense know we are running the ball. He has skills but needs to get better at picking up blitzes and definitely should not be brain farting the playbook at this point in the game. Hopefully he gets better at those things because he seems to have a knack for finding the hole. (That's what she said!)

Ireland sucks. I hate him and everything about him. He is worse than hitler.

Hello Guys. Just got back from the game and here his the truth. Watching the game on TV just does not give you the complete information to judge a team correctly. Here is the truth and I pray you can handle it. Tannehill is a very bad quaterback! He does not have what it takes to lead this team out of mediority. This loss is on him and him alone! Damn the game plan, damn the defense. Everybody in the Stadium knew, when Reggie Bush went down this team was toast. Don't blame the kicker. He missed twice, yeah big deal. The game should never have been on his shoulders in the first place. Tannehill was missing recievers all over the field. If I didn't see it for myself I would doubt as well. Tannehill is trash. get behind him, love him, support him if you want. This kid should be cut. Henne, truthfully was better. My sympathies dolphins fans. No light at the end of this tunnel. Just the same story on a different day.

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By the way, I've only wtched the first half and both Burnett and Dansby have played very well. I don't see what you're talking about as these guys giving up crazy yards and this team struggling against the TE's. By far, one of our least problems.

The only positive you can take from today's game is that now that we know its as bad as we thought, we get our Sunday afternoons back.


The coaches lost this game starting with the call on 3rd & 1, play action fake and not running it when our running game was clicking at every level. Play what the opponent gives you and to your strengths. The play calling shifted from there on. Running Reggie when we were trying to run out the clock at the end of the half and getting him hurt. Reggie IS our offense. Not trying to get extra yardage for the field goal in OT. Why settle for a 49 yrd attempt?


Dashi wasn't referring to U. My bad if it sounds that way.

Dashi is answering to the Troll calling me out for Saying 24-3. Dashi mentioned Ur name because u stated Earlier not to count the Drops. So I was just refrencing ur What if Comment.

Also, Dashi said ESPN or NFL.COM

1 Stat was SKEW. and U Pointed out the PCT% thing with ESPN. Ur Right the PCT% aren't Current.

But Dashi posted T-Hills passing Stats for the fiest 3 weeks. And he went 55% or Better 2 out of 3. So U sir Skewed some Stats too.

The Rushing Stat's are not Skewed.

Ireland sucks. I hate him and everything about him. He is worse than hitler.
Posted by: amsmith965 | September 23, 2012 at 07:02 PM

Thanks the mentality of this fanbase. I mean SERIOUSLY, how does one even respond to someone who feels that way?....I don't think you can.


not picking on you...


the Thomas got more yards than Bush (69-61)...while a true statement.....doesn't tell the whole story.....

Thomas NEEDED 19 carries to get his 69 yards.....

want to guess how many bush needed to get 61....

If the team wants to avoid total embarrassment they need to start Moore. Tannehill is just terrible.

Dashi be objective. Bush ran ten times for 6.1. How many rushes did Thomas have for his yards?

ireland is working for the Jests.

Tanne's numbers have not been all that impressive after 3 games.

I'm sure you homers will say "but but but, we have no WR's Jack!"

Well, who's fault is that? Plus, its not like the WR's we do have are rookies. These guys have been in the league long enough to know how to get separation. If they haven't learned that, then why are THEY still on the team?

Dashi objective?? LMFAO!!

Jets and Buffalo won so we're all alone in the cellar....again.

P.S. Did you ever wonder why we run the ball soooo much! It isn't that we have bad recievers. It isn't because we have superior running backs. I saw for myself. The coaching staff does not believe in Tannehill. After watching him live I agree. Believe it or not, Bess beat revis at least 5 times in the game and tanny missed it. He is not accurate, he is not poised, he is not smart. He is a 4th rounder who got picked in the first round because he started for the OC. It's that simple.

Where is Craig M? We had LB's covering WR's because we have no corners. Ireland should be fired!! Our safeties NEVER get picks. Armstrong and Nenee are useless.. FIRELAND!!


why play naanee when you have matthews????

better than armstong too! he doesnt drop balls right in his mits.

Ireland, you now officially suck


Dashi's Opinion is that they let too many passes be Completed. Specially on 3rd Down. Sometimes the other team doesn't get the 1st down, but the other team usually has a Positive Play on 3rd Down.

The Tebow sneak. If we would've Stopped them on that 3rd Down. It would've been 4th & 10. Not 4th & 3.

It's a problem we will have this year. We can't Cover TE's and THE WHOLE NFL KNOWS THAT.


Hennehill has the worst QB rating in football.

Dashi = chitmouth

I will say this. Dansby does make a better middle LB than outside LB.

Dude can pass protect in the middle.

That cheap SOB Ross will let Jake Long and Reggie Bush go and pocket the money.


You KEEP saying we can't cover TE's. I've asked you to come up with proof of that and you haven't. Owne Daniels had 87 yards receiving against us week one and we're supposed to believe it's MAMOTH. How did the Raiders do? How about the Jets? You keep saying THIS but I'm asking for the proof.

