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Bush works pregame, looks ready to go

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Reggie Bush will be active for today's game with the Cardinals.

That's the decision based on work during a 45-minute pregame workout, done under the vigilant eye of coach Joe Philbin, general manager Jeff Ireland and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Bush looked a bit tentative early in the workout session but he got much better as the work continued and certainly good enough to earn a spot on the active roster today.

More to come including the live blog which will start in the comments section.

The Dolphins inactive is out and it confirms what I've reported. Bush is active. He will start.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Marlon Moore, Austin Spitler, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, and Rishard Matthews. Darnell Dockett is not active for Arizona, suggesting the Dolphins should be able to run the ball today.


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The only question now is when to partake in the first beverage. Some dolts start too early, then wind up falling asleep and/or not following every detail of the game. As I'm recognized as the smartest poster here, I know all of you count on me to be on top of things to give you my expert analysis. I'll wait until 4th quarter of the 1pm games.


Lotta fin fans at game today!!!

Dang, did I miss the memo? Where is everyone? Still sleep folks? Let's get freakin' excited. Jets...LOSING! Pats...LOSING! Dolphins ready to take the field and TURN HEADS!!!

Matty Ice has the Falcons talking SB. A seriously good team. Mike Nolan has to be thrilled he left this cespool.

Mark Sanchez again proving, if your team's talented enough to stay out of its own way, he'll do his part to give you the game.

SF 17 Jets 0

ARZ. 21

Tebow just dropped for a 2yd loss with "the deadcat".

I dont get Saparano with the persistence on "the deadcat". Teams no longer "have to prepare for it". They know exactly how to diagnose it!

Why is marlon Moore inactive and NayNay active?

SF 24
Thanks for taking the fist pumping fool off our hands.
You can have Jeffy for free too.

Looks like Santonio Holmes just blew out a knee on a non contact fall to ground fumble that the Niners just cash in for a td. If Holmes has inded blownout a knee, it'll make beating them next time a lot more easier.

Mark Sanchez's long year has just gotten even longer.

With Holmes out, Sparano wont even get a "fistpump" today.

Dolphins are ill equipped to defend the Cardinals receivers. Thank You Jeff Ireland.

Can't wait for the Jets to pick him up next year also! That way we get to pickup better talent in the draft and the jets can pickup all acorns! LMAO! Go PHINS!!

First, no turnovers. No turnovers. Then, the rest.

Jets getting ripped apart in the run defense again.

I thought Rex was a bad coach, but after hiring Tony Sparano I was wrong, he is a GREAT COACH! Thanks Rex!

Does that makes us look worst now from last week lost!! Guys we lost to the Jets and TS offense!


WE ARE A TOP 5 RUN TEAM Going against the 17th Rush Defense. We are Getting 150yds minimum doesn't matter who is on the other side. Doesn't matter who is in the Backfield.


Sucks A.Wilson will play.

The Game will be Icing on the Cake Right Now. The Jets Are getting Slauthered and the Crowd is Yelling Tebow!!

The Fin game will be Competitive. Heck we Might even win it.

T-hill is not the Worst QB in the League. Heck, T-Hill is already the 2nd best QB in the Division!!

And He's definitely alot faster than TRACKSTAR BRADY!


Our LB's and TE's are OK, but our CB's and WR's SUCK!!

Lets stop someone on 3rd Down today!!! Dashi Predicts if we do we win the Game!!!

Losing at home to the Jests is not a ringing endorsement lol


The Dolphins beat themsevles last week, NOT the Jets or TS offense. 2 missed FG's, one in overtime, HURT!

#3 in rushing
#4 against the run.
Secondary WR. They so bad can't find there ranking off the charts. Just kidding

PLEASE LET THE JETS GET SHUTOUT AT HOME! That will prove TS offense sucks!

These scrubs lost consecutive home games to the Lions, Browns, and Bills either last year or the year before. YIKES!

I know I was just being sarcastic.
Let's root for the PHINS today even if it's going to be a tough task!

Listen, Jets D is not that bad(and versus us that included Revis for a while). We can score on these guys today. For sure.

Ray Agreed.

This will be a great time to get that First Road win. Arizona is beatable!

Let's just Double Fitz all Day!

No fist pumps from the jets! And I'm a idiot for thinking that the bills were ready to take the division!


I will always root for my PHINS, no matter what.

Do I wish we had a receiver Santonio Holmes-like, or what?

Jets showing themselves to be the frauds they really are again today. Losing 34-0 at HOME. DISGRACEFUL!

We let them off the hook last week after been the better team. When we become a good team we'll bury teams like the Jets when we should.

27-13 loss today. Arizona defence too much for our guys.

Jets might be the worst team in the NFL. After today. What a butt whooping!

If you don't follow me on twitter, and you're on twitter, follow me. I posted photos of my trip in to the stadium today.

I still have hope that the PHINS will win today!

Anyone feel even worse after seeing how really inept the Jets are? Last weeks game shoulda been a gimme!

Bills gotta really be regretting signing Mario Williams to such a HUGE offseason contract today. Mario Williams has 1 tackle and ZERO sacks today.

Yeah WE STINK!!!

We let them off the hook last week after been the better team. When we become a good team we'll bury teams like the Jets when we should.

27-13 loss today. Arizona defence too much for our guys.

Posted by: Craig M | September 30, 2012 at 03:49 PM


I blame the lost on coaching last week, today would be redemption for the coaching staff with a win! LETS GO PHINS!!


Takeaway the pick 6, Thomas fumble, and 3pt overtime kick, the jet offense only scored 3pts vs our defense last week. With better qb pressure and coverage, they dont even score those 10pts.

We, are close, very close.

I can't wait to see Incognito pancake that whiny b$*ch Nick Eason, who will start in Docket's place.

I do follow you on Twitter, Armando. I'll check out the pics. Enjoy the game!

Anyone know what hotel the PHINS will be staying at in Cincinnati? I will be traveling 500 miles to watch the game, and was hoping to seek out some autographs.

Karlos Dansby, Richie Incognito and Jimmy Wilson are the captains today.

Our D, is not bad either.


The coaches didnt throw the pick 6, make the D Thomas fumble, nor rush the qb and cover in the secondary. These contributed more to the Jet loss than any decision made coaching wise. You can only work with what you have available to you.

We all know this is a roster still lacking playmakers. So, knowing this, I guess some of will still blame losses on playcalling and coaching decisions. Geesh, I just dont get us as dolfans sometimes.

Crooks are good at the same thing. They always blame the police for getting caught. Its never just not do the crime.

OK, here we go.

Dolphins win the toss and defer.


Cardinals fumble on opening kickoff and recover == added 10 yards to the return


Jimmy Wilson is playing the nickel. Nolan Carroll is not on the field.

Cant believe S Smith missed knocking that pass down. Did you guys see that?

Watch the long ball to Fitzgerald and the TE

Misi missing tackles

See, you have to hit the TEs at the line.

LOVE the run defense!

They need pressure on Corn on the Kolb. Or he will pass down field!

bad spot...where are the REAL officials? LOL

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