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Bush season not threatened by knee injury

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he didn't know what Reggie Bush's status is and the running back had already left the locker room when the media was allowed in following today's 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets.

But a source tells me the injury to Bush's left knee is not season-threatening.

In fact, Bush initially expected to go back into today's game but then the knee stiffened on him. Bush will go for a re-check Monday to make sure nothing is wrong beyond the minor damage that caused the stiffness.

He should be OK.

[UPDATE: Bush had an MRI Monday morning. He has no major issues. He may miss some practice time but he could be available as early as Sunday's game at Arizona. He should be 100 percent within a week.]


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Observations from today's debacle. We all knew going in that we are rebuilding. We have NO, I repeat, NO weapons. Our rookie QB has NO room for error, there is nobody on the offensive side of the ball other than Reggie bush who threatens the defense. Anthony Armstrong should be cut TODAY. Carpenter has never made a big kick, time to kick his ass out of Miami, start over. I love our O line and our D line, skilled personnel is lacking, both sides of the ball. Play calling, well, Sherman doesn't trust Tanne or his so called playmakers so he won't call it the way he would say, two years from now but he should let it fly anyway, lets see if Tanne has IT. We need 2 more GOOD drafts, a new GM and as many snaps as Tanne can get. Be patient fins fans, Tanne will be the man with the right weapons and Philbin will be fine, losing to the Jets sucks but we are not even watching half the players that will be wearing Aqua nd Orange 3 years from now. Change is coming, lots of changes and I for one can't wait to watch the evolution, starting with Tanne and his pass to Hartline, even if Carpenter messed it up. Go fins

Someone needs to take a look at the hit on Bush's knee.

I saw someone hit his knee with their helmet and clapping after he saw he wasn't getting up.

Who was that player?

Wouldn't that be be a fine?

The Tannehill experiment is failing. Moore is far better.

It broke his ankle so hard his acl popped!


Enough with the bashing of everybody. We showed a lot of heart and toughness today. If it wasnt for a couple bad plays...we win. We have many young players that have a ton of potential. I like this team. We need a better pass rush and our secondary to make some more plays. Things will get better. I prefer to stick behind my team rather than bashing them. Thats a real fan. Tannehill is gonna be elite within a year or two. Watch and see. Not too many explosive offensive options on offense besides reggie bush. Im gonna enjoy watching my team grow and get better over time. Were a few players away from being very very good. Wait and see.


Lamar Miller - 19 carries 113 yds. 5.9 yd avg. Longs of 16 and 22. 1 TD.

Daniel Thomas - 22 carries 80 yds. 3.6 yd avg. long of 9. 1 TD.

Daniel Thomas had fumbling issues at Kansas and has led Miami in fumbles since being drafted. He also struggled last year in picking up pass blocking assignments.

Pro Football Focus grades Miller out as the better pass blocker of the two.

The Jers defense won the game. Not Sparano. He should be ashamed of himself for only scoring 13 pts vs Miami.

The jets defense didn't do anything they suck the whole jet team sucks. We lost because of carpenter period!!!

@10:10 good point Odin

#1 rushing and #1 rush D !!!!!!!!!!!!

If that's not proof we have the best o-line and best d-line!!!!!

Dashi doesn't know what is!

We control that line. Our problem is on the outside. And it's not That many pieces.

Our Offense is better than our Defense! Sorry to tell u guys that.

We only need 2 real good Wr's and 1 Play making TE. The starting O-line, Rb's, Fb's and Qb are good. Agian , waste the FA money on 1 real good #1 Wr. Nothing else, but this time get him without the diva issue's! Dashi wouldn't waste any of our 1st 2 picks on offense! We need more help on defense!

