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Bush season not threatened by knee injury

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said he didn't know what Reggie Bush's status is and the running back had already left the locker room when the media was allowed in following today's 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets.

But a source tells me the injury to Bush's left knee is not season-threatening.

In fact, Bush initially expected to go back into today's game but then the knee stiffened on him. Bush will go for a re-check Monday to make sure nothing is wrong beyond the minor damage that caused the stiffness.

He should be OK.

[UPDATE: Bush had an MRI Monday morning. He has no major issues. He may miss some practice time but he could be available as early as Sunday's game at Arizona. He should be 100 percent within a week.]


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OK, times up - Sheesh Jack. Do you want to keep smoking that shyt or debate?

Odin - 3

Mr. Swallows - 0

I'm assuming you surrender?

(Not that it was battle, I'm just being polite).

but but but...we lost without Bush.

With Bush, we win that game. Don't give the man "brain" and then bite him.

Its just stupid and foolish to say...

"We must be doing something right since Bush is getting 6.0 yards per carry."

Then say...

"We can live without him because of Miller."

Well, we didn't live yesterday did we?

Don't forget Tanne has the 3rd WORST yards per throw in the NFL after 3 games.

Miami has the 25th rank passing offense in the league after 3 games.

Miami drafted this turd at #8.

So we were a few milly under the cap because of a broken down back?
First it was BUSH is the cheese on the sandwich.
Now its Bush is the fly in my soup?
How can you stroke his cack with one hand and finger his bung hole with the other?
You can't say the dude is good then diss the dude on the same article. That's just the alcohol talking I hope.
Posted by: JackSparrow | September 24, 2012 at 03:07 AM

Oh Boy! Jack! Hello? LOL-Are you in there?

Now you're grasping at straws Jack. Who mentioned the cap besides you?

I'm assuming you KNOW you didn't punk anyone or anything. My statement stands. "We must be doing something right".

Odin - 4

JackWad - 0.


Then it was "but but but he's a broken down back."

Posted by: JackSparrow | September 24, 2012 at 02:56

-Actually, you said he was ALREADY a Super Star making Super Star Money.

I corrected you by pointing out, **AT THE TIME** he was often injured(every year of his pro career). And that he was considered a 3rd down back by the Saints.

I then hilariously corrected you again by pointing out we traded a 4th string safety for him and that we in fact did not pay him Super Star Money.

That SHOULD be TWO points for me JackWad, but I'm a Good Sport.

Odin - 5

JackWad - 0

Who is punking Whom - ROTFLMAO?

"We can live without him because of Miller."
Well, we didn't live yesterday did we?

Posted by: JackSparrow | September 24, 2012 at 03:11 AM

Who said this? Is it those voices in your head again Jack? Jack, can you hear me?

If I didn't know better, I'd say you're trying to squirm your way out of this?


Put the pipe down and come on~!

You know, it's NOT considered Trolling if you simply talk Dolphins Football.

Fine! I'll give you a Fair Chance. You keep bringing up Tannehill. You want to debate Tannehill or have you been PUNKED to hard Odin-Style?

Alright Jack! This is your LAST CHANCE.

I'll tie one hand behind my back?

I know! I got it. You can change your sign in name and I'll pretend like I don't know. Come on......new score too:

Odin - 0

New Sign In Name - 0

(This sicko. He likes the abuse. I put the Snackdown on him and he gets all worked up. He probably had to go "Hit A Lick". ........I wonder if Armando's getting jealous?)

How pitiful is it that OdinStanks been posting non-stop for 15 hours.
Stank, Give it a rest you Idiot.

The defense played very well. One mistake and 2 missed field goals cost the game.

The coaches did a great job.

The Oline was very good.

Rushing was very good.

I didn't love the result but it looks like we are only about 3 or 4 players away from being contenders. A little stronger in the backfield. A little more push on the line. And another receiver and this team will be gold.

Mark, really mark 19 for 69 and a TD is useless, are you a morn.

JackSparrow, after 3 games he's a what, do you know anything about the NFl. It's evident you don't by your posts.

Btw, smoking that "stuff" opens you up to a smarter, wider approach. People think you get stupid when you smoke, quite the opposite actually. You just forget shyt afterwards. The people that go "what are you smoking" or something along those lines have no idea or have never smoked before. Try it sometime, it will actually make you smarter just by realizing things in life and more mature. Some of you can use a little herb here and there

Can't win in this league without weapons out wide.

Hartline can't beat a decent cb consistently

Hartline was catchless against Revis

Armstrong was a wasted signing..can't run a route has no hands

Phins still need a dynamic TE...Fasano gets little separation.

Cb's are garbage we will be playing more zone than any other team in the NFL very soon.

Sherman should return to college football..playcalling was awful.

