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Bush season not threatened by knee injury

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he didn't know what Reggie Bush's status is and the running back had already left the locker room when the media was allowed in following today's 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets.

But a source tells me the injury to Bush's left knee is not season-threatening.

In fact, Bush initially expected to go back into today's game but then the knee stiffened on him. Bush will go for a re-check Monday to make sure nothing is wrong beyond the minor damage that caused the stiffness.

He should be OK.

[UPDATE: Bush had an MRI Monday morning. He has no major issues. He may miss some practice time but he could be available as early as Sunday's game at Arizona. He should be 100 percent within a week.]


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Dashi, I'll give you a break , maybe you meant he asked me a question in the second post he wrote to me. Here it is.


If you want to see it that way its FINE.....

just like other's may see it differently....and you KNOW WHAT....

Thats fine too....

As a matter of fact...why don't you SAVE that post...and post it after EVERY game.....

then you can be know as they "logical guy with no opinion"...."

Dashi is there a hidden question in there I'm missing? Because as I see it the post was directed at me but with no room for a response from me. Just telling me how it is and telling me I have no opinion after posting a long well thought out opinion on all of the problems I saw today. He didn't debate ONE of my points. Just left this response to me.

So please amuse me, let me know how I was going to react. I already apologized for the cursing, but was I supposed to react with a smile? Where was I supposed to debate his supposed question to me? Where is this mystery question? Was it standing behind a grassy knoll? Did it bounce off someone else and then make a right turn over my head?

Hey Dunphy defend t-hill all you want. I am not hating on you. I was cheering for the guy and wishing hoping praying he was better than he was. He isn't. He is a lost cause. No ifs ands or buts. I trust my eyes. I trust my football guts. and both tell me this guy stinks. period.

Odrick's a #1 draft pick, did he show up in the game defining moment? No

Dansby, the 2nd highest paid ilb in the league, did he? No

Soliai? No

Wake could possibly, but he's the only pass rusher worthy of double, triple team, or just plain getting held and not getting the call.

2nd rd'er Sean Smith? NO

Misi? No

The rest of the lower rd scrubs arent even mentioning, even though the answer's still no. No one on this wretched defense can make a play with the game on the line. Yet many of you blame the offense. Which btw scored the same amount of points the Steelers did last week to beat the jets.

Tannehills QB rating is about the worst in football. Why is he starting?

"I call you out...and you turn into potty mouth..."

Hey Dashi, even Kris admits it. There was no "question". He says he just called me out. What say you judge?


GOOD POST @ 8;39 PM...

Tannehill's low rating means nothing. If your rookie qb puts up 20pts against the Jets your defense needs to make it stick. Especially against a terrible offense like the Jets and Sanchez.

This loss is squarely on the D. They allowed the go ahead TD.

Um Girl Slurping = Odin = Coalition = bill connors = jacksparrow = YG = DB = Aloco = Dashi = oscar canosa = Aloco = bobbyd12 = Cuban Menace = Almando
Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 23, 2012 at 08:21 PM

This coming from the one FeeAggot that caught the past two nights talking to self with fake names.

Matter of fact, just like those two nights, the degenearte talk showed up at the exact same time he did.

FeeAgg Boy, don't respond to me. I'm just pointing you out in the hopes Armando will eventually break up with......ah, I mean, finally ban you for life.

Have A Nice Night!

LOL ,,,,HA! Okay guys I'm sorry. I promise I will stop now. Sorry Kris, I don't care what happened it was just stupid any way you look at it. We have other people commenting now. Finished now, no hard feelings Kris. Have a good night all, and sorry for taking up the blogs time with this craziness. Peace

Good thing we dont play the Packers, Giants, Falcons, Ravens,or Steelers. LOL

If Tannehill was any good we wouldnt have had to rely on 50 yd FG's.

"Phins78, when Odin arrives later, will you step down as blog big mouth & let him take over the position you've held so well today?"

Get a clue would ya, odin has been here the whole time you sweet gullible kid.

I wouldnt care if my rookie qb finished the game with a zero qbr. If he put up 20pts against the Jets I would still be happy with it.