On defense! Our strength to some. Needs players at all levels! We need 1 pass rushing DE (Hopefully OV and Shelby turn into this by the end of the season, Dashi sees it happening if they stay healthy and steadily improve). We need at Least 2 LB's. We can't pass cover with our LB's!! They are a step slow and aren't dynamic enough! Don't make enough plays. Zach Thomas by himself made more plays!!!! Burnett and Dansby are already past their prime. Get some young legs in there!! Heck, put OV at LB! Misi has been a surprise and seems to be getting better. But we let offenses complete to many passes in the short game!

Also we need a #1 Cb! And don't give me this vontae was it. He wasn't. Marshall was meant to be our nickel Cb who happened to beat vontae. Smith has his value but as #2, wouldn't spend too much money on him. So we might need 2 cb's next year. Plus we need 1 more play making safety. How is r.Jones slower than Clemons and he is the FS? We need a play making safety more than anything.

Dashi's dolphins draft needs for next season. Since this is an evaluation season.

2. FS, Needs No Explaination
3. Cb's, Dashi doesn't see the fins giving smith top Cb money.
4. Wr's, Dashi sees the fins signing someone like Jennings or Bowe in FA
5. TE's, We just need 1 really good One and we can get rid of fasano or make him our #2!

(DE almost made my list but Dashi feels unless we have a Top 5 pick why waste it on a DE in the 1st round?)

Philbin needs at least 4 wins to stay as HC and Ireland at Least 6!!

And that's being Real Realistic, screw the optimism on that. Just calling it like Dashi sees it.


Didn't Dashi say D.Thomas reminds me of Ronnie Brown. Looks like he could be so much more but just isn't! Ronnie had fumbling issue's also. During the biggest parts of the game. Now Miller is the Real Deal, he came from RB-U! Their is a reason miller came out a year early. Duke Johnson!

But if Miller can be like Thurman! Oh, we could've gave up the 5 picks for Thomas and it would've been worth it. Heck even if he's Reggie 2.0! Dashi will take that. Miller should be our #2 Rb. Even if it's for development purposes. Miller is a play maker! Thomas isn't.

The Ravens have made a Game of it.

If Ray Lewis and co get the ball right back, there's still a chance!

They're withing 2!

Tough loss. Very tough.

The Ravens just intercepted Brady .

Then they threw a phantom illegal contact try to preserve the Patsies win! This is just sick. Apparently it easier to "BUY" a replacement official.

Now a 15 yarder on Harbaugh? Goodell can suck my nads! This is pathetic.

BTW-Did anybody notice how the refs dominated the field position battle in favor of NY today?

I've never witnessed a game where one team alledgedly had an illegal block in the back on EVERY SWIGLE return, all game long.

Field position is BIG and the refs won that battle for the jets. Another pathetically obvious job of skewering the outcome of a game.

These replacement Refs are looking pretty bad.

Nahh, odin, it has always been repugnant to me to blame the loss on somebody else, in our case the Refs.

I think the combination of Thomas's fumbling and lack of blocking skills has become apparent to the Coaching Staff. If it's that obvious to us, THEY KNOW!

Combine that with Miller's play and I think he's EARNED the right to be listed as the No. 2 back.

Lets just hope his promotion isn't due to Bush's injury.

Thinking back on the Game, can't recall any significant mistake except for that pick 6 by RT.

Sure. Ice him.


Nahh, odin, it has always been repugnant to me to blame the loss on somebody else, in our case the Refs.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 23, 2012 at 11:45 PM

No Oscar, I'm talking about blame. I'm stating the facts.

Question: Did they, or did they not throw a flag against us on every single kick off return?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Have you EVER, in all your years of watching Pro Football, see a team penalized on every single Kickoff return?

Answer: No!

Question: Did this........did this obvious travesty affect the game?

Answer: Yes!

Last Question: Should the official affect the outcome of games?

Last answer: Absolutely NOT!

I'm not blaming the loss on anyone but us. But if these refs had called a game like this for my Kids High School team, I'd still be in the pokey waiting on Bail Money!

