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Bush season not threatened by knee injury

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he didn't know what Reggie Bush's status is and the running back had already left the locker room when the media was allowed in following today's 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets.

But a source tells me the injury to Bush's left knee is not season-threatening.

In fact, Bush initially expected to go back into today's game but then the knee stiffened on him. Bush will go for a re-check Monday to make sure nothing is wrong beyond the minor damage that caused the stiffness.

He should be OK.

[UPDATE: Bush had an MRI Monday morning. He has no major issues. He may miss some practice time but he could be available as early as Sunday's game at Arizona. He should be 100 percent within a week.]


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Craig M,
This is ireland's 5th year.

Bottoms Up!

i married a Jet fan and spread my legs to catch his jizz!

Me and DASHI had a disagreement....

I called Dashi on a stat I thought was skewed....

we then went on to have a CIVIL discussion on how we arrived at our current view points....

you Phins 78.....

I call you out...and you turn into potty mouth...


11 WINS.

Going down on a Jet fan,talk to you later got my mouth full again!

Phins 78...

Good points @ the end of your post @ 8:10....

I guess I did kinda do that...


It is ok if I question YOU.....but not ok if YOU question ME.....

Ok MiamiD20 and Craig M. Keep the faith. You are both good fans. but much like loving parents of bad children, you can't come to terms of how bad your kids(Team lead by Tannehill)really is. Continue to cheer. That's the last $400 Ross gets out of me for a while. In all fairness the game experience was excellent. We just have a bad team. Good luck dolphans. You will need it!


why do I have to be intoxicated just because I disagree with you.....

Is your logic so definitive and clear that only a "drunk" can't see it....

You cussed @ me...

You have called me a drunk multiple times....

How Have I insulted you?????

I want more Jet penisss !!!!


Oakland just beat the Steelers.
We beat Oakland.
That means we are better than the Steelers.
Ireland Stays!

Kris, sir, just respond to the post at 8pm. Or how about the last post I made about the hypocritical nature of you telling me I'm acting like the blog police?

You're not responding because I have cursed? Or you're not responding because you can't defend it?

Whatever, I can admit I went overboard. Shouldn't have let it get to me that much and I apologize for cursing.

But I have a feeling you will never admit your part in this whole thing even though it's right there in front of us. If you can't admit to singling me out in your admonishments will you at least admit to being hypocritical? Anything?

Again....like I said before...

and 8:12 and 8:13 prove my point....

If Aloco disagree's with me....I believe I am on the right side of the argument.....

If Tannehill wants to be treated like a man he needs to act like a man!
Tanne - stop making excuses and start taking responsibility- like a man.



Any Jet fans out there,i want to get married and spread for you!

Clowns running the circus in Miami.

Um Girl Slurping = Odin = Coalition = bill connors = jacksparrow = YG = DB = Aloco = Dashi = oscar canosa = Aloco = bobbyd12 = Cuban Menace = Almando

Chris Clemmons makes a couple plays to help win the game. Then comes back to make a couple plays that eventually lost the game.

How come no one talking how this defense never seems to make a play at the most game defining moment?

Alright. Dashi has to comment on this it's going on to long.

Phins 78, Kris did question ur opinion. U responded and Kris Responded again.

Then P78 u made the Team Comment. Kris stated to Cut and Paste. Like YG did Earlier Today. And U sir did Start the Cussing. Now Kris is aggressive with his speech, but he did not go in on U.

Then a little more back and Forth and we are where we are at now. Go back to the Pre-Team Comment by Phins78 and ya will be straight! That's where it all started.

Also, Loco(TRoll 1001)

What a great Assesment. Who hasn't drunk today? Doesn't mean ur Drunk! We all have different Tolerance's.


you usually bring nothing to an argument....that is why you can't be taken seriously.....

Watching Sanchez vs Tannehill today was like watching Henne play Henne!

Screw the Dolphins,iwant Jetfans in my mouth!
again! again! again!

There is only the 2 of us

..dolphan4life..You said you ere at the game, and pin this loss on Tannehill. My question for you. How many times did Tannehill have a reciever open where he didn't go his way? We had 8 total receptions from our recievers today. Part of it was their inability to get open(from the story tv told)..Part of it was Tannehill being inaccurate. And in a few examples drops. As Television only shows part of the game. What is the reason you blame this on Tanny? I didn't see it this way at all. IMO this was a team loss, not just the fault of our young quarterback.