Its this defense that sucks. Dont let the good play inbetween game defining moments fool you. With all the current players this defense will never make a game winning stop. Its when they'er at thier worst!

Phins 78,

Dashi doesn't want to get in on anything. Just thought Dashi might help moderate the Problem. U both are Good Posters.

What Dashi is stating the REAL PROBLEM began after Ur TEAM COMMENT. Remember Dashi told U PHINS78. Good Post it was a Team Loss not a Individual Loss.

What Dashi is Saying that after that Comment. Kris made the Cut and Paste comment.

And the WRITING IN BOLD. That goes to my point about Kris being AGGRESSIVE.

Dashi knows because Dashi IS PRETTY AGGRESIVE HIMSELF!!!

Odin good Post.



Whoever is at the top of his next Poll!! We all know the JET fan won't be bias on choosing the biggest fin Homer!!!

If Tannehill was any good we wouldnt have had to rely on 50 yd FG's.
Posted by: Jay | September 23, 2012 at 08:46 PM

I guess Ben Roeslisberger sucks too. He only put 20pts against the Jets D last week. Oh, that's right, Big Ben had a defense that made the 20pts stick.

Where was Tannehill's defense? Giving up the go ahead TD?

Allright, Yesterdays Gone has come a long way. I'm fighting and this guy is keeping the conversation about the team moving forward. Good job YG, what a change.

I'm embarrassed and am imposing a forced time out on myself for the night. Good night gentlemen

Thanks Dashi, goodnight



To blame this game on the defense is stupid. To blame this game on the secondary is plausible but not really valid seeing as they contained the Jests until the last TD drive in regulation.

YG, blaming Odrick, Soliai, and even my best friends Dansby and Burrnett is kind of out-there; our secondary blew it on that 70 pass play (lest we forget we held them to an FG on 1st and goal on the 1 after that 70 yarder). And Jimmy Wilson got beat on a slant route to make it 17-13 jests.

Players are drafted 1st rd to be game defining playumakers.

Odrick, where are you?

We will suck no matter who plays qb until we get some defensive players who can make a play with the game on the line. We havent had that since the heydeys of JT and Zack.

10 of the Jests points also came off of convenient turnovers on our side of the field, one was a pick 6, the other put the Jests in field goal range before they ran a play...can't blame the defense much there

YG at 8:25,

The defense didn't give up a TD until the 4th quarter.


I would cut that scrub Carpenter. We should be able to find somebody who canmake field goals on the waiver wire or free agency. Cut that punk and make an example.

If Hennehill doesnt throw the pick 6 we win easy.



The defense is fine until having to make a game winning stop. Im not basing this on just this game. This has been ongoing for the past 5yrs.

When was the last time you saw a defense in Miami make a game saving or game winning stop?

I'll tell you when, it was the heydey of the JT/Zack led defenses. Or pre-Parcellian. You cant say Im wrong about this.


U did Appologize and IT should've been squashed Right There!!!



Kris Did CALL U OUT.

Dashi also understands where u are coming from. EVERYONE THAT POSTS HERE ON THIS BLOG, has to be prepared for the TROLL AT ALL TIMES.

YG IS BECOMING THE MAN. NOT the Most Optomistic. But he is definitely putting a Squash on the Attitude Problem this BLOG SUFFERS FROM!!

Dashi knows Yesterday is Gone but YG put me in check Yesterday.

Now on the CUT N PASTE, YG.

That is what the Troll does. NOtice how he has been reposting the same thing over and over and over again!!!

And he's even doing it as a FRUIT CAKE JET SWALLOWER!!!

I don't look too much into the numbers as far as Tannehill is concerned...Yes he was 16 of 36 or something like that but he converted a few important 3rd downs and at the end of the game, when we trailed, he took us downfield at allowed us to tie the game. He's a positive in my opinion. The only mistake he made was that awful pick by Landry returned for a TD. That's to be expected. Both offenses and defenses had very similar numbers, grading out about the same. Special teams, however, is what killed us. Carpenter of course was awful today but beyond that all of them stank. They never gave us good field position, had a bunch of flags that always pushed us back, they didn't do anything right. That was disturbing.