These guys today weren't worthy of officiating a Pop Warner game, let alone the NFL!

If it's any consolation, we are tied with NE.

Besides Oscar, I was a Head Coach(Pop Warner and High School) for 7 years. The one thing I preached to my Kids about Bad Officials:

GOOD TEAMS overcome BAD Officiating.

It's a fact. But it still doesn't change the issue any. These officials are simply......well.......Out Of Their League - LOL.

BTW - How about Dem Patriots?


Oscar, I meant: I'm **NOT** talking about blame.

The officials didn't play our Game, odin, we did. Overall, effort was again consistently good. We were just not good enough.

Also, our Coaching did not help us any.

Not thrilled in going to Arizona next week.

The officials didn't play our Game, odin, we did. Overall, effort was again consistently good. We were just not good enough.
Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 12:04 AM

Hey Dousche Wad, aren't you supposed to change your sign in name when you argue with yourself?

**YOU** brought up blaming the loss on the officials at 11:45.

**YOU** mention the refs playing our game at 12:04.

Excuse the harshness of my reply, but it's really aggravating when someone starts up with a bunch of ignorant talk and tries to put that ignorance on someone else.

If you have a comprehension problem just say so, I'll dumb it down for you.

Just like you don't blame officials for your losses, you don't blame me for your inability to understand the written word.

I'll say it one more time for you: The refs won the field position battle(THE FIELD POSITION BATTLE OSCAR. FIELD POSITION BATTLE **DOES NOT MEAN** They won the game for NY. THOSE are **YOUR WORDS**).

Any more questions..................?

Arizona is looking tough. But they did get the benifit of 4(?)I think, turnovers. A couple very critical.

I wonder how many turnovers they got in week 1?

I'll know in a minute.

IMO, we just don't have enough good personnel to compete with good Teams. Besides, we have a fuc-ing rookie QB and a fuc-ing rookie HC. What can we expect!!

Glad to hear Bush will be ok...
Why the heck did they pull Thigpen? He was replacing Bush well...and why did they have Bush run to end the half anyway?

More importantly, when Revis went out and Cromartie got banged up...why didn't they throw at replacements more? Or did they unsuccessfully? I don't even know that I care anymore.

oops...I meant Miller not Thigpen....oh, who gives a rat's bottom...

Boy, am I incensed, odin! You should visit me now and I would talk to you...

...and without you noticing, make you throw yourself from a 5th story flat.

So, odin, did you find out how many turnovers Arizona had in week 1?

Methinks odin won't be back here for a little while.

Look at the upside... HEAT Training Camp starts next Week.
Jason Taylor said on the Lebatard Show that he doesn't like Kickers and is why.
Team is moving in the right direction.

Oscar, Arizona is +2 on the season.

They had +3 against the Eagles.

They had 1 int against Brady and New England.

They got a fumble and an int against Seattle.

I was hoping they were more an abberation and a bunch of turnovers would tell the story. Not really true except against Philly.

Apparently they're just playing some good football right now.

So, what if Mr. JT doesn't like kickers. Is he going to kick for them?

It is aberration, odin.

One thing I didn't understand at all, we are behind, it's late in the game, our best offensive weapon is out of the game, and where is the fastest man we have on offense? Lamar Miller was sitting on the sidelines when we needed team speed instead of taking even one freaking snap in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Before this moronic gaffe occurred, I thought Philbin was a smart coach, now, I'm not so sure anymore. And then to try to ice the kicker, what a stupid move. If you don't ice the kicker in the NFL they make the FG about 76% of the time, if you ice them, they make it roughly 80% of the time.

Knowing that stat, why would ANY competent coach want to ice the kicker? It's been proven it doesn't work, let it die already!! Yes I know it worked on our kicker, I think Carpenter is nursing an injury that he hasn't declared. He just hasn't looked the same the last 2 seasons.

See, when you are awful mad, what do the Great do? Turn to Altruism. Better to Help than to Hurt.