Guys the low accuracy by the QB has to do with all of the dropped passes. Give Tanne a chance he has shown flashes of a QB that we haven't had in a very long time. Remember he is a rookie. Im very happy about the progress of the team. No I'm not happy about the loss but I never thought we would win much anyway this year. Coyle is getting more out of the D than Nolan did when he was here. There are more positives than negatives for the last three games. Don't jump off the ledge this is a very young hungry team. They are going to have ups and downs.

Tannehill = Henne

Wonder what Coach Shula or Jimmy Johnson would do with a kicker, who missed two FG's that cost their team a win vs. a divisional foe? Coach Shula would probably red that SOB and ensured t didn't happen again. Jimmy would have cut him before he got back to locker rooms. Decision Decisions Coach Philbin. Remember this is the NO FOR LONG league and your on the clock.

As for all the posts about our OC Sherman, look what he's working with. Hartline is a good 3, Bess is great in the slot, Fasano scare's NO ONE and Legadu couldn't find a crease in a zone, or catch a pass to save his life. There is NO REASON why Ireland is not dialing up Gaffney and Cooley. In my opinion, if they are not in Davie on Monday then this year will be about trying to keep Tannehill alive not scoring points.

Phins 78....

That pretty much is how it went down @ 8:21.....

from a qualified and unbiased observer....

Kris no matter what our disagreement I don't change screen names. That is NOT me at 8:13. Someone is taking sides. I'm going to stop this now. I'm very upset about the loss today and should not be typing as I try to hide my disappointment.

I say this was a team loss but you have yet to tell me why you disagree with that. That's what you're saying about Dashi, you guys disagreed and talked rationally about it. I can't figure out why you didn't extend the same courtesy to me.

You disagreed with my post but never said why, you just basically told me to go jump in a lake.

LOVE IS EVERY THING..............


11 WINS ,.......... (( KRIS ))........

We knew coming into the season this offense is a work in progress. The game was lost on the defensive side of the ball. Blame what you like.

This defense never makes a play in game defining moments. This defense hasnt made a play in game defining moments since the heydeys of JT and Zack.

Teams know when they really need to make a play, just double or triple Wake. No one else will make a play.

Kris/Phins 78, did you guys plan this out. This going back and forth between you guys is the reason I am still on the blog tonight. This was better than the Dolphins vs Jets game today.

C'mon we are all Phins fans. Let's make peace. It is going to be a long year, so let's all be friends.

Matt Moore would've easily won this game.

Well Dunphy. T-Hill missed Bess 3 times, Armstrong 2 and Fasano 3 times. All three were 10 to 15 yards down field. Thats just the ones I outright saw. Trust me there were more.

Ive been gone for three hours and the same exact posts are here.

When will you guys just learn to cut and paste. Youre saying the same thing over and over. LOL

In Summation: I'm Glad Bush isn't out for the year ;)

We just started our re-build and we have the number 1 rushing offense? OK, that means our O-Lines coming together. Especially when you see all 3 backs contributions. And lets be honest. We knew that with a Rookie QB and no Legite no. 1 WR we might struggle.

Then we also have the Number 1 run defense? Are you kidding me? No. 1 in both categories? Thats something to build on.

It always sucks losing to anyone, especially the hated wets. But lets face it, there were all kinds of things going on here. Bush went down. Tannehill hit a timely speed bump. Carpenter got to comfy after reading his own press clippings or something. I don't know.

Interpret however you like. I see a very nice foundation upon which to build. I'll credit Philbin for that and maybe even Ireland. Though I suspect Philbin is the bigger influence on Ireland than vice versa. In year 1 we have the no. 1 rushing offense and no. 1 rushing defense. Thats the kind of stuff you build Champions with.

(What now Dashi? Hows THAT for the Optimistic Homer Routine?)

Phins 78....


we are both upset about the loss...and probably going over board....

tomorrow...with a cooler head...we can continue this with more rational thoughts...and MONDAY MORNING quarterbacking.....

Draft Matt Barkley. QB problem solved.



By the way all of T-Hills missed passes were high and wide. That's accuracy. The Kid's a dud. Wish he wasn't but he is.