Kicker needs to be waived

Yo Joe....if toking makes one smarter...back in my college days...I was a regular friddin' Einstein ....

LOL, I came in today eager to hear all the despair and "fire everyone" talk that follows a loss, and I admit, it's all very entertaining.

I should actually be the most angry. It was my birthday yesterday. And ALL I WANTED was a win by my team. Would have made my day. But, they couldn't do it.

I'm still happy though today. Because I understand they did what they needed to, gave themselves a chance to win the game in the end. The FG was missed, and that happens. But, in a year with a rookie QB, rookie HC, new schemes, best player on offense leaves the game due to injury, on a team with very few offensive weapons anyway, we were in the game all the way until the clock struck zero. I see promise there. I see a QB who developing. Still has work to do, but a gamer. I see a defense that's still formidable. Yes, secondary is still a problem, but the front 7 is a big reason we even HAD a chance to win that game.

It's a hard loss. Jets had no business winning that game. Should have at least ended in a tie. But we'll see them again. Neither of these teams will go to the SB, so they're both playing for next year. I'd rather be us. My QB has much more room to grow than theirs.

The sky is not falling!

Armando, I read your "grade the game".
I did not notice a heading for the officiating.
Anyone but me notice the penalties on consecutive kicks and punts against us? We started inside the 10 yard line 4 straight times.
I am not saying it is a conspiracy, but bad or inconsistent officiating can determine the outcome of football games. Especially close games.
We outplayed the Jets, fact. The stat sheet and the "injury report" will verify that.
Tannehill drove us down to scoring range in regulation and in overtime and you guys want to crucify him.
Enjoyed the game. Talent and effort do not always win. Sometimes luck and other factors prevail.
Love the game
Love the players
love the coaches

Thank you Mando. This is the ONLY relevant question today, and I knew I could count on you to give us this info. I skipped over everything on www.miamiherald.com and came straight here for the deets. Good work.

This team is garbage if Bush is not on the field. Period.

Coaching lost this game. We were the home team and the Jets are horrible. The home crowd was loud and did its job. We should have won *comfortably* so it should not have come down to field goals.

Miller would have scored on that one drive that we settled for the made FG. Why Thomas in the game?

The game baloon was deflated when Bush left in the 2gt. Dear Jeffery we could sure use a real TE and a WR or two, and someone who can rush the passer.
Whats up with Carpenter? The Jets are going back to NY thanking their lucky stars, cause they were beat.

Anyone else think that Miller should be listed as #2 RB on the depth chart?

D. Thomas runs like he has cement in his shoes...in fact every time he touches the ball my first instinct is something bad is going to happen.

NH, I think they should have trusted Miller more in the 4th quarter definitely. Reason they didn't put him in though, is they passed way more than ran, and they still don't trust him in pass protection. But I think he'll be a good RB.

Thomas needs to stop turning the ball over. He isn't Ricky, meaning good enough to live with so many fumbles. If he can't hold on to the ball, he'll have a short time as a Dolphin.

The Game is like a blur in my mind. Too fast. Too hurried. My friend Julio and I were equally as confused. What the hell happened?

One thing I thought Philbin would bring here is more creativity on offense. More misdirection and deception plays. That one double-move by Hartline (which I predicted by the way) was terrific, but we needed a few more of those plays, especially when the offense was sputtering. That how play-calling helps inexperienced players on the field. Clay wasn't utilized at all. Tannehill seems unable to view the entire field right now (saw some plays where he was looking right all the way, and there were open guys to the left). Especially at the end of the game there, when they just needed another 10 yards to make it an easier FG for their kicker, they chose to go into the endzone than use a misdirection play, which would have been the wiser decision IMO.

What was Santonio Holmes doing open all day. Anybody assigned to him?

D Thomas = 3 Irescum busts

DragonFly, you shouldn't be surprised. Miami fans should know exactly what they have in Carpenter. From 45 in, he's automatic. From 45 out, he's shaky at best. That's how he's been his whole career. He's not a great long-distance kicker. Philbin should have known his personnel. They should have tried to get 10 yards closer for that OT FG attempt. Instead they went for the endzone, on a pass Tannehill attempted about 5 times to either side of the field, and failed on each attempt. That's not a pass in his wheelhouse yet. Besides, almost every one of those passes went out-of-bounds, which to me is basically a throwaway play. If they were going to throw it away, why not run to hopefully get a few extra yards.

Carpenter might not have been able to sleep last night. But the people who REALLY should have not slept are Philbin and Sherman IMO. They let the team down. They didn't put them in the best position to win the game. Coaching and special teams, that's how we lost the game.

DC...I agree with your assessment that Tannehill cannot see the entire field. Almost 95% of all his passes yesterday were along the sidelines. I don't recall any passes "down the middle" that went for more than 10 yards.