That 1 TD just happened to be the go ahead Td. Like I said, this defense cant make a game winning stop.

If they held the Jets to a fg even, we win this game. That's what Im talking about a game winning stop. Its now non-existent in Miami.

In the early 70's the defense almost always came up with game winning stops. Usually in the form of a Jake Scott or Dick Anderson pick, or a sack.

This defense plays solid until the games on the line. Then they fold like a cheap tent. Giving up big play after big play.

Dashi, stop spamming the blog. No one gives a crap about your predictions or your wealth of useless info.
You're about as useful as a Snapple cap.

Posted by: Reality Check | September 23, 2012 at 08:34 PM

I'd much rather read Dashi's Spamming

Than here about you and your Man But Slamming.


In short: STFU Gaytard!

YG, the D only allowed 13 pts in like 5 quarters. They played a super game.


I posted no matter Tannehill's numbers, he put 20pts on a very tough Jets D. Roeslisberger put up the same numbers(20pts) against the same tough Jets D. Diffrence? Steelers D made it stick. They didnt give in to the awful Sanchez.

YG: Starks intercepting the Jests on the (would-be) final drive last game of the regular season last year

Merling intercepting Favre last regular season game of the 2008 season

Those are two that stick out at me.
Sure they've blown games on the final drive. We saw it a bunch last year, but you can't pin it on the defense for one screw up. They're allowed to screw up once, no team is perfect, it just so happens they pick the absolute worst time to do it

..Dolphan. I only asked because it looked like on the telecast that Hartline was completley taken out of the game and the other guys couldn't get open. Bess had 5 catches, Fasano 5, and he was targeted a bunch more. Other then that it looked like the other guys were invisible. How far could have Armstrong run had he caught that pass he dropped?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 23, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Darryl, didn't you notice? You're talking facts, situations and circumstances.

All Dolfan is talking is: Suck, suck and more SUCKING.

I know that SOUNDS facetious Darryl, but I'm serious. The Troll just got you and he's having fun with it. Read his posts. No matter what, everything sucks.

Skip it!

I agree Jay. That pick 6 was the turning point. Not only did it give the Jets momentum, the coaching staff lost confidence in Tannehill and the offense went into a shell.

I have been saying it since the year began. Tannehill is too raw to be starting at this point. Jimmy Johnson stated that before the year started and indicated that he should start no earlier than mid-year. Too bad Gerrard was hurt he would have been a good game manager for this team and with the soft schedule we have he could have taken us to the playoffs. I am not sure that this offense fits Matt Moore. Therefore, we may be stuck with Tannehill for now. Hopefully, he improves as the year goes on.

Ron Son,

Why arent you guys getting it. I can carry my umbrella with me everyday. But if I leave it home the day it rains its no good to me.

If a defense allows a score when it least can afford too. The rest of the play is just a wash. They didnt prevent the score they needed most. That's been a 5yr pattern with this d. Not just this game or I wouldnt be betching.

Define Troll!

-Armando Salguero-

I'll define it for you. That little queer bait feeagot you buy the meth for butt munch!

That little queenie you like to walk on the SUPPOSED wild side with.

Don't forget the protection. You're going to need it.

PS: Don't waste all the trick money on meth either. Buy that goofy looking queer some teeth, for when he's you know, not down on his knees.


Game winning stops too far and inbetween. The only time I feel safe we have victory in hand is if we have a 14pt or more lead with 15 seconds left in the game.

I dont trust our defense to make a game winning play. How many have they made the last 5yrs? It was far more regular in the JT/Zack era.

Looks like we'll be in the cellar all alone.

I hate this defense when it comes to making a game winning play. They couldnt make it against the awful Sanchez. Thats as bad as it gets.

Sanchez damn near tried to gift wrap the game to us.

If not for Sanchez getting in his own way. The Jets could have put up 30pts today. You guys saw the game.