Holmes had nine catches for 147 yards in the Jets’ 23-20 overtime victory Sunday, validating his critical remarks about the questionable talent in the Dolphins’ secondary.

Holmes had nine catches for 147 yards in the Jets’ 23-20 overtime victory Sunday, validating his critical remarks about the questionable talent in the Dolphins’ secondary.

Orlando Dolphan...

I agree....it got out of hand....

Thanks for your post...it was both funny and reasonable....

Holmes had nine catches for 147 yards in the Jets’ 23-20 overtime victory Sunday, validating his critical remarks about the questionable talent in the Dolphins’ secondary.

Jets defense is a stiff test for even the top 5 qb's in the league. Its thier offense that sucks. Not thier defense.

Lets just blame Tannehill(rookie) for not being able to do what top 5 nfl qb's have a tough time trying to do. Lighting up the Jets D. Just cut and paste your blood crock whining willya.

Oh Dashi wants to get in on this. Okay. Hey Dashi where exactly did he "question my opinion " in this post? Remember capitalized words are emphasized, you do it a lot so I'm sure you know. Now read this post, it is the first post to me, and you tell me where there is a question.

\PHINS 78....

I have played...

but MORE importantly....

IF you don't want to read it...YOU DON'T HAVE TOO.....

Its really as simple as that....

Tannehill sucks!
The Dolphins got the ball setup at the 23-yard line and three straight incompletions. Three straight bad passes to the right side of the field, none of them catchable balls.

Inaccurate prick!I would like to take a dump in his helmet!
The Dolphins got the ball setup at the 23-yard line and three straight incompletions. Three straight bad passes to the right side of the field, none of them catchable balls.

Ford Escort,

IT's funny how u put all ur names with the Real posters. But here it is in UR own Words.

Um Girl Slurping = bill connors = jacksparrow = Aloco = oscar canosa = Aloco = bobbyd12 = Cuban Menace = Almando = Lincoln= Tim Couch= another 1001 troll names he can come up wit

Again, Buddy 99% of ur Post are LAME AND CORNY. U should own a Farm with all that Corn!!!

Also, How sick can u be to fantasize and Idolize about The MALE REPRODUCTIVE MEMBER!!

U talk more about Tube Steak than U do about Football!!!

And Mando doesn't know what a Troll is. Maybe because ur the only one that can find his Fruit!!!

U 2 are Special!!!!

Who's Suck and Who's Blow!!!!

Or Slurp and Swallow in Ur CASE!

Either Way u know what u want.

Dashi In Ur MOUTH!!!

U fruit cake!!!

I was giving my opinion on the posts that were made. Why is that not okay? That's what we all do. But then he told me not to read the posts if I don't like it. I don't get where the question was Dashi, please enlighten me.

I would like to piss all over his face!Inaccurate little fairy!
The Dolphins got the ball setup at the 23-yard line and three straight incompletions. Three straight bad passes to the right side of the field, none of them catchable balls.

Dashi, stop spamming the blog. No one gives a crap about your predictions or your wealth of useless info.

You're about as useful as a Snapple cap.

Until more fans join the Ireland boycott the team will continue to stink. Continue to pay for a terrible product or boycott and help make a change.

..Dolphan. I only asked because it looked like on the telecast that Hartline was completley taken out of the game and the other guys couldn't get open. Bess had 5 catches, Fasano 5, and he was targeted a bunch more. Other then that it looked like the other guys were invisible. How far could have Armstrong run had he caught that pass he dropped?


I say our biggest problems are on the defensive side of the ball. Steelers and Roeslisberger only put up 20pts on the Jet D last week. Yet thier defense made game defining stops to give them the victory.

The Jets defense can make the best of offenses look ugly. Yet alone an offense in progress. Yet they still put up the same number of points as the better Steeler offense put on the Jets d last week.

The difference is the Steelers D made the 20pts stick. Our sad sack non critical playmaking defense didnt. The primary problem is d folks. Accept it or not.

Craig M = MORON

Posted by: We All Know | September 23, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Tannehill had 20 incomplete passes and 0 touchdowns with an interception for a pick six!
Tannehill sucks!
I am going to make out with a Jets fan.

Phins78, when Odin arrives later, will you step down as blog big mouth & let him take over the position you've held so well today?

I say we suck and i'll start with a Jets johnson in my mouth!

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