I don't know if this is by Sherman's design or not...but if Tannehill is only playing the sidelines then his growth as an NFL caliber QB is slower than expected.

Tannehill has been very dissapointing. I think it wont be long before he's benched and Moore will be the starter.


Happy belated my friend. What's with this Jack Sparrow stuff staying up all night, post after post of complete nonsense? Get a dog or a girlfriend or at least get off the crack....VERY weird stuff!

I wasn't really surprised by anything I saw n the game yesterday. Team playing hard and for that e should be thankful. Watching the game again it was really hard to believe they lost that game. they controlled it for most of the game and lost it at the end. Not playing the officials but they added to pour problems. Some questionable interference calls.

Guys are dead wrong to blame the defence for this loss. Defence played outstanding! The exceptions were the 65 yard catch and run TD, and continual breakdowns from Clemmons. Don't get how people don't see that this guy is killing us for 2-3 plays every game. He's constantly out of position, or taking bad angles or playing soft. TERRIBLE!

All I can say is its a good thing they got one win LOL

Team is still learning to win. The difference yesterday is the Jets did enough not to lose. They kep Carpenter out long enough twice, when really a good team would have buried them and made those chances. The team will get better and should take away from yesterday that they played hard from the start of the game to the end. Very easily good have gone the other way. They were the better team on the day.

Sure. If a field goal decides it, then you want to give your kicker the less distance for the try.

Is it basketball season yet?

We lost the Game, The JETS didn't win it.

Why does Rex Ryan feel Fortunate to Come out with a Win?

In his own words the Miami Dolphins are a GOOD Football team.

Philbin isn't happy with his team. How is he a bad coach?

We will get better. We have gotten Better!

Cut Armstrong, Cut Naanee. My only 2 Bones with Philbin.

Again, we play to the end of the clock. That's the kind of team we are. We will call 3 timeouts at the end of the Game to get the ball back with 1 second. That's the kind of team we are NOW!!!!

Reggie's Injury could've happened at anytime because it was a Dirty Play. What U are telling me is a Dirty Play is OK because it was at the end of the HAlf? NOT Even at the end of a Game!!! U don't intentionally hurt Someone!! That's what the SAINTS are in Trouble For.


On that same series Martin gets called for a Unsportsmanlike(Same Clown from the Carolina game). When U can CLEARLY SEE BART SCOTT THROW A PUNCH(Closed Fist) at 1 of our linemen. That is Cause for an Ejection!!!!!!!!

If the REF'S Would have CAUGHT THAT!!! Scott wouldn't be on the Field throwing himself head 1st At Reggie and then having that FAT NT fall on Him!

NOt Blaming it on the REF's Because CARPENTER lost the Game. But I like how everyone owns up. The Coach, The QB, The Defense. They know they could've done better. They know the Coaching is Going to make them better.

We are on the road 4 of the next 5 games (one of which is in the Meadowlands)...the lone home game in that stretch is against the Rams and a chance to rub Jeff Fisher's nose in the dirt.

Thanks Craig. Sparrow is a troll, and a Dolphins-hater, so I don't give an effe about him.

I agree about defense too. Frankly, the whole team did ok, they weren't flat out horrible anywhere. We weren't helped on special teams (starting multiple drives near our own endzone), they need to clean up those penalties.

I said the game would be decided by 3 points either way, and that's what happened, so I'm not surprised at all. We WERE the better team yesterday, should have won that game. It hurts, but only until this week vs. a MUCH tougher opponent, in a game we probably won't fare as well. It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill and the rest of the team bounces back.

no talent. = loss = ire s' good bye.

I'm not sure what it was but there was confusion on the sidelines specially in the OT, on both Teams.

rt looked lost out there.
rt = drew bledsoe. watch...

I used to chief everyday in college and take tests while "buzzed" and I graduated, something about the "herbs" that makes you think "deeper" into things.

Craig, one thing I am STILL noticing about the secondary, they have poor reaction to the ball in the air. Used to really irk me about defenses in the past (this is going all the way back to Saban days). They don't react well when the ball's in the air.

One example, a slant play to Hill I think (maybe Holmes), two defenders come at the receiver, I think it was Marshall that hits him as the ball gets there, goes off receiver's hands and up in the air. Instead of spinning around looking for the ball, Marshall is looking over the receiver on the ground. Huh? Instead of trying to look tough, TURN YOUR HEAD AROUND and try to intercept the ball. Now, I know that play happened faster than it looked in slow-mo, but I think the instinct of our secondary is always to put a big hit on the receiver, and never to play the ball. They need to start playing the BALL.

By the way, agree 100% on Clemons. Yeah, had that nice INT, but on one run play (maybe a catch), he took a HORRIBLE angle and got jerked, player ran right by him. I've seen that way too much from him.