You're basing your opinion on LAST year. New coaches and a new scheme? TE's haven't hurt us in the first three games. A Tebow sneak? That's on our LBers? Shouldn't that be on the line? So I'm sure not seeing what you're seeing.

Tebow > Tannehill


Dashi was just stating Thomas had More Yards. Dashi will never state Thomas was better than Bush(Never SAid that). Just stating the Rushing Yds VS the JETS Vaunted RUSH D. Who Someone was saying was going to stop our Rushing Attack.

Dashi had Bush Going over 150 and he would've reached if he played the Whole Game. REmember he's on a Mission for 2000 yds.

Now thanks for Pointing out the per Carry stat. Doesn't that Show M-Shizzle kept pounding away even without Reggie in the GAME?!

The Stat I Like Is Miller. My bad on that one also. It was Miller not Lane(WOuld've been nice to see LAne get some touches in the run game). 9 carries 48 yds.

We almost had 3 RB's with over 50yds each. That's running the ball!!!

The most important point of the game was the end of the first half. With very little time left in the 2nd quarter and Miami 80 miles from the end zone, Philbin SHOULD have had Tannehill take a knee and run to the locker room. Instead, Philbin chose to run Reggie Bush and would up ending his day 30 minutes early. As a result, Miami lost the ability to rush the ball effectively on 1st down, so on the first drive of the 3rd quarter, Tannehill was forced to pass on 3rd and long with the result being the Pick-6. On the next drive, Bush's replacement fumbled the football.

Don't get me wrong, I like Philbin and think he's an improvement over any coach we've had in this millenia, but he made a really boneheaded decision to end the first half and it cost him the game.

Jack Swallows. Thomas gained more Yds than Bush (69 to 61)

Lane got 45 yds. We have depth at RB.


If we have depth at running back then why are we throwing the ball in OT instead of running the ball in OT? In OT, IMO, plan on having the ball one or two series. IMO, OT is the place where ball control is the most important.

Its almost like Sherman thought it was still the 3rd quarter.

3, 5, and 7 step drops is not how Tanne makes his money anyways, Rolling out is where he makes his money. They roll him out because he can't see over the O-line.

One more thing why couldn't we at least go after Reggie Wayne in the offseason the guy can still play and is from Miami Ireland blows

Funny thing about Bush getting hurt is that it validates those who say "let him walk" due to the injury risk, while also reaffirming his value to this offense through his absence. The way we stuck with the running game, hard to imagine Bush wouldn't have broken one or two.

Here's hoping he is back in the lineup next week.

Okay sense everyone has their choice for the one person who lost this game I want to put mine in. Here goes.

It's Philbins fault. He let the team go too conservative when they should have immediately and repeatedly attacked Wilson.

It's Shermans fault because he called it too conservative when they should have attacked and too aggressive when we needed to get closer for two field goals.

It's Tannehills fault because he missed some throws and threw a td for the Jets.

It's Millers fault because he blew assignments.

It's Thomas' fault because he fumbled.

It's the wrs faults because they had trouble getting seperation.

In particularly it's Armstrongs fault because he missed a perfect pass that would have given them a first down on a critical drive.

Its Bushes fault because he got hurt and isn't as durable as a bigger back.

Its the DBs faults because they aren't consistent enough and still allow too many chunk yardage plays.

It's the CBs faults because they don't get their heads around on pass plays. Sean Smith was burned multiple times and was lucky the qbs were throwing wet balls.

It's the linebackers faults because they allowed big runs to the outside at the end when we needed a stop.

It's the defensive lines fault because after getting good pressure on Sanchez in the beginning of the game they came out flat in the second half with little pass rush.

Its Coyles fault for being predictable with his blitzes and not mixing it up more on third down.

It's Carpenters fault for hooking two misses.

Lastly, it's Irelands fault for not getting more help for our very young team.

Philbins timeout was a bonehead move also. He should've communicated to his players that a timeout was coming. Rookie mistakes by another rookie HC.

By the way. THE JETS OWN SUNLIFE STADIUM! I have never seen a visiting team have soooo much swagger on the home field in my life. The Glory days are gone. By the way. The light at the end of that tunnel is a train.

Ireland will NEVER win.

OK Craig


"### As well as the Dolphins’ linebackers have played against the run, this is disturbing: Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi and Kevin Burnett have allowed 24 of 34 passes thrown against them to be completed against them for 335 yards, according to Pro Football Focus. Dansby has yielded 159, most by far among NFL linebackers."

That's a 70% completion Rate on all Passes thrown at them. Without counting this Week.

Add the High Completion % when throwing against our LB's. WITH WE CAN'T STOP NOBODY ON 3RD DOWN. This Defense Will be on the Field For A WHILE DURING A GAME!


There isn't enough bad that can happen to Ireland

But they dont own the Dolphins. They are 3-4 in their last 7 tries.


Great post above, you're dead right.

Just watching the game now for the first time. Wow! What a start to the second half. Bonehead pick by Tannehill and inexcusable fumble by Thomas. REALLY bad way to start the quarter!

NY Jets = S Fla's team

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