Not sure if this was brought up but isn't this the knock on Bush. He is always hurt?

Reggie Bush is 4th in rushing yards. 50 for 302.

He's 6 yards behind Spiller, 12 yards behind MJD and 21 yards behind Jamaal Charles who leads the league with 323.

Really, John in Springs? I didn't know that statistic. If it is so, they are losing their Time(and ours).

Maybe this is a good thing! If I remember correctly, Mando said Ross said we have to win this year for Ireland to keep his job. I'd endure another loosing season to see Ireland gone, or better yet, Ross sell the team to a real owner who cares more about winning than celebs, and can use our high draft picks on players who will stick around!

Yeah, but after 3 weeks we have the no. 1 rushing offense and defense, were doing something right.


Take away Bush's yards and where does that put our #1 rushing offense?

Bush can't do it alone. Where is the depth and draft picks?

PS...Last week I asked the question. If they take away Bush, and tanne starts throwing pick sixes, what will the homers say then?

I asked that question last week, remember?

It is aberration, odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM

So you don't think Arizona is that good?

Earlier you said they looked tough.

Which is it? Tough, but not really that good?

This is a fair Team. There are a few pieces missing to become a good Team.

How the hell does a kicker get an injury? Carpenter is not nursing an injury.

Carpenter is turning into Olindo Mare right before our eyes.

Jets played well. I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise.

Take away Bush's yards and where does that put our #1 rushing offense?
Bush can't do it alone. Where is the depth and draft picks?
PS...Last week I asked the question. If they take away Bush, and tanne starts throwing pick sixes, what will the homers say then?
I asked that question last week, remember?

Posted by: JackSparrow | September 24, 2012 at 12:57 AM

Mr. Swallows,

These are redundant strawman arguments-PERIOD. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bush is Avg. 6.0 a carry.

Miller 5.9 and Thomas 3.6.

The depth is young Rookies that Ireland drafted.

Seeing that theres virtually no drop off between our top two, that indicates that our O-Line is playing very productive. Leading the league matter of fact.

And now that you mention it, they're all Ireland draft picks. Except Cog's who was a free agent pick up of Irelands.

You probably won't want to re-think your redundant strawman arguement there. I think it's best you just give up on it altogether ;)

How's Debo, odin?

Check it out!

With seasoned vet Jay Cutler throwing to him, Brandon Marshall has 16 catches for 214 yards and 1 TD.

Hartline - 13 for 202 yards.

Bess - 13 174 yards.

We're not missing Marshall or the 50 million dollar contract!

We got your URL, odin.

Not many Janikowskis lying around, either.

Debo is doing pretty good.

I think he has a slight ear infection maybe. I gave him some meds just to be sure.

He's finally quit growing(Thank God), he tips the scales at 108(last time I checked) and still retains the Pit Bull Cut. He's a pretty impressive Beast!

By the Grace of God he's trained like a Champ too. Hand signals and the "Whole She-Bang! No thanks to me, it's almost as if he was born "Pre-Trained".

Strawman arguments? Bush was a superstar BEFORE he got to Miami, nimrod. I expect him to get his yards. Take away Bush's yards and Miami would be 0-3 right now. Plus, around 20th in rushing.

I'd be more concerned why we are running the ball better than throwing the ball if I were you.

Miami is ranked 25th in passing after three games. After drafting a turd at #8

We got your URL, odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 01:12 AM


No seriously, whats that supposed to mean?

I was just a bit upset earlier, I apologize. At first I thought you were pretending to "Not Get The Point" and then trying to put words in my mouth(nonesense words-Worse!).

So Whats Up?

Tanne after three games has a QB rating of 58.3.
Tanne after three games has 5 INT's and 1 pick six.
Tanne after three games has a 52.9 completion percent.
Tanne after three games has a 6 yard average. Third worst average in the league.

They blew it on Tanne. Plain and simple.

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