This one is really tough to swallow, Swallower.

By the way, I didn't see how our defense was really missing Yeremiah Bell this year, and didn't see anything yesterday to tell me he's a huge force on the Jets. Letting him go WAS the right decision.

At this time last year we were 0 and 3 be grateful we have at least 1 win. Alothough we'll be 1 and 3 next week no way we beat Arizona on their home field. Not with that defense they have and the rookie QB we have. 18 for 36 is atrocious from Tannehill

Clue, would you rather be the Dolphins, with a rookie QB, who SHOULD get better, or the Jets, with a veteran QB who seems to get worse by the year, still trying gimmick plays to jump start their offense?

I'd rather be in the Dolphins position long-term.

D. Thomas = (Sammy Smith - Speed or Vision). Coach needs to unload this guy before he costs us any more games. He's a fumbling machine. Runs too high. He was in college...he is in the pro's.....

Did anyone notice how dejected Clyde Gates was after the INT?

I for one am glad he got cut...never saw him in the game after that.

Some facts:
Fasano did not make that catch (great throw nice catch, but did not maintain possession).
If the real refs were there it would be overturned and we lose.
Carpenter was hooking all day they tried to get to the right hash mark, he had a off day, I wont give up on him.
Thomas was in the game as they trust him, I now take my thoughts on Thomas back, he is number three on charts!
I am torn with the OT play calling, a lot of guts to go for a TD, would not have done it 2x though.(hindsight!)
Same with TO freeze Philbin did the right thing on that TO.
Sparano and Tebow are undefeated vs te phins and that makes me sick.

I don't know why it's hurting me so much. We have fuc-ing rookies HC and QB, 0 outstanding receivers, a less than shi- secondary. I know, I know. Then why my hurting? I'll find out.

This Week is another REAL GOOD TEST in T-Sizzle's Development. Who would've thought before the Season? The Cardinals are one of the Top teams in the NFL. Great Defense!

We will be a Running Team and that's our One Adantage in any game right Now. That and Stopping The Run. Good thing Sherman didn't waste Precious Preseason games trying to run the Ball on People!!!

Dashi said it from the Beginning and will say it again, Mike Sherman has had a TOP 5 Run Game and/or a TOP 5 Passing Game in his last 6 years in the NFL!! The Man Plays to the Strength of the Team!!! We Ran the Ball 7 More times than we passed. Compared to Smashmouth Tony. Who passed 11 more times than he Ran!

Again, Our Weakness are our LB's. Dansby and Burnett Are Usually in Shape by Game 8. They missed all of the PreSeason. Most of it.

Both of them are a Step Slow. THEY LET TOO MANY PASSES BE COMPLETED AGAINST THEM(OVER 70%). ANY QB would love to complete over 70% of their Passes ACROSS THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD!! Specially on 3rd Down!!!!

If and when we fix this problem, this years defense Will be really good.

Clemons will be given this Season. We don't have anybody better. But Yes a Safety will do wonders for this Defense. Someone who can Cover half the Field. We don't need a guy who can stop the Run. Just a Guy who can Cover a CB's Mistake on his Side!!

We Need more help on Defense Than Offense!!!!!

That is Easy to See.

The coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves because they got Bush hurt on a stupid call running out the clock.... If you are NOT going to take a knee, at least try a play that has some meaning not a 3 yard run that gets your starting RB hurt!!!!.... what the heck are they thinking when they called that play!!!!!!!

I know. While all this growing up crap is going on, valuable playing time is passing by on our really good Players, Reggie, Starks, Soliai, Long, Dansby, etc. Tough to take, but true.

A couple of thoughts.

Well, I guess it's time to take the flags off the car.

Going to do a rewind in a few minutes maybe I'll change my mind but I doubt it.

Sherman called pass when it should have been run and vice versa. The low percentage pass plays near the end were beyond being bad calls. Even HS coaches know to get the kicker closer, especially when you only need 3 to win.

'Icing the kicker' worked 20 years ago, not so much now....heard one guy say the kicker actually has a 3% better chance after being 'iced'.

Overall, D played pretty well but not good enough to carry the offence...pass defense is STILL the weakness. Offense has to get more points on the board.

I keep telling myself be patient with Tannehill, he's a rook but it's tough.

Good game tough loss...Still optimistic though. If Reggie played the whole game would have been A different outcome...IMO

While our rookie QB played bad....our ROOKIE head coach was far worse in this one....FAR WORSE...

The play calling was horrendous....

NOTE to SHERAMN and PHIBIN....The jets had NO CHANCE of moving the ball on us...ZERO....

The only way prayer they had of beating us was a PICK(Rex says thank you)....

Please do not have the ROOKIE QB throw from HIS OWN end xone again until he is completeing 60% of his passes with regularity...

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