And to Highlight YG's Comment

WE CAN'T STOP NOBODY ON 3RD DOWN. AND OUR LB's get OVER 70% of the passes thrown their way completed!!!!!!

If our LB's Start Breaking up passes on 3rd Down!!!!!!!!!


Wasn't that HOLMES PLAY ON 3RD DOWN!!!!!!!!




Yesterday, I don't know if Tannehill is the answer, but I know he's not the reason why the Dolphins lost today. And look at the weapons he's got. Pretty pathetic. Armstrong with another HUGE drop, just like in Houston. Time to cut this stiff (again) and see what we've got with this Matthews kid. He started turning it up towards the end of the preseason. I still can't stand Serena and Clemons, God their such garbage. Santonio Holmes looked like Jerry Rice today. That was frustrating...

Get a clue would ya, odin has been here the whole time you sweet gullible kid.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 23, 2012 at 08:46 PM

I hope you're not insinuating I've been posting all along. I've been here most of the day, I just don't post often during the games.

You of all people should know better Phins78. I want to know exactly what you meant buy that. Seriously.

Find an available kicker and start him to send Carpenter a message and if good cut Carpenter....

Tannehill had 20 incomplete passes and 0 touchdowns with an interception for a pick six!
Tannehill sucks!

TG at 9:00,

There you go! And I agree. Key breakdowns at the most inopportune times.

We do seem better on 3rd downs than last year, but we have a ways to go. I do see improvement. I just wish I'd see alot more and a lot quicker ;)

YG, they had one bad drive. What we're saying is it's stupid to blame the defense for this loss.

Why aren't you mentioning the 1st and goal on the 1 that they held for a FG, or the OT drive which they stalled the Jests defense and got the ball back to the offense, or the interception in the endzone that prevented at least 3 points

We know they didn't stop them (on the second drive) in overtime because the Jests won and we know they let up 1, one, uno, TD on 3rd and 1 on a slant Jimmy Wilson was beat on. It came at the wrong time, we saw it, and we get it. But you're pinning the loss on the defense and that's ludicrous.

The offense, coaching (Sherman), and carpenter is to blame, not the defense. They played their a**es off and deserved the win


Just like I said, Tanne put up 20pts today, Same as Roeslisberger last week. Yet the Steelers d made it stick and our didnt.

Also like I just posted, Had Sanchez not got in his own way, the Jet offense could have put up 30pts today. You saw the game.

Tannehill is a limp little pee pee and i know the difference as i lay down with Jets pee pee.
Tannehill had 20 incomplete passes and 0 touchdowns with an interception for a pick six!
Tannehill sucks!

The D is the strength of the team, Its the offense thats pathetic.

Sanchez is garbage...If NY thinks they're going to win a SB with him, they are freaking crazy...He's not even better than Henne for cryin' out loud...

i will never run my tongue between Tannehil's sweaty butt cheeks.a Jet fans shittty arsse fine!

Tannehill blows better than me with a Jet fan!
Tannehill had 20 incomplete passes and 0 touchdowns with an interception for a pick six!
Tannehill sucks!

If carpenter makes 1 of those FGs we're talking about how awesome the defense played today

Yea,i,ve taken Jets jizz in the arsse, so what!
Go UM!

Got to agree with MiamiD20 at 9:18.


Should I also mention the lond pass Sanchez overthrew with Sean Smith clearly beat by almost 5yds? A couple other passes Sanchez missed that could have been Jet td? Or long gainers at the most.

Tom Brady makes those passes and would have hung over 30pts on this d today. Make a game saving stop for gods sake wretched d. You got 20pts from a rookie led offense with a lot of issues.

Everyone knows of the issues on offense. They still put up the same number points as Roeslisberger and The Steelers last. The Steeler defense made it stick, whats our d's excuse?

YG doesnt realize it was Hennehill that gave up 7 pts on the pick 6.

The only time I feel safe we have victory in hand is if we have a 14pt or more lead
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | September 23, 2012 at 09:09 PM

Yes, and how do you get 14 point leads? Kind of hard to have a 14 point lead when your team only scores 20 points. The offense (WRs) is the issue

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